T For Triangle

YHC Answered the call from Hombrew to Q an AO I had never posted at. It will be fun he said- AND IT WAS. 12 PAX and an FNG from PHX where on hand for the fun.

It went something like this.

Disclaimer for FNG and Pax and off we go.

Mosey 1/2 way round trail and form up on the move for an Indian run. In my recon visit the Saturday prior I thought the trail around the field was longer. So the 1/2 lap mosey, 1/2 lap Indian run turned into 1.5 laps Indian run.

Circle up for COP

Quick hanging back stretch into 15 cherry pickers- 20x SSH- 15x Windmills- A Little mumble chatter by OOO O’Reilly prompted an on the fly round of 20x Monkey Humper w/ required Eye Contact to the above mentioned Pax.  Move to Plank and hold 30 secs- Short pontification, in the plank, on Forcible Contact to Strong Effect. 15x Peter Parker- 15x Plank Jacks. Recover.

Mosey to far end of Field for the Thang.

8 pain stations setup in a T pattern ran up and across the field.  Start at the bottom and work our way up.Since it was dark I gave a quick run down of the exercise requirements and modes of travel from cone to cone. Accountability Partners selected to make sure no bad modification or slack off in reps. Start together- finish together. Have Forcible Contact to Strong Effect on your Partner.

Rep counts per round set at 12-24-36

  1. MTN Climbers–Bear Crawl to next cone
  2. Bomb Jacks–Crab Walk
  3. Merkins- Burpee Broad Jumps
  4. Squats- Sprint to far cone in top of T.
  5. GTOs with Cindys and ruck sacks. AS info while my taped cindys were great on asphalt they didnt work so well in wet grass. Thanks Copyright for leaving those additional blocks in the van for us to use.. Nur to next cone.
  6. Box cutters–Lunge WalK
  7. 4x4s– Crawl Bear ( 4x4s are a crowd pleaser. Especially once the rep counts get up there) First page of Exicon and can be modified for better/more fun.
  8. Crabcakes- Long Mosey to bottom of the T as a pair and plank for the 6.

Rinse and repeat.  I was hoping for 3 rounds but we got two full rnds in. Great Job Men!.

A Few Observations:

I drastically underestimated the fitness level of my FNG from PHX. He worked hard but was not used to the pace, random assortment of exercises, and rep counts you HIM deal with for 45 mins in the gloom each day. He also never gave up, wanted to complete all reps and I held him accountable to it even if that meant pulling extra reps myself. The FORT is awesome for picking up the 6. That is what draws guys back daily. Regardless of fitness level someone will hold and push you to finish.

I missed alot of the good chatter and the real ability to lead the PAX as we were in the 6. Nothing terribly wrong with that except I wanted to help set the pace. Homebrew came back to PU the 6 once but I sent him on to start the group on the 2nd round.  As a leader we do what it takes push the group or the partner. Next time maybe a slight adjustment to ensure I am in the 43′ ahead and switch off a partner as needed.

Back to COT

Announcements P and P.

FNG to the middle. He was almost given a name prior to the actual Q&A period and some solid names came out but ultimately landed on Redeye. He is the VP of the company I work for and takes redeye flights religiously. Also a plus to drop a #BEATDOWN on a C-level guy I work with/for.

Thanks Homebrew for the opportunity to lead these Men.

Duck Out.


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Who knew monkeys could vacuum?

Bermuda Triangle – May 3, 2019

Radar (Q)
Two Ferns
Chop Block
Captain Jack
Olaf (Respect)
Iced T

Warm Up:
11 PAX gathered at The Bermuda Triangle for a Q led by Radar. I wanted to make sure I delivered a challenging workout – keep the heart rate up with some running and challenging exercises.


Two laps around the track and then head to the soccer field for warm up.

Seal Jacks x 25 (IC)
Hillbillies x 10 (IC)
Windmill x 10 (IC)
Produce Picker x 10 (IC)
MNC x 20 (IC)
Peter Parker x 15 (IC)
Parker Peter x 15 (IC)

Routine 1:
We started off with doing some Lindsays aka Forties. Each pax started with 30 merkins sprinted to the other end and performed 10 plank jacks and sprinted back, then subtracted five from the first exercise added five to the second exercise. (i.e. 25 merkins/15 plank jacks)

Routine 2:
After the pax finished we lunged walk back to the end where we partnered up and did vacuum cleaners. Partner one in wheelbarrow position performed five derkins and then wheelbarrowed to the second line. We did this five times or to five lines and then did a reverse wheelbarrow to each line for one rep. After partner one performed the exercise, partner two took his turn.

