DORA Got Lost at Quagmire

While driving the clown car with 5 deep there is no better site then coming around the corner and seeing Jedi posting up the #Quagmire Shovel Flag. 13 PAX arrived to hit it hard with the worst merican ever dora.

Disclaimer was given and moseyed off to the Home Depot parking lot for a little warm up. Once warm up was complete off to the Target parking lot to get that blood flowing and a little more stretching. Then comes the pain.

With the help of Jedi (trying to utilize the whole area/not get lost) we made our way to the fountain. Partner up. Dora time. Start out with 100 worst mericans ever (wide push up, normal push up, diamond push up=1), 200 clapping crunches (thanks six pack abs in 30 days), 300 irkins, and 400 LBC’s. One partner would run around the fountain while the other pushed pavers or worked those abs. Then once around the fountain trade spots. We were all able to get the 1st 3 exercises done before having to mosey back to COT. Once back at COT with a little time to spare we crunched out 100 LBC’s together. We were able to get in 2.25 miles and about 600 different variations of pushups.

These guys took the pain and kept on going. Proud to be part of this Pax and this community. Thanks Jedi for making me a better man. Until next time.

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Crosswalk fun at Quagmire

6 PAX arrived at Quagmire to work off all the post Mother’s Day calories. Disclaimer was given and off we moseyed. Circle up in lot across from sub shop for warm-up. Normal stuff: SSHs, Hillbilly Walkers, Slow Squats, Merkins, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, MCs, MNCs, Imperial Walkers. Now that everyone was loose we moseyed to Kohls.

Starting at first cross-walk we did 2 Bomb-Jacks, 2 Seal-Jacks, and 2 Plank-Jacks. Jog to next cross-walk and increase count by 2. So 4-4-4, 6-6-6, etc. all the way around that strip of stores. There are several cross-walks in front and behind that section, PAX made it up to 18-18-18.

Back in front of Kohls we lined up for some fun I borrowed from our ruck event.

  • Burpee broad jump length of store, run around store back to start.
  • Lunge walk length of store, run around store back to start.
  • Burpee broad jump length of store (Cha-ching was so far ahead of everyone we modified to 2 broad jumps per burpee), run around store back to start.
  • Lunge walk about 2/3 of store before we needed to head back to COT.

Mosey back to COT with a quick stop about halfway for 25 LBCs. I didn’t track how far we ran but I’d estimate 2.5 miles. Lot of space to use at Rivergate. Great work by all the PAX this morning! And thanks to Jedi for the opportunity.


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Off My 4th Point of Contact to Q

The disclaimer was remembered, although, I was reminded that it was incomplete. F3 cannot be sued.
Moseyed to the HD parking lot – High knees, butt-kickers etc. Karoke is not a good warmup if you are nursing plantar facitis.
Circled up for IW, HW, Morrocan NC, Plank/Down dog/Honeymooner and slow/old-man/windmills.
Moseyed to the back of Target where the bad ideas started – probably as a result of being a slug for sometime. We did several rounds of 7’s between the walls, by the dumpster; interrupted by the Peoples’ Chair. Rd 1 – Mode: Bearcrawl, Peter Parkers and Parker Peters. Rd 2 – Mode: Lungewalk, Monkey Humpers and Squat Jumps. Rd 3 – Mode: Crabwalks, Rosalitas and Freddie Mercury. Rd 4 – Mode: Hop, Calf-raises and Bomb Jacks.
Moseyed 10 feet to long, back wall of Target for Peoples’ Chair and Donkey Webbs. After the previous bad ideas Donkey Webbs were a badder idea.
Moseyed to Best Buy for a brief taste of core exercises. I needed the core to start working of my large sit-up muscle.
COT: Prayers for families and loss of loved ones and for difficult conversations to be had with friends. Praises for new jobs and wedding anniversaries.
The word for May is mentorship. We saw examples this morning – young men, mentored by fathers and friends holding friends accountable. Pastor Tony Evans has a quote – “We are born male, but we choose to be men”. Maxim #3 in “Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men”: is “Manly Men, build Manly men.”
Thank you Jedi for getting me out of bed with the opportunity to Q. It is always an honor. Tater.

