30 of Everything

18 at the Abyss for some 30th birthday themed fun.


30 Moroccan Night Clubs
30 Peter Parker’s
30 Imperial Walkers

The Thang

Counted off to form groups of 3, each got a CB

Each pax:
Pull ups x 30
Push Press x 30
Plank for 6

Circled up for 30 body builder burpees in cadence (crowd pleaser) followed by a couple 10 counts

Swings x 30
Step ups x 30
BBS for 6

Squats x 30
Wide armed Merkins x 30
Diamond Merkins x 30
Farmers Walk to end of track and back
Crab Cakes/flutters/lbcs for 6

No time for Jack Webs… oh well.

Read your newsletter.

Welcomed FNG Mudslide (works in corrosion prevention)

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Games at The Deep

So this was my 3rd Q of the week and I was seriously running out of ideas. Also I was exhausted and wanted to have a little fun with the Pax, so I channeled my inner Mainframe and planned some games for the Pax.

We stared with a disclaimer and an note that this was a fun Q and to just have fun with it. Then we did a quick warm up of windmills and weed pullers before we started the games.

The idea was we would have three attempts at each activity which would determine the exercise, the rep count and the mode of transportation to the next event depending on a make or miss. The exercises for makes varied (merkins, SSH, jump squats) but misses were always burpees (We did a lot of burpees) The rep counts varied depending on the make or miss or miss from 10 to 20. Mode of transport was always running for a make but always bad for a miss (bear crawls, lunges..)

Below were the events:

Baseball – Pax had 3 chances to hit the ball to the fence off the tee. I would say this was one of our more successful events

Basketball – Pax had 3 chances to make a free throw. We will not be starting a F3 Lake Wylie basketball team any time soon. 

Soccer – Pax had 3 chances to soccer a goal from the center line. This was more difficult then I originally thought. 

Football – Pax had 3 chances to make a field goals from about 10 yards. Was impressed by the Pax ability to make these kicks. 

Baseball – Pax had 3 chances to throw the baseball at the school and hit a 5×5 square I had drawn from about 20 feet. Talk to DaVinci about this….

Basketball – Pax had 3 chances to hit a 3-pointer. See comment above.

Golf – Pax had 3 chances to chip a ball into the GaGa pit from 50 yards. YIKES.

Football – Pax had 3 chances to throw a 40-yard pass to another Pax (had to catch it for it to count) WATCH OUT FOR THE CURB….

Archery – Pax had 3 chances to hit a target with a bow from about 10 yards. Shout  out to Grizzly and Yoda on there archery skills. 

Cornhole – Pax had 3 chances to land a bag on the board from about 15 feet. We need to practice this more at happy hour. 

All in all this was a fun Q and the Pax gave it all they had. But we should stick to running a merkins.

Thanks to Shakespeare for the opportunity to lead.

Until next time, back to the hunt…


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Cannonball for One and All

Eleven of the roughest and toughest PAX joined YHC for my 12th Q of the year at Cannonball.  Here is how it went down:

At 5:16 AM as I waited for Whitesnake to limp his way to the group, disclaimer was given and a short mosey around the parking lot was commenced.  (Whitesake and his bum ankle did LBCs while we moseyed).


  • Imperial Walker – 15 IC
  • WindMill – 10 IC
  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Balance Merkins – 10
  • Moroccan night clubs – 10 IC forward, 10 IC reverse 🙂
  • 10 LLS, IC

The Thang Part I

We counted off by 4 for the 4 station kettlebell work out:

Station 1:

  • KB Swings – 20
  • Single arm row – 20
  • Goblet squat – 20
  • Take a lap and go to station 2

Station 2:

  • Curls – 20
  • Single arm floor press, 10 per arm
  • Tricep Extensions – 20
  • Take a lap to station 3

Station 3

  • Single arm snatch – 10 each arm
  • American Hammer – 20 single count
  • Tiny Tim deadlift (75lb bell) – 15
  • Take a lap to station 4

Station 4

  • KB Turkish get ups-5 each arm
  • Big boy situps – 20
  • Stationary reverse lunge -10 per leg
  • Rinse and repeat once

The Thang Part II

Balls to wall while guys on the ends did 3 burpees


Announcements: Savage race 5/18, Kids workout at the Deep on 5/25;

Prayers for Enrique, injured PAX, Thanksgiving.

