Steal the flag, pop the balloon

It started with bacon.

Well, really it started with Cha Ching’s Q last week, where fifth grade games were the theme of the day. In planning the weinke for today, YHC decided to stick with this theme, and the first game to come to mind was “Steal the Bacon.” So, six PAX posted in the gloom of Crow’s Nest for YHC’s take on an old favorite (that apparently nobody has heard of).

Disclaimer was given, and off we went on a mosey to one of the side drop-off lots for a quick warmup including knees-to-chest, quad stretches, side shuffles, karaokes, and toy soldiers. We also did a handful of side-straddle hops, low slow squats, windmills, merkins, downward dogs, and a honeymooner (just one…though, just one honeymooner sounds like a bad honeymoon).

Mosey back around to the front for


Five pink balloons, each with a card with an exercise tucked inside, were taped to cones at one end of a 50-yard stretch of road. PAX were divided into two teams and given the basic rules.

  • Complete the buy-in exercise, then go to far cone and back according to prescribed movement
  • Depending on round, assigned team member of winning team would pop balloon to determine group exercise.
  • Losing team on a given round would do five burpees before all PAX complete group exercise.
  • Rinse and repeat for all five balloons.

To add to the fun, every PAX was given a strip of fabric (cut up tee shirt) to serve as a flag/tail tucked into the back of his waistband. In addition to everything else, PAX were to protect their flag. If they lose it to another PAX, they were to immediately complete five burpees. They would then re-insert the flag and continue on. There was no limit to the number of times a PAX could lose his flag.

Round 1:

50 merkins, followed by a run down and back. First PAX back popped the balloon. Card exercise: 100 plank jacks.

Round 2:

40 monkey humpers followed by sneak gorilla down and back. Second PAX back popped the balloon. Card exercise: 30 breakdancer merkins.

Round 3:

30 CDD followed by bear crawl down and back. Third PAX (protect the six!) popped the balloon. Card exercise: 50 30 leg-cross squat turns. These apparently take some coordination. Who knew?

Round 4:

40 crab cakes followed by crab walk down and back. Third PAX back popped the balloon. We ended up popping both remaining balloons and choosing 50 hillbilly squat walkers as the final exercise (as opposed to 50 donkey kicks).

The flag football approach added a fun dynamic to the workout, leading to a killer workout that engaged the brain as well. The final round took a long time, as strategy played heavily into the completion of the crab walks. This actually turned out a lot better than anticipated. Look forward to bringing this one back around again.


  • PAINtheon on Wednesday
  • Hog and Coyote on Saturday
  • Sweati in July

Prayers and Praises

  • QBert and family back to the beach after the workout
  • Cha Ching and family and life with new baby

It was a hike to get to the AO, but man it was fun. Grateful for the chance to lead.


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