Mini Cannoli Run at Pantheon

Perfect timing with site Q Fishsticks needing a sub. This allowed me  to vent some Cannoli stress on the PAX and set up a workout with Cannoli Run similarities.

In this Saturday’s Cannoli Run that YHC is race director, we run 3 1-mile loops where many of the runners choose to eat a (smaller) cannoli 3 times.  Also, Speed For Need will be at the Cannoli Run.

With that in mind, I brought out a SFN racing chair for PAX to run a loop during the workout, with instruction before getting started. We had the perfect number of PAX, 6, to do a nice mini-Cannoli workout. Disclaimer given and we set off.

“Cannolis” were placed at the starting point of the inner loop. The cannolis were slips of paper with exercises on them. Each PAX got to eat at least one cannoli and push the chair one time. Note, not all cannolis were eaten.

A basic warmup circle and we started our loops with cannolis and pushing the chair. The cannolis contained, in no particular order in this BB:

1  20 goofballs, 20 CDD, 20/20/20 calf raises…reg, toes in, toes out

2  15 burpees

3  To the field for Panther Pound Burpees

4  Core Work for a few minutes, flutter, lbc’s, protractor, side crunches, much 6″ holds

5  20 Peter Parkers, 25 dying cockroaches, 20 sumo squats

6 15 burpees

Somewhere in there, we threw in 3 x near max out Balls to the Wall and 3 x  Peoples Chair near max out.

During the workout I talked about the Cannoli Run and Speed For Need. In COT we continued to address supporting your fellow PAX. There are of course the 3 F’s to support each other, but also to support our initiatives such as Speed For Need, Children’s Attention Home and our community efforts in the Paradise neighborhood.  If a PAX has an idea, run with it, get it organized, present it and we will support you.

Announcements, Cannoli Run, CAH Sat’s, G Fit Friday’s 7:00 pm.  Prayers for PAX and their families.  Thank you to Haushka for taking us out. Thanks to the PAX for having me out and being a part of something a little different.

Get out to the Cannoli Run this Saturday!

Aye! Bolt



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