Like you all, I get some much more out of this than I put in and I am grateful beyond words.


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Who knew monkeys could vacuum?

Bermuda Triangle – May 3, 2019

Radar (Q)
Two Ferns
Chop Block
Captain Jack
Olaf (Respect)
Iced T

Warm Up:
11 PAX gathered at The Bermuda Triangle for a Q led by Radar. I wanted to make sure I delivered a challenging workout – keep the heart rate up with some running and challenging exercises.


Two laps around the track and then head to the soccer field for warm up.

Seal Jacks x 25 (IC)
Hillbillies x 10 (IC)
Windmill x 10 (IC)
Produce Picker x 10 (IC)
MNC x 20 (IC)
Peter Parker x 15 (IC)
Parker Peter x 15 (IC)

Routine 1:
We started off with doing some Lindsays aka Forties. Each pax started with 30 merkins sprinted to the other end and performed 10 plank jacks and sprinted back, then subtracted five from the first exercise added five to the second exercise. (i.e. 25 merkins/15 plank jacks)

Routine 2:
After the pax finished we lunged walk back to the end where we partnered up and did vacuum cleaners. Partner one in wheelbarrow position performed five derkins and then wheelbarrowed to the second line. We did this five times or to five lines and then did a reverse wheelbarrow to each line for one rep. After partner one performed the exercise, partner two took his turn.

Since we all had a great time with the vacuum cleaners. I thought what better way to bond than with some howling monkeys. In a circle, the pax grabbed their ankles and the first person does ten monkey humpers followed by the next person and so on. We did two rounds.

Routine 3:
Next we took a fellowship mosey to the picnic tables where we did 50 dips, 25 box jumps, 50 incline merkins and 25 Rocky Balboa’s.

Before ending the workout we had a few minutes of Mary.

  1. Makhtar N’Diayes
  2. Big Boy Sit Ups
  3. Dying Cockroaches
  4. Slow Slow Squat
  5. Crunchy Frog


Prayer requests: We had quite a few today and we lifted them up in prayer.

Announcements: Go Ruck Challenge Send Off, F3 Father’s Day, Pancake Breakfast at New River Church (5/4)

Thanks for the opportunity!

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10/20/30 at Cannonball (Back to the Basics)

12 PAX appeared in the gloom. We got the Kettlebells out and No FNGs present, but a lot of new faces in the gloom. Gave a basic disclaimer as we moseyed around the parking lot and through the dark tunnel and into the old Church Parking lot were Whitesnake took control of the COP. He has a VQ coming up so I hit him up yesterday and asked him if he wanted to lead us in the COP and he said “heck yah” . He was prepared, he later told me that he watched a Video online of Dredd showing how to lead a COP. Whitesnake killed it with some Imperial Walkers, Produce Pickers, Sun Gods both ways, MNC’s and then some fast paced until we slowed him down Wind Mills (something we all get a little fast on when we do them for the first time). I remember Jedi stopping me and setting me straight. I then went into the middle of the COP and had everyone hold an Al Gore and I briefly talked about all the new faces and that when leading up to the VQ’s remember you are the one in charge and to take lead and men will follow you. Also keep in mind that it is only exercise and not surgery so it is ok if you mess up.

We then moseyed over toward the New Parking lot and on the way we did some Toy Solders. Picked up our Kettle Bells and did the Following

10/20/30 (3 reps)
Big Boys with a Kettlebell raise and push over the head to the knees
Tricep Ext.
Lawn mowers (15 each arm)
Then take a lap with the Bell

10/20/30 (3 reps)
Kettlebell squat thrusters
American Hammers counting the right side only
Skull Crushers
Then take a short bear crawl lap with the Bell to the first cone and back

10/20/30 (3 reps)
Turkish Get ups 5 each side (not a popular one just ask Whitesnake and the Pax with the Ruck on
KB Swings
Shoulder Presses 15 each arm
Then take a lunge lap around the second cone with the Bell

Ended right on time with cheers that the Turkish Getups were done.

