– Not a professional, you assume all risk

 – Stretch; front fold/squat, rotate, arm stretch upward

– Mosey to field > jog to 50, sprint; repeat NOT A BREAK, GET HEART RATE UP

– Warmup; SSH, Windmill, imperial Walker

 – The seeds of discontent will yield a legacy of damaged fruit. >> WHAT FRUIT DID THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR FATHER YIELD?

 20 X’s – Everything in cadence, NO OYO

 @ End zone

– Squats, IC > toy soldier to 20

– Monkey Humpers, IC > lunges to 40

– Jumping squats, single ct. > long jumps to 40

– Calf raises 3 ways, single ct. > butt kickers to 20

– Low slow Squat, IC > duck walk to end zone

– Air squared (squat w overhead clap), IC

– Jog to 50, sprint to end zone [X’s 2]

 – A father is the defining relationship in the Shortys life. If a father is loving and warm he provides a template of success for relationships in their future. >> WHAT TYPE OF FRUIT DO WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO YIELD? NOT JUST OUR WORDS BUT OUR ACTIONS.

 – Repeat X’s 15

 – What do we as father’s have to sacrifice? i.e. jester, time, money, interests. >> FOR THOSE W OLDER KIDS, HOW ABOUT NOT LETTING THEM LEARN FROM THIER OWN FAILURES? CORNHOLE’s MESSAGE @ BLOCK PARTY

 – Repeat X’s 10

 – Repeat X’s 5


– Doing this so our kids can be free. No more virtuous act that a man can do. RETURN ON INVESTMENT. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son.”

 – Count off

– Name O’Rama

– Prayers/Praises

– Prayer


TClap |

The AKA crew Live in Concert

We’ve been blessed with some great weather this week and this morning was perfect.
Disclaimer given
Warm up
Mosey Run around the parking lot
Circle up and do:
SSH (IC 12x)
Windmill (IC 12x)
Imperial Walker (IC 12x)
Moroccan Nightclub (IC 12x)
Low Slow Squats (IC12x)
Merkin (IC 12x)
Peter Parker (IC 12x)
Plank stretches
Downward dog

Run down to the elementary school parking lot

Proceed into the Thang:
Four corner routine
Corner 1 (legs focused)
Lt Dans: squat and then two sets of standing lunges (four actual leg movements)
Monkey humpers
Around the clock lunges

Transit via bear crawl

Corner 2 (cardio focused)
Jump rope in place

Transit via crab walk

Corner 3 (upper body focused)

Transit via bear crawl

Corner 4 (core focused)
Shoulder taps

Run completely around after circuit completed end up back at cone 1, rinse/repeat.

Thang 2:
Bring Sally up/Bring Sally Down: High Plank/Low Plank routine

Run back to COT

Today was Ass Kickin’ April (AKA) turn to hit Varsity. Recommend all to take advantage of it and see the Fort’s AOs and meet other PAX.
Thoughts and Prayers:
Funhouse’s son is going on a mission trip to the DR.
Injured Pax
Safe travels to all for the spring break week

Music list:
Ramblin Gamblin Man (live) – Bob Seger
Run Like Hell (live) – Pink Floyd
Born to Run (live) – Bruce Springsteen
Sweet Home Alabama (live) – Lynyrd Skynyrd
Fire (live) – Jimi Hendrix

