Hour long Q’s are hard on everyone

Had a little challenge on my hands for this one – a group of the Deep regulars including the site Q were taking on the Savage Race course, so for those who were not peer pressured into participating in that, I had to make the Saturday boot camp just as awful (minus the ice bath obstacle).

Rolled up w/ my fellow Lake Ridge guys Lutefisk, Olaf and Pothole and we waited for what I thought would be just a few guys rolling in.  This is not the case anymore – these pax roll out in numbers and we had 22 including some very brave 2.0’s in attendance all ready to work, including 1 2.0 who’s 11th birthday it was this week.  Royale gave me a heads up a couple days ago, so the workout was made with that in mind, nothing but 11’s for Pierce, aka Lancelot.

1.  For those that know me, I’m not a big fan of warm-ups,  although I may need to rethink that during hour long workouts. Our “warm-up” – mosey over to the nice 400m track across the street and do 4 laps, stopping every 100 meters to do an exercise 11 or 22 times for birthday boy.

  • lap 1 – merkins (stop 1 – 11 merkins, stop 2 – 22 merkins, stop 3 – 11 merkins, stop 4 – 11 merkins)
  • lap 2  – squat jumps (stop 1 – 11 reps, stop 2 – 22 reps, stop 3 – 11 reps, stop 4 – 11 reps)
  • lap 3  – big boy sit-ups (stop 1 – 11 reps, stop 2 – 22 reps, stop 3 – 11 reps, stop 4 – 11 reps)
  • lap 4  – yep, burpees (11 reps per stop)

2.  With the warm of 1.2 miles, 66 merkins, 66 jump squats, 66 big boys and 44 burpees complete, we moseyed back across the street and hit the baseball field…all dirt, some rocks, no grass.  Asked all 22 to count off by 2’s so we had two teams then I explained the rules.  I set the 15 minute timer, blast some old school papa roach, and you try to score as many runs as you can in the 15 min.  How to score a run?  Like this:

  • lunge walk to 1st base, then do 11 diamond merkins
  • bear crawl to 2nd base, then do 11 jump squats
  • broad jump to 3rd base, then do 11 donkey kicks
  • crab walk home, do 11 burpees, then step on home plate.  That’s 1 run.

Believe Lutefisk scored 5 runs, otherwise everyone else was hovering around 3 to 4 runs.  The intent which I totally overlooked in the heat of exhaustion was to add up both teams scores and issue a penalty to the losing team:

Loser:  burpeee bounce from home to 1st base (ie. burpee where you go down, do a push up, but explode up and forward 3 times so that you cover some ground on the uptick, then up, jump and that’s 1 burpee.  Do as many as you need to, to get to 1st base.

Winner: mack tar jais along the first base line while the the poor saps do burpee bounces.

3.  From there we hit the hills behind the baseball field for some true 11’s.  Start at the bottom of the hill with 1 “worst merkin” (wide grip merkin, reg merkin, diamond merkin = 1 worst merkin), run up and 10 knee tucks, then back down for 2 worst merkins (ie. really 6 merkins lol).  This just about killed the group.  I was very encouraged to see at about the 5 or 6 count of worst merkins that every single pax was modifying lol.  I think I even saw some Pax’s faces face down in the weedy grass we were in.

4.  We had about 5 minutes left and we were at 2.3 miles, so I really wanted that 3 mile mark.  We moseyed to the gate near COT and I told the pax about the X crunch suicide we’d do.  For those of you doing the app based ab challenge that Nasa organized, there is a “X Crunch” that absolutely sucks.  Basically start in the v-sit position, go down all the way and make an X with your arms and legs and then back up to v-sit position.

  • 5 x-crunches at the start line (basically the gate) then run to the 1st corner at the back of the school
  • Do 5 more x-crunches on corner of school and run back to start line
  • Do 5 more at the start line, as you pass 1st corner in the back of the school, do 5 more, and then when you get to the next corner do 5 more.  Then run back to the start line.

That took us to exactly an hour which was good because I think I may have gotten beat up had we kept going.  Had a great time w/ this group again (second time in a week!).  Cannot believe how much they’ve grown this place in the last year.  Props to the EH’ing machines over there and the consistency with how often they post.

Hope to get back out to the Deep a little more consistently now that my third son is no longer a little baby.  Thanks Shakespeare for the chance to lead this great group.


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DORA Got Lost at Quagmire

While driving the clown car with 5 deep there is no better site then coming around the corner and seeing Jedi posting up the #Quagmire Shovel Flag. 13 PAX arrived to hit it hard with the worst merican ever dora.

