A disclaimer was given and PAX ran a warm-up lap for COP.

SSH x 15
IW x 10
Squats x 10
Bonsai Cherry Tree Pickers x 10
Windmills x 10
MNC x 10
Sun God’s x 20
Merkins x 8 IC
MTN Climbers x 10

YHC had thoughts of bear crawls after burpees, but threw an audible and we did those first.

Bear crawls to every other HT post x 5 Merkins, crab walk to next second post x 10 crab cakes. On the way back we did x 5 CDD and 10 LBCs.

YHC had asked my 2.0 what to do for the Q, and after showing him his options, he adamantly decided on “a lot” of burpees, and further stipulated 100 was not “a lot.”

With that in mind:
Round 1: x 10 reg. Burpees x 10 sea monkey Burpees (2 hand release and a monkey have before jump) with one extra sea monkey to make it 101
Run a lap (.2 mi)

Round 2: x 10 left legged Burpees x 10 right legged Burpees
Run a lap (.2 mi)

Round 3: x 10 knee tuck Burpees x 10 squat Burpees
Run a lap (.2 mi)

Round 4: x 10 plank jack Burpees x 10 spiderman Burpees
Run a lap (.2 mi)

Round 5: x 10 reg. Burpees x 10 kraken Burpees
Run a lap (.2 mi)

Wall sits while PAX did OHP while we went down the line and did x 10 Squats. Finally ended with a round of Mary.

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Thanks Lutefisk for the opportunity to lead, and the PAX for sticking with it today.

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