Announcements as usual Canoli Run, Savage Race, Heavy Coming up, New River Men’s Breakfast, F# Dads May 25th, Memorial Day Convergence, Read your news letter.

Prayers and Praises, O’Reilly had a friend end his life recently, Roger (Riverboat) and his battle with cancer, Traveling Pax and sick Pax.

Thanks to all that came and got better. I am glad to be out there with each of you . You make me stronger. Kudos to Whitesnake for leading the COP.

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Friend or Faux – April BEYOND

For those newer PAX who aren’t familiar with it, BEYOND is a roving AO started by Maximus last year that is designed to push us beyond, both physically and personally. The workouts are supposed to be tough, and the message is supposed to be challenging. Combining the two is what makes this workout unlike the others.

After a brief hiatus to restructure it a bit, BEYOND made its return this morning with YHC on Q. It was humbling to be asked to kick it off, and definitely challenging to prepare. I tend to be good at putting together difficult workouts, but I usually don’t attach a message, as I do so much “messaging” for my job. But I accepted the challenge, struggled through preparing, and hoped that maybe a few PAX would make the effort to post.

To my surprise, 13 PAX joined YHC at Rivergate on a Thursday at 0500 (yep, not a normal day to be at Rivergate or a normal time to start). These men came ready to push it, so a disclaimer was given with a reminder that this is going to be harder than normal, so try not to modify. Dig deep and get it done; you didn’t come for it to be easy.

Following the disclaimer we took off on a fast mosey (avoiding a cement truck!) around Home Depot to Target for the warmup and message intro (content of message will be below).

Warm Up (such as it is)

  • 50 (NOT low-slow) squats in cadence (don’t know the best way to actually list the numbers here, so I’m doing total count, not cadence count, which would have been 25, if that makes sense…)
  • 50 merkins in cadence
  • 100 SSH in cadence

RUN to parking lot in front of Pier 1. Time Hack: 4 minutes.

All PAX arrived with about 30 seconds to spare. Circle up in plank – aka, forward listening position – for next part of message (see below). Next round of workout:

  • 50 jumping lunges in cadence (25/leg)
  • 50 diamond merkins in cadence
  • 100 high knees, single count

RUN to Just Fresh parking lot. Time Hack: 4 minutes.

All PAX arrived with about 30 seconds to spare. Circle up in plank for next part of message (see below). Next round of workout:

  • 25 triple-pulsing sumo squat jumps in cadence (“20 would have been fine”)
  • 50 pseudo planche merkins (request for exicon name change to “flippin’ merkins”)
  • 50 bomb jacks

RUN out to 49, down to 160, and around CVS to parking lot by Friday’s. Time Hack: 5 minutes.

All PAX arrived with no time to spare. Close to the burpee penalty. But alas… Message given in plank then next part of workout:

  • 30 triple-pulsing lunge jumps in cadence (“that’s more than 25”; “do you want to walk in circles forever?”)
  • 50 breakdancer merkins in cadence
  • 50 tuck jumps

RUN to the (no longer) dead end road in front of Home Depot. Time Hack: 5 minutes.

Bones led the PAX on a creative route that cut out roughly .2 miles, so all PAX arrived with a minute to spare. Message given then last round of exercises:

  • 50 squat jumps in cadence
  • 5 slo-mo merkins (request to call them “ferkins” for “f@$%(* merkins”)
  • 20 run lunge high knee skips

RUN to COT. Time Hack: (a very generous) 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

All PAX arrived with time to spare. End in plank for the final thoughts before recovering at 0600 on the dot.

Standard COT with all the bells and whistles.

