perfect day for a doomsday clock

Another beautiful spring day. Count was six for boot camp and six ruckers that headed right out of the AO.

Warm up
Mosey Run to front of middle school
Circle up and do:
SSH (IC 12x)
Windmill (IC 12x)
Imperial Walker (IC 12x)
Moroccan Nightclub (IC 12x)
Low Slow Squats (IC12x)
Merkin (IC 12x)
Peter Parker (IC 12x)
Plank stretches
Downward dog

Thang 1
Suicides relay race
Pax divide up evenly into two lines
Each pax does the suicide route
Then next pax runs
Waiting PAX squats
Finished PAX OH Claps

Run to wall

Thang 2
Jacobs ladder/Lucky 13’s
Wall sit: do OH claps
Bear crawl to other side
Bomb jack
Bear crawl back
Called an audible and stopped at 9 rounds. Even though the distance for the bear crawls was a short 40 feet, we were getting really smoked. I’ll keep future Jacob’s ladders to single digits.

Mosey run
Stop and do Burpees (OYO 5X)
Rinse/repeat 3x

Needed to burn a little time waiting for the ruckers to return
Round of flutters
Round of Freddie Mercury’s

Ruckers returned and all pax mosey ran to COT to do:
Thang 3
Doomsday clock: Pax in a circle and each takes turn doing a push up, counting off as we go around the circle.
After 50 go to two push ups each pax
After 100 go to three push ups each pax
Add one after each 50
Pax eventually dropped out, leaving just two and they exceeded 300 count. Winner was Smokey.

Recover and do few additional Mary rounds.

Glad to have a ‘down range’ pax with us: Chalet from Charlotte.
Prayers/praise for Punch List’s baby progressing well in weight.

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The Ranch -pre spring break

Pulling into the parking lot I was thinking man we are going to have a solid crowd today. Then I remembered how many guys are prepping for the custom ruck in May. There ARE SOME OPEN SPOTS IF ANYONE WANTS ONE!!!!
We started with a solid six, 1 FNG from Pittsburg. Welcome.
Disclaimer was given and off we went.
Mosey with some karaoke, high knees, butt kickers etc.
Circle up SSHs, Mtn. Climbers, Moroccan night clubs, little arm circles forward/back.

Mosey around school to playground. 5 pullups/ 20 feet to fence, 4 pullups/ 20 knee to fence go down to 1.

go to swings feet on swings knees to chest/ 10 derkins.

Mosey to car loop bear crawl 15 feet 5 merkins keep going for about 7 times.

Wall sits while Pax bunny hops by. X 3

partner up 100 bomb jacks while partner runs loop get to 100 you done. Mosey to picnic benches 3 sets of 10 dips, derkins, step ups.
Mary for 4 minutes.

COT- prayers and praises, announcements.
Welcome Chicken Catchatore- thanks for bringing FNG out Pappy

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I Hate It… But I Love It!

Jiffy asked me to Q The Ranch, and I was of course honored to be a part of #BlackDiamond month. I wanted to do something different, not only because it’s nice to mix it up, but because I was smoked the prior two days by other PAX and couldn’t handle another Merkin. I also wanted to throw some “recovery” into the weinke, which meant slow and methodical moves with added burn. It was harder to write this weinke because it really fell out of our norms of mosey/merkin/burpee. It was a welcome change, nonetheless.

It was a “balmy” 42 degree as I rolled up to The Ranch. Dirty Harry was awaiting my arrival. As we both got out of our vehicles, we spotted a soccer ball on the field. We immediately began showing off our skillz. By skillz I mean I played baseball my entire life and couldn’t do anything remotely skilled with my feet. Tinsel rolled up and showed us his actual skills. Jiffy set up the shovel flag as Duck Dynasty pulled in. We had a minute until 5:15 and Dirty Harry kicked a beautiful goal, bent just like Beckham to the far post. I couldn’t have defended it if I tried. The clock struck 5:15 and we were underway.

Disclaimer was disclaimed, and then we warmed up in place.

Warm Up

SSH x 30
Windmills x 11
Al Gore Night Clubs x 20
Tappy Taps x 7
Cat/Cow x 10 Breaths
Yoga Flow to stretch those glutes!

I was intentional about NOT moseying one bit today, and it changed the overall tone of the work out. It was focused, and it was filled with solid laughter and mumblechatter. We instead Walked Like Egyptians (WLE) to each station.

