Constantly Moving Through The Swamp

It is always a pleasure to get the “call” to the lead the PAX  and this opportunity didn’t disappoint.  The Swamp is my “home” Friday AO so I was well aware of all the nooks and crannies it had to offer.

After a separating ourselves from the droves of men with backpacks (12 of them) I gave the usual disclaimer explaining that these men were there at their own risk and that the only thing I could promise is that they would return “stronger” than they set out.  I also explained that we would be “moving” the entire time so ‘buckle up’ and enjoy the tour.

Quick 3/4 mile mosey around Home Depot to the Khol’s parking lot.  Along the way we did some active stretching including butt kickers and high knees.  Warm up included several exercises to warm the muscles up such as:

  • Windmill
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Potato Pickers
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Right/Left leg over opposite leg with body twist (on our 6)
  • Downward Dog
  • Honeymooner
  • Side Straddle Hops

Quick mosey 100 yards —- 50 Slow Low Squats

Bear Crawl 50 yards

25 yard mosey


  • 30 Regular
  • 20 Wide Arm
  • 15 Ranger
  • 10 Diamond

Crawl Bear 50 yards

Mosey to Verizon: 50 Moroccan Night Club (Jedi wasn’t amused)

Mosey to “alley” behind Home Depot:

Wall sits while one PAX goes out and does 10 Berpees

Lunge Walking (down alleyway)

  • Varying steps (3-10) then exercise:
  • Merkins
  • Squat Jumps
  • Burpees
  • 10 Squat Jumps (to cap it off)

Mosey toward COT

Halfway stop for 10 more Burpees

Almost there……but first one last Suicide to really gas ourselves.

We finished strong and as I promised every man came back to COT stronger than he had left.  We reconnected with our backpack brothers and lifted some prayers and praises up.  In total 19 men got better (12 Ruckers and 7 Bootcampers)


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12 Days of Misery (Christmas Workout)

6 posted today at the Crows Nest for a Christmas Themed Workout.

The work out started with brief disclaimer then a mosey towards the poorly sensored street lights were we did some Low Slow Squats sprinkled in with some high knees and butt kickers until Nemo caught up.

Warm Up: A circle up was formed with some poorly Cadenced Peter Parkers, SSH’s Moroccan Night Clubs, Mtn Climbers and Cotton Pickers.

Main Course: We made our way around the back of the school where we saw that Santa had delivered some Christmas Presents. Each HIM selected a present where within it they found pretty much coal in each Gift Bag (25 SSH’s, 15 Box Cutters, 30 Flutters, 25 Freddie Mercury’s, an assortment of Merkin’s, 10 Bomb Jacks and 8 Burpee’s)

We then were lead to a little blue light that Flux had previously been curious about little did he know it was leading him to a Painful version or Jingle Bell Rock and I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. We held plank during Jingle Bell Rock and everytime the song said Jingle Bell or just Jingle we did a pushup. Similar idea for Hippo song but held six inches and did leg raises everytime the song said Hippo…..

The last part of the Christmas themed workout was the 12 Days of Christmas (did one lap and added a day/exercise each time around)

On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
1 Bomb Jack
2 Diamond Merks
3 Big Boys
4 American Hammers
5 Burpee’s
6 Imper Walkers
7 Mtn Climbers
8 Merkins
9 Moroccan Night Clubs
10 Squats
11 Dying Cockroaches
12 SSH’s

I was up against Dark Helmet who was Q’ing over at the Quagmire so I looked at his Name-o-rama only to find out that the normal HIM’s from the Crows Nest did not go there……….they Fart Sacked!

I mentioned also in today’s Q that I didn’t want to have more friends at first when I started this F3 thang and darn it I now have more friends. Well it was a little more heart felt than that.

Announcements: Peg’s Christmas party. Prayers For Radar’s Grandmother, Olaf’s Mother in law. Praise for Olaf’s daughter coming home to spend some time from school. As always we are grateful for our health, lives and for F3.

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Big 50 Birthday bash

Today was my 50th Birthday and Maximus allowed me to lead a Beyond so that I could take some extra time to discuss somethings that I have been pondering as I approached this milestone birthday.  To go along with our monthly theme of Vulnerable I took the opportunity to share some struggles as well.  With that we moseyed.

Warm up of SSH, Imperial walkers, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, and Plank Jacks

Moseyed to Rite Aid parking lot(some chatter about too much running, but I ignored it).