TClap |

Philly Inspired Psy-Ops CSPAN at the Coop

34 was the count at the coop and it was a great morning at the Coop with the temperatures near perfect and a special guest visit by Grand-Tan, CSPAN himself.  It was great to catch up with a #HIM and for his presence in the PAX.  But you can’t have  Grand-Tan return without a little engagement in the routine.  CSPAN honored us with his slightly angry, Philly version of a warm up.  The good news is that the PAX was angry at him and not me.
Prayers for Shady and his spill on the sprint back to COT and subsequent trip to the MD.  Grateful for Dirty Harry and his field ops specialty and coolness under pressure.  The highlight of the morning was watching guys step ups and do their part when another brother was in need.  That my friends is F3!
Message: Be Still
  • Where does your mind go in the stillness?
  • Regrets for the past, fears of the future, how many of us were thankful for the moment, how often do we use stillness in the moment to experience God’s voice and direction … I don’t do being still well because my mind constantly has chatter.
  • Be Still- observe the mind – become conscious to what is going on in your mind – results in your ability to be present and to own the thoughts in your mind
Warm up/ COP – CSPAN  maybe I will just summarize it at as a Nascar like (right turns though) sprints with up/downs with flutters, and more flutters and a few more flutters and then some flutters.  I think that covers it.
Mosey to band parking lot:
Suicide Sprints: 10/20/30
  • 50% sprint
  • Karaoke
  • Side shuffle
  • Full length full speed
  • Power Skips back
Rugby Sprints to the 50 and walk it back
  • SSH
  • Merkins
  • Mule Kicks
  • Flying Squirrels
Every 5 to the 50
  • Bear crawl 5 yards then 5 CCD increments sprint to the end
  • Burpee Broad jumps 5 yards then 5 merkins
Wall sits with burpees
2 minutes of MARY
Prayers for Shady’s recovery and quick return. Prayers for Bailey (CSPAN’s daughter) and the birth of their son today at 12:30. Many unspoken prayers known and unknown are put at the foot of the cross and we ask that the Lord tends to them according to his Will.
TClap |

8 at Varsity – Staying Dry

Why does it always have to rain on Fridays? No worries, the Badger Den has plenty of covered space. We started off with an Indian Run around the parking lot and then another lap while we took turns carrying the speakerbox. That thing isn’t light. When it was time for a handoff, we did 5 merkins. It started sprinkling. 3/4’s of the way around the lot got us to the covered walkway near the back of the school.

25 SSH to make sure we were warm.

Partner Dora – 1 pax does the exercise until the other runs to the end of the covered space and back:
100 Boxcutters
200 Moroccan Nightclubs
300 Monkey Humpers

Dark Helmet and Geronimo did a few extra because they were done before everybody else. I’m not sure who let them pair up!

Bear crawl to the end of the covered space, sprint back.

100 Merkins
200 Step-ups
300 LBCs

Big Boy Sit-ups until 5:55

At 5:55 I turned on Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping and we did 27 burpees to end the workout.

Prayers and Praises: Health, Brothers on IR, Unspoken


TClap |

Clovis-esq (Honey Badger cont., kind of, from Monday)

On this cold Wednesday morning in the gloom (sub 30 temp), YHC did a quick disclaimer after no FNGs were identified and took off for a quick mosey.  Circled up for some stretching and warm-up to get the blood flowing with the following: SSH (varying speeds, but mostly double and triple speed), diamond merkins, handful of burpees, low slow squats, arm and shoulder stretches, cherry pickers, more SSH at various speeds, and mountain climbers.

Had the PAX head over to the pull up bars while YHC went back for speaker and weinke.  YHC then laid out the plan for the remainder of the time – call it ~35 min….

The Thang

  • Partner up, size did not matter but accountability and pushing ability did…so good thing we’re all able to push each other and hold each other accountable – funny how that worked out
  • Each partner would do the following so no sharing or adding but here’s where the push and accountability came into effect
  • Partners would stay together and not leave each other
  • Exercises could be broken up;  meaning, do some chin ups together, then do some burpees, then go back to chin ups, etc. until the number was met by each person
  • (Music was then cranked on, which of course started with some Slim Shady…)
  • 40 – chin ups
  • 40 – hanging from bar, knees to chest
  • 40 – burpees
  • 4 – laps together around the big loop (about 1/4 mile per loop)
  • Then 30 of the above (3 laps), then 20 (2 laps), then 10 (1 lap)

Needless to say, this looked really good on paper YHC admits, but only to the running!  Note to future self is just 1 loop (maybe 2 max), but keep the rest of the exercises.  While there were some groups that made it through the 2nd round (30s), there may have been a few that got partially  into the 3rd round / 20s.  Either way, the low temps became an afterthought and with 5 min remaining, we packed up gear and headed back to COT for a couple rounds of Mary called out by the PAX where mumberchatter ensued.

