Christmas on Main Street

Chilly morning started out with war stories from the GORUCK weekend with three of the PAX in attendance coming home with a Tough patch.  Congrats to Bonsai on his first GORUCK Tough!

Clock struck 5:15, a disclaimer was provided and we took off on a mosey in the direction of Main Street.  We stopped halfway there for windmills and again at the bottom of the hill on Main Street for some merkins.  We reached our ultimate destination at the Fort Mill Animal Clinic parking lot.  YHC is the site Q for the Fire Ant, ruck AO, which meets on Tuesday’s.  Being a visiting Q on the same day as the standard ruck workout, it only made sense that some version of a ruck workout had to come with me.  This is what led the PAX to the back of Maximus’ truck that was stationed in the parking lot.  We pulled out 3 60lb sandbags, 1 40lb sandbag, 1 40lb ruck, and 1 30 lb filler bag to be used in the 12 Days of Christmas.  Given the theme of the workout, I was really hoping the millions of Christmas lights up in the area would be on, but they must not burn all night.

12 Days of Christmas

  1. Run down the hill on Main Street and back (~0.2 miles)
  2. Glow stick bear crawl – bear crawl from one glow stick to the other (down hill) and crawl bear back (up hill) (~20 yards out and 20 yards back)
  3. Jumping Lunges
  4. Bomb Jacks with a Donkey Kick
  5. Man Makers (sand bag)
  6. 4 Count Flutters
  7. Jump Squats
  8. Shoulder Press (sand bag)
  9. Bent Over Rows (sand bag)
  10. Merkins
  11. Curls (sand bag)
  12. Broad Jump Burpees

We didn’t make it all the way to strength items since most only made it 8 before time ran out.  The bear crawls and crawl bears definitely made their presence known and the cardio was evident by the 2.7 miles covered.

With time running out we tossed the sandbags back in the truck and took a quick mosey back to the start point with one stop for some merkins.

Great job by the strong PAX in attendance.  Definitely want a shot at completing this whole series since the first half was a burner.  Thank you to Shady for the opportunity at this great AO.


  • Fort Convergence on Christmas Eve – this is a MUST ATTEND

Prayer Request:

  • Prayers for Skate or Die’s friend as he and his family mourn the early passing of his sister
  • Prayers for the congregation of Unity Presbyterian Church as they recover from the fire
  • Prayers for those fighting cancer
  • Prayers for patience and poise during the holiday season and 2.0s are a little more ramped up than normal.
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Fill an hour at WEP…not a problem when you’re touring

Started out the morning with a pre-ruck from YHC, Wegmans and Trucker.  Trucker let the way for 2 rookie-ruckers and pushed through the pain for 40 min.  Mileage….no clue but likely around 2.5.  After the pre-ruck, we had mumble chatter going all morning – during the disclaimer, during the warm-up, during the Thang (when the PAX could talk) and it was laughs the whole time.

Did the warmup in the parking lot right out of gate and started out with:

  • SSH x25
  • Low slow squats x20
  • Overhead presses x20
  • Moroccan night clubs x20 (deadly follow up from the overhead presses)
  • Merkins x10
  • Mountain climber x10
  • Hillbilly walker x10
  • Windmill x10

Then off we went on our tour.  We headed to the building next door (Anne Springs building) and checked out their outdoor seating area for meal time where there were chairs – which we didn’t sit in.  Instead, we used this area for the first round of fun.

  • With 1 leg on the chair, we did 1 leg squats x20 / leg
  • 15 burpees
  • Ran over to chest high wall for 15 wall-ups

Rinse and repeat.  Ran over to the building next door, long way around down 160 and stopped in front of the Engineering building to take a look at their wall and use that for the next set of fun which included some Jacob’s ladder.  For a 7’s (exercises add up to 7) we did the following:

  • Diamond merkins at the bottom (started with 6)
  • Climb / jump over the wall and up the hill
  • Donkey kicks at the top (started with 1)

Next stop on the tour was the Fort Mill Church of God…down the street a bit on the way to the golf course, past the police station.  Had to get in some running for our Kiawah brothers that were out running much, much further.  Once we made it to the church, we found a great set of stairs to take advantage of with a “12 days of Christmas” exercise of sorts.