WLE to Picnic Tables

Step ups x 10 each leg
Dive Bombers Merkins x 10
Box jumps x 10
Superman Hold x 30 Seconds

Rinse & Repeat

WLE to Soccer Field

Renfrows x 5 Each Leg
Good Mornings – Back Extensions (Bent Over, Hands at Hips) x 10
Broad Jumps x 10
High Planks w/Opposite Arm/Leg Raises for 5 seconds each x 6

Rinse & Repeat

WLE to Parking Lot

Parking Lot
Duck Walks Across Lot
Single leg deadlifts in cadence x 10 Each Side
Squat holds with pulse – 30 Second Hold, Then Pulse x 10
Superman Hold 30 seconds then Pulse x 10

Rinse & Repeat


Ab Ripper X.

25 Each Exercise
In & Out
Bicycles (Forward)
Bicycles (Backward)
Crunchy Frog
Cross Leg/Wide Leg Sit-Ups
Fifer Scissors
Sadly it was at this point that we ran out of time… one day I’ll get all of Ab Ripper X into one Mary session.

The burn was felt during the workout, but I told the PAX that the burn would be felt at a later date… as we worked muscles we don’t usually hit on a normal weinke. I hope this is true, and that they enjoyed the different approach.

During the Squat and Superman holds I asked each of the PAX what they like so much about F3. I identified with each of these on a high level, because we are all cut from the same cloth.
Tinsel: Waking up early – gives him structure and he starts his day on the right track.
Duck Dynasty: All three F’s have already been sharpened in a few short weeks.
Dirty Harry: Brotherhood – he said otherwise he would have no friends!
Jiffy: He loves that we’re all going through the same things. It’s easy to think everybody else has it all together, but it isn’t so.

Tinsel signed up for Let Me Run Boys Rock Hill

NASA and his son/family as they navigate a diagnosis.
My 2.2, Gwenevere (Winnie), is in the 1st percentile for weight, so we have to supplement with formula and wake her up late in the evening to add a feeding. Pray she grows and gets healthier. Pray for my M that she knows she is doing the best she can for our 2.2 without feeling like a failure as a mother.
Dirty Harry’s M’s job search, still looking for full time, found a short term gig in the meantime to calm the nerves.

Jiffy, as I said in my tweet – you are a Mensch! Thank you for your leadership at The Ranch and for your positive influence/wisdom that we all absorbed that morning in the gloom! Until next time…

Punch List out.

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The Black Diamond “Webb Jiffy”

This semi-warm morning started with YHC running up to the eager PAX at about 5:14 and 30 seconds.  Bonsai and YHC took a nice little detour on our way as we were engaged in conversation and your truly was on autopilot driving to WEP.  After dropping off the giant wienke and the tune machine, Bonsai and YHC hustled over.  After a very quick disclaimer, we jumped right into the warmup where we stood.

Warmup included: SSH x25, Windmill x8, low slow squats x10, merkins x10, big arm circles forward and backwards 5x / arm, Moroccan night clubs x20, downward dog and honeymooner, and last but not least mountain climbers x20.  We also did some shoulder stretches and you’re about to see why if you keep reading…

Medium paced mosey to the back of the school where the fun was about to begin.  As we gathered at the playground, we circled around the giant cardboard wienke which laid out a board of pain of sorts “Jack Webb” style…but with a “Webb Jiffy” black diamond twist (named Webb Jiffy b/c of Jiffy’s creation of the Dick Webb)!  I think this was my first (maybe second) black diamond Q, so I was excited to see how this played out.  I think it delivered once the reading ensued and was followed by groans and “you’ve got to be kidding me”.  There was no kidding, but there was music so that’s worth something!  Music got cranked on, we partnered up, and off we went!

The Thang – “Webb Jiffy” black diamond

This workout was “Jack Webb” inspired, and more notably Jiffy inspired for the comments noted above.  For anyone saying, “what is a Jack Webb”?  A Jack Webb is 1 merkin, 4 overhead claps; then 2 merkins, 8 overhead claps; 3 merk, 12 OC…all the way up to 10 merk, 40 OC.  So you get the idea…

Exercise 1 (again, Jack Webb based) – Name “Dick Webb” (black diamond version)

  • 1 chin up
  • 1 diamond merkin
  • 4 overhead claps
  • Repeat all the way to 10 chin up, 10 diamond, 40 overhead claps

Exercise 2 – named “Crack Webb”