All things in COT were had and we all set off for our day.  The push, partnership and accountability we had for 45 min was inspiring as YHC heard from some of you first hand how good it was to “feel the burn” from the workout.  This didn’t necessarily come from YHC and the workout, but the push you gave each other.  And looking back to the running portion, not such a terrible idea b/c YHC did give you a “cool down” period and a chance to do some 2nd F with your partner – so you’re welcome!  HAHAHA…maybe the PAX just didn’t need so long of a cool down.

Always a pleasure to take the reigns to write the workout and look back in the backblast write-up, but always exciting to see how it shakes out once the 45 min bell rings!  Until next time…

And as a last add, this workout was inspired from #DOAH and his Honey Badger service member “Clovis” from the HB hero book.  While we didn’t get to do the Clovis workout on Monday, this workout, although modified slightly, was also a tribute to Clovis.


TClap |

The Coop Shovel Flag Hand Off

It was a crisp February morn… crisp enough to wear short sleeves, in fact. A change was in our midst and you could feel it coming in the air as Phil Collins would say.

Three weird-O’s (NASA, Dirty Harry, and YHC) showed up at approximately 4:10-4:13 to pre ruck four miles. Wegmans joined in somewhere along the way to get his daily mileage in, and then peeled off to get the field ready for his Weinke.

As Wegmans prepped, we finished our rounds and met up with other PAX around the shovel flag, which would soon be in my possession. Sixteen was the count.

Wegmans called the time, disclaimed the disclaimer, and then took us to the field.

We moseyed, we circled up, and we wind milled. Three times, in fact. Just enough to get Ginsu going about his affection for this specific movement. I cannot recall the other warm up exercises, but they were all counted to prime numbers in true Weginator fashion.

It was at this moment that I realized I had to utilize the best part of the AO. The toilet. I truly understand why NaFo is the #bestAO now.

Wegmans counted us off by 1’s and 2’s as I ran for the facilities. I took my break and found there was a 100 yard race of burpee/tire flips (one at a time), and my team has lost. This meant we did 10 Burpees while the other team did monkey humpers in our direction. We had a second chance, and we just about prevailed until shenanigans took place. Wegmans punished all of us with Burpees. That was fair.

Then he handed it off to the new site Q. I had some plans as well…

Football Field Circuit

Partner Workout

Each Partner Wheel Barrows every other 10 yards, both partners complete workouts equal to yard marker on the field that you land. Start at one end zone and work toward the other.

Endzone – Burpee Broad Jumps x 7
10 – Donkey Kicks
20 – Hand Release Merkins
30 – Jump Lunges (each leg)
40 – Air Squats
50 – LBCs
40 – Air Squats
30 – Jump Lunges (each leg)
20 – Hand Release Merkins
10 – Donkey Kicks
Endzone – Burpee Broad Jumps x 7

Gotta go back across the field.

All Together
Bear Crawls every 25 yards, stop for a workout
25 Yards
15 Bomb Jacks
25 Yards
15 Jump Squats
25 Yards
15 Bomb Jacks
25 Yards
15 Jump Squats

Props to Shield for kicking this weinke’s tail on his second post.

End with some Jack Webbs to burn the shoulders – made it to 5 Push Ups & 20 Claps.

Headed back to COT to do some quick Mary.

Ended with a shovel flag hand off. Looking forward to Site Q’ing the Coop for the foreseeable future. Hopefully I can keep the same momentum that Wegmans had working. Thanks to Wegmans for what he’s done with this AO. A true HIM.

Due to my slacking and not submitting this backblast immediately… I’ve lost track of the prayer requests. Please forgive me for that.