Message content:

We have been talking a lot lately about being vulnerable and open about our lives and the struggles we face. There was a big push in March when we discussed Mental Health Awareness, and we’ve continued to encourage this among the PAX. And that’s great, and it should continue to be encouraged. But, as we pursue this, we need to be aware of what we are actually asking of people and consider if we – as individuals and as a group – are ready to actually take on what we are asking.

In our culture today – American culture, US Christian culture (for many of us), and F3 culture as well – we have placed a high value on being authentic, which is really what we are wanting when we want people to be vulnerable. We want them to be authentic. To be “real.” A lot of this comes from seeing so many prominent leaders crash and burn after some secret part of their life comes to light, usually in very embarrassing ways. We don’t want to be taken in or lied to, so we promote authenticity. But this heavy emphasis has led to a sort of initiation rite within our various groups. “I want to trust you, but only if you’re willing to be open and honest with me.”

So we try it. And somebody shares something like, “I really struggle with playing too many video games” (totally a made up example, so I’m not calling people out). I for one would not be able to relate with that person very well; if I’m honest with myself, I don’t see that as a big issue (though it definitely can be for the person dealing with it). Or it goes the other way, and in a spirit of authenticity, somebody shares something “big,” like an ongoing struggle with same-sex attraction. How would that be received in an all-male group such as F3? Now we are all uncomfortable. That’s too big or too weird of a struggle for us to relate with. It’s easy for us to relate with each other on marital struggles, or alcohol, or gambling. Or a big one in men’s groups would be porn. We can relate on these issues. But something big? Nope.

So, now we have limits. We have a scope of “acceptable” struggles. It has to be big enough that it doesn’t look like we are hiding something, but it can’t be so big that it’s intimidating or awkward to those in the group. And this inevitably leads to a couple big issues.

First, we have made certain struggles acceptable. We EXPECT you to struggle with something like porn, and if you don’t, you’re lying. You’re not being honest with yourself or others. So now we are essentially requiring this struggle as a rite of passage, but it also holds us back, because now you aren’t allowed to actually get past this struggle. You may improve a bit, but in order to be “real,” you need to continue to struggle with it, because if you somehow manage to get past it, then you’re untouchable or unrealistic. How can I relate with you now that you’re not struggling with what I’m struggling with? I need you to struggle so that I can feel better. So we hold each other back.

But, this scope of “acceptable struggles” also encourages a “faux authenticity,” a fake honesty where somebody either says they struggle with something they don’t struggle with in order to fit in, or they under-share, holding back the big struggles so they don’t overwhelm the group or get shunned. You come across as being authentic, because you shared a real (or, realistic) struggle that we can relate with, but in reality your struggles are completely different and you’re just struggling silently in a crowd. And we don’t take the initiative to ask questions or press deeper, because your struggle fits our expected framework. So we build this community essentially based entirely at the surface level, where we think we know each other, but we’re all withholding something, all the while seeming authentic and vulnerable.

So what do we do with this? Because I don’t think I’m alone in seeing this and living this out.

Are we actually ready to embrace real authenticity? Are we ready to meet people where they are – where they REALLY are – whether the struggles seem small or huge? And then, are we ready to walk with them out of these struggles and into victory, rather than holding them back so we can feel better about our own struggles? Are we ready to ask the hard questions, and have those questions asked of us?

Because I know that there are men in our group who are dealing with some awful stuff. And we say we want them to be vulnerable and share. But do we really want that? And are we ready to love them and embrace them and carry them when they do?

For those struggling right now, this is not a call for you to start having verbal diarrhea all over COT. That might be your thing, and I guess that’s fine if it is. But for most of you – most of us – it’s a call to start small. Find a guy or a group of guys – a shield lock – with whom you build mutual trust and can share openly and love freely. This is admittedly hard, especially if you’ve been burned in the past. But it is also freeing, especially when you realize that your struggle – that struggle you’ve carried with you for years and years – is not who you are. And there are people around you who will love you even if they know your junk, because your junk is not YOU.

