Aces UP for a blockparty beat DOWN

After a quick disclaimer, we took off for the track around to park to make pit stops at each of the posts for some warmup exercises.  At each post, we started with the following exercise and then 2 burpees after each one…for a bonus.

  • SSH x25
  • Imperial and Hillbilly walkers x10
  • Moroccan night club x30
  • Squats x20, Cherry pickers x10

After warmup, we moseyed over to the playground for the Thang:

  • Merkins: 10 diamonds, 10 military, 10 regular, 10 wide arm, 10 derkins
  • Run lap around playground
  • 20 chin-ups
  • Run lap around playground
  • 50 flutters
  • Run lap around playground

Rinse and repeat…during one of the laps, we had two men down due to uneven concrete slabs during the run.  Note to self – be careful out there for the uneven terrain!

Next we found some benches for the next set of fun.

  • 40 dips
  • Run lap around playground
  • 20 step-ups (10/leg)
  • Run lap around playground

Rinse and repeat.  As time was winding down, we had time for one last circuit.  Similar to round 1, we gave this another shot with some modifications.

  • Merkins: 5 diamonds, 5 military, 5 regular, 5 wide arm, 5 derkins
  • 20 LBCs
  • 20 step-ups (10 each leg)
  • 20 LBCs
  • 50 flutters
  • 20 LBCs

Quick run back to COT to wrap up the morning for name-o-rama, announcements, prayers and praises (CSPAN style), and closed out with our prayer!  Great work men and we missed you Fire Marshall Bill…get better my friend!


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0.0 Pullups at the Coop

Lucky number 7 at the Coop for 12 pain stations and a little of this and that!  Overall it was a great group with lots of 2nd F and a little 3rd F mixed in to make it spicy!

Message:  We spent time discussing with our partners the sin we see in the world and the sin we acknowledge in our lives.  All acknowledging that we are sinners and need a savior.  The bad news being we are separated from God due to our sin but Good news that we have a redeemer.

The Thang:

Mosey around the parking lot doing a variety of shuffles, karaokes, lunge walks, etc.

COP with some SSH, Merkins, Imperial Walkers

12 pain stations some with coupons some without

Bring Sally Up break with Squats as the exercise of choice

Rinse and repeat pain station.

Lots of Praises and Prayers around the circle at COT.  Aye, it was a lot of fun with the group.  Aye!


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Two PAX were blessed with 50 degrees and a light breeze.
Start with a Mosey run in Parking lot
Side shuffles
High knees
butt kickers
Toy soldiers

To pull up bars:
Five pull ups OYO

Circle up for Warm up
SSH (IC 12x)
Windmill (IC 12x)
Imperial Walker (IC 12x)
Moroccan Nightclub (IC 12x)
Low Slow Squats (IC12x)
Merkin (IC 12x)
Peter Parker (IC 12x)
Plank stretches
Downward dog

Thang 1: Partner run / deck routine
Run forward down hill
Run backward up the hill
First PAX gets a card from the F3 workout deck (which will be the exercise)
Second PAX gets a card (which will be the count for the above exercise)

Then another short Mosey run: To a curb

Thang 2: Plank Dominoes
Plank up on the curb, PAX spaced apart
All start with left arm high
PAX #1 does 5 merkins, ends in regular plank
Continue down the line until finished
Then all right arm high and last PAX begins the 3 merkins, end in reg plank

Recovery walk to a wall

Thang 3: World’s Worst Lottery
All PAX wall sit
One PAX at a time picks a card (F3 workout deck) and does that exercise
All other PAX are still doing wall sits, waiting and critiquing
(Joker/aces would mean all PAX do 10 burpees)

Mosey run to COT area

small group, only two PAX, but we covered a lot of ground in good conversation. From the theme of the month (vulnerability), to family histories (or what we thought the history was), to the ferocity of WWII, to the Olympics, and that new Bohemian Rhapsody movie.
Honored to be part of the F3 tribe.

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Honoring Three The Honey Badger Way

Monday’s are great days for The Fort. There are a lot of great ways to start off your work week. The Honey Badger is an exception. I love what is being done there in honoring a fallen hero. If you have never been, please put it on your to-do list, get out there, and get after it.

12 men came out to hit Monday morning with all they got. As Q I was a bit anxious to try and fit in three hero workouts to honor three men who gave it all they had. After a brief disclaimer, no FNGs, then off we went. A quick mosey around most of the student parking lot with some side shuffles and butt kickers mixed in. Then back to the starting point for COP:

  • SSH x 20
  • WM x 20
  • IW x 20
  • MNC x 20

Then off to the area along the road near the USMC ROTC building’s beloved pullup bars where YHC had some cinderblocks waiting. Each men grabbed 2 and we started the first workout:

#1 the “Kevin”
In honor of PFC Kevin Ebbert, US Navy, died November 24, 2012

3 rounds of the following:
* 32 deadlifts >> Substituted 32 double count flutter w cindy press
* 32 hanging hip touches (or 32 seconds of knee up hanging)
* Running farmers carry w 2 cindies ~75yd and back
>> Afterwards during a brief rest I noted to the PAX that Kevin died only days after Thanksgiving. Don’t take anything for granted for we never know when our last day will be. Be Thankful for the blessings we have, including time.

