13 HIM showed up on a blustery Tuesday to make the choice to get better.

Warm Up

  • SSH
  • Cherry Picker
  • Windmill
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Peter Parker
  • Parker Peter
  • Moroccan Night Clubs
  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • Mosey to the playground

The Thang


100 reps of each exercise in sets of 20 with a run up the hill and back after each set.

  • 20 Merkins (x5)
  • 20 Pull-ups (x5)
  • 20 Big Boy sit-ups (x5)
  • 20 Dips (x5)
  • 20 Squats (x5)
  • Run up the hill (x5)

That took most of the time. We mosey-ed around the park as a cool down and it was time for the COT. Pull-ups suck. Must do more.


TClap |

We’ll Make It Breathable

I know Beacon had this idea in mind but as you’re reading, think about an area of your life where you can push yourself just a little bit more. Not in the sense of looking to DO more but rather, looking to BE more. This comes from pushing yourself. Push yourself to meet guys at another workout, push yourself to be present for others, push yourself to be more engaged. When you get comfortable with your routine, you coast rather than accelerate.

23 was the number at Footloose this morning and evidently, not everyone knew who was on Q. Once they learned, I was happy that nobody left. We started with 23 and we finished with 23. My ask of the PAX was this: I don’t know what you’re carrying on your mind as you roll in here at 0515 but as you’re here for the next 45mins, be HERE, be present, enjoy the guys to your left and right.

Once we were disclaimed, we took a long mosey over to and up Main Street to the Methodist Church to circle up in their parking lot.

Wind Mills

Imperial Walkers

Hillbilly Walkers

5 Burpees by special request


Moroccan Night Clubs

Carolina Dry Docks

5 more Burpees by special request

Mosey over to behind the Baptist Church

Switzer to explain the deal. Partner up while partners start on opposite ends of the large parking lot.

Each partner bear crawls to their respective 1st island then run to meet their partner in the “middle” of the lot. 20 Single count merkins, run back to that previously-mentioned island and crawl bear back to your starting point. Remember, push yourself just a little bit more.

Rd 2 was crab walk to that island, then run to meet the partner, 20 Wide Arm Merkins, run back to the island and walk crab back to your starting point. Remember, push yourself just a little bit more.

Mosey back to our starting parking lot for a little plank work.

20 Mountain Climbers

10 Peter Parkers

10 Donkey Kicks

10 Parker Peters

2min plank hold

2min Al Gore

1min Burpees

Remember, push yourself just a little bit more.

1min Side Straddle Hops

7min of Mary

WWII Sit-Ups

Flutter Kicks

Freddy Mercury

Heels to Heaven


Remember, push yourself just a little bit more.

And that was it…well done.


  1. Mini-convergence at Slow Burn tomorrow to pray for and send Wegmans off on his F3 mission trip to Peru. (Broga will be at 0500 at Slow Burn AO)
  2. Engage in the running training plan that Anchorman and Barry Manilow are leading guys through
  3. Read your newsletter b/c I forgot the remainder.




Until next time.


TClap |

“Brick” Walls of Terror at Block Party

8 at Block Party for a balmy morning with some lively mumble chatter.


Read the monthly theme to engage in the discussion.


Warm up – Mosey to Anne Springs parking lot for some Rugby Sprints with SSH, Merkins, Goof Balls and Mountain Climbers
The thang – Dora-like with partner on the high wall
– 50 Wall climbs
– 20 Handstands
– 50 Spider-Man’s
Mosey to courtyard x3 increasing by 5 each time
  • 5/10/15 – step ups
  • 10/15/20 – derkins
  • 15/20/25 – dips
Cool Down by going back to the wall for some sits with arm flutters, then morrocan night clubs and finally overhead claps
Return to WEP for some MARY
Pleasure to lead
TClap |

Aces UP for a blockparty beat DOWN

After a quick disclaimer, we took off for the track around to park to make pit stops at each of the posts for some warmup exercises.  At each post, we started with the following exercise and then 2 burpees after each one…for a bonus.

  • SSH x25
  • Imperial and Hillbilly walkers x10
  • Moroccan night club x30
  • Squats x20, Cherry pickers x10

After warmup, we moseyed over to the playground for the Thang:

  • Merkins: 10 diamonds, 10 military, 10 regular, 10 wide arm, 10 derkins
  • Run lap around playground
  • 20 chin-ups
  • Run lap around playground
  • 50 flutters
  • Run lap around playground

Rinse and repeat…during one of the laps, we had two men down due to uneven concrete slabs during the run.  Note to self – be careful out there for the uneven terrain!

Next we found some benches for the next set of fun.