  • 12 LBCs
  • Up and down the stairs
  • 12 CDDs
  • Up and down the stairs
  • 11 LBCs (Q-jack to double count by the PAX…good call!)
  • Up and down the stairs
  • 11 CDDs (also changed to double count)
  • Up and down the stairs
  • ….all the way down to 1’s

On the far run back to COT, we took a “shortcut”, up the big giant paved hill at the Engineering building and then back through the parking lots.  Made it to COT, counted off, name-o-rama, announcements and then finally an around the world.  Bandcamp closed us out with the prayer (voluntold style) and Twister made the final plea for coffeeteria at Panera!  Well done men!


TClap |

Aces UP for a blockparty beat DOWN

After a quick disclaimer, we took off for the track around to park to make pit stops at each of the posts for some warmup exercises.  At each post, we started with the following exercise and then 2 burpees after each one…for a bonus.

  • SSH x25
  • Imperial and Hillbilly walkers x10
  • Moroccan night club x30
  • Squats x20, Cherry pickers x10

After warmup, we moseyed over to the playground for the Thang:

  • Merkins: 10 diamonds, 10 military, 10 regular, 10 wide arm, 10 derkins
  • Run lap around playground
  • 20 chin-ups
  • Run lap around playground
  • 50 flutters
  • Run lap around playground

Rinse and repeat…during one of the laps, we had two men down due to uneven concrete slabs during the run.  Note to self – be careful out there for the uneven terrain!

Next we found some benches for the next set of fun.

  • 40 dips
  • Run lap around playground
  • 20 step-ups (10/leg)
  • Run lap around playground

Rinse and repeat.  As time was winding down, we had time for one last circuit.  Similar to round 1, we gave this another shot with some modifications.

  • Merkins: 5 diamonds, 5 military, 5 regular, 5 wide arm, 5 derkins
  • 20 LBCs
  • 20 step-ups (10 each leg)
  • 20 LBCs
  • 50 flutters
  • 20 LBCs

Quick run back to COT to wrap up the morning for name-o-rama, announcements, prayers and praises (CSPAN style), and closed out with our prayer!  Great work men and we missed you Fire Marshall Bill…get better my friend!


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A Day to Remember…Showing our respect at the Hive

December 7, 2018


41st President

2403 men lost

77 years ago

I had thought about what I wanted to accomplish here all week. Did I want to stay in the comfort zone? Just get through a workout on a cold morning.  I decided we needed to put in the work to honor the 2403 men, or boys, that were suddenly killed and show them the respect they deserved. Imagine yourself, lying in your bed (probably under 20) on a ship and it was suddenly bombed, and there was no way out. That is exactly how app. 1000 men died that day. I took the opportunity this week to refresh my memory on some of the facts I may have lost in last 20 or so years and look a little closer at the life of George HW Bush, our 41st President who ironically passed the same week of the Anniversary of the event that lead to his honorable service in War II.  With a lot on my mind, and the hopes of delivering the right message, now it was all up to the PAX to show up.

My goal was centered around the three numbers above- 41,2403, 77

10 PAX showed up on what turned out to be a crisp clear morning ready to work.

Disclaimer delivered- No FNG’s

Leave the KB



4 light posts were the center of this. At each light-post, we stopped for an exercise:

Post 1- SSH x 41

Mosey to next

Post 2- Moroccan NC x41

Mosey to next

Post 3- Imperials Walkers x41

Mosey to next

Post 4 (and starting spot)- Merkin x 41

10 Diamond

10 Military

10 regular

10 wide

1 Burpee


Recover and circle up

Low slow squat x10

Windmills x10-

Seal Jacks x10

Hillbilly walker x10

1 burpee

Total- 41

The Thang- 2403 reps was the goal as a group

Using the same light posts as the warm-up adding running in between. I liked the competitiveness for some . Nice effort men.

Round 1

First post- Tricep press x 30

Second- KB swing x30

Third – Goblet squat- x15

Fourth- two handed shoulder press x 30

Total Round 1= 1155

Round 2

First- two-hand curls x30

Second post- Snatch (15 each arm)

Third-post- KB Windmill- audible- Chest press- two hands- x50

Fourth post- lunges (15 each)

Total Round 2- 1,210 (snatch and lunges counting only as 15 each)

Total- 2,365

Round 3

First- single arm rows- x15 each arm

Second post- upright rows- x20

Third post- single arm chest- x20 each arm


Total round 3- 605


Total for post work- 2,970 reps together


Really nice work PAX- especially the guys lifting the heavy KB’s.

