Ramp up at the Varsity

It was a great day in the gloom as the temperatures were perfect (low 40s) and the company was great!  There is something special about leading a pax of 20 or more but I most savor the opportunity to lead just a few guys and start to learn what is going on in their lives and to engage throughout the work out.  It was a privilege to lead the group today especially since my 2.0 was within the pax.

The message had to do with looking back on the year and to look at the opportunities for the areas of life where you can focus on improving in 2018.  For me I’ve had a few lessons.

  • 2 years ago I found a Whetstone partner and he is an amazing support for me through my life.  Every man needs a man to help sharpen them.
  • The root of many of my issues in my marriage and parenting is often my own selfishness and lack of presence.  I need to be more present with my family when I’m with them.
  • I need more than I used to to in order to be nourished in the Bible.  I need a group to hold me accountable

The Thang!

First a round of stretching

Warm up – exercise and run around the circle (SSH, Hillbilly Walkers, Emperial Walkers,  Merkins,  plank, mountain climbers)

Mosey to the High school wall

– Wall sits 1 min wall sit

– 15/10/5mule kicks/ planks 10 count down the line

– Peter Parker’s on the Wall

–  5/3/2 hand stands/ plank

3 min of Mary

Band parking lot

– suicides

–  20 yard plate push relay / 50+ yards

–  Leap frog/ elbow plank

–  Bear crawl, crab walk, lunge walk alternate every 10 yards

Aye!  Merry Christmas to all!


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