Since we all had a great time with the vacuum cleaners. I thought what better way to bond than with some howling monkeys. In a circle, the pax grabbed their ankles and the first person does ten monkey humpers followed by the next person and so on. We did two rounds.

Routine 3:
Next we took a fellowship mosey to the picnic tables where we did 50 dips, 25 box jumps, 50 incline merkins and 25 Rocky Balboa’s.

Before ending the workout we had a few minutes of Mary.

  1. Makhtar N’Diayes
  2. Big Boy Sit Ups
  3. Dying Cockroaches
  4. Slow Slow Squat
  5. Crunchy Frog


Prayer requests: We had quite a few today and we lifted them up in prayer.

Announcements: Go Ruck Challenge Send Off, F3 Father’s Day, Pancake Breakfast at New River Church (5/4)

Thanks for the opportunity!

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Drunken Murph

Wow, where to begin with this disaster.  I guess from the beginning.  Waking up hung over on three hours sleep my M started the morning off by telling me how stupid I was for getting drunk then having to lead a workout a few hours later, that was not bad advise by the way.  I pull in to the Triangle with about a minute to spare and as soon as the Pax saw me they knew (I happened to be drinking with some of them the night before).  A disclaimer was given, and a background on who Lt. Michael Murphy was and then I started the COP right away with 5 OYO Burpees/SSHx20/SunGodsx20/Low Slow Squatx10.  Surprisingly no merlot was splashed though was very close calling cadence with SSH.

Main Event

1 Mile Run

I did 5 Pull-Up/10 Merkin/15 Squat x20 but most Pax did a 10/20/30 x10 rep range with the exercises.  Every rep of the merkins made my head pound, just awful. 

1 Mile Run

Most Pax finished in time for COT.

Observations- Don’t get drunk and Q a few hours later.  It might seem like the cool rock star thing to do but really, it’s not. It’s also a lot harder to control a group of men when they know you’re bombed. However no merlot was spilt, was proud of that.  Kotters to Austin Powers, we missed him.  Welcome FNG Survey Says.  He is the youth Pastor over at the local church I attend which I have renamed the Church of F3 as many Pax go there so I wanted to call him Joel Osteen but his childhood dream of being a game show host earned him the nick name Survey Says, with Steve Harvey being a close second choice (favorite game show-Family Feud).  As always fellas-PEACE! 

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Bermuda Triangle gets introduced to Olaf’s capture the coupon

Loaded up my truck with all the goodies the night before since YHC usually does it the morning of as a preworkout routine but since I had a bit longer commute it was deemed necessary.

First time making it to the triangle of Bermuda and was excited because I know that region is constantly finding FNG’s.

The disclaimer was disclaimed in dept before the party started.

If you haven’t experienced the joy of childhood games while almost killing yourself and your friends, all while trying not to throw up, you really need to look for my next Q.

NMM: Homebrew remains the mastermind strategist of capture the coupon and will forever have him on my team. It was great meeting so many new faces.

FLUX owes me a replacement kitchen or bathroom sink.

Chop block owes me a replacement log. yeah, (I know what you’re thinking), “how do you break a log?”

Note to self: Always locate keys before loading up truck after beatdown. Finally found them under some logs.

Grateful for the opportunity to lead.

Stay frosty my friends!


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Being Vulnerable is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength

P.S.A attendance is highly recommended. March 27th mark your calendars. F3 St. Louis very own Miyagi and Aerobie has brought light to a sensitive subject that’s right Suicide-mental health awareness. A subject we try and avoid talking about at all or till it’s to late. YHC will be on Q at the Panethon if you can’t make it to the west side of town Stang is on Q at Tomahawk and will also discussing the subject.

I am encouraging you to step up and share your experience. Whether it be about yourself or family member or even a friend. YHC will testify how this subject has effected my life. Please remember what we talk about in COT stays in COT it’s okay to be vulnerable. We are stronger together rather than alone.