  • 40 dips
  • Run lap around playground
  • 20 step-ups (10/leg)
  • Run lap around playground

Rinse and repeat.  As time was winding down, we had time for one last circuit.  Similar to round 1, we gave this another shot with some modifications.

  • Merkins: 5 diamonds, 5 military, 5 regular, 5 wide arm, 5 derkins
  • 20 LBCs
  • 20 step-ups (10 each leg)
  • 20 LBCs
  • 50 flutters
  • 20 LBCs

Quick run back to COT to wrap up the morning for name-o-rama, announcements, prayers and praises (CSPAN style), and closed out with our prayer!  Great work men and we missed you Fire Marshall Bill…get better my friend!


TClap |


Two PAX were blessed with 50 degrees and a light breeze.
Start with a Mosey run in Parking lot
Side shuffles
High knees
butt kickers
Toy soldiers

To pull up bars:
Five pull ups OYO

Circle up for Warm up
SSH (IC 12x)
Windmill (IC 12x)
Imperial Walker (IC 12x)
Moroccan Nightclub (IC 12x)
Low Slow Squats (IC12x)
Merkin (IC 12x)
Peter Parker (IC 12x)
Plank stretches
Downward dog

Thang 1: Partner run / deck routine
Run forward down hill
Run backward up the hill
First PAX gets a card from the F3 workout deck (which will be the exercise)
Second PAX gets a card (which will be the count for the above exercise)

Then another short Mosey run: To a curb

Thang 2: Plank Dominoes
Plank up on the curb, PAX spaced apart
All start with left arm high
PAX #1 does 5 merkins, ends in regular plank
Continue down the line until finished
Then all right arm high and last PAX begins the 3 merkins, end in reg plank

Recovery walk to a wall

Thang 3: World’s Worst Lottery
All PAX wall sit
One PAX at a time picks a card (F3 workout deck) and does that exercise
All other PAX are still doing wall sits, waiting and critiquing
(Joker/aces would mean all PAX do 10 burpees)

Mosey run to COT area

small group, only two PAX, but we covered a lot of ground in good conversation. From the theme of the month (vulnerability), to family histories (or what we thought the history was), to the ferocity of WWII, to the Olympics, and that new Bohemian Rhapsody movie.
Honored to be part of the F3 tribe.

TClap |

Tomahawk – Metal that Beavis and Butthead would be proud of!!

We had 6 PAC and YHC at Tomahawk for a gloomy morning but we did not let it dampen our mood. We cranked the Viking Metal (look it up, it exists) and kicked the day off right!

Slow mosey around parking lot

  • Shuffles
  • High Knees
  • Butt Kickers
  • Lunge Walks
  • Side Lunges
  • Mosey some more
  • Imperial Wakers
  • Hill Billy Walkers
  • Mosey
  • Bear Crawl
  • Squats
  • Bear Crawl
  • Moroccan Night Club
  • Bear Crawl
  • Squats

Grab Bells as get in Car Pool Line by school

  • Do exercise and then run 40yard, backward run back

R/L Curl
Concentration curl
Tri extention
Skull crushers
R/L Curl

  • Do exercise and then bear crawl 20 yards

KB Swing
Shoulder press
Upright row
Bent row
Lat raises

  • Do exercise and then run to wall and do 15 dips, run back

Right leg
Squat figure 8
Left leg

  • Do exercise and then 5 pull ups on pillars

Flutter kick
Russian twist
V up
Hello dolly

The music was jamming and the men were working hard. Lots of encouragement and fellowship as well. Spoke about vulnerability and how it makes it grow and get stronger like building muscle. Men like to be private and just fix things, but sometimes that little bit of vulnerability and humility can be the answer to some trials and storms in our lives. Open up to your Shield-lock or Whetstone and grow from it!

Prayers for Punch-list awaiting new baby and Polaroid’s wife on career moves and Pinup on career decisions.

Humble and Honored men and KEEP ROCKIN!!

Cake Boss!!

TClap |

Ash to Ash at Tomahawk

9 PAX gathered in the only slightly cool October gloom striving to be better. After a disclaimer, we were off on a Mosey around the parking lot.

Warm Up:
SSH x25 (everybody’s favorite F3 classic first exercise)
Mountain Climber x20
Hold Plank
– Honeymooner
– Down Dog
– 6 inches
– Honeymooner
– Down Dog
Mountain Climber x20 (got some mumble chatter spiking after this)
Imperial Walker x20
Hillbilly Walker x20
Good Mornings w/ bells x5
Al Gore Good Mornings x5

Seated forward bends to stretch out the Quadratus Lumborum. (Look it up)

Lined up at the bottom of the parking lot facing the school.

