Getting better with bricks

Great Morning at The Ranch on Thursday. 12 men came to get stronger and better.  Theme of the month at The Ranch AO is Get Better.  Jiffy (AO Q) leading the way here on themes.  Asking the PAX, when you think of getting better, what words come to mind?  PAX answers with many great examples.  Included in there were #Commitment and #Consistency. When we have talked about leadership and disruption, often times, my mind goes towards having an epiphany or that “movie moment”.  But success can be found in getting base hit after base hit rather than going for the homerun.

Mosey toward the Elementary school to the newly discovered rock pile.  Grab 2 rocks size/weight of a brick.  Continue around backside of school.  Stop for some pearls on a string- SSH, Squat, M’ Nightclubs, shoulder press.  continue to back lot for pearls of the same.

More warm up so 5 burpees/take a lap x3. More pearls on a string.

Low Series

  • Bear crawl down- 10 Merk
  • Crawl bear back- 10 CDD
  • Lunge walk down- 10 Squat
  • Crab walk back- 10 Dips

Rinse/Repeat X3

Grab Bricks and head to bus/road entrance

BLIMP Accumulator (with bricks)

  • Burpee 5
  • Lunge 10
  • Imperial Walker 15
  • Merkin 20
  • Plank jack 25

Mosey back (long way) to rock pile, drop ’em and head to flag.

Great morning and outstanding chatter.  Thanks for the opportunity Jiffy



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