Sharing time #1 – Shared with the Pax that I feel like 30 year old me would have thought that 50 year old me would be “further along”.  Further along Professionally and Financially, Further along Spiritually and in Family.  In 2001 I was recruited to Charlotte for a position with a new company, for a salary that I thought would be my ticket ahead.  I had great plans that I could do this for a bunch of years, make a bunch of money and then I could check out and go do something that I wanted to do , maybe full time ministry or teaching.  Within 1 year it all blew up, I was demoted for not doing a good job, salary was slashed plans were gone.  17 years later we’re still feeling the affects.

First circuit – Partner up – Partner 1 does People’s Chair Partner 2 does a lap, then flip it.  Next Partner 1 does Plank, Partner 2 does a lap, flip it.  Next Partners do 100 Merkins as a team, 1 runs I does Merkins, flip it.

Sharing time 2 – Felt like I would be further along spiritually.  30 year old me would have thought I would have gotten past my need for man’s approval.  I would have thought that the sins that tripped me up back then would be conquered and pride & lust would no longer be an issue foe me, but they are still there.  Felt like I would be further along in family & parenting. My plan was to be an empty nester at this point, but here I am with a 7th and 9th grader still at home, and t top it off I’m not particularly better at parenting then I was when I 30.

Circuit #2 Partner again – Lap #1 Partner 1 does Al Gore Partner #2 does a lap.  Lap #2  Partner 1 does Flutters Partner 2 does a lap.  Lap #2 Team does 100 Big Boy Sit ups total while 1 partner runs.

Sharing time 3 – The truth is that when I look at my life with clear eyes I can see that my life has been Blessed beyond measure!  I have a job that I mostly enjoy, and work with great people(shout out to Royale) and I am well compensated.  I have a beautiful wife of 26 years and we have a great marriage that keeps getting better.  I have 5 awesome kids who are healthy and bring me great joy, and sometimes frustration.  To add to it I have found this thing called F3 and a group of friends and Brothers that I never even knew I needed!  To see my 50 year old life s anything but blessed is ridiculous.

Off to COT for 2 minutes of Mary

Final share – What I have found is that the only times that I get down about where I am at 50 is when I look around me at others and I compare myself to what  my perception of them is.  This can lead to pride but for me it mostly leads to despair.  What I am trying to learn is contentment as Paul describes it in Phil. 4, whether he had much or little Paul was content.  The source of this contentment is found in Phil. 3 where Paul shares that all of his achievements, any possession he may have or any legacy he may be able to boast about , all of is it is worthless, or as he calls is a big pile of manure, compared to knowing Christ.  Paul says he has 1 aim, and that is to Know Christ!!  The secret Paul learned is that all he need was Jesus and if he had Jesus he had all he needed, and if he had Jesus, he could never lose him so therefore he could always be content.  In whatever amount of years I have left let this be my aim; that I may know Christ!!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

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The Deep – Literally the water was deep and coming sideways in 36 degrees!

Laying in bed and listening to the water running down the downspout on my house was discomforting. Realizing it was only going to be about 35 degrees made it even more agonizing. “If I was not Qing, would I still go?” YES and I have gone. In 6 years of F3 I have worked out in single digit temperatures and in ice and in snow and in lots of rain. Honestly the cold rain is the worse and that is what we had on this Saturday morning. It may have been the worse conditions because of the combination of cold and wet that just goes right through you, but here I am, 2 days later alive and well. Actually stronger because of the experience. In 6 years the best and hardest workouts were the ones in the worse weather and I’m better for it. I know others agree. Point is that one of our core principles is that all workouts are outside and that is not a tough guy thing but something to make you stronger. By getting to the AO, out of the car, in the workout you have told your mind and body you are in control. By pushing through the discomfort of the conditions, you can push through the discomfort of tough things in life like conversations and personalities and circumstances. By doing this over and over and over, confidence spills over in you and in your life. Stop making excuses and post. Hold someone accountable and they hold you and both of you will get better. Thank you Pusher and Mr. Clean for accountability and thank you PAX for showing up and supporting your Qs

I locked my keys in my truck and thank God I had my jacket and gloves!! Whew!!!

The Thang:

  • Warm Up!!!
  • Mosey up and down each of the overhang sidewalks for COP
  • Wall Sit with bearcrawls length of wall


  • Mosey across the street for 11’s
  • Derkins – bridging the river of water along the curbs
  • Bombjacks at top running through the puddles

To the Track

ladder work with 100 yard run between each
1 merkin = 10
2 squats = 18
3 lbcs = 24
4 bombjacks = 32
5 Burpees = 30
6 Freddys = 30
7 Diamonds = 32
8 lunges = 24
9 Moracan night clubs = 18
10 donkey kicks = 10

Mosey back to front of school middle school

YHC shared with the PAX a conversation I had with a friend who mentioned that the older he gets the more he adores his M and appreciates her. Even more than when they first met and dated he “adores” her. I told the PAX it was like a light bulb lit up in my head. We (the church) are the bride of Christ and he adores us from day one…..even through our mess and our tough stubborn times he loves us. As we come to Christ and grow in him and realize the love of the father…..we adore him more and more each day. This is why the relationship of marriage is so important because as we learn what it means to be husbands we also learn how our Lord adores us and we him to be better men each day.

