“Mostly” running the trails

Finally had the M at home so I could head to the Carolinas Thread Trail near home that the Lake Wylie PAX have been using for Ragnar Relay training.

“It’s just running, QBert” they said as I eagerly picked up the Q from IcedT

Started running the trail and then called out 5 SSH to the rear PAX who then had to make it to the front of the line (Indian Run) rotated through as we could careful to only pass when the trail was wide enough so this helped take up some time and keep everyone focused.

Found a bench on the way and stopped for 30 dips

Indian Run again with 1 burpee for the rear PAX

Bench #2 more dips

Lunge walked up a big hill and then kept running to the Daniel Stowe parking lot

At the parking lot, we broad jumped one set of spaces, lunge walked the next, and then sprinted to the end.

After a scenic lap in front of the garden, we walked backwards back to the trailhead

I put a different PAX in front every 5 ish minutes to change up the pace and we stopped once for dips on the way back.

Made it back to CoT with everyone for the better.

Two Ferns has had 2 deaths in the family this past week. IcedT is lifting up brothers looking for jobs, let’s join him.

Thanks IcedT, keep up the good work!

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