Disclaimer was given and moseyed off to the Home Depot parking lot for a little warm up. Once warm up was complete off to the Target parking lot to get that blood flowing and a little more stretching. Then comes the pain.

With the help of Jedi (trying to utilize the whole area/not get lost) we made our way to the fountain. Partner up. Dora time. Start out with 100 worst mericans ever (wide push up, normal push up, diamond push up=1), 200 clapping crunches (thanks six pack abs in 30 days), 300 irkins, and 400 LBC’s. One partner would run around the fountain while the other pushed pavers or worked those abs. Then once around the fountain trade spots. We were all able to get the 1st 3 exercises done before having to mosey back to COT. Once back at COT with a little time to spare we crunched out 100 LBC’s together. We were able to get in 2.25 miles and about 600 different variations of pushups.

These guys took the pain and kept on going. Proud to be part of this Pax and this community. Thanks Jedi for making me a better man. Until next time.

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You getting Chesty with Me?



Live Right is the second quadrant of the QSource. It is the HIM’s dedication to Purposefulness. Purpose is an Advantage sought.

SET 1:
Merkins , 10 IC
Derkins, 10 IC
Incline merkins, 10 IC


SET 2:
Wide grip merks, 10 IC
Diamond merks 10ic
Carolina Dry Docks 10ic

Live Right is focused on the HIM’s IMPACT on the lives of other people and how he helps them to Accelerate

Repeat set 1, 8 reps ic
Set 2×8

The HIM is also a man who finds that in his effort to Live Right by carrying the Survivors and IMPACTing the Sad Clowns he gets an unexpected benefit—he himself is kept Right.


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Challenged to “Bring It”

A few months ago, Dark Helmet and I were challenged to “bring it” to The Deep. I’m not sure how I got roped into the conversation as I no longer provide the top-tier workouts I used to. You see, it’s not because I’ve gotten soft (well, maybe a little), it’s more due to the physical acceleration of the PAX, which is evident when I cross the water and see the brothers in Lake Wylie. My workouts aren’t as hard as they used to be for some.

That said, I’ve become known for 2 things: the deck of cards and cinder blocks. I couldn’t disappoint the fellas. Dark Helmet on the other hand, is known for many things (not including many leather-bound books, rich mahogany, a perfect quaff or starbuck-y hands). And, with these many things, he brought his level of creative, pain-inducing exercises to the first half of the morning’s Q.

Once DH signed a few autographs, gave a very clear disclaimer, he took off for the warm up mosey. Then did a few warm-up-type exercises which included all the regulars and plenty of chatter.

Grab a partner and since when does size not matter…in Wheelbarrow racing?

You and your partner will alternate wheelbarrow’ing around the circle which I swear, grew as we were encircling it.

Next, grab the cinder blocks from Maximus’ truck for a little DORA activity.

Partner 1 (P1) would run around the main lot while Partner 2 (P2) would do the exercise then flapjack for:

200 Bicep Curls

300 Overhead Press

400 Bent-Over Rows (modified the count for timing and inserted chest press)

Hand off to Maximus for more partner work

P1: Ski Abs

P2: Toe Taps on the block (25ea side)


P1: Burpee Broad Jump ~50yds & NUR back

P2: Mountain Climbers with your hands on the block


P1: Beep Beep I’m a Jeep for 25yds & Lunge Walk back

P2: Bomb Jacks


Now with both partners at one end and the block at the other:

P1: Sprint to the block, 10 Man Makers with the block, Sprint Back

P2: Flutters from the V-up position

Next up, partner big-boy sit-ups while passing the block back and forth

I can’t fully recall if we did a few 8ct burpees to finish it off but it’d be a lot cooler if we did…so let’s assume we did.

Hey PAX, wherever you call home, go somewhere different. Organize a clown car with a few other locals and go see a different AO on a Saturday and attend their Q-Source. You never know what you’ll learn. Dark Helmet and I appreciate the opportunity to put ourselves through misery in the spirit of Qing for a great group of F3’s finest PAX.

Until Next Time.


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That was a lot of sit-ups

My 2nd of 3 Q’s in 3 days. Always a pleasure to Q The Swamp!  Now that I am Ruck free and with no big race on the schedule I’m free to just do regular old Bootcamps. My favorite workouts combine a good amount of running(big surprise) with a bunch of other stuff so that is what we did today and  was glad to have a bunch of guys to share it with.

