The Trianglecane

6 men braved the imminent Hurricane Florence and came out to post at our newest AO, The Bermuda Triangle.  Lot’s of goodies to play with at this AO, a 1 mile track, wall for BTTW, long and circular driveway, and my favorite… pull up bars.

I made the disclaimer then we moseyed on over to the front of the school where there was plenty of wall to put our feet on.  I pulled out some Donkey Kick off’s to start off the workout as I really like them to get everyone’s attention. 5 Donkey Kicks/5 second BTTW hold-10 Donkey Kicks/10 second BTTW hold-15 Donkey Kicks/15 second BTTW hold.




10xCherry Pickers

10xSunGods Fwd and Reverse

Climate Change-Pax hold Al Gore while each individual Pax does 5 burpees(Time Bomb) until all Pax complete the burpees

The Thang

Burpee Mile-12 burpees followed by a lap around the track x4

Pull Up Mile-12 Pull Ups followed by a lap around the track x4

Jump Squat Mile-12 Jump Squats followed by a lap around the track x4

I had to call it in the middle of the Jump Squat mile due to time constraints.  We ended exactly at 5:45.


Praises to Homebrew for his new job and Olaf for completing the Blue Ridge Relay.

Thoughts and prayers for anyone in the middle of the hurricane.  Stay safe out there!

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