Don’t be ashamed of your story it will inspire others. Author Unknown

“You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.”

”I hide all my scars with an I’m fine.”

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. – Juliette Lewis

The world is a better place with you in it.

Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better. – unknown

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Sally Visits Bermuda Triangle

We had 10 for a tour of the Campus of Bermuda Triangle.  It was my first visit to this awesome place so I wanted to take in all the sites.  Next time I will definitely explore the behind the school area we didn’t get to.


Mosey to the side of the school and circle up:  Cherry Pickers with a chain break at the top x15, imperial walker x15, windmill x15, plank, mountain climber x15, hold it, peter parker x16, hold it, parker peter x16, hold it and mountain climber x1 to even out the numbers.  Pax was lucky I didn’t go add one to each exercise (OCD anyone).

Break into two groups and indian run back to gravel path, then switch to bear crawl/crab walk indian run (this was a cluster so we moseyed to the basketball court).

Q up Sally.

Do Squas to Moby’s song Flower (when he says up you go up and down you go down).  The song almost 4 minutes long.  Pax took care of business.  Then do a lap around the gravel path.  LBC until six is in then x20.

Rinse and Repeat with Merkins (this sucks)!  Then lap again.  Hello Dolly until six is in then x20.

Rinse and Repeat with Dips.  Then lap again.  Freddy Mercury until six is in then x20.

Break into 2 teams of 5.  Do a Crab Walk and Bear Crawl Race on basketball court with prizes at the end.  The race was to close to call so all Pax received a price of 10 burpees.

I want to thank all Lake Wylie and York Pax for the welcome with open arms.  I have been doing more and more with the Lake Wylie Pax and they are a great group.  If you ever get a chance to join this group you will always get a quality beat down with great fellowship!


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4 Cones and a Teabag

10 Pax today including Chop Block, who rolled in 20 minutes late.  Better late than never I suppose.

I gave a somewhat sarcastic disclaimer and then made everyone do 5 fingertip merkins because Two Ferns gave me the finger last night in a Tweet.  Not very nice!

We took a mosey around the 1/4 mile dirt track and did some side shuffles and toy solders before circling up.


  • 10 Windmills
  • 20 SSH
  • 10 Merkins
  • 15 Low Slow Squats
  • 20 LBC’s

I then explained the routine for this morning, nothing fancy.  4 cones placed in the shape of a rectangle with an exercise written on each of them.  Pick a start cone and make your way around the cones as many times as you can, with a few small wrinkles.

  • Cone 1 – 5 Burpees
  • Cone 2 – 10 Merkins
  • Cone 3 – 15 Big Boy Situps
  • Cone 4 – 20 Squats

This was meant to hit some of the core muscle groups and is a great youvsyou routine.  The wrinkle was the ever changing method of travel between the cones.  Once Chop Block joined us, we took another lap around the track to let him warm up a bit and then got back to it.  That also gave us an even # of PAX so I threw in some partner work as well.

Transport methods included:

  • Bear Crawl long side
  • “Itchy Back Merkins” short side (plank position, down, roll over completely, push back up, down, roll over, etc., until we hit the next cone.
  • Crawl Bear long side
  • Crab Walk short side
  • Partner Assisted Bear Crawl Long side (this is what Chop Block affectionately named the “T-BAG”)
  • Partner Wheelbarrow long side

We finished up with a NUR around the track before banging out a set of flutters and then circled up for CoT.  I think most of us made it around 8-10 times which really starts to add up.  A good setup for some of the newer guys so they could pace themselves and it encouraged mumblechatter so it was a lot of fun this morning.

Announcements, Praises, Prayers

Yeti, Joe Davis run coming up.  Homebrew is changing jobs so prayers for that along with all the sick and injured PAX to get HEALTHY!  Also, some prayers for my sister-in-law who is in her mid-30’s and has to have all of her teeth pulled.

Thank you for the Q Homebrew!

Until next time,



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Kraken Burpee Bearmuda Triangle

Another 20 something degree morning in the Carolina’s bared witness to 5 Pax climbing out of the Fart Sack to get better. We started with a lap and a half run around the track to get warmed up and ended on the basketball court for the COP.

