Not by the Original Artist

As with most things in life, we learn from copying others. Workout routines are frequently copied and improved upon. Music (cover songs) fall into the same category as the PAX learned about this AM.

No FNG’s, disclaimer promptly delivered.
Warm up:
Mosey to elementary school
SSH (IC 15x)
Windmill (IC 15x)
Imperial Walker (IC 15x)
Moroccan Nightclub (IC 15x)
Merkin (IC 15x)
Peter Parker (IC 15x)
Plank stretches

Throughout Thang 1 and 2 (detailed below) the tunes are playing, but they are all songs made more popular by the “cover band” rather than the original artist. If a PAX correctly names the original artist, they receive a clothes pin award. The significance of the clothes pin is revealed way down below.

Thang 1: Bermuda Triangle
Three cones spaced 20-30 yards apart.
Start at cone 1, do one burpee, bear crawl to next cone
Cone 2, do two burpees, bear crawl to next cone
Cone 3, do three burpees, bear crawl back to cone 1, and pick up a clothes pin from the bucket
Repeat the circuit, picking up a clothes pin for each completed circuit.

Thang 2: BLIMPS (Cones spaced 15-20 yds apart)
Start at cone 1- B for burpee, do 5 of them
Run to cone 1 – L for lunge, do 10 each leg
Run to cone 2 – I for Imperial Walkers, do 15
Run to cone 3 – M for Merkins, do 20
Run to cone 4 – P for Peter Parkers do 25 (modification)
Run to cone 5 – S for Squats, do 30
Run back to cone 1 and pick up a clothes pin, then rinse and repeat until time is called.

Thang 3: Clothes Pin Tag
PAX attach the earned pins to their sleeves
PAX are confined to defined area
PAX try to remove and keep other PAX pins.
At end of time, PAX with most clothes pins wins! (Tie amongst Tube Sock, Youts, and Punchlist)

Mosey to COT
Prayers for: Healing for Youts father
Praise for: Punchlist’s wife and bun in the oven doing fine

The not-by-the-original-artist tunes: (original artist in parentheses)
I fought the law “the clash” (The Crickets)
I love rock in roll “Joan Jett” (the Arrows)
All along the watch tower “Hendrix” (Dylan)
Higher ground “Red Hot Chili peppers” (Stevie Wonder)
Hang on to your ego “Frank Black” (Beach Boys)
Hard to handle “the Black Crowes” (Otis Redding)
Come on feel the noise “Quiet riot” (Slade)
Respect¬†“Aretha Franklin”¬†(Otis Redding)
Route 66 “Depeche Mode” (Nat King Cole)

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