Started off with s nice mosey warm-up with some dynamic warm-ups of butt kicks, high knees, shuffles and some karaoke.

Circle up in the HD parking lot for COP consisting of SSH, IW, Carolina Dry Dock, Peter Parker, Mountain Climbers, then a series of Downward dog to Honeymooner. Back on our feet for Windmills, Apollo Ono(look out for the car), and just for fun some Monkey Humpers.

Mosey to the bike racks at HD for the main thing. Partner up for a nice BOMBS routine. One partner does the exercise the other does a lap around Home Depot.  There  were some complaints that the lap was a little long even though I assured them it was only about 1/4 mile  I was accused of measuring Zima miles.

50 Burpees, 100 Overhead claps, 150 Merkins, 200 Big Boy Sit-ups(crowd favorite), 250 Supine Pull-Ups(only because I hate squats and I needed an S).  We did not make through all the pull-ups, headed back to COT for a few minutes of Mary, ending with a Body Destroyer.

Announcements – Convergence 5/24, Honor Badger at Golden Corral 5/21 wear Red, Read your newsletter

Praises for Lutifisk daughter, Dungaree’s 1 year anniversary, prayers for kids cancer relapse.

Challenged the PAX to take the role as the leader in their home.  We are called to lead, do not be a passive bystander or even worse do not take or accept the role as another child in the house.  Be the man/leader you are called to be.

Thanks as always for the opportunity to lead this great group!!



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EMOM to close out AKA at Golden Coral

We had 19 at Golden Coral to close out AKA. I was honored that Lutefisk gave me the opportunity to close out AKA and I did not want to disappoint. So here it is:

We started with a 1 mile journey around Golden Coral stopping every 1/4 mile for 15 merkins. (Crowd pleaser).

We finished up at the fire station for a quick warm-up before we got to the thang. I dont remember completely but it was quick. I think it included some windmills and weed pullers.

Then we got to the THANG:

I planned a little EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute). Each Pax had 1 minute to complete 20 burpees, then 1 minute to complete 20 crunchy frogs then 1 to get down the hill and back before we started over. We did this rotation until 15 minutes were up. The goal was to finish as many of the reps as you could or push yourself to whatever number was achievable in the 1 minute.

With enough time remaining, we started another EMOM, switching the burpees and crunchy frogs for jump squats and CDDs.

With only 2 minutes to spare we ran back to COT.

Thanks to Lutefisk for the opportunity to lead and to all the Pax for putting up with my craziness.

Until next time, back to the hunt…


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Short Circuit at the Swamp

Time seems to be something YHC lacks nowadays. Thank goodness Cha-Ching asked me to Q at the Swamp a month ago, because I probably would have declined had I known what my schedule would be like. Nevertheless, I made good on my commitment and kept the Q. Taking all of my recent Qs and smashing them together, I came up with today’s workout in about 5 minutes and hoped that it would go well.

At 0515, the five brave PAX for today’s bootcamp (seems many are “resting” for a heavy backpack thing) were debriefed and off we went on a mosey “the wrong way” out toward 49. We kept a moderate pace, but needed to get all the way to ULTA and still have a couple minutes to warm up, so it wasn’t slow.

Quick warm up of 10 windmills, 20 Moroccan night clubs, and 10 thigh masters (per leg…crowd pleaser). Then came the explanation.

Five minutes to complete the circuit of five exercises. One minute to run to the next place. One minute rest. Repeat for five full circuits.


  • 50 American Hammers (per side, so double count)
  • 40 merkins (just normal merkins)
  • 30 squats
  • 20 bomb jacks
  • 10 burpees

Runs were roughly 400 m each. We started in the parking lot in front of ULTA. Ran to the bank. Then back out to Walker Branch to wrap around the long way to Target. Then up and around the other side of Old Navy. Then back to Target and over to Just Fresh. Then finally out to the road, around to PetsMart, and back to COT.


  • 2.15 miles run
  • 250 American hammers
  • 200 merkins
  • 150 squats
  • 100 bomb jacks
  • 50 burpees

Every circuit got done with 1-2 minutes to spare of the five minutes, so we usually grabbed 30-45 seconds before running, as the runs took more than a minute each time. Still got our minute rest between circuits, which was definitely appreciated in the end.

Met up with ruckers at COT. Announcements are in the newsletter (upcoming convergence on the 24th, so keep your eyes open for that). Prayer requests. Pray and go (some bounced out quickly).