  • 1 cracken burpee (1 burpee + 3 hand release merkins for the pushup part of the burpee)
  • 4 squats
  • Repeat all the way up to 10 cracken and 40 squats

Exercise 3 – name “Plank You Webb”

  • 1 merkin
  • 1 mak tar jai
  • 4 plank partner hand slaps
  • 4 plank jacks
  • Repeat all the way to 10 merkins, 10 MTJ, 40 hand slaps, 40 planks

PAX made it to “Plank You Webb” but we ran out of time.  Looking back to the workout, there was no stopping, no 10 counts, no stop for a message from the Q (which YHC should have done something).  From a positive light, this workout was very 1st F focused so there was mumblechatter during times of taking personal breaks and YHC considers that a win.

Mosey’d back to COT, took a quick pic for evidence, counted off with the Pennywise crew and name-o-rama followed by announcements, prayers and praises.  In the end, we pushed ourselves past what YHC would be close to categorizing as “looked good on paper”, but where you’re planning for black diamond and trying to #accelerate, no one quit and the partners ensured accountability.

Thanks to Jiffy for the opportunity and the push for YHC to challenge myself for this idea. Had a great time and actually still feeling the aftereffects…which may also be coming from Deacon’s Q at The Hive or the beating YHC just took from Band Camp and Flat Tire at The Fort.  Either way, I’m beat as I’m writing this!


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Being Vulnerable is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength

P.S.A attendance is highly recommended. March 27th mark your calendars. F3 St. Louis very own Miyagi and Aerobie has brought light to a sensitive subject that’s right Suicide-mental health awareness. A subject we try and avoid talking about at all or till it’s to late. YHC will be on Q at the Panethon if you can’t make it to the west side of town Stang is on Q at Tomahawk and will also discussing the subject.

I am encouraging you to step up and share your experience. Whether it be about yourself or family member or even a friend. YHC will testify how this subject has effected my life. Please remember what we talk about in COT stays in COT it’s okay to be vulnerable. We are stronger together rather than alone.

Don’t be ashamed of your story it will inspire others. Author Unknown

“You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.”

”I hide all my scars with an I’m fine.”

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. – Juliette Lewis

The world is a better place with you in it.

Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better. – unknown

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Cindy meets blackdiamond

I am always looking for opportunities to push myself out of the ordinary and this was no exception, thanks to Jiffy for hosting the black diamond series of events at The Ranch, this time I put together a simple routine but hard enough to have everyone engaged for the majority of the time.

We started the day with a disclaimer with no FNG’s, then we moseyed around the parking lot for the warm up:


cherry pickers,

moroccan night clubs,

low slow squats,

low slow merkins

We moseyed around the side and back of school about 1/3 of a mile to meet a row of cinder blocks at the back entrance of the middle school, toy soldiers, butt kickers, high knees and NUR were included in the run.

The thang, ALL exercises had to be done with cindy:

10 man makers

push cindy 20 yards bear crawl style

10 flutters

push cindy 20 yards hairburner style

10 squats

push cindy 20 yards bear crawl style

10 big boy sit ups

push cindy 20 yards hairburner style

10 biceps curls

push cindy 20 yards bear crawl style

10 american hammers

push cindy 20 yards hairburner style

10 overhead press

push cindy 20 yards bear crawl style

10 bent over row

push cindy 20 yards hairburner style

10 triceps extensions.. rinse and repeat starting with man makers

Lots of mumble chatter, it was a crisp 28 degrees but most PAX decided to shred a layer or two of clothes since we were all sweating buckets (especially me) it was a non stop series of exercises and all PAX pushed really hard to stay together. GREAT WORK EVERYONE!! We were able to complete 2 full circuits and the third circuit we cut down on the block pushing and only did all exercises one more time:

10 man makers

10 flutters

10 squats

10 big boy sit ups

10 biceps curls

10 american hammers

10 overhead press

10 bent over row

10 triceps extensions

With about 10 minutes to spare it was time to go back to COT, we carried all blocks back to the truck, about 1/3 of a mile taking turns since we had 12 blocks and only 7 PAX.

We circled up for announcements, prayers and praises and ended our journey with a ball of men and the Q’s prayer.

Till we meet again, Tinsel out….

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Black Diamond #3 at the Ranch – Get Some

Expected rain all morning, but instead we got a comfortable 40 degrees with wetness all around us.  Perfect for what we were about to get into.