Swing x10
Snatch x10 (each arm)
Squat x10
Lunge walk w/ pass through up to the islands nearest the school
Swing x10
Snatch x10 (each arm)
Planked up: Honeymooner/Down Dog
Swing x10
Snatch x10 (each arm)

Moseyed to a parking lot island with grass, touched the grass, and returned to our bells.

Swing x10
Snatch x10 (each arm)
Squat x10
Solo Test x3 (each arm)
Overhead Squat x10 (each arm)
Swing x10

Moved towards COT, dropped bells.

Found some wall at the school entrance.

BTTW w/ Shoulder Taps x10
People’s Chair – brief lecture on nihilism
BTTW w/ Merkins x10

Back to COT:

Sit and Press x10 (big boy sit up and overhead press)
Flutter w/ press x10
Skull Crusher x10

Naked Man Moleskin:

YHC has been pondering this poem lately.

Ozymandias: by Percy Bysshe Shelley

I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

The things of the earth for which we labor will inevitably fade away. (Which lead to some mumble chatter about “why did I show up then?” hence the Nihilism discussion.) But our identity is not found in earthly things, and on this we can be thankful. For our labors in for our 3rd F identity will not fade away. What’s the difference between Ash Wednesday “remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return” and the ethos of Nihilism:  skepticism maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence? Only faith.

Christmas Party – 12/1: Sign up Now
Fast 5 – 10/27

Many – we never know what others are carrying with them. May we all be mindful of that in our interactions.

Band Camp dismissed

TClap |

the BLIMPS Casino

13 PAX and ideal weather conditions on hand.

Mosey run to front of middle school
Warm up:
SSH (IC 12x)
Imperial Walker (IC 12x)
Windmill (IC 12x)
Moroccan Nightclub (IC 12x)
LSS (IC 12x)
Merkin (IC 12x)
Peter Parker (IC 12x)
Plank stretches
Run to back side of elementary school
For a portion of this run: Railroad Ties routine: PAX low plank and person at back of line runs/jumps over them. Cycle through like an indian run.

At back of the middle school:
Thang 1: Blackjacks
start w/ 1 Merkin
run to other side do 20 LBC’s
Run back and do 2 Merkins
run to other side do 19 LBC’s
procced until 20 merkins and 1 LBC
The casino closed this blackjack table a bit early (at ten mins) to accommodate other events. Most Pax got to 15 merkins. Recommend doing Elevens (not 21’s) next time.

Run to next pain station (short distance)
Thang 2: BLIMPS (Cones spaced 15-20 yds apart)
Start at cone 1- B for burpee, do 5 of them
Run to cone 1 – L for lunge, do 10 each leg
Run to cone 2 – I for Imperial Walkers, do 15
Run to cone 3 – M for Merkins, do 20
Run to cone 4 – P for Peter Parkers do 25 (modification)
Run to cone 5 – S for Squats, do 30
rinse and repeat until time is called
Run to COT area

Thang 3: plank routine
Sally gets up/down (Moby song)
Start with low plank
High plank on the “up”
Low plank on the “down”
Thiry-one changes during the 3:22 duration of the song.


Announcements: Fast 5k on 10/27; CAH charity event this Saturday 10/20.
Prayers for healing of loved ones and guidance to the healers in charge of their care.

Great words of encouragement shared amongst all PAX. Don’t forget these timely favorites:
“A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success”
“Fall seven times, stand up eight”

TClap |

Reunion Tour @ The Tomahawk

If we go back to Summer 2017… I was EH’d to The Tomahawk by Dark Helmet and Bird Cage. It happened while helping Sharknado move in just down the street. My interest was peaked, so I gave it a try. It was awesome, but it was PAINFUL. CSPAN brought it heavy and it was in that moment I knew F3 was legit. What had me most aghast was the fact that guys two decades older than I were lapping me in a work out that I deemed “up my alley.” On top of that, these men had a bond I haven’t had since moving to the area, and they do their best to follow God. I wanted to be hooked, but work was just too much at the time to HC to F3. Also… Skate or Die was there too.

Fast forward to Summer 2018, I changed positions in my company and was excited to join my now brothers in the gloom. Been posting a bunch, and am super happy to be a part of this high impact community. Polaroid offered me the opportunity to lead at my original AO, and I couldn’t turn it down. Additionally… what other AO has loud music every week?! 

I was just finishing prep of the AO when J Cruise pulled up in his vintage Land Cruiser. I’m sure that thing looks awfully nice in the sunlight. Kielbasa and Skate or Die right behind him. The clock struck 5:15, and I said the disclaimer. We took a short mosey while Pin Up and Small World rolled in. Then we circled up.


Tappy Taps x 10 (These may be a regularly occurring thing… be warned.)


