Bad Cousin

4 PAX including YHC rolled in before the 5AM start time at Bermuda Triangle this morning.  It was wet, balmy, and almost felt like a summer morning.  At 5, I gave the quick disclaimer and we took a mosey around the 1/4 mile dirt track that circles the encompasses the playground.  Along the way we did some shuffles and toy soldiers before circling up.


  • Windmills
  • SSH
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Merkins
  • Moroccan Night Clubs

I then announced that since I already went to the trouble of getting out a bunch of cinderblocks for “My Deep Q” this past Saturday, I wanted to get some more use out of them and that the rest of the workout would use them, everyone grumbled…

As a quick block warm-up, I had everyone circle up again after grabbing 1 block and hold the cinderblocks out in front of them.  One at a time I had 1 PAX drop out of the circle and run/walk around the circle holding the block high overhead while the other PAX continued to hold their blocks out in front.  We cycled through all 4 PAX before getting to the big routine and telling the PAX to grab a 2nd block, which they all did reluctantly.

I got the idea from the Exicon, Greta 1-2-3 was the name, Dora’s cousin, however, there wasn’t a lot of detail there other than it was basically a Dora with blocks.  This sounded like a great idea!

We would pair up and perform the following exercises in typical Dora 1-2-3…4 fashion:

  • 100 Blockees (crowd-pleaser)
  • 150 Abyss Merkins (between two Cindy’s)
  • 200 Sumo/Cindy Squats (Block had to touch the ground)
  • 250 American Hammers (holding the block)

Each PAX would do as many as possible while his partner carries two cinderblocks across the soccer field and back.  All in all, this worked out great, but there were a couple Omaha’s here.  1st, the Abyss Merkins were supposed to be “Mindy’s” which is a name I just came up with that consisted of a Merkin with a cinderblock on your back.  While this is a pretty cool idea, it didn’t work well in this format since you needed your partner to get the block on your back so I switched them quickly to Abyss Merkins.  The 2nd Omaha was carrying the additional cindy across the field & back.  It’s a BIG field and instead of shortening the distance, I chose to lessen the weight after everyone had a chance to do it at least once, which BURNED.

The Omaha’s were necessary in the end because even though I had A LOT more planned, this routine took about 30 minutes to work through and we finished up right on time.  I’m certain I’m going to feel the soreness from this one tomorrow.  Strong group of PAX today and we all finished.  Olaf was pretty chatty about the whole thing though…

Announcements, Praises, Prayers

  • Christmas Party
  • Deep 7AM start time
  • Character Band-Aids
  • Prayers for SAT testing tomorrow
  • Prayers for Olaf’s Mother-in-law who is losing a final battle with cancer
  • Prayers for Two Ferns wife, who has been battling digestive issues

Thanks for the privilege to Q Homebrew!

Until next time,




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