We were blessed with a breath-taking views of the moon settling and the sun rising. What a great way to start the day! YHC posted a whole two minutes early to prove the Twitter mumble – chatterers wrong. LOL. Each #HIM shared their struggles in COT. Our discussion gave us a common lesson learned: limit our time with electronic devices. Electronic devices are consuming our time and driving our behaviors. The same goes for our children.

The Thang:

Mosey to the playground near Sugar Creek Elementary

COP: SSH (30x), IW (20x), WM (15x), Sumo Squats (15x), MC (15x), Clappers (15x)

Mosey to the JROTC Building: Jacobs Ladder with burpees at the bottom, pull ups at the top 9x

Mosey to the parking lot: Burpee Broad Jumps 30 yards and then run to the end of the parking lot and back 2x. One round of Wind Sprints.

Mosey to Sugar Creek Elementary: Balls to the wall, People’s Chair 3x


To be a high impact man, you must be intentional with your time. Our time on this planet is very limited and life moves at a fast pace. Respond to the Great Commission by intentionally investing time to build God’s kingdom. Do not let the ways of the world distract you from His calling. Be intentional with your family by studying and serving them. Identify and address the needs of your wife and children.

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Birthday Build A Burpee

At 1910 (7:10pm) on 26 April 1982 YHC entered the world.  Its been 37 years since then, I’ve learned a lot, most of it the hard way. I hoped to share a little of the knowledge I’ve accumulated from my short time here on earth. Punch List arrived and sang me the most beautiful version of Happy Birthday I’ve heard in a while. Dude can sing.

The clock struck 0515 and off we went for a quick(ish) mosey through the gates and onto the field. The Q-drenalin was flowing and there was talk of the abnormally quick pace I was setting.  We circled up near the far endzone for our warm-up.  10 slow windmills and 10 Ranger merkins (thumbs on nipples) that was it, warm-up complete. Things were about to get crazy and everyone would be plenty warm soon enough. I told the PAX to line up on the Goal line for the Birthday beat down I had planned.  I like to make things hard whenever I am given the opportunity to lead. To be honest, my goal each time is to make myself throw up. I’ve yet to do it, but, we all have dreams.


Starting at the Goal line, perform 1 Burpee, Bear Crawl 10yrd, 2 Squats, B.C. 10yrd, 3 Burps (from the front leaning rest, bring feet in towards hands then shoot them back out), B.C. 10yrd, 4 Merkins, B.C. 10yrd, 5 Star Jumps, B.C. 10yrd, 6 Burpees, B.C. 10yrd, 7 squats, bc 10yrd, 8 Burps, bc 10yrd, 9 Merkins, bc 10yrd, 10 Star Jumps, bc 10yrd to goal line.

I quickly realised this workout might be the one that makes me get sick, Excellent.  While the PAX caught their breath in the end zone, I shared a little bit about where I was 10yrs ago.  I had just gotten out of the Army. Fresh off of my second deployment, 15 months. My first deployment was 12 months. 27 months of my life spent in a country where 1/2 the people wanted to murder me and it felt like a 1/4 of them tried.  There were many days in Iraq that I felt like i wouldn’t make it through the day. There were 100’s of times where i was convinced “this is it, this is where we die, on a roof, in Iraq, surrounded by terrorists.” When I left the Army, my thoughts went from, “I might not make it through today,” to “I dont want to make it through today.” I spent way too much time drinking and trying to forget. I was lost and wasnt sure i would make it back.

At the goal line, 11 Burpees, Lunge Walk 10yrd b/c that was what Strait Up was doing. We lunged in between each exercise, 12 Squats, 13 Burps, 14 Merkins, 15 Star Jumps, 16 Burpees, 17 Squats, 18 Burps, 19 Merkins, 20 Star Jumps, End Zone.

