Getting over a case of the Mondays real quick

Clearly underestimated the setup time and came in hot to the Chic Filet parking lot at 5:14a.  Was super stoked to see our boy DaVinici in the gloom ready to put in some work after being on IR for the last 2 months.  Let’s get to it:

Mosey over to Home Depot for a quick warm-up that consisted of seal jacks, wind mills and mountain climbers.  The balance of the warm-up was a little more painful:

  • Descending alternate sets of merkins / diamond merkins starting at 11 reps – 11 merkins, 10 diamonds, 9 merkins, 8 diamonds…down to 1 merkin.  66 in all, as quickly as we could.
  • Next set was the same idea, only wide squats and super narrow squats – wide x11, narrow x10…you get the point.  Went super fast here, which hurt on the next part.

From there, we took a long 3/4 mile mosey behind home depot, target, down to Kohl’s then up Rivergate View Road and parked it front of Buffalo Wild Wings.  From there, the pax were able to observe the sea of yellow cones going the length of that straightaway – 10 cones (we only saw 9 until the very end lol) over a 1/4 mile stretch.  Quick and dirty – I give the exercise and rep count, you run to each cone and do the same rep / exercise at every cone the whole way down and then run back.  You get in a 1/2 mile per exercise / set (1/4 mile down, 1/4 mile back), and a ton of reps.  Sets as follows:

  1. 5 burpees per cone (50 burpees in total) – run back
  2. 10 big boy sit-ups per cone (100 big boys in total) – run back
  3. 15 jump squats per cone (150 jump squats in total) – run back
  4. Had three more planned out (a 15 rep, a 10 rep and then 5 burpees again), but time was running low.  Compromised at 10 merkins per cone (100 merkins in total)

At that point we had about 2 minutes, so we moseyed to the corner of Pet Smart and then sprinted back to CoT covering a good stretch, the length of the Pet Smart, Marshalls, Office Max and Best Buy store fronts.

Final count:

  • 166 merkins (66 merkins / diamond descending + 100 on the cones)
  • 150 jump squats
  • 100 big boy sit-ups
  • 66 squats (wide and narrow descending)
  • 50 burpees
  • 2.5 miles covered

So thankful to see DaVinci back this morning – he gave us some really encouraging words on preparedness – the importance of being ready for both the expected and the unexpected things that come up in our lives.  Thanks to Royale for making the trek up to Quagmire today, and always a pleasure to see the regulars on Mondays w/ Bones, Copyright and Jedi.

We said a prayer for our sick pax, especially those w/ sick 2.0’s, for travel mercies this week (Royale and myself going opposite directions, but nonetheless, a car-full of kiddos and spouses) and for the trials that we find ourselves in and how it will develop us into better HIM’s because of it.

Until next time – thanks fellas.  Always a pleasure to serve you guys and lead a beatdown!




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