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We had fun this past Friday at The Varsity focusing on some burst training, different style pull-ups and burpees, a little mania, and talking about thoughts on Victory. After another day of illness, I hung in there and appreciated the grace from my fellow PAX who joined me. Everyone gave excellent effort for a different style F3 workout.

Disclosure mentioned, No FNGs.

Topic of the Month: Victory; Reminder to read and study the wonderful PDF from your newsletter!


A wee bit of running, bunny hops, figure 8s (can’t ever remember the F3 name for this), 1 sprint

20 each person’s name straddle hops 

12 Ab Vigodas

10 Merkins

15 Arm circles each way (large and small)

15 Parker Peters

15 Low slow squats

4 Rolling Crucifix

The Thang:

Burst Training:

60 secs each of:

High Knees

Crossover jumps

Targeted 15 sec rest

30 secs each of:

Single leg hops (left) over a small cone

Single leg hops (right) over a small cone

2 Side to side hop overs over a small cone then into a big X-cross

Targeted 15 sec rest

60 secs each of:

2 foot front to back hops

Fast! and “clean” SSHs

Jump high burpees

Targeted 30 sec rest

60 secs each of:

Suicides for all the cones on ground for each PAX

3 Turkish getups; on fourth one sprint to the last cone and do 7 Peter Parkers each side and jog back to first cone

Back to Front Hops (over a line)

Targeted 15 secs rest

30 secs of:

High Jump squats

Squat jacks

Shuffle Burpees

1 minute rest

Mosey to Pull-up Bar area:

Pullups and Burpees:

A few randomly picked PAX got to pick a number between 1-15 and then a number between 1-7.  So, yes, if you did not come to this workout, then you will experience some of the others in the future from me! Ones selected without knowing ahead of time were:

(All were Max OYO)

Round 1: L sit bicep holds (and pull-up if you can), then One-arm burped

Round 2: Switch grip pull-ups, then Squat thrust burpees

Round 3: Headbanger pull-ups, then Donkey kick burpees

Mosey to COT area:

5 Minutes of Straight Up’s version of “Hysteria”:

30 secs  of Mountain Climbers

20 secs of Side Kick-thru

10 seconds of Squats kicks

10 seconds of rest

20 secs of Mountain Climbers

30 secs Side Kick-thru

20 secs of Squats kicks

20 secs rest

10 secs of Mountain Climbers

10 secs Side Kick-thru

30 secs of Squat kicks

30 secs rest

Then 20 secs of each:

Mountain Climbers

Side Kick-thru

Squat Kicks


Victory comments


Prayers: especially for the young boys/girls in Ft Mill dealing with bullying, stereotypes, and other stressors.

Kielbasa: Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to lead these fine men!  Until next time!

– Straight Up out

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