Skipped the Fourth and headed to the bleachers by the tennis courts. Each PAX grabbing a spot

Three rounds of step ups- starting with 15 each leg, then 10, then 5, followed by 10 seconds on the fence in a squat position holding the KB straight out.

Mosey to the Fourth post-

Partner up- size of the person didn’t matter, but the weight may have (Tesh)

Partner One- carrying both KB’s runs to the First original light post and back (app. 100 yds) . Switch with partner two until the exercises below are completed.

Partner Two- the number to reach of each set was 77. Significance being this was the 77th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Set One- LBC’s

Set two- American Hammers

Set Three- Flutters

Looked at my watch and it was 6:00 on the nose.


Everyone pushed it, and everyone got better. I appreciate all the PAX listening to me and working hard. My challenge to you is to take a look at the significance of the numbers used today and the individuals or events involved. And then imagine if you were called to this War, would you step up like George HW did and sacrifice? If you didn’t catch it this week, he lived a life that most of us can only aspire to, but will never attain. Live your best life and surround yourself with those that make it possible.



Xmas eve Convergence

G- Fit


Our Health


Family, Patience during this Holiday season, for those in need.

And not to be overlooked, Band Camp’s special surgery a week from Monday. Sit on the bag of pees and don’t move for atleast 48hrs.

Thanks to Band Camp for the opportunity to lead and thanks again PAX for your effort.


Frat Boy

TClap |

The Coop: Beat the temperature day and we did it! #25

It was a cool morning and when I say cool I mean Fonzie cool. PAX came in from all directions and we had met the temperature of 25 degrees. I was proud that the men did not stay in the fartsack where it was easy….but rather said yes to accountability and posted with their brothers.

Had to get the PAX warm, so away we went……

The Thang:

Mosey around parking lot

  • Shuffle
  • Mosey
  • Toy solders
  • more Mosey
  • COP
    • Plank
    • Merkins
    • Imperial Walkers
    • Squats
    • Peter Parker
    • FLutters
    • Parker Peters
  • Mosey
    • 1’s wall sit with shoulder presses
    • 2’s 5 box jumps, 10, derkins, 15 dips
    • Flapjack
    • Mosey to front of NAFO school

Had 12 cinder block stations, partner up

  1. Run around islands of parking lot
  2. perform exercises below with as many reps as possible while waiting on partner
    1. Flapjack until all 12 are completed
  • Bear crawl with Block drag
  • Block swing
  • Floor to Shelf L/R
  • Curls
  • Tri-extensions
  • Leg raises with Block
  • Bear crawl with Block right/left Merkins
  • Squat to overhead press
  • Bent Rows
  • Burpees
  • Sumo deadlifts press
  • LBCs

Time was up and so the PAX moseyed back to COT with blocks in hand

  • Wrap up with Freddy’s and Hello Dolly’s

Thank you Wegmans for the opportunity to Q

  • The Fort Christmas Party is this Saturday 12/1
  • Christmas convergence at Palisades Elementary School 12/24
  • Prayers for the many dealing with health concerns, lost family members and injuries

Individually we can be picked apart and crumble, however when we stand together and support each other we are indestructible. Like the cinder blocks we used, individually they don’t do much but with many of them……makes a solid foundation. Hold a brother accountable and likewise and you will become a solid foundation for your family, friends and community.

Cake Boss


TClap |

Too cold for a TOGA at Block Party

There was quite the bite in the air on this Fall morning.  A little different than the balmy 55-degree weather the day before. PAX rolled in and everyone looked very excited to get rolling. Quick disclaimer for the Vets and off we went (might have been a little less stretching than initially forecasted).


Mosey up the hill to the smaller parking taking a left and heading to the right parking lot for the warm-up. As we were getting to the top of the hill a late arrival came in hot (not really it just sounds better). JWOW joined shortly after we started the warm-up and I must say there had to have been some hustle by him to get there that quickly. I appreciated the effort.



Toy soldiers to stretch the legs

Shuffle left and then switch sides working around the lot

High Knee stretches

Carioca to finish

Mosey to circle up

Imperial Walker- x30

Overhead claps- x30

SSH- x30

Seal Jax- x25

Squat (mumble chatter indicated my delivery was confusing) x15

Windmill- x15

Parker Peter- x15- hold

Honeymooner stretch to Downward dog and repeat


Mosey across to next parking lot of the business I can’t recall.