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License to Ill at Quagmire

I love the opportunity to Q at Quagmire. Starting off the week, you need to make sure you wake everyone up with a good shake of the weinke. I wanted this one to be different, and boy was it. It looked REALLY good on paper…..

Met up at COT. No FNGs. Disclaimer was made and off we went.

Short short mosey around the parking lot in front of Best Buy/Marshalls to get the heart rate up and muscles warmed up. Then it was right into the main event.

I am an 80s kid. I graduated high school in 1988. I feel to this day that the 80s had the BEST music ever. I was a music junkie – I loved metal, rap, country, R&P, hip-hop, and so on, and went to several concerts of those musical genres. Probably why I am tone deaf. In 1986 a cutting edge cassette came out that I loved, and still do. I thought I would incorporate it into the workout.

License to Ill (by the Beastie Boys)

Form a circle with the PAX about 20-25yds diameter. Then we got right into it. The idea was a tabata style workout. You pick an exercise and do it AMRAP for the prescribed time. In this case, we would be doing an exercise AMRAP for the duration of the song played. No rest between exercises other than the transition between two songs (a few seconds). PAX would get rewarded with breaks if they answered trivia correctly. So here it is

Number / Song Title / Duration / Exercise (Note if Applicable):

  1. Ryhmin & Stealin / 4:08 / Warmup = WM / SSH / Arm Circles
  2. The New Style / 4:36 / Merkins
  3. She’s Crafty / 3:35 / Lunges w Jump Lunges
  4. Posse In Effect / 2:27 / Hello Dolly w Reverse Crunch / BBS (1)
  5. Slow Ride / 2:56 / Bear Crawl circle w CDD every 5 strides
  6. Girls / 3:14 / LSS w Bomb Jack or Jump Squat
  7. Fight For Your Right / 3:28 / Peter Parker to Parker Peter
  8. No Sleep Till Brooklyn / 4:07 / Bent Knee Alt Leg Lower (2)
  9. Paul Revere / 3:41 / Bear Crawl circle w CDD every 5 strides >> PAX earned 1 min rest here
  10. Hold It Now, Hit It / 3:26 / IW-HW combo
  11. Brass Monkey / 2:37 / Monkey Humpers (expect anything else w this song??)
  12. Slow and Low / 3:38 / Elbow Plank w Knee Touches to Ground
  13. Time to Get Ill / 3:37 / Merkins

(1) Reverse crunch / BBS = Start big boy situp position but instead of lifting upper body and lower back up and off the ground, you bring feet off the ground, knees almost to chest (goal is knees 90deg bend at least), then return feet to ground for 1 rep
(2) Bent knee alt leg lower = Start on 6, both legs off the ground, knees at 90deg bend with lower leg/calf parallel to ground, then extend one leg outwards to where it is min 6″ off the ground while holding the other leg up at start position. Return extended leg back to start, then repeat with other leg. That is one rep. Harder version is starting w both legs 6″ off the ground.

I brought an OLD boom box and the original CD I bought back in the day and we cranked it out (not too loud). It was a real burner, and it was definitely different. Brought back some fond memories listening to that CD…..complete with a few skips here and there for old times sake.

There was no time for talking. Just doing the work while jamming to some old school hip.-hop/rap. All the PAX did great cranking out the reps, with very little rest, and although there was not much mublechatter it was still a good time. Next time I’ll incorporate some hair band metal/hard rock.

Back to the COT for Announcements, P&P….a little late.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.


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Diplomacy at Quagmire

It was a long drive from BFE to Lake Wylie, but I’ve wanted to make it to this AO for a while… so I answered Jedi’s call. By the way, I received my request to Q back in January! That is some hardcore planning by this HIM. I’m lucky if I get a month in advance at The Coop.

Also, due to the friendly banter back and forth between Jedi and the Badger… I had to bring the pain today to satisfy these Lake Wylie boys. The last thing I wanted to be was a terrible Ambassador of the Honey Badger Nation.

Here’s what we did.

400m run


Tempo Merkins – 11
Mountain Climbers – 13
SSH – 17
LSS – 19
Al Gore Night Clubs – 11
Yoga Flow

400m run


Wheelbarrow 25 yards.
Out, swap w/partner, back.
Squerkins – 1 Derkin in wheelbarrow position alternating while partner holds and does 1 Squat – Ascending to 5 (so 15 in total).