We talk about leaving no man where we find him, but are we ready to really embrace this and walk with each other through the junk? Are we ready to BE authentic and also allow others to be as well? To foster true authenticity rather than force faux authenticity?

Imagine the impact this can have on our group – on our community as a whole – if we have small groups of men how are truly open with each other and walking with each other out of our struggles. It’s a big task, but it’s worth pursuing.

Are you ready?

Thanks to WitchHunt for the opportunity to lead and the encouragement to push the PAX physically and personally. This was a huge growing opportunity for me as I prepared, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to think through all of this. I hope some of you out there can get something out of this as well.


TClap |

Ladders everywhere at Crows Nest

I’m very ready to be done with the cold.  Another day below 50 degrees, but we warmed up pretty fast.  At 5:15 we had 7 guys ready to start their week right. Disclaimer and GO!

Dynamic warm-up going behind the school

High Knees –  Butt kickers – Side shuffles  –>

I heard one of the PAX behind me say, “watch…next will be Toy Soldiers…”

Sounds like I’m being too predictable!  But I like toy soldiers, so we did them anyway…


SSHs – Abe Vagotas – Daisy Pickers – CDDs – Merkins – Mountain Climbers – Broga – Crunchy frogs

Headed over to the loading dock, one of my favorite spaces at the Crows Nest.  If you haven’t been here, this AO has so many options, you can do almost anything! A Giant Hill, playground pull ups, rocks for weights, the loading dock…

Today would be filled with Ladders…

Ladder 1 = 10 down 1 up

11s with Derkins & Crunchy Frogs

10 derkins on the curb run to the loading dock overhang, jump up and do 1 crunchy frog

Ladder 2  = 10 up 1 down

Ran over to the brick “round table”

10 Step Ups each leg –> 1 Big boy sit up

Apache 10 count from Speed Handle (thanks for sharing)

Ladder 3 = 6 up 1 down

Over to the playground

6 pull ups –> 1 Deep Squat

Next was a new one for me Indian Merkin Bear Crawl?

Line up in plank head to toe

Last PAX bear crawl to the front while rest of the line does merkins

We made it two rotations before we almost crashed to our faces… my arms definitely did not want to work on the 2nd bear crawl!

Apache 10 count from Whitesnake (thanks for sharing)

Mosey to COT at the front of the school.  6am sharp!


Savage Race 5/18  Cannoli Run same day, lots of other great things


For Flux’s son Evan as he gets some testing down today.  Safe Travels. Celebration of Jesus and his resurrection! The Baptism of Two Ferns Sunday and his son Hound!

An Honor to Lead



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Of Dice and Men

6 men decided they liked the cold steel of a kettlebell more than the comfort of a fartsack. Disclaimer was disclaimed, and we were off for a mosey.


sun gods, produce pickers, mountain climbers, some static stretching, downward dog, honeymooner… If you are actually reading the warmup portion of this backblast Tweet @toddbrodie2 a money emoji. He’ll give you $5 next time he sees you.


Farmer Carries

Partner up. P1 takes two KBs and farmer carries them the length of the parking lot and back (about 200 yards round trip). P2 AMARAPs the static exercise for the round while waiting. Flapjack. When both partners are done they do the partner exercise together. Then rinse repeat for each round.

1.       Static:  Merkins, Partner: 20 goblet curls (SC)

2.       Static: Boxcutters, Partner: 20 KB American Hammers (DC)

3.       Static: Bombjacks, Partner: 20 KB Partner Twists (DC)


Dice’n in the Dark

YHC’s cushy foam die made the trip to Cannonball this morning. PAX take turns rolling the die to determine the exercise. Reps are determined by the round: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 though we did not make it nearly that far. Between rolls run to the top of the hill and back (without KB) and do an increasing number of KB swings (+1 per round). The die values were:

1 = Flutters w/ Press (DC)

2 = Goblet Curls

3 = KB Calf Raises

4 = Tricep Extensions

5 = Monkey Humpers

6 = Bent Over Rows

Great to be out in the gloom this AM. Both the mumble chatter and the sweat were flowing richly. Shout out to Two Ferns for the opportunity to have some fun planning a KB workout. If you haven’t been to this AO yet, you should definitely make plans to roll by and check it out.