Informed the PAX that DORA was the call. Partner up. Initially I had planned these to be individual with laps in between sets. I think this was a better option.

Partner One runs the not so small loop while Partner 2 completes the following. Switching until completion.

100- Merkins

200- Squats

300- Flutters

Quick chat about the word of the month- Vulnerability. I appreciate the PAX sharing and making themselves “vulnerable” to the group with their personal challenges. We all have them.

Mosey took us next to the knee size wall in front of the building just across the street. PAX all found a spot to work through the Three rounds of the following:

Step ups- step to the top of the wall, 10 each leg

Derkins- 10

Dips- 20


Mosey back down back where we did DORA to the taller wall space.

Each PAX grabbed small wall and sat in a squat position while each PAX counted backwards from ten.

With a little time to spare, next up was a sprint to the other side of the parking lot and back. Perform 5 burpees. We did this a total of 2 times.


Mosey back to COT


With 2 minutes left, we did some American Hammers, Hello Dolly, holding it six inches, 90,45,90, six inches.



CHRISTMAS PARTY! Sign-up- Someone said Ugly Sweater- T or F?

Xmas Eve Convergence

Joe Davis



Safe returns from Holiday week


Health to get out and post


Our kids (Chicken Hawk’s son)


State of our Country


Thanks for the opportunity to lead Shady and for the PAX who were there to support.


Frat Boy

TClap |

Wotan in disguise

5 PAX gathered in the gloom for the 47th Block Party of 2018


Mosey to the chained-off parking lot next to Springs Corporate for a warm up
Warm up:
30 SSH
10 IW
10 HW
10 Shoulder Taps
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Peter Parkers

Mosey to Pike Engineering parking lot

2 rounds of Howling Monkeys (look it up)

Mosey to the Millstone playground parking lot

Numerous rounds of Happy Jacks (look it up)
– a pretty good exercises for staying in one place, encouraging dissent among the ranks, and allowing all PAX to modify as needed without getting left behind
Divided up on the little hills/mounds on the playground:
– Start at the top of the hill
– Standing forward bend (aka: touch your toes)
– Inch-worm down into merkin position
– 10 Derkins
– Inch-wormed back
– mosey to next hill until we hit all 4
– Rinse and Repeat, but changed to Bear Crawl between each hill
– (total of 80 derkins……this was a lot)

Back to Millstone parking lot for a few more rounds of Happy Jacks. YHC referenced Happy Jack by The Who, but no one else knew the tune.

Mosey back towards WEP playground

Called round of pull-ups. Like Six Minutes of Uncle (look it up), but the Q calls up and down:
– Pull ups
– Toe Touches
– Chin ups

Sat in progressively sinking Al Gore for a moment of message

Mosey back to COT

10 Merkins in cadence
37 Flutters (almost made it to 40, but if you can’t Q it, don’t do it!)
9 LBC (Q was trying to continue flutters until 6am, but see early comment about making it to 37…)


Being vulnerable is the theme for the month. I shared that I struggle with my tone of voice when talking to my 2.0s. I often resort to yelling as much as talking. It is something that I work on, but often not with the diligence I approach an F3 workout. Finding the line of discipline vs. direction is a challenge for me as a parent. I don’t want my boys to grow up in a house where their dad just yells and barks commands (or where they don’t feel heard unless they also yell…).

In planning, I considered planking up and holding plank until each PAX shared something vulnerable. But decided that while it is the Qs place to push the PAX, each PAX needs to decide for themselves on their own vulnerability. Forced vulnerability is very different than actually being vulnerable.

Welcome to FNG: “Wotan” (Vot-an)

Christmas Party signups need to be done

– wisdom in parenting
– for those who have a difficult (or absent) home situation over a holiday like Thanksgiving
– safe travels during the holiday

Band Camp dismissed

TClap |

VQ at the Hive

It was a cold and rainy morning at the Hive. Not an ideal morning for swinging metal around, but that did not stop seven men from battling the elements to workout. After a quick disclaimer, we took a jog around the parking lot.  Next, we did some light stretching to reduce the risk of injury.