Shoulder Taps x 10

Parker Peters x 10

SSH x 25

Al Gore Night Clubs x 20

Groucho Walks x 10

Heart rates were up, so we headed toward the main entrance to partake of the Octagon! I had nine workouts, eight surrounding one. The plan was to start at random locations, and once you complete your station you rotate counterclockwise. After each outer workout you would cycle to the middle for something that my shoulders are now feeling much more than I did this morning… figure 8’s with the kettlebell between your legs. Woof.

Figure 8 x 30

Solo Tesh x 3 Each Arm (this, too, should also be a thing)

Figure 8 x 30

Goblet Squats x 30

Figure 8 x 30

Skull Crushers x 20

Figure 8 x 30

Lunge Walks x 15 each leg, holding weight in one arm out and back

Figure 8 x 30

Bent Over Rows x 15 each arm

Figure 8 x 30

KB Swing x 20

Figure 8 x 30

Curls x 20

Figure 8 x 30

Calf Raises x 50

Figure 8 x 30

Repeat as Time Permits

We made it about 1.4 times around.

Mosey to wall

People’s Chair w/ Pass the Dutchie – down and back four times x 2 with the heaviest weight of the day. 


Crunchy Frog x 11

Flutter w/Weight x 20

Hello Dolly’s w/Weight x 20

LBC’s x 30

Plank until time was up

I asked the men what they liked most about F3 while we planked, and got some good answers.




Its the closest thing to my military experience

The leadership cultivation and how it drives men ahead

Honestly, (aside from the military experience) I aligned with each answer. This community and these HIM continue to inspire me. 

Headed back to COT. Counted off six PAX for an Eminem and Toby MAC filled morning of fun. Thanks to Small World for bringing the tunes.

Announcements – 

Fast5 coming October 27. Plenty of chatter on Twitter regarding the details. 

Ragnar this weekend! 

Prayers and Praises –

Pray for our brothers on IR

Pray for F3Alpha for their loss of Darth Visor yesterday morning

EDIT: Pray for Sharknado’s family – his M’s father was Darth Visor

Both of these losses were sudden and unexpected, so keep that in your mind as you go throughout your day/week. We are but a breath. 

Pray for Fort Mill and the school district as the Zoning decision is made. Pray for cool heads on all sides and the best decision to be made.

Thank you Polaroid for the opportunity to lead. It was fun running Q at the AO where I first posted. Looking forward to next time. 

Punch List out.



TClap |

“Tappy Taps? Did you make that up?”

‘Twas a glorious morning at NaFo, and 14 PAX rose to the occasion, including some from surrounding regions (Aye!). A lot of new PAX I’ve never met as well, perhaps a glimpse into how large this community really is. Had a moment to think how much of an impact this community has had on these men, and the impact it will have on many more. The clock struck 5:15 and we began.

Disclaimer to start it off, then we headed out for our warm up.

Mosey 1/8 Mile

Moroccan Night Clubs x 25
Tap-py Taps x 10 (Look it up! It’s a thing on F3Nation.)
Plank Position
Peter Parkers x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
Alternating Shoulder Taps x 15


Mosey to the Pull Up Bars for our Weinke Of The Day

Descending Rounds of 30 – 25 – 20 – 15 – 10 – 5


Mixed in with 10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2

Pull Ups

Plank in wait for the 6 each round you finish and then we start the next round together. The best part about this weinke… it gets easier every round.

Ran back to our original spot for a little Mary
In & Outs (Boat/Canoe I was told) x 6… messed up my inflection there and someone caught me!
Six Inches x 1 Minute



Convergence at Walter Elisha Park Saturday – 7:00AM.
Pre Ruck – 6:15, Pre Run – 6:30. Both launching from Panera @ Kingsley.

Poverty Simulation is coming.

ABH (Always Be Headlocking!)

SpeedforNEED this weekend in Ballantyne – Isabella Santos 5K.

5K/10K Race and Fun Run

Pray that Gods will be revealed to me and I accept it.
Praise for Drop Thrill having a job for a year!
Pray for Sugar Bugs parents on Pawley’s Island – The rivers are rising and the water is about 5’ from their house
Pray for those affected by Florence, those still dealing with flooding, and those who lost everything trying to recover.

Thank you Wegmans for the opportunity to lead 13 men in this gloom we love so much.

For fun… Notable MumbleChatter for the day:

As I laid out the Weinke: “Gee, Punch List… this is kind of Honey Badger-esque…”

“Kielbasa can you demonstrate a polish burpee for me?”
“I’m going to do 30 Polish Burpees… *waits two seconds* DONE!”

“I’m going to do my max number of pull ups over here… (20 yards away from the bars).”



Punch List Out.

TClap |