No Rain At The Ballroom

I awoke to the sound of raindrops outside my window and mumbled a bit and got after it and I’m thankful eight other brothers decided to do the same.

This morning was pretty simple but it resulted in a bit of complaining, but I won’t talk about Destiny yet.

After your typical COP we ran a double circuit as follows:

Circuit 1 – 10 bombjacks in the middle, 10 merkins at one end and 10 squats at the other end of the parking lot.  Repeat until you’ve completed ten sets.

Circuit 2 – 10 SSH’s instead of bombjacks but otherwise the same thang.

We completed those two circuits and made our way to the wall for some people’s chair and arm raises.  There was much rejoicing.

We stretched a little, worked our core a bit and then it was time!

Thanks Short Sale for the opportunity to lead at The Ballroom for the first time.   I think the rain scared away people but it didn’t even rain at all the whole time we worked.

Destiny mentioned a 5k coming up and there were a few other announcements.  Shout out what I forgot.

Strong work brothers.  Have a great week.

DT out.

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