PAX were nice enough to load the cindies back in my truck. Then mosey off to the football field, line up near the goal line for the next workout:

#2 the “Brenton”
In honor of Officer Timothy Brenton, Seattle PD (former US Army), died October 3, 2009

5 rounds of the following:
* 100ft bear crawl >> to the 40yd line ended up being 120ft
* 100ft standing broad jump return to starting point
* Every 5 jumps do 3 burpees
>> The Brenton is a popular Badger workout….to some. A brief discussion on not taking life for granted again. Brenton survived through a lot in the military, only to be gunned down in a surprise attack while sitting in his patrol car.

No change in locale for the trifecta. The football field and track is a wonderful asset to the Badger Den. We had some time left to crank out as much as possible of the third planned workout:

#3 the “Loredo”
In honor of SSgt Edwardo Loredo, US Army, died June 24, 2010

6 rounds of the following:
* 24 LSS
* 24 merkins
* 24 walking lunges
* Run 400m (one lap)

Man did everyone crank out the work!! Got after it good!!

We got back right at 6 for the COT, Announcements, P&P.

  • Read The Fort newsletter. Get involved.
  • SIGN UP FOR THE FORT CHRISTMAS PARTY!! It is THE place to BE!! Be there!
  • Convergence on Thanksgiving Thursday. Check Twittersphere for info.
  • CAH Guidance this weekend, Saturday 11/24, 4pm start. Rock Hill’s Roxanne on Q. Be there for the kids who do not have family to spend the holiday with.
  • Kids print Bandaids for Cornerstone’s initiative
  • Please donate to my Disney Marathon fundraiser for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • Praises for Straight Up’s and NASA’s 2.0’s running their first 5K and Spartan events.
  • Prayers for Punch List’s M who is VERY pregnant and getting close to due date.
  • Prayers for Lutefisk losing his Mom.
  • Prayers for injured PAX
  • Prayers unsaid
    >> My apologies if I missed others that were mentioned.

Not much said during the workout other than reminding the PAX that this is the week of the Thanksgiving holiday. Be Thankful for all the blessings we have been bestowed with by Him. Be the family that others may not be able to be with (such as the kids at CAH Guidance). Make it a memorable weekend, but remember those who are no longer with us or those who are less fortunate.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead,

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Rainy Day at the Ranch

100% chance of rain and one of the first days of this winter with temps under 40 degrees.  The weinke was designed to accommodate 12-14 PAX, but YHC was expecting 4 tops.  Cars filed in and we had 7 hardened men ready to start their day off right despite less than favorable conditions.

Standing in the rain, we went over the disclaimer and took off running toward the covered drop off circle.


  • Windmill X10
  • Merkins X20
  • SSH X30
  • Wide Arm Mountain Climbers X20
  • Power Planks X20

The Thang:

Partner up and work through the six stations with 4 minutes per station.

It was wet and cold, but the work was done.  Great work by the PAX that braved the cold November rain.

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BEYOND Badger – Passivity

Maximus offered me the opportunity to lead a BEYOND workout, and it only felt right to do it at The Badger… He told me to pick the topic and I got to work. I wanted to take it a step further since it was a BEYOND Badger… so instead of one long grueling workout, I chose a few. Makes sense, right?

My topic was Passive Leadership. Something I struggle with constantly. No matter how “great” I feel I am doing as a leader, I tend to slow down and mentally rest. I let my life lead itself and when I’m not behind the steering wheel, the wheels fall off.

Apathy/Indifference – feeling indifferent or lacking emotion
Passivity – accepting what happens without active response or resistance

Poor leadership has many faces… but passivity in my opinion is a main root of the issue.

COP (All Workouts Derived from the Exicon!)
11 of each for (Observed) Veteran’s Day
Sun Gods (Arm Circles)
Moroccan Night Clubs
Hairy Rockettes (Reverse Windmill, Toes reach up to hands)
Tappy Taps
Carolina Dry Docks
Peter Parkers
Calf Raises
Low Slow Squat

Al Gore’s in a circle while I talked.

Ephesians 5:25 – Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the church.

I made a vow at the time I proposed to my wife that I wouldn’t be the typical American male who is distant from his family and doesn’t love or support them if their needs aren’t being met. I was on fire at that point in my life, leading and loving like God designed me to do. I felt unstoppable at accomplishing a love that no man had ever felt. Then I started to get in the way…

The great part about the Honey Badger is we get to honor men who didn’t lead passively.