This second round woke the PAX up, the complaining finally got started. I told Shield a few weeks ago, before his VQ, that the sooner the PAX start complaining, the better he is doing. I checked my clock, we were a little ahead of schedule.  Time to share a little bit more about my journey. When you first enter Basic Training, you are introduced to the concept of a Battle Buddy. A soldier and his battle buddy go everyehwere together. You are not allowed to do anything without your battle buddy in Basic. Need to ask the Drill Seargent a question, you had better grab your battle buddy to do so. They wont talk to you alone. My guess is bc of abuse allegations. After Basic Training, the battle buddy concept continues on. When you deploy to a war zone, your battle buddy is even more important.  I was an infantry line medic, I really enjoyed my job.  I got to fly in helicopters, shoot guns at people, kick in doors, arrest terrorists, and so much more. Part of being a line medic is earning the trust of your infantry guys. Sometimes the 30 of us might be miles away from any kind of ground support. If something happened and someone was to get hurt, I was the only person there with any chance of keeping them alive until a medivac helicopter could come get them. They trusted me with thier lives, and I trusted them to keep me safe when I turned my back, put my gun down, and started working on our friends.  I told the PAX that I had battle buddies that if I called them and said, hey I’m bringing a body to you, they wouldn’t ask questions, they would just start digging a hole. I clarified, that I WAS NOT asking any of the PAX to dig me a body hole.

21 Burpees on the goal line, Power Skip between exercises, 22 Squats, 23 Burps, 24 Merkins, 25 Star Jumps, 26 Burpees, 27 Squats, 28 Burps, 29 Merkins, 30 Star Jumps, power skip into the endzone for a little break and more sharing.

This round of exercises really got them complaining, I was told that I would probably spend my next birthday alone if this was my idea of a good party. I didn’t know I didn’t have friends until I found F3. I had my wife and kids, but no guy friends. Being friendless become my normal. I did everything with my family or alone. I was a sad clown. After I started doing F3, I found my people, again. I had a group of guys who trusted me and cared about me. I found 2 guys who love and care for me in Wegmans and Punch List, my shield locks.  I’m no loger alone, I have a platoon again.

We were still ahead of schedule, time for the final round. I added the Bear Crawls back in to slow us down a bit. 31 Burpees, 32 Squats, 33 Burps, 34 Merkins, 35 Star Jumps, 36 Burpees, 37 Squats. That was it, that was my Birthday beat down, My Birthday Build a Burpee.

I shared a little more, about how I’ve been trying to live me life. I mentioned earlier that there were days in Iraq that I felt, for sure, were gonna be my last days on earth. I’ve started to try and live each day like it was my last. Love your wife like its the last day you get to do so.  Kiss her each day like its your last time getting to kiss her.  Love your kids, hold them, make sure they know you love everthing about them. Tell them how awesome you know they are.  Today could be your last. Dont let the last memory your family has of you, is you being a butthole.  I didnt think anyone would make it to 37. Straight Up and Punch List (who is using vegan cocain) made it to the end. Most of us came up short.  That was the idea, I didnt want anyone to finish, bc no matter how hard we try, we will never defeat time.


Thank You Harry Carry for this opportunity to lead. Thanks Birdcage for letting me take your Q. And thank you to everyone who showed up, knowind YHC was on Q and I was gonna try and kill us.

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Day of the 21’s – Hardwood VQ

  • QIC: Hardwood
  • When: 04/19/2019
  • Posted In: Varsity
  • Warmup
    • Mosey
    • SSH – 21
    • Squats – 21
    • Lunges – 21
    • Monkey Humpers – 21
  • Mosey to Elem School
    • Burpees – 10
    • Merkins – 21
    • Burpees – 10
    • Carolina Dry Docks – 21
    • Burpees -10
  • Mosey to opo parking lot of Elem school
    • Flutters – 21
    • Plank
    • Flutters – 21
    • LBC – 21
    • Flutters – 21
    • Big Boy’s – 21
    • Flutters – 21
    • Plank
  • Mosey to NAFO parking lot
    • Dora
      • Merkins 100
      • Squats 200
      • Flutters 300
  • COT
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 – Not a professional, you assume all risk

 – Stretch; front fold/squat, rotate, arm stretch upward

– Mosey to field > jog to 50, sprint; repeat NOT A BREAK, GET HEART RATE UP

– Warmup; SSH, Windmill, imperial Walker

 – The seeds of discontent will yield a legacy of damaged fruit. >> WHAT FRUIT DID THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR FATHER YIELD?

