360 degrees worth of Thanksgiving Blessings

  • When: 11/28/14
  • Pax: Assassin, Back Draft, Cake Boss, Change Order, Corn Hole, Gears, Lug Nut, Old Bay, Prosciutto-FNG, Senator, Solid State, Spitz, & Stang
  • Posted In: Slow Burn

13 strong men took the #RedPill for a Black Friday Version of #SlowBurnF3

YHC gave a quick recap that it is a disappointing state of our country that we need a holiday to remind us be thankful, especially when we have so many gifts and blessings in our lives. We discussed that the negative of this world becomes our focus, when really if you take a full 360 degree look around to fully understand the blessings you have.

The Thang:

My style warm up, old school, & old man slow old and painful with planks held way too long.

6 OYO Pain Stations = 3 exercises per station= 20 repetitions of each exercise so by the time you made it around the building you made a full circle with 360 exercises.

Exercises included: SSH, Monkey Humpers, Imperial Walkers, Flutter, Dollys, LBC, CDD, Americans, Moroccan, Rosa, V-ups, Freddy, Wide Arm pulls, Close Grip pulls, Squats, Calves, Incline Merkins, & Decline Merkins.


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