COP-30xSSH/SunGodsx10 fwd and reverse/Cotton Pickersx10/WindMillsx10/Down Dog to Honeymooner

The Thang Chapter 1

If there is a pull up bar anywhere near a workout I Q, we will be doing pull ups.  So we started with 10 BigBoy Sit-ups to 1 Pull Up in a ladder that finished with 1 BigBoy and 10 Pull-Ups.  We then moseyed on over to the more illuminated part of the Bermuda Triangle. We got to a light post where I had us sprint from one light post to another and unfortunately 1 of the Pax pulled a hammy.  Fortunately he was alright but he had to heavily modify the rest of the workout.

The Thang Chapter 2

In the F3 exercise lexicon I came across a perfect workout for the AO called the bearmuda triangle but I had to be a tough guy and modify it to having us do 2 Kraken Burpees at the first cone, 4 Kraken’s at the second and 6 at the third while bear crawling from cone to cone.  (Kraken Burpee is a Lake Wylie specialty that has you do 3 hand release merkins at the pushup portion of the burpee).  After 3 rounds of this the Pax were totally wiped.(In the future, that will be a grand finally-live and learn).

The Thang The Final Chapter 

I was going to have us do a crabmuda triangle(don’t ask) but decided against it due to time and pain considerations so I had us do another ladder.  There is a small loading dock at the back of the school where I had us do a ladder of 10 Squats-1 CDD to 1 Squat-10 CDD while jumping up on the loading dock to do the squats.  We did a real slow mosey back to COT because of the injured PAX.

Thoughts and Prayers

Costanza has a lot of family and work issues he needs prayers for, Two Ferns and Respectable Olaf has some family members to pray for as well and just the state of the Nation with some of the news coming out this week.  God help us all.  Till next time, peace.


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Sack Races at the Bermuda Triangle

For the first time in 5 or 6 weeks we had a dry day at the Bermuda Triangle. While working out in the rain makes you tougher it was nice only to have he 27 degree temps without any precipitation.

6 PAX showed up and we went for a mosey to the far side of the school.


SSH, produce pickers, low slow squats, worst merkins ever, superman hold. Then mosey to the main field where we grabbed our burlap sacks – previously used for hauling coffee beans. Shout out to Twitch for supplying them to me even though he couldn’t make it out today. The perks of knowing someone that owns a coffee company (see what I did there?).


The Thang

Old school sack race – 50 yards. YHC took the gold in this one, but the real winner was all of us as we got to watch Radar fall down coming out of the gate. It was in the middle of a sack joke as well.

Backwards sack race – 50 yards. By this point everyone was starting to realize that jumping around while inside a waste high sack is pretty good cardio work. Also, the sack related jokes and puns were hitting their full stride.



Partner up. P1 sack hops 50 yards then sprints back, while P2 does the exercise. Flap jack and rinse repeat until each partner has done: Burpees, Lunges, Inchworm merkins, Monkey Humpers, Plank jacks.

Duck Duck Burp

Circle up. One at a time, PAX take turns sack hopping around the circle. As each man is passed by the hopper, do 3 burpees. It ends up basically being a continuous burpee circle with PAX hopping around the outside. We did 2 full rotations.

Sack Lap

I told the men that we were going to do a full lap of the track in our coffee sacks, which was met with a combination of groans and “seriously?”s. By this point they had figured out that sack hopping is no child’s play. It wasn’t easy, but teamwork made it bearable. As a 2 man team, partners sack hopped all the way around the ¼ mile track. P1 hops while P2 does 10 big boy sit-ups. Then P2 sprints to catch up to P1. Flap jack and rinse repeat until the full lap is done.


Finished up and went to COT.

Thanks men an excuse to be stupid and get out there for some schoolyard fun. 


Stay Classy,


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The Cornerstone – Challenge ( One Year Long )

To all the Pax of F3 Nation

Are you prepared to challenge your self for 2019? I am challenging all Pax’s to join me for 2019 we will take on one exercise for January (merkins single count) 100 reps every day. Then in February we will add another exercise which will be done every day on top of the 100 merkins and so on and so on. We will increase by adding one exercise each month.  These exercises will be above and beyond when you post. So by the end of the year there will be 12 exercises that need to be done everyday at the reps set.

Do you accept the challenge? Do you want to get better?

I will set the next month exercise and reps the week before to keep you on your toes

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