Some @HeardatF3 Mumblechatter…

Dark Helmet: “I wonder how this split Q is going to be?”

Wegmans: “Well I’ve already seen PL’s Weinke… so…”

Punch List Out.

TClap |

“Brick” Walls of Terror at Block Party

8 at Block Party for a balmy morning with some lively mumble chatter.


Read the monthly theme to engage in the discussion.


Warm up – Mosey to Anne Springs parking lot for some Rugby Sprints with SSH, Merkins, Goof Balls and Mountain Climbers
The thang – Dora-like with partner on the high wall
– 50 Wall climbs
– 20 Handstands
– 50 Spider-Man’s
Mosey to courtyard x3 increasing by 5 each time
  • 5/10/15 – step ups
  • 10/15/20 – derkins
  • 15/20/25 – dips
Cool Down by going back to the wall for some sits with arm flutters, then morrocan night clubs and finally overhead claps
Return to WEP for some MARY
Pleasure to lead
TClap |

Sally vs. Roxanne

Nine men braved the gloom to settle the question of which challenge is better: Sally or Roxanne.

Began with a warm up:
Short mosey run
Pull ups (5 oyo)
SSH (IC 12x)
Moroccan Nightclub (IC 12x)
Windmill (IC 12x)
Peter Parker (IC 12x)
Plank stretches
Pull ups (5 oyo)
Run to the high school for the below.

Thang 1: 10 exercise routine: exercise for 32 seconds, rest/transition for 10 seconds
1. Imperial Walkers
2. Dips
3. LBCs
4. Jump Squats
5. windmills
6. American Hammers
7. Step ups
8. OH claps
9. Flutters
10. Calf raises

Thang 2: Sally Plank Routine (low plank-high plank) Song: Flower by Moby

Thang 3: Repeat above 10 exercise routine

Thang 4: Roxanne push up routine Song: Roxanne by the Police

Thang 5: Repeat 10 exercise routine

Short Mary round
Run to COT

Official poll results: Sally was preferred over Roxanne. it was close though.

Prayers/Praises: All went well for DirtyHarry’s daughter at the hospital. Kaiser for new role at work, while running own business.
Also: Prayers for all law enforcement, first responders and medical professionals.

TClap |

Oh that smell!

It was great to see so many PAX pulling into the Ranch on a cold morning. Even Dark Helmet arrived earlier than normal, he beat Bonsai, Fire Marshall Bill and Fratboy! T-Claps to my good ol’ pal Champagne for coming down from Area-51 and posting in The Fort region.  We eventually ended up with 19 PAX (16 BC and 3 ruckers who met at COT).

We moseyed to the service road to the Elementary School/Middle School cafeteria side of the schools. From the soccer fields we  did toy soldiers to the first street light. We then did soccer leg swings to the next street light, which during that time encountered a sweet smell of SH!T running through the storm drain (or from the horse ranch next door – but most likely a busted sewer pipe). I should have made the PAX bear crawl in order to enjoy that fresh morning smell, even though we can’t figure out why Dark Helmet didn’t smell anything….

We then duck walked to the parking lot next to the playground. We lunged walked along one side of the parking lot, reversed lunged to other side. Circled up for COP with a various count of Squats, hilly billy walkers, windmills, side straddle hops, and Moroccan nightclubs.

Split the PAX into 2 groups.

Group 1 went to the playground for a round of 11’s of pull-ups (YES!!) and merkins

Group 2 did round of 22’s of squats and CCD – somehow this group didn’t listen and did 22 reps of each and said they were done…no, its 20 squats, 2 CCD, 18 squats, 4 CCD, you get the idea.

Groups then flapjacked.

Final round was 22’s of leg lifts (holding onto the fence) and big boy sit ups. Mumble chatter definitely increased!

Time flew by too fast!!

Moseyed back to COT, on way back merged with the 4 ruckers.

Read newsletter for announcements. Key announcements are Q Source every Saturday and you don’t have to past at the AO to post at Q Source. Joe Davis Run and Yeti coming up soon.

