Walk Like an Egyptian

5 PAX joined YHC in the early morning for a bag of mixed eggs. Unsure of how the Q had prepared for, we got right to it at 0515.

The Warm-up: all IC

  • SSH
  • Al Gore Nightclub- Hold Air Squat like normal Al Gore, but do Moroccan Night Clubs during
  • Fly Sun Gods- forward bend at waist, one leg straight back, doing arm circles
  • Chinook – Overhead arm cirlces
  • Peter Parkers

I wanted to get the PAX to the loop in front of the Middle School but didn’t want to just plain mosey there. If anyone knows me, I like to torture the PAX with lunges. The last time at The Ranch, we did 300 yards of lunges. Now I’m not sure how far the distance was to get there but I heard about “Walk Like an Egyptian” It’s an Indian Run style way to get there but instead of running, you hold a lunge on the right leg while the last PAX jailbreaks to the front. Once he gets to the front, switch and hold a left lunge until the last PAX jail breaks to the front. According to my rudimentary post-it note method of measuring the distance off the computer screen, it was around 1400 feet, or just over one-quarter of a mile.

Once there, we partnered up, and the PAX were told to hold their partners accountable for the reps they were performing. All PAX completed 25 reps of the exercise while their partner completed the same number of reps and they ran a lap around the bus loop. The exercises were, and in no particular order, are as follows:

  • Dips
  • Squats
  • Calf Raises
  • CDD
  • Flutters

There may have been others but you get the general consensus of it.  We did a couple of other exercises together over there before heading back to COT for some Mary and one final egg up my sleeve, if you will.

MARY- the last exercise I wanted to treat the PAX to is called Hands of Time. I saw the men of F3 Chicago doing something that looked fun on a news cast and was fortunate enough to find out what is was by reading through the website.

Hands of Time- PAX lay on their 6 in a circle with heads towards the center. Legs are raised at 90 degrees and 1 PAX jumps up, and throws the feet down of all the PAX in a circle. The PAX have to prevent their legs from touching the ground and hold their legs just off the ground until all the PAX have their legs thrown down. We repeated this until everyone had the opportunity to run around the circle, throwing down the legs.

Jiff also taught us a different exercise, the Elbow Plank Knee Taps. That one is pretty self explanatory.

Thank you to Jiffy for the opportunity to lead the PAX.


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