At this point Jedi told me to tighten my core, which I realized made wheelbarrows much easier. #ProTip

400m run

Wheelbarrow 25 yards.
Out, swap w/partner, back.
Squerkins – to 6 this time (so 21 in total).

400m run

Lunge 10 yards, do 10 squats, mosey back.
Add 10 yards each time until you get to 50 (so 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 – in total 150 squats and 150 yards of lunge walks)

400m run

Punch Webbs 1:4 – 10:40
Dive bomber Pushups + Burps/Ski Abs/Thrusts (whatever you want to call them!)
400m run
200m run
200m run

As we left and returned to our circle for the Webbs, the sweat puddles kept growing. It looked like an aftermath post from Jocko. We were all pleased. The run breaks were much needed, as my shoulders were pretty smoked. Cable Guy said his triceps were smoked. His form was better than mine!

Last Minute Mary
10xWWI Sit Ups

Side note – we also ran 2+ miles in the midst of all of that fun.

GORUCK DSM Custom event this weekend! Pray for us!
Monday’s at Sabor there is a bible study. I missed the full details so follow up with Cornhole for more information.

Pray for Duck Dynasty – had some shady business going on in his neighborhood and it was unsettling. Pray for the authorities to handle it the right way and DD to remain composed for both he and his family’s sake.
Pray for Jedi – big decisions to be made here and it could change what he currently calls his life.
Pray for me – I constantly lack patience with my daughters and I need to realize the impact this could be having on them and their understanding on love and leadership.

In all, it was a great morning to join up with my brothers that I don’t often see. Jedi, thank you for your leadership, your friendly banter on twitter, and for making us all want to accelerate. Finally, thanks for asking me to lead.

Punch List out.

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Climbing the Ladder at Quagmire

Every now and then, the site Q pulls his own card to Q. Today was my day, and I’d be lying to say that I spent a ton of time putting together the perfect workout. In reality, I threw together something that I knew would be challenging for everybody, but accessible to anybody. I arrived early with my 2.0’s chalk to get the workout written, then parked and waited for the PAX to arrive.

0515 rolled around and 8 joined YHC (with Copyright silently running up at near-sprint speed) for the disclaimer. We set off for a quick mosey around Home Depot, through the alley (with high knees, butt kickers, knees-to-chests, heels-to-butts, and toy soldiers), and circling up near the always-vacant restaurant space.


  • 10 Windmills
  • 10 Imperial Walker
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Peter Parkers
  • Downward dog, cross over ankle grabs, honeymooner

Mosey to the fountain for the Thang.


As stated above, this was designed to be challenging but also accessible. Go at your own pace and get as far as you can. Around the fountain parking lot were twelve exercises to do as a ladder. Start at station 1, do the exercise, run to station 2, do the exercise, run back to 1, do exercise at 1, run to 2, exercise, run to 3, exercise, back to 1, etc. It adds up. Fast.


  1. 20 bomb jacks
  2. 20 merkins
  3. 10 burpees
  4. 20 squat jumps
  5. 20 archer merkins
  6. 10 Tony Hawk burpees
  7. 20 runner’s lunge high knee skips (apparently my current favorite exercise)
  8. 20 breakdancer merkins (they’re back!)
  9. 10 prison cell burpees
  10. 20 lateral lunge leg lifts
  11. 20 pseudo planche merkins
  12. 10 kraken burpees

A couple gazelles got into the round going to prison cell burpees, but didn’t make it to them. Everybody got to the round of breakdancers, though not all got to enjoy those. All in, everybody got over 1.75 miles of running, 80-90 burpees, 200+ merkins (not including the merkins in the burpees), and a lot of jumping (120 bomb jacks, anyone?). Actually, reading this, it doesn’t look like much. My body says otherwise.

Olaf decided to ruck it, and we heard about it the whole time. He’ll definitely be feeling it later.

Mosey back to COT. A few announcements (read your newsletter), and a few PAX shared some pretty big prayer requests.