We finished the warm up and moseyed over to the badger den’s infamous pull up bars.

Ryan – Firefighter Hero WOD
5 Rds
7 Muscle UPS or Pull UPS/DIPS
21 Burpees

LBC’s while we waited for the group to finish. Gotta keep adding to the November count!

Drop down to Al Gore to keep the conversation going.

Somewhere along the way… I lost sight of my vow and decided that I wanted to pursue my own fulfillment over my wife’s. It ended up as you’d imagine. We fell away from each other while trying to conceive. I couldn’t think about her pain during the two years we tried, all I could think about was myself and how ready or not ready I was. We reached a point of pursuing fertility treatment – and by we I mean she decided and I didn’t really give any input. We were at the decision point to take hormone shots. Without consulting her or even thinking of her feelings, I backed out and decided for us to let it happen naturally. Needless to say I broke a lot of trust and I reaped the fruit of passive leadership. It was a hard fought battle to regain the trust I broke, but we made it back. All because I led apathetically.

Can you imagine how giving our all, all the time could have an impact? Would you rather be consistently good or inconsistently great?

Mosey to the track to take part in hero workout number two.

2 Rds
800 m run forward
400 m run backward

Pick up the six and run with him to the end. The guys planked while we did so.

We ran short so couldn’t do our third hero WOD, but I’m pretty sure everybody was okay with that. We moseyed back to COT for my message to come to a close.

Drop into Al Gore once more to finish the conversation.

I took the difficult time and raw relationship to heart, and was really helped by God and a few good men at my Church in MD. We conceived our daughter and that really helped bring us out of the pit. I vowed not to let our family growth become a wedge and would do my best to lead my wife through whatever comes next. That doesn’t mean I’ve been without issue. Things are constantly changing, and I have to remain in the lead for my wife and children’s sake. If I fail, their chances of failing increase exponentially. I need to keep my head up and lead in a way that will bear the right fruit for all.

Ephesians 5:33a – However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself

A few thoughts…
My life and how fast things change… my daughter will be four in five days. How did that happen? How did I blink and she get this old? Where did I fail? Where did I succeed? How does apathy/passivity cause you to miss things?

A lot of the things that take my focus away have nothing to do with my family. Work, friends, social media, keeping up with sports, golf, hobbies, drinking beer, music, news and politics. Some things take my family time away that are very productive. Church, volunteering at church, F3, working out. Some may have a positive impact on my family life but most of the time take away from my time with my family.

What’s more important?

End with LBCs x 16 IC until the clock struck 6:00.

19 PAX showed up. Welcome FNG BACONATOR!

TClap |

Tour around the Ranch

Warm up:
Moseyed over to the Middle School. During the run we did high knees, butt kickers and karaoke.

Broga for a few minutes

Then we moved over to the side of the school where we did three rounds of the following exercises.
5 Flying Squirels
bear crawl up the hill
20 LBCs
30 sec Wall Sit

Repeat 2 more times and switched out the movement up the hill to backward bear crawl and then forward crab walk.

Continued to move around the side of the school over by the football field where we ran a series of sprints (50%, 50%, 75%, 75%, 95%)

Then moved over to the playground on the backside of the elementary school
Split the pax up into 3 groups for 5 rounds

Group 1 – Pull ups
Group 2 – Swerkin Crunch – merkin and crunch on a swing
Group 3 – Run loop

Groups would start at 1 worked up to 5 adding one for each round of exercises for stations 1 and 2 and then run loop. Pax were told to stay with your group to encourage each other and to help those who may have needed the extra encouragement.

Got back to COT in time for the Airborne Specials (hip exercises)

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1+1=Terrible Downpainment

19 Pax descended on Block Party including 3 for Pathfinder for an old school beatdown by YHC and Mash. Little did YHC know when I suggested to Mash that he co-Q with me that it would be his 50th Birthday at Block Party #Respect.

Mash and I have been friends for many years and I already had tons of respect for him. He is a good Christian, Husband and Father coupled with being a military veteran. Our children are the same age so we have lots in common. More importantly, he has demonstrated being a true #HIM since joining the Fort several years ago.

The Thang

Full Disclaimer

Mash on Q – Mosey out

COP – lots of chatter here…I may have been contributing


Moroccan Night Clubs


Merkins x 15 (YEAH!)

