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Jedi put me on the Q schedule at Quagmire way back when we had a snow storm that paralyzed the Charlotte area. It has taken until Monday 25Mar for me to make my first appearance at Quagmire.  The night before, I loaded the ‘Yoda with coupons, made a playlist, and set my alarm for 0400.

I arrived early to unload my coupons and set up the pain stations just in case.  10 men had gathered in the Gloom for a Dirty Harry beat down. I tweeted that the workout would be post P200 friendly and that the PAX should bring foam rollers so they could stretch and roll their sore muscles. Everyone showed up empty handed. Good thing I brought all those coupons.  The disclaimer was given and off we moseyed to the adjacent parking lot for our warm-up.

30-SSH (never less than 30) thanks Pusher

10-Wind Mills

8-Imperial Walkers

11-Cherry Pickers

I checked my watch, it was already 0520 where had all the time gone? I’m used to badger time. I walked the PAX around and showed them the 12 different pain stations. I demonstrated a few exercises, paired my iPhone with the speaker, and got ready to start the timer. Today would be a HIIT workout with 1 minute at each pain station followed by a 15 second rest. The PAX chose thier station, I pressed start, and we were off.

Their Choices were:

Flutter Kicks

Rucksack Curls 35#

Bomb Jacks

Bear Hug Jug 55# (bear hug water jug while walking around traffic island)

Flutter Squats

O.H. Press with Ruck 30#

Bear Crawl 25yrd, Crawl Bear back

Farmer Carry Jug 55#

Inch Worm merkins

Bent Over Row 40# sandbag

High Plank

Man or teenager Makers 60#(man) 40#(teen) sandbags. All PAX chose to be MEN

When I pressed play on the timer, I was worried I had made things too easy. There was a lot of mumble chatter. But like a fine wine, a good beatdown sometimes takes time to mature and develop. Toward the end there wasn’t a lot of talking, we were all struggling to make it from station to station during our 15sec rest period. At least 2 of us looked like we had taken showers out there.  Jedi told me our time together was almost up. The PAX helped police up all the cones and coupons and back to COT we went. Monday was wear GREEN for Cerebral Palsy, several of the PAX did so. Thank you JEDI for the opportunity to lead the PAX.

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