Finish strong with Partners 2 rounds

  • Dying Cockroaches
  • 20 dips
  • 15 merkins
  • Big Boy sit ups
  • 25 Irkins
  • 20 Steps ups


Thank you for the Opportunity Shakespeare!

Cake Boss

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Be prepared at the Bermuda Triangle!

Having the Q the day after Thanksgiving can be tough.  But it’s also the best way to hold yourself accountable.  When Homebrew reached out to me with the offer to Q this day I knew I had to accept.  I’d do anything to help support our site Qs, especially for our newest AO in the region!

I pulled into the parking lot 4 minutes before the 5am start…no cars?  The thought started to cross my mind, would I workout if no one shows up?  Then I saw the mild wind outside when the temp says 35 degrees…and my internal answer we clearly NO. But before that thought could take hold, three pairs of headlights started coming down the road, slowed down and turned into the school.  Shake that thought off, because now it was time to lead!

I was very glad I grabbed a jacket for the third layer of clothes because that wind was no fun this morning.  I felt even sorrier for Copyright who jumped out of his car wearing one thin layer, and Iced-T who was still in shorts! Another big shout out goes to Captain Jack, who previous to this week only posted on Saturdays, but was in attendance this morning and posted to the Abyss on Wednesday.  Someone might have caught the bug!

I gave the disclaimer, and we took off for a warm-up lap around the outside gravel track.  Luckily no one took a header because the lighting is very poor and the tree leaves covered most of the back part of the track.  More than a few times men have gone down back there.

Circle up in the field for COP.

Imperial Walkers – SSHs – Windmills – CDDs – Merkins – LS Squats…good enough

Moseyed over to the playground

Evolution #1

7s with a lap

6 pull ups to 1 Merkin then run a lap around the playground. 1 Down on Pull-ups – 1 Up on Merkins until we flip flopped.

Moved over to the basketball court.

I shared a little about “Being prepared” I warned the guys that I did not feel as good around this queue as many because I did not follow my regular Weinke building routine. I still like writing it out and having it on paper.  I didn’t do that last night and I suffered for it with lost sleep.  It could have been all the turkey, but I’m sure I woke up all though the night because I had failed to complete my prep for this workout. I warned the men, be prepared for things you can be, be intentional with your actions. My goal was to make sure they would not suffer from my lack of routine today.

Evolution #2

Now this I did set up.  We were doing a Tabata routine

30 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds rest, same exercise 3 times.  We have four different moves

1 Lunges

2 Merkins

3 American Hammers

4 Burpees

Rise a repeat, but i was kind enough to change out Merkins for CDDs the 2nd round.

Next we did an Indian Run around the outside loop, made it back to the center soccer field and completed the next evolution.

Evolution #3

I asked Captain Jack if he had ever done Jack Webbs.  The answer was no, so that made it the right choice for me!

“Traditional” Jack Webbs… not like the ones I heard Longshanks pulled at the Thanksgiving Day Convergence.  (He’s a beast!)

Only a few noted modifications, Homebrew was kind enough to tell Captain Jack when we hit the midpoint at Round 7 overhead clap #28…

Only two minutes left for the workout, we did Flutters and Captain Jack got to pick Leg Raises.



Christmas Party – still time for signups…

Excellent talk about the Thanksgiving Convergence with 78 men!


Each man went around the circle sharing something on their heart.

It was an honor to Lead,


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Working Hard @ Crow’s Nest

Of course this is way late and will be abridged but it is my duty to put together a backblast and I’m not going to slouch.  #LeadByExample

We started off with a disclaimer (had an FNG) and some light stretching… don’t want anyone to get hurt out there!

Took a nice mosey around the left side of the building (facing the front) and circled up for some Warm O Rama.  SSH, Windmills, Imperial Walkers were completed in quick succession.  It started to get cold again, so we went to work.

Partner up… partner A runs front start point around the loop and back while partner B completes an exercise until they return.  No keeping up with numbers, we just kept going until they came back and switched up the exercise each time.  1st- SSH   2nd- Squats  3rd- CDDs

Mosey back around the front to the opposite side of the building. Circle up and completed the following together.