No big message today, just a good workout to get back into the swing of things after spring break. I’m always encouraged and pushed by the guys who post to Quagmire. We aren’t big on the flashy, but we work hard. Great group of regulars. If you haven’t posted to Quagmire in a while, come out and see us.


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Tabata Time at the Quagmire

Monday morning and the start of a new business week.  It was finally warm, 64 degrees… and with that warmth comes humidity!  I haven’t been to Quagmire in too long, that standard excuse about passing other AOs to get to another one.  But being invited by Jedi to Q had me up early and ready to go!  It was a welcome sight to see our Weasel Shaker and his merry men show up for ass-kickin’ April as an added bonus.  I’m sure they did not enjoy themselves today.  More coming at the Poopdeck Thursday!

With 17 guys ready to start I gave the disclaimer.  Great to see Meltdown and The Admiral up at it early… (two FNGs from last week!) We started to run…and run…and run.

So we stopped all the way over on the other end of Rivergate, close to the Trulent banking center. We did a circle lap half way to our destination to gather the group back together and not let them pull too far apart.  There were a few PAX begging for it to stop.  Maybe they shouldn’t have pre-ran today?  (You know who you are) But we got to run a few circle laps while the 6 made it in for COP.


IWs – Windmills – Merkins – SSHs – Peter Parkers – Some broga in between some of those.

Evolution #1

Had to grab my speaker that I’d hidden in a bush. Informed the guys we would be doing 10 minutes of Tabata with 20 seconds on 10 seconds off.  Each of these exercises would be done 4 times in a row.

1.  Lunges

2. Ranger Merkins

3. Bombjacks

4. Flutters

5. Burpees

I played some loud rough music to keep the blood flowing during this session.  It was much harder than this write-up sounds.  After we finished, I asked a couple guys to give us an “Apache 10 count”.  Kenyan just brought this back from Rock Hill to his Q at the Deep on Saturday.  The PAX giving the 10 count shares some stuff about himself. Family, who EH’d, how long doing F3, etc.  I really liked that idea and Funhouse, Bones, and Cornhole  got to share.

Mosey to Evolution #2

Long run back behind Home Depot

We sat on the wall while each end would run to the long hall, sprint down it and return.  Then the next PAX 2×2 would go. That took longer than I thought so people’s chair was painful.

Next BTTW 30 count

People Chair with the ends doing 5 jump squats

20 Mike Tyson’s OYO on the wall

BTTW 30 count

People’s chair with 5 Merkins

Only 5 minutes left, moseyed back to COT.

Had 2 minutes to spare some AB Lab to finish the morning.

Announcements: Read your newsletter and check twitter/slack.

Prayers for families and my son who swallowed  a part of a toothpick Sunday that got stuck in his throat.  Hoping there was no more damage internally.  As of Monday night he seems better.

An honor to lead




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No Pity on the Fools at Quagmire

Jedi here, stepping in for Mr. T to get his backblast from April 1 posted…

Vinny was the scheduled Q, and even mentioned this to Mr. T Sunday morning. Much to Mr. T’s surprise, Vinny called him up late Sunday night requesting a substi-Q. This late change of plans caused for some confusion in the wee hours of Monday morning, but at 0515 Mr. T took control, gave a disclaimer (with some assistance), and off we went.

Mosey around to Sport Clips parking lot with some high knees, butt kickers, and shuffles along the way. That was the warm up. For the rest of the workout, Mr. T rolled out the dice, of which there were four. Simple rules: roll the dice, he’d announce and lead the exercise to some pre-determined number that may or may not be a multiple of 10, rinse and repeat.


4 – low slow squats

5 – mountain climber

6 – Freddie mercury

7 – LBC

8 – You Call It

9 – Rosalita

10 – American Hammer

11 – Peters on the wall (Peter Parkers in BTTW position, not the other possible definition)

12 – People’s Chair

13 – You Call It

14 – Crab walk/bear walk the circle

15 – Run (to a new location; we did this a few times, ending up in front of Home Depot, outside Just Fresh, in front of Tuesday Morning, and outside Casual Pint)

16 – High Knee Skip

17 – Plank hip dips (on your elbows)

18 – Side plank, arm (and leg) high, both sides

19 – You Call It

20 – Plank hands to elbows

21 – Peter Parker/Parker Peter

22 – Hello Dolly

23 – You Call It

24 – Burpees

With four dice, you can assume most of our rolls ended up in the middle numbers.