Prayers: Wegmans and his mission trip to Peru (he’s looking for donations of lightly used workout gear), Bonsai’s friend who has got himself into trouble, and Trucker with some potential career and life decisions. Ever since F3 started the Word of the Year I was ignorant and selfish for not participating. I felt that it was corny and said to myself i didn’t; have time for this. and that it wouldn’t do me any good. Well, after seeing how 2018 impacted me I realized that finding your word for the year and living it out isn’t corny. Thanks to Bonsai for mentioning something he saw relating to a sign defining JOY as: Jesus, Others, Yourself; I realized that i have been stuck in the YOJ mode way too long. This year I need to be held accountable to reverse it and make JOY out of life, focus on JOY and change my habits. I would ask that everyone find a word for the year and begin to focus on being a better #HIM.

10-4 Trucker

TClap |

Heavy Hors D’oeuvres at Block Party

Today, we enjoyed a variable palate of play sand, peat gravel, and dirt. Luckily it rained around 0400, making it not “too dry” of an offering. I rolled up around 0445 to check site conditions, and had my back up plan ready in case it was too moist. Cars started rolling in around 0505. 


Meet up to start


Mosey halfway around park and Back

Stop at .10 & .20 Mile Intervals to Warm Up

Each Stop = Warm Up Exercise (s)

Mosey to 

7 x Merkins

Pause for walker!

3 x Merkins

Mosey to next .10

11 x SSH

10 x Windmills

10 x Deep Squats + Yogi Squat

Mosey Back to Parking Lot

Quick Yoga Sun Salutation/Side Plank both sides


Partner Up 

This is when I turned to my truck bed, filled with a delicious offering of pain. 

Grab some heavy hors d’oeuvres and mosey to the lower Pike Parking Lot. Halfway(ish) we swap coupons with partner. 


Circuit Down in the Parking Lot – Flap Jack the following:

Partner 1 Runs up the grass hill and back, partner 2 works out with coupon. Flapjack.




Bent Over Rows


Every round, shift to sandbag to the left of you so everyone enjoys the varying weights (40-60).

After we finish in the lower parking lot, we mosey to the base of the hill.

Partner Farmer Carry sandbags to upper Pike Parking Lot

Line up on end of the parking lot:

Partner 1 lunges with coupon on shoulders across lot, partner 2 does 10 merkins, runs to partner 1 and flapjack. Do to the end of the lot. Switch sandbags. 

Line up on this side of the lot.

P1 holding sandbag does manmaker burpees while P2 runs to far end of lot and back. Flapjack. Do two rounds. 

Mosey back to COT. Halfway there, partner 2 takes the bag from partner 1. 

Everyone grabs a coupon! Flutters to the end. 





YETI Happening 2/23

Joe Davis Run for Recovery – 3/9 – Prices go up 2/1

Q Source this week: Lizards, Bull Frogs, and Leeches 

If you aren’t doing Q Source as the group, it is still worth reading. I was pushed by Pusher to do so, and I think I will. 



C-Span was next-door to the active shooter at the UPS store in Philly yesterday. Pray for his (and concentrica) continued safety and readiness at all times. 

Prayers for my brother-in-law and his current dive down deep into “end of times” theories. His marriage, relationships, and work are all suffering. Pray that he keeps his eyes focused on Jesus first and foremost. 


After we prayed we discussed our words for the year. I heard a few in passing, but wanted to remind all to keep your focus on your word and let those close to you know it and hold you accountable to it. 

Mine is Activate. I am not the leader I want to be, and I have for too long sat passively and let things happen as they happen. This is the year I activate the leadership within me that I know has always been there. 

Block Party was a mainstay of mine this past summer, and I’m excited I finally was asked to Q. Thanks for the opportunity, Shady. I appreciate you asking me to step up. Everyone kept saying how quickly the 45 minutes went. I agree and I was happy we were able to keep it moving quickly! Great work by all men who showed up. 

Punch List Out.

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