Seal Jacks, 5 burpees, Merkins, 5 burpees, Freddy Mercury’s, 5 burpees

Mosey back to the back parking lot and back around to the Green Monster.

Partner exercise again.  A runs down the hill and back while B completes an exercise with weight (we had 50lb sandbags and 15-20lb kettlebells/dumbbells).  Exercises were: 2 rounds of overhead press, 2 rounds of curls, 2 rounds of tricep extensions, and 1 round of bent over row.

Mosey back around the front parking lot for a quick 3 rounds of Mary.

Numbered off, Name O Rama, and naming of a new FNG!  Welcome to Cousin Eddie!  T-Claps to Two Ferns for bringing him out!


Thanks for the opp. to lead Flux!  I look forward to the next time!

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Hills, Hills, Hills

We ran.

Mile and a half-ish warm up around the parking lot, up the back hill, around the front on 49, back into the parking lot, around towards the back of the school, around the track, and back out to the front entrance near the metal barrier.

Ran the hill from the barrier to the stop light on 49 x 5 at a 3-5K pace with a light jog back down and a 30 sec – 1 min rest between.  Note: some people’s 3-5K was more like a sprint.

Indian Run from the stop light to the back bus parking lot hill.

Hill sprints from the 2nd light pole to the gate x 6.

After final sprint, we took a run up 49 in front of the school again back down to the main parking lot .  With a few minutes to spare, we were able to get in one final Indian Run around the parking lot before COT.

Announcements: Turkey Day Convergence, Band Aids, F3 Christmas Party…

Prayers: Travels for Turkey Day and Royale for patience as he continues the journey of Fatherhood (which we all can use).


Thanks for the Q opp. Hauschka!  Put me back on more often to keep me accountable for getting out and keeping me honest in my runs!

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Cold Blooded at the Swamp

So it was the coldest day of November (so far) but at least there was no rain.  A balmy 33 degrees to start the workout.  My goal was to keep the energy level high to keep the blood flowing!  Only 3 of the 15 men planned on rucking this morning, so I gave the disclaimer and the other 12 of us were off.

Mosey with a dynamic warmup to the Home Depot parking lot.

COP with IWs – Windmills – SSHs – MNCs – Mountain Climbers – CDDs – Plank Jacks – Merkins?

These days whatever keeps me moving is what I call.  I like to take Pushers guidance and change the count for each…which always gets the PAX talking! It’s almost impossible to get Jedi and Witch Hunt to stop chattering nowadays… which always adds a fun playful air to the warmup.

Enough of that stuff… moving on!  I like to find new routines in the Lexicon that we might not have done before.  I found these:

“The Dab”  (I was immediately asked why it’s called that…not idea just from the workout)

10 burpees in 1 minute

Run a quarter mile lap around the parking lot

Do this 4 times

It went pretty well…and it kept us warm unfortunately Half Shell “popped” his calf muscle… that’s not good for running! No man will be left behind so I tried to modify a little.  I’m sorry if it was not enough Half Shell…

Slow walk towards Target, but a bear crawl for good measure to keep everyone together for about 50 yards.

“Triple Check”

Teams of 3

1st PAX wall sit

2nd PAX Plank

3rd PAX run 50 yards and back.

Rotate through your team and complete this 3 times.

This took longer than expected so item #3 of the evolutions was left off and we moseyed back to COT.  With 2 minutes to spare more burpees were completed.


Announcements & Prayers

An Honor to Lead,



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Smackdown at the Crows Nest “Clover Middle School Wrestling Style”

I had originally had a Weinke prepared for the workout but changed it up after spending some time at my son’s (F3 – Hound) Middle School Wrestling practices.  Today’s temps were in the 40’s so the brave ones wore shorts (Me and Homebrew).  7 showed up total, no FNG’s.  After a short F3 disclaimer we headed around back to the rear parking area to begin the Smackdown.

Warmup included some Moroccan Night Clubs, SSH’s, Cotton Pickers and some Peter Parkers with some plank stretching.

Smackdown Part 1:  Started with the punishment dealt to the wrestlers if they loos a match by points which gives the other team 3 team points.