Reminded the Pax that this was a Black Diamond workout and immediately had a reaction that made it clear that some were unaware lol.  Since I dislike warm-ups, I got right to our “warm-up”.

1 – I’ve done this before  w/ my speaker & the Seconds app on my phone (get it if you don’t have it – it’s an awesome timer / tabata app w/ the ability to add music).

  • First 5 minutes of warm-up:  each minute on the minute, we’re all going to do 35 really fast side straddle hops and 8 burpees.  Every minute.  End result is 175 ssh’s and 40 burpees in 5 minutes.
  • Next 5 minutes of warm-up:  no break, right into merkin mode.  11 merkins, 10 diamonds, 9 merkins, 8 diamonds, 7 merkins…down to 1 merkin.  I think we were warm.

2 – 1/4 mile burpee fun:  we moseyed over to the circle in front of the Middle School, which is a perfect 1/4 mile loop w/ some hills in it, which I failed to recognize when throwing this together.  We partnered up and I gave the Pax the bad news.  I set up my phone w/ it’s bright light stop watch timer to help.

  • Sprint with your partner the 1/4 mile loop as fast you can.  Why you might ask?  Because when you finish and see your time for that loop, you both have that many burpees to split halfsies on.  Back in High School, low to mid 50 seconds was acceptable for the 400m dash.  That’s not what we’re capable of anymore – ranged from 70 seconds to 85+ seconds, which meant each partner had 35 to 45 burpees to do apiece.
  • Round 2 – do it again.  Only this time, the challenge was that if you beat your prior lap time, you can cut the burpees in half.  Well no one beat their time, haha, so we still cut it in half anyway.  Most laps were in the 80-90 seconds range this time, which meant, 40-45 burpees to split w/ your partner, or 20-25 a piece.

3 – Pretty sure after this the Pax hated my guts.  From there we hit the longest straightaway I could find.  Same partners as before.  This time Partner 1 lines up 10-20 yards away from Partner 2.  Partner 1 starts back pedaling as fast as they can while Partner 2 has to sprint to catch them.  Wherever they are caught, you stop right there and do an exercise, then a mode of transportation back to the starting line.  We did 4 of these (each partner chased 2x and back pedaled 2x):

  • First round (once caught) – 15 bear crawl merkins, followed by broad jumps back to starting line
  • Second round – 25 lunge jumps (do each leg and that’s 1), followed by bear crawl back to starting line
  • Third round – 35 american hammers, followed by lunge walk back to starting line
  • Fourth round – 45 wide arm merkins, followed by bunny hop back to starting line

4 – We had 5 minutes, so had to make the most of it.  Quick DORA against the Elementary wall by CoT.  Partner 1 does Jump Squats and the timer was Partner 2 running to wall and doing 15 Mike Tyson merkins (those are honestly some of my least favorite merkins:  feet flat on wall at base of wall, merkin position, bring you six to the wall with feet staying put and then all the way forward so that your hands are almost at your ribs as you go down for merkin).  Once Partner 2 finished their 15 rep count, the partners switched.  Think most teams got to 100 or so jump squats before our time was up.

2 Ruckers, 1 Runner and 16 Black Diamond Boot Campers was the count.  Thanks to Jiffy for the chance to do whatever I want without having to worry about how terrible it sounds.  Appreciate everyone kicking a$$ and finishing it all.


  • Dark Helmet’s M is traveling this weekend – travel mercies
  • Dirty Harry’s M has last day of work / transitionary time for new opportunities / jobs
  • Olaf’s continued progress on limiting ADHDs adverse impact on his life
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The Ranch – Where you need to prepare for the unexpected!!

8 Ruckers were out marching around when 16 more PAX arrived at the cold Ranch. YHC was expecting low numbers since the temp was 20-22, but I was thrilled to see the men circling and getting ready for the unexpected.

The Thang:

Mosey to entrance

Seal Jacks-20
Wind Mills-15
Imperial Walkers-20

Mosey to baseball field……it was creepy dark!!

3 rounds of Crawl, Walk Run

Home to 1st-bear crawls
1st to 2nd-lunge walk
2nd to home-Run

Mosey to bridge

Two lines and Partner is next to you
Wheel barrow little baby Jesus up steps alternating when needed

Indian Run to Football field

Partner Carry to playground

With Partner: 1 does exercise/1 runs lap
Pull ups
Swing Crunches

Burpee Indian Run back to COT

IT was a fun filled day at The Ranch and the PAX worked hard and pushed each other. Message was about being prepared and no matter if its preparing for breakfast or for retirement, as a leader we need to be ready for the expected. Today my Director resigned from our team and company. We don’t know who our leader will be or what our organization will look like, but as leader of my work and home I need to look in the mirror and say, Get After It! There is no waiting to see where the chips fall,  but to get out in front and lead. Reflect on all things in your life and address those things that you need to get prepared for……finances, stronger marriage, tough talks with the kids and death. Don’t leave these for someone else to take care of.