Nothing substantive to say here. The theory behind this was, I know high-intensity intervals are effective, as are EMOM workouts. I didn’t want some people to get big breaks and some to get no breaks, so I smashed these ideas together. Five EMOMs became a five-minute cap for a circuit. Quick run. Then the rest (which is important, as it allows you to push hard during the circuit). Repeato. So often we leave out the rest to keep pushing, but the rest time is actually beneficial to pushing harder during the working portions and building cardiovascular capacity. I’m not big on “taking 10s” because we’re tired, but planning rest intervals into the workout: good idea.

Thanks for the opportunity, Cha-Ching, and great push everybody.


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Dora for Days

So with a Q assignment fail, Lutefisk made up a Dora that was a bad idea. Started w/disclaimer and mosey. Stopped after a short mosey for 1 burpee OYO “WitchHunt Style.”  Ran some more, 2 burpoees OYO.  Mosey, 3, Mosey, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  You get the idea.  That was the warm-up.  For the Thang, break out JBL speaker to jam to some music cuz we’re not going far.  Partner up for Dora 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 near the new Green Olive, which is mighty tasty by the way.  Run the short lap whilst your partner climbs the rep ladder.  I only revealed through 6:

100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 Dry Docks
400 Mountain Climbers
500 Flutters
600 LBC’s

After PAX were smoked, revealed 700 burpees (just kidding). Mosey to COT for 3x Ab Lounge which brought us to 0600.  It was simple, but effective.  SYITG fellas.

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Alcatraz Fishermen

I’m writing this way past due and don’t have much, but what the heck, let’s give it a good ole college try.  Fishsticks warms us up with the ‘regulars’ and proceeded to crush our arms with some partner style work using the loose bricks.  I just remember hurting.  Then YHC ran a starfish exercise as a team.  In the middle was 5 body bag builders (a 10-count burpee).  Each corner was done twice with broad jumps and duck walks between the middle and the stations.  The corners were all combination exercises that created #pain.  So that’s it… all I can remember.  Just thankful to be able to work out with such great #HIM.

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Climbing the Ladder at Quagmire

Every now and then, the site Q pulls his own card to Q. Today was my day, and I’d be lying to say that I spent a ton of time putting together the perfect workout. In reality, I threw together something that I knew would be challenging for everybody, but accessible to anybody. I arrived early with my 2.0’s chalk to get the workout written, then parked and waited for the PAX to arrive.

0515 rolled around and 8 joined YHC (with Copyright silently running up at near-sprint speed) for the disclaimer. We set off for a quick mosey around Home Depot, through the alley (with high knees, butt kickers, knees-to-chests, heels-to-butts, and toy soldiers), and circling up near the always-vacant restaurant space.


  • 10 Windmills
  • 10 Imperial Walker
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Peter Parkers
  • Downward dog, cross over ankle grabs, honeymooner

Mosey to the fountain for the Thang.


As stated above, this was designed to be challenging but also accessible. Go at your own pace and get as far as you can. Around the fountain parking lot were twelve exercises to do as a ladder. Start at station 1, do the exercise, run to station 2, do the exercise, run back to 1, do exercise at 1, run to 2, exercise, run to 3, exercise, back to 1, etc. It adds up. Fast.


  1. 20 bomb jacks
  2. 20 merkins
  3. 10 burpees
  4. 20 squat jumps
  5. 20 archer merkins
  6. 10 Tony Hawk burpees
  7. 20 runner’s lunge high knee skips (apparently my current favorite exercise)
  8. 20 breakdancer merkins (they’re back!)
  9. 10 prison cell burpees
  10. 20 lateral lunge leg lifts
  11. 20 pseudo planche merkins
  12. 10 kraken burpees

A couple gazelles got into the round going to prison cell burpees, but didn’t make it to them. Everybody got to the round of breakdancers, though not all got to enjoy those. All in, everybody got over 1.75 miles of running, 80-90 burpees, 200+ merkins (not including the merkins in the burpees), and a lot of jumping (120 bomb jacks, anyone?). Actually, reading this, it doesn’t look like much. My body says otherwise.

Olaf decided to ruck it, and we heard about it the whole time. He’ll definitely be feeling it later.

Mosey back to COT. A few announcements (read your newsletter), and a few PAX shared some pretty big prayer requests.

No big message today, just a good workout to get back into the swing of things after spring break. I’m always encouraged and pushed by the guys who post to Quagmire. We aren’t big on the flashy, but we work hard. Great group of regulars. If you haven’t posted to Quagmire in a while, come out and see us.


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