So we did this 3 times

15 SSH’s

15 Para Troopers (Hands on head and basically Lunge Hops)

15 Mt. Climbers (counting right leg each time)

(we will revisit this later for more punishment)


Smackdown Part 2:  Up hill cones (4 cones)

Cone 1 was 1 Burpee, 2 SSH’s and 3 Merkins

Cone 2 was uphill a little ways and Pax had to run to it and do 2 Burpees, 4 SSH’s and 6 Merkins

Cone 3 was further uphill and Pax had to run to it and do 3 Burpees, 6 SSH’s and 9 Merkins

Cone 4 was the last cone at the top of the hill and the Pax had to run to it and do 4 Burpees, 8 SSH’s and 12 Merkins.  threw in a couple 10 counts.


We then talked briefly about being Thankfull (since we are close to Thanksgiving) and the Pax had a theme of Family with one Glorifying Jesus (Royale).


It was time to revisit Part 1:  When a wrestler looses by Pin they have to add 15 Burpees.  So we did…….

15 SSH’s

15 Para Troopers (Hnads on head and basically Lunge Hops)

15 Mt. Climbers (counting right leg each time)

15 Burpees

And then this is when the whining began………


We then took a trip and found some wall so the Pax could catch their a breathe.  We had a seat in the People Chair and did some runs outs with Monkey Humpers (Homebrew did a really good 1 handed Hump show) followed by some Derkins and Merkins.


We took a brief moment to talk some Tuesday morning Kettlebell chatter.  One name was already thrown out there from Homebrew “Canon Ball”.  Some liked and some said we can do better……..


Last part of the Smackdown and here is where the real whining began.  Basically we did some Duck Duck Goose Nascar Style and added some Burpees.  Pretty basic, not sure why the whining took place lol.  This may become a Two Ferns Staple.


We headed back top the COT where Wolverine clarified his correct age.

Announcements……Thanks Giving Convergence, Multiple Christmas Parties.

Praises and Prayers…..Olaf (Respectable) praising his son and daughter for showing great love and kindness to spend time with their ailing grandma.  Princess Penny and her health and FAMILY during the Holiday Season.


I closed with a prayer and as usual my voice cracks because I feel that a higher power really grabs me and humbles me when I pray.


Thanks Flux for the Q and the others for the SUPPORT.



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The Right Kind of Sacrifice

14 men awoke to not so bright/wet conditions and converged in the gloom of the hallowed ground at The Swamp for a Beyond message from YHC.  Here’s what went down

Warmup:      20 SSH IC, 20 Imperial Walkers, 15 windmills (wonderfully executed), 10 Mtn Climbers.    Let’s mosey

The Thang:      Mosey to the alley behind Home Depot for a perfect location to perform the BLIMPS workout and grab some wall for 1-min wall-sits in between each as their active rest, allowing YHC to convey the message for today.  At each 1-min sit, YHC shared what has been on his heart about sacrifice.   This is defined as something that is a loss or something  you give up for the sake of a better cause.    Approximately 1-year ago, my wife and I were celebrating her completion of treatment for Breast Cancer.  Surgery, radiation, DNA testing, doctors, etc…pronounced her as Cancer Free and we returned to our routine.  Our faith had been a anchor throughout and continued to grow thru prayer and my F3 brothers and Journey group, yet I had one main question.  How did this trial change us and by us I mean, me and my role as a husband, father and leader of my home.  I realized how consumed I was with my martial arts training, races, Goruck events, etc..that I was actually not IN my home very much.  That which I thought was making me healthier, stronger and better for my family had me gone for large amounts of time from them.

Time for a sacrifice! I am going on year of stepping away from all those things that took me away from her and the kids to activities to do together and that were important to her!  She never once asked for this and struggled with me giving it up after so long but it’s been the best decision of my life.  God has changed my path for the better by sacrificing what I thought was important to what is truly important.

Sacrifice will lead you to make significant choices. But being a husband and father is a significant experience!

B  5 Burpees OYO, followed by 10 SSH IC
1-min wall sit
10 Lunges each leg OYO, followed by 10 SSH IC
1-min wall sit
15 Imperial Walkers IC, followed by 10 SSH IC
1-min wall sit
20 Merkins OYO, followed by 10 SSH IC
1-min wall sit
25 Plank Jacks, followed by 10 SSH IC
1-min wall sit
30 Squats, followed by 10 SSH IC

Mosey to the large parking lot for some 4-corners of Blimps!  Total of 6 laps around the parking lot stopping at each corner to perform the exercise.  First (1) lap: 5 burpees @ ea corner (2) lunges (3) 15 IW (4) 20 merkins (5) 25 plank jacks (6) 30 squats (stop at end of each full lap to wait on the 6 with planks; modified the M, P, & S

Return for COT and some last words:  Identify that thing in your life that you may be placing your identity in that may be causing you to miss the mark of your Concentrica Bullseye!

Good work, men.  It was an honor to lead you this morning.

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