The Fort: Rock Hill Expansion launch – we are live

  • QIC: Audit, Santini
  • When: 5/3/14
  • Pax: FNGs: Belding, Flo, Posh, Badlands, Button Hook, Gomez PAX: WWL, Audit, Pusher, Package, Tatanka, Sweeper Boy, Man-O-War, Sweeper, Cake Boss, Iron Horse, 10 Squared, Cobra Kai, Beast, Oscar, Anchor Man, OBT, and a few others that we will promise to put in here when we find the email that has the names.
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It was not a tough day to pull new FNGs to a workout.  Amidst the perfect tempatures, great AO, and planning from the launch team, 34 PAX braved the elements to begin the journey in Rock Hill.  We are confident we pulled equally from baptist, presby, and perhaps one or two other denominations of faith for the launch.  (Strong showing from Furman, SC, and Clemson as well along with oddly a North Dakota alum – what?).  OBT and Sweeper Boy traded off speeding tickets on 77 (state troopers do not forgive 83 in a 60) for a cheap fill up of gas that nearly offset the expense.

Wide eyed and eager, Pax launched into Cherry Park for the introductory workout lead by Audit and Santini.

The Thang:  Audit lead with a series of exercises within the COP that I still struggle to remember.  Merkins, SSH, Mountain Climbers, SSH, Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Imperial Walkers, Squats, repeat, Merkins.  Rapid fashion.  Broke into 4 stations of 10 Burps, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins, 10 Jumping lunges.  Then Audit’s governor broke and he did all the same exercies above in 2x the speed.  Warm up complete.

Santini took a tour of the park with Pearls on a string.  Almost near a 1 mile run cut short by being lost and improvising with a trail run up a berm that is still classified.  We picked up a FNG for nearly 5 minutes on the trail where he went back for his walk.  (good idea).

Wrapped up the workout with a Pain Platoon, complete with Squats, lunges, and Seal Team Situps with flapjack Merkins and Flutters.  Shadowman came out and we discussed moving out of the shadows and into the life of purpose we are intended to lead.

OBT, Audit, and Santini helped wrap up with the explanation of F3 – Core Principles, etc.

A good thing began yesterday in Rock Hill.  Welcome to all of those new men, leaders, and future Pax that are yet to find out how great this is.

Shovel flag planted with name of the workout TBD by the Pax leadership emerging in Rock Hill.

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