Return to COT for number-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements-o-rama (not actually a thing), and praises and prayers.

Welcome (no longer an) FNG, The Admiral.

Mr. T would like to thank Vinny for the opportunity. It’s difficult to tell if there was sarcasm in his text saying as much.

I would like to thank Mr. T for stepping up. I know it’s been hard for him to get out and post consistently lately, but it’s always good to see him. It’s probably especially difficult to come back and Q after not Qing for a long time. I think it was safe to say he was a bit nervous, but he still took control and led the PAX through a solid beatdown for a Monday morning. It was also great to see the PAX gather together and encourage him throughout the workout.

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HIIT @Quagmire

Jedi put me on the Q schedule at Quagmire way back when we had a snow storm that paralyzed the Charlotte area. It has taken until Monday 25Mar for me to make my first appearance at Quagmire.  The night before, I loaded the ‘Yoda with coupons, made a playlist, and set my alarm for 0400.

I arrived early to unload my coupons and set up the pain stations just in case.  10 men had gathered in the Gloom for a Dirty Harry beat down. I tweeted that the workout would be post P200 friendly and that the PAX should bring foam rollers so they could stretch and roll their sore muscles. Everyone showed up empty handed. Good thing I brought all those coupons.  The disclaimer was given and off we moseyed to the adjacent parking lot for our warm-up.

30-SSH (never less than 30) thanks Pusher

10-Wind Mills

8-Imperial Walkers

11-Cherry Pickers

I checked my watch, it was already 0520 where had all the time gone? I’m used to badger time. I walked the PAX around and showed them the 12 different pain stations. I demonstrated a few exercises, paired my iPhone with the speaker, and got ready to start the timer. Today would be a HIIT workout with 1 minute at each pain station followed by a 15 second rest. The PAX chose thier station, I pressed start, and we were off.

Their Choices were:

Flutter Kicks

Rucksack Curls 35#

Bomb Jacks

Bear Hug Jug 55# (bear hug water jug while walking around traffic island)

Flutter Squats

O.H. Press with Ruck 30#

Bear Crawl 25yrd, Crawl Bear back

Farmer Carry Jug 55#

Inch Worm merkins

Bent Over Row 40# sandbag

High Plank

Man or teenager Makers 60#(man) 40#(teen) sandbags. All PAX chose to be MEN

When I pressed play on the timer, I was worried I had made things too easy. There was a lot of mumble chatter. But like a fine wine, a good beatdown sometimes takes time to mature and develop. Toward the end there wasn’t a lot of talking, we were all struggling to make it from station to station during our 15sec rest period. At least 2 of us looked like we had taken showers out there.  Jedi told me our time together was almost up. The PAX helped police up all the cones and coupons and back to COT we went. Monday was wear GREEN for Cerebral Palsy, several of the PAX did so. Thank you JEDI for the opportunity to lead the PAX.

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Quagmire Suicide Medley

Imperial walkers x 20
Burpees x 10
Hill Billy walkers x 20
Windmills x 10
Left legged Burpees x 10
Merkins x 10
Peter Parkers x 15
Right legged Burpees x 10
Low slow squats x 10
Moroccan night clubs x 20
The Thang
Pax mosied over to the old BAM parking lot and set up for suicide pyramids.
1.  1st cone (seal Jacks x10), 2nd cone + 1st cone (seal jacks x10 + planks Jacks x10), 3rd, 2nd + 1st cones (seal jacks x10 + planks Jacks x10 + bomb jacksx10), 2nd cone + 1st cone (planks Jack’s x10, bomb Jack’s x10), 1st cone (bomb Jacks)
2.  Crab walk to 1st cone and back (30 crab cakes), crab walk to 2nd cone and back (30 dips)
3.  Same as round 1 with squats/sumo squats/jump squats
4.  Same as round 2 but bear crawls and diamond/regular merkins x 15
Mosied back for 5 min of Mary before COT
Thanks Jedi for the opportunity to lead.
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