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My last Bootcamp Q was do an exercise, run a lap, rinse and repeat.  My last Q at Cannon Ball was a take on an older Q I did but with kettlebells.  This time I wanted to do something different so as not to be known as the guy who runs boring Q’s.  With that being said, 6 Pax braved the cold, Playoff Football hangover and the  the FartSack to come get some.

After a quick disclaimer I had us start out with an Indian Run to the back playground, last man does a burpee then runs to the front, rinse and repeat.

COP consisted of 1 burpee/30xSSH, 2 Burpee/SunGods fwd and reverse x10, 3 Burpee/Abe Vigoda Windmill x10, 4 Burpee/10xLSS, 5 Burpee/2 Cycles of Down Dog/Honeymooner

The Thang Part 1

Since I have a Spartan Race coming up in July I have been doing pull-ups on my own for grip and hanging strength but I wanted to spread the joy of hanging from bars to everyone.  I had the Pax hold plank as each Pax member swung from the circular play ground monkey bars for one rotation.  Then I had the Pax hold Al Gore as we did it again.

The Thang Part 2

Another thing about these types of obstacle course races is pulling your body over a wall.  Luckily for us we have a loading dock at the Crows Nest.  I had the Pax do a ladder of 10 Pull-Ups-1 BigBoy Sit-Up till we hit 1 Pull-Up to 10 Big Boys.  The Big Boys were done on the loading dock after you pulled your body up on it which makes for an interesting challenge.  This ladder took longer than expected.

The Thang Part 3

So a thing called playoff football happened yesterday and in celebration of this time honored part of the year I whipped out a frisbee. (What?)  We played a little bit of ultimate frisbee in a lit section of the parking lot 3v3.  I put the frisbee in the middle filed of play as the Pax had to bear crawl to the disc to determine who had possession.  Bear-crawling expert Flux of course got the disc first.  The scoring team only had to do 5 burpees while the team that allowed the score did 10.  Each team scored once.  With 8 minutes left on the clock we moseyed back to COT.

The Final Thang

Wave Of Merkins- Read the Lexicon

Thank You to Flux for the opportunity to lead.  Prayers for DaVinci for healing, patience with children, work/life balance(for me) and faith in a higher power (We are all Christians so that would be the God of the Bible).  Peace. 


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