Mosey to gravel lot and partner up

Dora 1,2,3

100 Merkins

200 Flutters

300 SSHs

Pusher on Q – Mosey to hill

Bear crawl up hill – #turrible

Dirty McDeuce powered by Halloween Candy

Side Note: Avg American eats 3.4 pounds of candy on Halloween; Candy has calories (duh!); 1 minute of Burpees equals approximately 10 calories;

All exercises IC x 12; Calories are based on “Fun Size” portions

Starburst (40 cals) – Squats

Skittles (63 cals) – LBCs

M&Ms (73 cals) – Wide Arm

Take a lap

Kit Kat (70 cals) – Jumping Lunge

Snickers (80 cals) – Flutters

Twix (80 cals) – Carolina Dry Docks

Take a lap

Reeses Cup (90 cals) – Bomb Jacks

Baby Ruth ( 85 cals) – Freddy Mercury

Butterfinger ( 85 cals) – Diamond Merkins

Take a lap

York Patty ( 50 cals) – Burpees

Crunch ( 60 cals) – Rosalita

Hershey ( 63 cals) – Burpees

Mosey Home



  • Happy #Respect Birthday to Mash
  • Christmas Party on 12/1/18
  • Pre Christmas Drop In on 11/2/18 with Shady at Armor Artis
  • Be a HIM in your community…lots of examples were shared
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At Slow Burn-We Run in the Rain & We Feel No Pain!

IMG_0192Borrowing a quote from our USPS & tweeking it a bit F3 style, , “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays the Pax from the swift completion of their appointed workout. ”

Nine Pax posted on a rainy Slow Burn morning.


Mosey along in the drizzling rain accompanied by high knees, butt kickers, side shuffles to the Lowe’s awning to stay somewhat dry


12 SSH

15 Moroccan Night Clubs

12 Windmills

Plank Stretch

Downward Dog

10 Merkins

3 Burpees OYO


Partner Up / 2 Excercises / Alternate / Complete Reps / 3 Minutes

-Mtn Climbers / Squats 20x

-Bomb Jacks / Partner Plank Hand Taps 20x

-LBCs / Plank Jacks 20x


Continue to Run In The Rain & I Feel No Pain……………………..

Return back for some cover

-Merkins / Jump Rope 20x

-Lunges / American Hammer  20x

-Carolina Dry Docks / Low Slow Squat 20x

With the help of glitter ball bluetooth speaker and and the Seconds app, some legends joined us in ‘Da Gloom for the Theme of the Month, Encouragement:

Billy Joel -Pressure

Fleetwood Mac – Go Your own Way

Journey – Anyway You Want It

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

Led Zeppelin – Rock & Roll

Tom Petty – Runnin Down A Dream

Van Halen – Right Now

A “drizzling” Indian Run back to COT



Prayers & Praises

Welcome Back Bob the Builder

Shovel Flag handoff from Smithers to Hootie.

Props to Harry Carry for recommending the Seconds app & Cake Boss for the workout idea! Thanks Brothers!

Thank you Smithers for the honor of being the QIC!

TClap |

Block Party – Smoothing the Stones

Today at the Block Party I was ready to have a namesake beatdown with Cinder Blocks and all the fun of them. So the wienke was made and the plan was to utilize the blocks at Honey Badger Central or Den or the Coop or whatever they are calling NAFO these days. At 0430 I left to go get the blocks and find there are no blocks to be found. It seems the FMSD has taken our blocks away……again!!

After quick conversation with the Darkest of Helmets I had to call….Omaha…..Omaha!!! Was not too bad to change some of the exercise moves and YHC was ready to roll.

15 PAX arrived and I was excited for the turnout at WEP. Its an original AO and one of our best and so love to see the PAX still coming. We had 13 bootcamp and 3 runners for Pathfinder and at 0515 away we all went.

Mosey up the Stairway to Heaven

  • Al Gore
  • Merkins (Stealth)

Mosey along path

  • Al Gore
  • Merkins (Stealth)
  • Low Slow Squat

Mosey along path

  • Al Gore
  • Merkins (Stealth)
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Windmills

Mosey along path

  • Al Gore
  • Merkins (Stealth)
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Imperial Walkers

The Main event

List of 10 exercises, 100 reps cumulative with Partner

Partner  1 runs around Playground, Partner 2 exercise move…..working the list

  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • Lunge (50 each leg)
  • Swing Crunches
  • Pullups
  • Step ups (100 each leg)
  • Dips
  • Toe Taps
  • Derkins
  • Leg Raises

Nice work by all the PAX. FNG, Liquidate, did great and fun was had by all!!

I talked to the men about David and Goliath and when David chose 5 smooth stones there was a reason. Smooth stones would fly straight and accurate versus those with edges and odd shape. The stones were smooth from being in the water and rubbing against each other over years and smoothing each other out. We as men need each other to help us shoot straight and face our Goliath. By surrounding ourselves with PAX that want to get better and live for something bigger than ourselves, we will all get smoothed out and be able to fly straight and stay on path. Get those trusted advisers in your life and GET BETTER!

Cake Boss

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