Stay Classy,


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What’s in Your Bucket?

9 men started their Easter Week off right on a cool morning (I was gonna bring my 2.0 this morning who turns 13 today but there was no luck getting him up).  A couple guys showed up that were up late watching some TV Show about Games or Thrones or the combination of the two.  Thanks to those who did and to bad to the others that didn’t.

I showed up with a trailer full of Buckets filled with Ziplock of Dirt.  A couple of the Pax seemed intrigued while a couple were confused.  Since I work for a Civil Engineering Firm I get paid to play in the dirt.  Typically I have to carry buckets full of Dirt around on a jobsite and no matter how good of shape I am in It always gets the best of me.  So I instructed the Pax to grab a bucket and lets mosey.  I did challenge them to grab  2 Buckets if they felt brave.  We took a short mosey to our normal area to circle up and do our COP: Nemo was running behind but caught up quickly after with his bucket.

Moroccan Night Clubs (10 in Cadence)
Cherry Pickers (10 in Cadence)
Sun Gods both ways (10 in Cadence)
SSH’s (30 in Cadence because it should always be 30 – I think I heard DOAH say that)
Merkins (10 in Cadence) – Hold into Downward Dogs into Honeymooners

I then explained  that the bucket of dirt is to symbolize what you are carrying around with you daily in life like Bills, struggles in marriage, children, Work and so on.  I wanted the Pax to carry the bucket around whole work out. If someone struggles then another Pax will take a couple bags out of their bucket and put them in their bucket to help them out. And when they start doing better we put the bags back into their bucket. Sometimes on my job sites I have to carry buckets of dirt around and it challenges me. Just like when you think you’re in good shape and you have everything under control in your life your bucket seems to get heavier.  I had a couple other small talks about this message that I threw in there for some 10 counts.  Fill your buckets with Joy and not Burdens.

So we went over to the Loading dock where we split up into 1’s and 2′ so we didn’t get over crowded on the dock and did 15 of the following while we jogged back and forth from the Dock to the Curb: Big Boys, Burpee’s, Mt. Climbers, Merkins and Monkey Humpers.

We then took our Buckets over to the Big Green Monster and did a 12 Ladder.  Bomb Jacks up top and Sumo Squats at bottom.  Lots of Slipping and Slidding today on the Green Monster.  It showed it’s teeth this morning.  Nemo went down along with some nice shoes turned into old mud shoes.

Had a few minutes left so we did a little Nascar Circle (sorta like Duck Duck Goose).  Each Pax would run around the Circle of Pax while each held a Bucket Squat and the second time while we held the Buckets over our heads.

Long mosey back with the buckets.  Not Fun!!!

Announcements about the Savage Race and Cannoli Run, Prayers for Injured Pax and traveling Pax.  Closed in Prayer remembering what this week really is about.  Oh and Homebrew announced that Me, I Two Ferns is getting Baptized this Easter Sunday!!



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1097 Day Review for Lake Wylie

Today started off great.  It was warm(ish) around 58 degrees.  Set up at the Poopdeck and pulled in to a big crowd of guys.  In total we had 21 when I gave the disclaimer.  Once again really glad to see Funhouse, Fishsticks and Anchorman on their tour of the region for Asskickin’ April! 30 days, 30 AOs around the region, year #2!

So my teaser in twitter last night was a note on “Show up today to find out what happened 1097 days ago!” We would take a little trip down memory lane.  I gave the disclaimer and we were off.

dynamic warmup run =  High Knees – Buttkickers – Toy Soldiers


SSH – IWs – Daisy Pickers – Merkins – Windmills – Broga – Mt Climbers

At the end of COP I shared what happened 3 years and 2 days ago (1097 days).  That was the first day of the launch of The Deep on the west side of Lake Wylie.  It has been just over 3 years that F3 has been around (seems like yesterday) for many of these men.  I let them know we would take a stroll down memory lane because I pulled some ideas off a few of my weinkes from that time.