 20 X’s – Everything in cadence, NO OYO

 @ End zone

– Squats, IC > toy soldier to 20

– Monkey Humpers, IC > lunges to 40

– Jumping squats, single ct. > long jumps to 40

– Calf raises 3 ways, single ct. > butt kickers to 20

– Low slow Squat, IC > duck walk to end zone

– Air squared (squat w overhead clap), IC

– Jog to 50, sprint to end zone [X’s 2]

 – A father is the defining relationship in the Shortys life. If a father is loving and warm he provides a template of success for relationships in their future. >> WHAT TYPE OF FRUIT DO WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO YIELD? NOT JUST OUR WORDS BUT OUR ACTIONS.

 – Repeat X’s 15

 – What do we as father’s have to sacrifice? i.e. jester, time, money, interests. >> FOR THOSE W OLDER KIDS, HOW ABOUT NOT LETTING THEM LEARN FROM THIER OWN FAILURES? CORNHOLE’s MESSAGE @ BLOCK PARTY

 – Repeat X’s 10

 – Repeat X’s 5


– Doing this so our kids can be free. No more virtuous act that a man can do. RETURN ON INVESTMENT. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son.”

 – Count off

– Name O’Rama

– Prayers/Praises

– Prayer


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The AKA crew Live in Concert

We’ve been blessed with some great weather this week and this morning was perfect.
Disclaimer given
Warm up
Mosey Run around the parking lot
Circle up and do:
SSH (IC 12x)
Windmill (IC 12x)
Imperial Walker (IC 12x)
Moroccan Nightclub (IC 12x)
Low Slow Squats (IC12x)
Merkin (IC 12x)
Peter Parker (IC 12x)
Plank stretches
Downward dog

Run down to the elementary school parking lot

Proceed into the Thang:
Four corner routine
Corner 1 (legs focused)
Lt Dans: squat and then two sets of standing lunges (four actual leg movements)
Monkey humpers
Around the clock lunges

Transit via bear crawl

Corner 2 (cardio focused)
Jump rope in place

Transit via crab walk

Corner 3 (upper body focused)

Transit via bear crawl

Corner 4 (core focused)
Shoulder taps

Run completely around after circuit completed end up back at cone 1, rinse/repeat.

Thang 2:
Bring Sally up/Bring Sally Down: High Plank/Low Plank routine

Run back to COT

Today was Ass Kickin’ April (AKA) turn to hit Varsity. Recommend all to take advantage of it and see the Fort’s AOs and meet other PAX.
Thoughts and Prayers:
Funhouse’s son is going on a mission trip to the DR.
Injured Pax
Safe travels to all for the spring break week

Music list:
Ramblin Gamblin Man (live) – Bob Seger
Run Like Hell (live) – Pink Floyd
Born to Run (live) – Bruce Springsteen
Sweet Home Alabama (live) – Lynyrd Skynyrd
Fire (live) – Jimi Hendrix

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8 at Varsity – Staying Dry

Why does it always have to rain on Fridays? No worries, the Badger Den has plenty of covered space. We started off with an Indian Run around the parking lot and then another lap while we took turns carrying the speakerbox. That thing isn’t light. When it was time for a handoff, we did 5 merkins. It started sprinkling. 3/4’s of the way around the lot got us to the covered walkway near the back of the school.

25 SSH to make sure we were warm.

Partner Dora – 1 pax does the exercise until the other runs to the end of the covered space and back:
100 Boxcutters
200 Moroccan Nightclubs
300 Monkey Humpers

Dark Helmet and Geronimo did a few extra because they were done before everybody else. I’m not sure who let them pair up!

Bear crawl to the end of the covered space, sprint back.

100 Merkins
200 Step-ups
300 LBCs

Big Boy Sit-ups until 5:55

At 5:55 I turned on Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping and we did 27 burpees to end the workout.

Prayers and Praises: Health, Brothers on IR, Unspoken


TClap |

Being Vulnerable is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength

P.S.A attendance is highly recommended. March 27th mark your calendars. F3 St. Louis very own Miyagi and Aerobie has brought light to a sensitive subject that’s right Suicide-mental health awareness. A subject we try and avoid talking about at all or till it’s to late. YHC will be on Q at the Panethon if you can’t make it to the west side of town Stang is on Q at Tomahawk and will also discussing the subject.

I am encouraging you to step up and share your experience. Whether it be about yourself or family member or even a friend. YHC will testify how this subject has effected my life. Please remember what we talk about in COT stays in COT it’s okay to be vulnerable. We are stronger together rather than alone.

Don’t be ashamed of your story it will inspire others. Author Unknown

“You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.”