After the warm-up was complete, we formed a circle around a light pole.  The workout was called the Kettlebell Clock (not very original, but it works).  Like the face of a clock, there were twelve exercises.  At twelve o’clock, the person performing the exercise would act as the second or  “sweep” hand of the clock.  Once complete, we would rotate to the next exercise by lunge walking to the next interval of the clock.  Below are the exercises we performed for each interval:

  1.  American Hammer
  2. Curl
  3. KB Swing
  4. Flutter
  5. Upright Row
  6. Shoulder Press
  7. Tri-cep Press
  8. Figure Eight
  9. Lawnmower
  10. LBC
  11. Chest Press
  12. Rounds 1 and 2 – Squat Thrusters (20 reps), Rounds 3 and 4 –  Burpees (5 reps) with a light jog to the end of the parking lot and back.

Great job by all.  We had some fun discussion ranging from how much a musical instrument costs to the Hamm brothers.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!


Families traveling for the holiday



TClap |

1+1=Terrible Downpainment

19 Pax descended on Block Party including 3 for Pathfinder for an old school beatdown by YHC and Mash. Little did YHC know when I suggested to Mash that he co-Q with me that it would be his 50th Birthday at Block Party #Respect.

Mash and I have been friends for many years and I already had tons of respect for him. He is a good Christian, Husband and Father coupled with being a military veteran. Our children are the same age so we have lots in common. More importantly, he has demonstrated being a true #HIM since joining the Fort several years ago.

The Thang

Full Disclaimer

Mash on Q – Mosey out

COP – lots of chatter here…I may have been contributing


Moroccan Night Clubs


Merkins x 15 (YEAH!)

Mosey to gravel lot and partner up

Dora 1,2,3

100 Merkins

200 Flutters

300 SSHs

Pusher on Q – Mosey to hill

Bear crawl up hill – #turrible

Dirty McDeuce powered by Halloween Candy

Side Note: Avg American eats 3.4 pounds of candy on Halloween; Candy has calories (duh!); 1 minute of Burpees equals approximately 10 calories;

All exercises IC x 12; Calories are based on “Fun Size” portions

Starburst (40 cals) – Squats

Skittles (63 cals) – LBCs

M&Ms (73 cals) – Wide Arm

Take a lap

Kit Kat (70 cals) – Jumping Lunge

Snickers (80 cals) – Flutters

Twix (80 cals) – Carolina Dry Docks

Take a lap

Reeses Cup (90 cals) – Bomb Jacks

Baby Ruth ( 85 cals) – Freddy Mercury

Butterfinger ( 85 cals) – Diamond Merkins

Take a lap

York Patty ( 50 cals) – Burpees

Crunch ( 60 cals) – Rosalita

Hershey ( 63 cals) – Burpees

Mosey Home



  • Happy #Respect Birthday to Mash
  • Christmas Party on 12/1/18
  • Pre Christmas Drop In on 11/2/18 with Shady at Armor Artis
  • Be a HIM in your community…lots of examples were shared
TClap |

14 posted at The Armory today to honor the service of Assassin who turned the Site Q over to JWOW.   Best of luck to JWOW for the upcoming year although I am sure he won’t need any luck as long as the Brotherhood supports him, I will, how about you?

I am not the glowing writer that othe PAX are so best that I just get to the Thang.

We started with a very, very slow mosey past the tents to the far parking lot and circled up for a warmup.

Moroccan night clubs x20

Baby arm circles x 15

big arm circles x 12

LSS x 10

windmill with KB x10 each leg

We then partnered up because the gloom is always better with a friend. The PAX then head off to a parking spot where the find 8 spots with 3 exercises chalked out the object do the first exercise and the move to the next spot until all 24 exercises are completed. The exercises:

Front raise x 10 each arm
Side raise x 10 each arm
Merkin to row x 10 each arm
American hammer x 20
Sit-ups x 20
LBCs x 20
Skull crushers x 20
Triceps extensions x 10 each arm
Halos x 20
KB swing x 20
1 arm KB swing x 10 each arm
Snatch x 10 each arm
Goblet squat x 20
Calf raises 10 each in/out/regular
Lunge x 10 each leg
Turkish getup x 20
Chest loader swing x 20
Clean and press x 20
Shoulder press x 10 each arm
Upright rows x 20
Chest press x 10 each arm
Curls x 10 each arm
Lawn mowers x 10 each arm
Squat to press x 20

Always amazes at how some PAX can blow through these 24 exercises and start a 4th round kudos to them. I am not there yet…

After completing the rounds moseyed back to COT for flag ceremony, praises and prayers.

Dungaree out

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