Election Day – Do you know about Pennies for Progress???

Knowing that today is Election Day and that there is an important referendum on the ballot to help continue to improve York County’s roadway infrastructure (since SCDOT has no $$$ to help), YHC figured it would be good to incorporate some very important statistics regarding the Pennies for Progress program into the WO. Further info to come on that….

COP consisted of windmills, good mornings, squats, alternate version of the Rocks up then mossy to….playground where the P4 trivia began.

288 – two pull ups, 8 LBCs, 8 Squats…why this number you ask??

434 – 4 pull ups, 3 LBCs, 4 squats…again why this number you ask?? YHC kept asking and there were a few bites but mostly discussions revolving around PSU football championships, statistics to the PSU-MSU game, but not even close. YHC kept giving hints relating to election day…..

We repeated those two again.

Mossy to first drill bit. Bonsai is celebrating the “originals” of the Fort the month of November at WEP and I would consider myself as one of them since I started 3 months after this greatest thing started in Fort Mill. The first WO Senator Tressel dragged me to at WEP involved the Drill Bit. So I figured we would all have some fun. At each drill but, PAX did 2 merkins, 8 LBC, and 8 squats….see a pattern yet? once the lap was completed, a new series of numbers: 97 (for 1997). YHC considered 97 merkins, but decided 9 merkins and 7 squats was adequate.

Mossy to playground for more history. 03 (for 2003) pull ups per PAX, then 11 (for 2011) pull ups. Bonsai then shouted our that the numbers and sequence related to the Pennies for Progress 4 referendum!! He wins, nothing of course, but is correct.

Mossy to small parking lot to do some Rugby Sprints in honor of Crab Cakes. Included 10 rounds with a few bear crawls thrown in there. Finished with some 5 minutes  of Mary.

Mossy to COT

Why the numbers?? in 1997, Pennies for Progress 1 was approved by York County voters to fund $99M of roadway improvements; in 2003 Pennies 2 was approved to fund $173M; and in 2011 Pennies 3 was approved to fund $161M – all totals $434M of roadway improvements. This program allowed York Co to widen I-77 to 8-lanes!! Without Pennies, York County roadways would be even worse in regards to congestion. This program is extremely essential for York County to TRY to keep up with growth. Its not the only answer, but without it, the roadways would be nothing but a crawl. You can debate that congestion hasn’t gotten better, but remember, York County has grown over 30% since 2000 and projected to grow another 40% by 2045. Since SCDOT is not flush with $$, this program helps mitigate as best of possible.

Today we vote on P4. $288M of roadway improvements, on a 1cent sales tax that York Co residents have been paying since 1997 – This is NOT an additional tax but a continuation. Many of us who moved into York County since then have been paying this tax and haven’t realized it. Without a dedicated tax towards roadway improvements, SC 160 would not have been widened at Zoar Rd, Gold Hill Interchange would not be scheduled to be upgraded, US 21 Bridge would not have been built….

Okay, enough of my soapbox, lots of F3 events, so read newsletter and sign up for Xmas Party, T-Giving convergence, and Joe Davis 5/10k.

Prayers to marriages – lots of struggles within the F3 community; raising our children; to the injured and loss of life; and to Texas tragedy.

Peace out – Trucker


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