Sally Visits Bermuda Triangle

We had 10 for a tour of the Campus of Bermuda Triangle.  It was my first visit to this awesome place so I wanted to take in all the sites.  Next time I will definitely explore the behind the school area we didn’t get to.


Mosey to the side of the school and circle up:  Cherry Pickers with a chain break at the top x15, imperial walker x15, windmill x15, plank, mountain climber x15, hold it, peter parker x16, hold it, parker peter x16, hold it and mountain climber x1 to even out the numbers.  Pax was lucky I didn’t go add one to each exercise (OCD anyone).

Break into two groups and indian run back to gravel path, then switch to bear crawl/crab walk indian run (this was a cluster so we moseyed to the basketball court).

Q up Sally.

Do Squas to Moby’s song Flower (when he says up you go up and down you go down).  The song almost 4 minutes long.  Pax took care of business.  Then do a lap around the gravel path.  LBC until six is in then x20.

Rinse and Repeat with Merkins (this sucks)!  Then lap again.  Hello Dolly until six is in then x20.

Rinse and Repeat with Dips.  Then lap again.  Freddy Mercury until six is in then x20.

Break into 2 teams of 5.  Do a Crab Walk and Bear Crawl Race on basketball court with prizes at the end.  The race was to close to call so all Pax received a price of 10 burpees.

I want to thank all Lake Wylie and York Pax for the welcome with open arms.  I have been doing more and more with the Lake Wylie Pax and they are a great group.  If you ever get a chance to join this group you will always get a quality beat down with great fellowship!


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