Sack Races at the Bermuda Triangle

For the first time in 5 or 6 weeks we had a dry day at the Bermuda Triangle. While working out in the rain makes you tougher it was nice only to have he 27 degree temps without any precipitation.

6 PAX showed up and we went for a mosey to the far side of the school.


SSH, produce pickers, low slow squats, worst merkins ever, superman hold. Then mosey to the main field where we grabbed our burlap sacks – previously used for hauling coffee beans. Shout out to Twitch for supplying them to me even though he couldn’t make it out today. The perks of knowing someone that owns a coffee company (see what I did there?).


The Thang

Old school sack race – 50 yards. YHC took the gold in this one, but the real winner was all of us as we got to watch Radar fall down coming out of the gate. It was in the middle of a sack joke as well.

Backwards sack race – 50 yards. By this point everyone was starting to realize that jumping around while inside a waste high sack is pretty good cardio work. Also, the sack related jokes and puns were hitting their full stride.



Partner up. P1 sack hops 50 yards then sprints back, while P2 does the exercise. Flap jack and rinse repeat until each partner has done: Burpees, Lunges, Inchworm merkins, Monkey Humpers, Plank jacks.

Duck Duck Burp

Circle up. One at a time, PAX take turns sack hopping around the circle. As each man is passed by the hopper, do 3 burpees. It ends up basically being a continuous burpee circle with PAX hopping around the outside. We did 2 full rotations.

Sack Lap

I told the men that we were going to do a full lap of the track in our coffee sacks, which was met with a combination of groans and “seriously?”s. By this point they had figured out that sack hopping is no child’s play. It wasn’t easy, but teamwork made it bearable. As a 2 man team, partners sack hopped all the way around the ¼ mile track. P1 hops while P2 does 10 big boy sit-ups. Then P2 sprints to catch up to P1. Flap jack and rinse repeat until the full lap is done.


Finished up and went to COT.

Thanks men an excuse to be stupid and get out there for some schoolyard fun. 


Stay Classy,


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