F3 Baton Relay Race

9 men and 5 2.0’s rolled into the Deep on a mildly chilly Saturday morning for what turned out to be a fun workout.

We started with a short mosey around the parking lot and then…

COP-SSHx30/Annie’s(in lexicon)/Abe Vigoda’s/The non-insulting Produce Pickers.  All exercises were interlocked with Arms to the Sky-Touch Toes-Down Dog-Honeymooner.  We finished the COP with 5 4×4 Merkins.

The Thang

We moseyed on across the street to the school’s track where I had 2 12 pound dumbbells waiting for us.  The mission was for each Pax to run a lap holding both dumbbells in their arms while the rest of the Pax do an exercise of the runners choosing waiting for the “Baton” handoff.  The 2.0’s only had to carry one around the track and went 2 at a time to speed thing up a little.  The exercises picked were Lunges/”Happy Dance”(which I don’t know if that is in the Lexicon)/Merkins/SSH/Moroccan Night Clubs/Bent Over Shoulder Raises/Back Bridges(Hip Thrusters?)/LBC’s/Freddy Mercuries/Burpees.  There might have been others but they are lost to memory.

Plenty of shenanigans with the 2.0’s running around the track making for some light hearted, fun moments.  The second F was definitely in play while waiting for the handoff making this workout one of the funnest I’ve been to.  We then grabbed some wall so I could give the Pax a small taste of my previous Zero G workout but I soon realized that this time around it did not work out as smoothly as in my previous Q.  

From a Balls To The Walls position we did Peter Parkers x10 and Parker Peters x10 in cadence.  Half the Pax could not do it so I quickly decided not to do anymore Zero G for the day.  So we moseyed on over back to COT where I played out 3 cones in a triangle formation where we did a 7 of Diamonds.  We split up in 3 groups and started with 7 Burpees at each cone, then I had a different Pax pick an exercise but round 2 was 14 reps at each cone till we hit 28 reps.  I forgot the exercises picked, I think there was also squats and Mountain Climbers involved.  We then finished with Royale’s favorite exercise of 10 Big Boy Sit-ups.

The 2.0’s bring a different energy to the workout and it was a blast being their Q for the day.  Prayers for sick and injured Pax/Cancer victims/ and for our Soldiers and Sailors all over the world doing their thing and representing the Stars and Stripes.  Till next time, peace.

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