”I hide all my scars with an I’m fine.”

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. – Juliette Lewis

The world is a better place with you in it.

Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better. – unknown

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If it was sunny and 70 it would be called JV

Trying to keep some momentum on this Gloomy Friday, so I’ll knock out the backblast the same way 7 diligent men knocked out everything I threw at them this morning.

The Thang

The rain stopped long enough for the 15 minutes we took to mosey around NAFO HS.
1st stop
Merkins x10 IC
OH claps x15 IC
Repeat x 2

2nd Stop
Alternating step ups x 30 IC
Monkey Humpers x 15 IC
Repeat x2

3rd Stop
Suicides ~10m, 20m, 30m
Reverso Suicides ~30m, 20m, 10m

Final Stop-Main Event

Teams of 3 and 4
Station 1 = Wall ball
Station 2= Double leg dot drills
Station 3=Alternating pole dodging run drills (guess you had to be there) to the end of the awning
Runner was the timer and rotated to the wall ball
Run this rotation for 15 min

Station 1 = Wall Ball OH Squats (Sumo squats for a challenge)
Station 2= Single leg dot drills
Station 3= Nur (backward run) to the end of the awning
Runner was the timer again and rotated to OH Squats.
Run this rotation for 10 min

Open body rockers x 20 OYO
Flutter kicks x 20 IC
Freddy mercury x 20 IC

Thanks for the opportunity. I haven’t been the most diligent on the weekdays lately and getting out this Friday was the kick in the pants that I’ve been needing. Thanks also to everyone who posted to Varsity. It wasn’t easy, but everyone gave it their best.

Harry Carey’s Grandmother in law leaving the homestead for assisted living.
Skate or Die’s friend who’s son’s cancer came out of remission.

Geronimo! out


TClap |


7 PAX joined YHC on this cool 30 degree morning for a tour of #NAFO.

NAFO has a large AO. We explored a good part of it.

Disclaimer – Disclaimed.

Mosey – Dynamic stretches; Karaoke left/right

COP: 45 SSH; in cadence

10 Widmills; in cadence

Mosey–> bear crawls ~25 yrds

Mosey–> 10 merkins; in cadence / Peter Parker / Parker Peter / Downward dog / Honeymooner

Mosey–> COP; hold plank while one PAX does a lap around the Round-About.

Mosey–> Lung walk to light post, bear crawl to next light post. Turn Around – Crawl Bear, broad jump back to starting point

Form 2 Teams:

~25 yard wind springs (loosing team 10 burpees / winning team: 10 flying squirrels)

~25 yard bear crawls (loosing team 10 burpees / winning team: 10 flying squirrels)

~25 yard wheel barrows; switch partners half way (loosing team 10 burpees / winning team: 10 flying squirrels)

Mosey to back of school:

Cinder-block work: 3 sets of 12 overhead press / 15 bicep curls

Mosey to chairs: 2 set of 20 box jumps / 20 dips

Mosey to COT –> ~3 min of Mary


Thank you Harry Carry for the opportunity. I love this AO!



TClap |

Sally vs. Roxanne

Nine men braved the gloom to settle the question of which challenge is better: Sally or Roxanne.

Began with a warm up:
Short mosey run
Pull ups (5 oyo)
SSH (IC 12x)
Moroccan Nightclub (IC 12x)
Windmill (IC 12x)
Peter Parker (IC 12x)
Plank stretches
Pull ups (5 oyo)
Run to the high school for the below.

Thang 1: 10 exercise routine: exercise for 32 seconds, rest/transition for 10 seconds
1. Imperial Walkers
2. Dips
3. LBCs
4. Jump Squats
5. windmills
6. American Hammers
7. Step ups
8. OH claps
9. Flutters
10. Calf raises

Thang 2: Sally Plank Routine (low plank-high plank) Song: Flower by Moby

Thang 3: Repeat above 10 exercise routine

Thang 4: Roxanne push up routine Song: Roxanne by the Police

Thang 5: Repeat 10 exercise routine

Short Mary round
Run to COT

Official poll results: Sally was preferred over Roxanne. it was close though.

Prayers/Praises: All went well for DirtyHarry’s daughter at the hospital. Kaiser for new role at work, while running own business.
Also: Prayers for all law enforcement, first responders and medical professionals.

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