Thanks Jiffy for the lead…..humbled and honored!!

Cake Boss out!

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Spicy McDeuce at TheRanch

Lightning Backblast

60 degrees in January was too good to pass up, according to the 7 pax that posted to TheRanch, regardless of the moderate-to-heavy rains.  Sasquatch and SkateOrDie even ran to and from the workout. #tclaps

Quick disclaimer and we were off moseying toward the front of the middle school.  Quick stop for a warm-up of standard fare: (SSH, Windmills, Imperial Squat Walkers, etc.).  Mosey up to the coverage at the middle school’s main entrance.

The Thang – Spicy McDeuce

Like its milder brother, Dirty McDeuce, the Spicy version is 12 exercises, 12 reps each, broken into 4 groups of 3, with running a lap between each group.  However, this dish was kicked up a notch by slowing the reps way down, and by adding 12 burpees along the running lap. (4 burpees at each quarter of the way through).

Set 1
– Wide arm Merkins
– Squats
– Clockwork LBCs

Set 2
– Curb Dry Docks
– Calf Raises
– Chop Sticks

Set 3
– Dips
– Step lunges
– Weezy Jefferson

Set 4
– Merkins
– Squatting air presses
– Box cutters

Mosey back “toward” COT, with a quick stop for a couple minutes of Mary.  Thanks Jiffy for the opportunity to lead.



TClap |

Oh that smell!

It was great to see so many PAX pulling into the Ranch on a cold morning. Even Dark Helmet arrived earlier than normal, he beat Bonsai, Fire Marshall Bill and Fratboy! T-Claps to my good ol’ pal Champagne for coming down from Area-51 and posting in The Fort region.  We eventually ended up with 19 PAX (16 BC and 3 ruckers who met at COT).

We moseyed to the service road to the Elementary School/Middle School cafeteria side of the schools. From the soccer fields we  did toy soldiers to the first street light. We then did soccer leg swings to the next street light, which during that time encountered a sweet smell of SH!T running through the storm drain (or from the horse ranch next door – but most likely a busted sewer pipe). I should have made the PAX bear crawl in order to enjoy that fresh morning smell, even though we can’t figure out why Dark Helmet didn’t smell anything….

We then duck walked to the parking lot next to the playground. We lunged walked along one side of the parking lot, reversed lunged to other side. Circled up for COP with a various count of Squats, hilly billy walkers, windmills, side straddle hops, and Moroccan nightclubs.

Split the PAX into 2 groups.

Group 1 went to the playground for a round of 11’s of pull-ups (YES!!) and merkins

Group 2 did round of 22’s of squats and CCD – somehow this group didn’t listen and did 22 reps of each and said they were done…no, its 20 squats, 2 CCD, 18 squats, 4 CCD, you get the idea.

Groups then flapjacked.

Final round was 22’s of leg lifts (holding onto the fence) and big boy sit ups. Mumble chatter definitely increased!

Time flew by too fast!!

Moseyed back to COT, on way back merged with the 4 ruckers.

Read newsletter for announcements. Key announcements are Q Source every Saturday and you don’t have to past at the AO to post at Q Source. Joe Davis Run and Yeti coming up soon.

Prayers: Wegmans and his mission trip to Peru (he’s looking for donations of lightly used workout gear), Bonsai’s friend who has got himself into trouble, and Trucker with some potential career and life decisions. Ever since F3 started the Word of the Year I was ignorant and selfish for not participating. I felt that it was corny and said to myself i didn’t; have time for this. and that it wouldn’t do me any good. Well, after seeing how 2018 impacted me I realized that finding your word for the year and living it out isn’t corny. Thanks to Bonsai for mentioning something he saw relating to a sign defining JOY as: Jesus, Others, Yourself; I realized that i have been stuck in the YOJ mode way too long. This year I need to be held accountable to reverse it and make JOY out of life, focus on JOY and change my habits. I would ask that everyone find a word for the year and begin to focus on being a better #HIM.

10-4 Trucker

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