1st Evolution

Lt. Dans with 10 flying squirrels at each of three cones

At the end we took an “Apache 10 count” and Anchorman got to share about himself.

2nd Evolution

I discussed that 1st day at thee Deep and Dark Helmet’s introduction to our own “special” exercise…the Kraken Burpee.  Half the guys didn’t know what it was! (I have truly failed you).  For the guys that did know, they let out a sigh knowing what was to come.

This evolution required four corners (cones) and one in the center for:

  • Center 5 Kraken Burpees
  • Corner 1 30 Merkins
  • Corner 2 30 Squats
  • Corner 3 30 Crunchy Frogs
  • Corner 4 30 Bombjacks

We split into four groups, started at the properly numbered cone.  Did the exercise, then met in the middle for the 5 Kraken burpees each time then rotated clockwise (yes Flux CLOCKWISE) to the next cone.

When all this fun was done I shared an old moleskin that I wrote back on 4/24/2016 a few weeks after The Deep’s launch.  I was so glad to see Anchorman today, because he’s mentioned in it!

Here it is:

Moleskin from 4/24/2016:

For the last month I have butterflies every time I pull up to The Deep…I always feel like I’m going to be alone at 7am. But every week, my fears go away when that first car makes the long turn into the parking lot…and more just keep coming! It’s been an honor to be able to share what F3 has done for me over the last year with the men of Lake Wylie. And although we didn’t have any FNGs this day, I know that the men already involved are going to make a difference in this community.

During our 10 counts today I shared some of the great truth nuggets I’ve gathered from our 3rd F conversations around fatherhood. There were 3 main lessons we received from What Did, Double D, Anchorman and Gekko at the 3rd F convergence a few weeks ago…and I thought it was something to repeat to the PAX today.  So Fatherhood was my 10 count.  Here’s what my interpretation looked like…I hope it does justice to the men that shared!

  1. Respect your M for your family to see. Your children see everything…every fight, joke, rudeness you put out there.  And then they think this is an acceptable way to treat a woman or wife.  Make sure it’s positive.
  2. Be present: We usually get family time at our worst time.  The last few hours in the day after you’ve done what it takes to feed the family.  Through F3 I’ve received the energy and strength to make that time worth while…when I used to want to veg out in front of the TV or my iPad for my alone time.  When you do get that time, use it and be there in mind, body and spirit!

3. I shared Gekko’s story about his daughter’s recent break up with her boyfriend. In short, she broke up with him because she expected more, like the relationship that Gekko and his M have.  What a complement to being a parent! But Gekko shared that his #1 advice was to raise his children to glorify God, and point them in his direction… and that’s the best you can do.  I appreciate those words Gekko.  Wanted to make sure they were shared!

Long enough share.  Mosey over to the wall by COT.  BUT WAIT! on our run back we see the Cat Lady… 5 burpees men!

Went to the wall…

Evolution #3

BTTW Mosey that Bart created back on his VQ in 2016. PAX would stand in a line doing reverse lunges while end of line would go to the wall, post up in BTTW and then hand walk down the full length of the wall.  This was new for a LOT of guys this morning.  Lots of mumble chatter on this one.  Half way through we switched to Squats to finish out the long line.

Evolution 4

Jack Webbs to 10…another crowd pleaser.  Radar lied and said he didn’t know what these were…

Back to COT with no time to spare

Announcements – Ass kicking April and Savage race 5/18

Prayers: For healing for Chop Block’s FIL with brain tumor and needs a true miracle,  Rocket in Lake Norman and his biopsy, Bones, Tinsel and Davinci for injuries that need healing.

BOM and we’re out!

BUT WAIT… on my way home I get a text from one of the PAX.  Next time you see Jedi you’ll understand what I mean… THAT happened at the Poopdeck. I’m so glad he is OK, pride will heal and cuts do as well… with 5 stitches.

An honor to Lead

~ Royale

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