The Black Diamond “Webb Jiffy”

This semi-warm morning started with YHC running up to the eager PAX at about 5:14 and 30 seconds.  Bonsai and YHC took a nice little detour on our way as we were engaged in conversation and your truly was on autopilot driving to WEP.  After dropping off the giant wienke and the tune machine, Bonsai and YHC hustled over.  After a very quick disclaimer, we jumped right into the warmup where we stood.

Warmup included: SSH x25, Windmill x8, low slow squats x10, merkins x10, big arm circles forward and backwards 5x / arm, Moroccan night clubs x20, downward dog and honeymooner, and last but not least mountain climbers x20.  We also did some shoulder stretches and you’re about to see why if you keep reading…

Medium paced mosey to the back of the school where the fun was about to begin.  As we gathered at the playground, we circled around the giant cardboard wienke which laid out a board of pain of sorts “Jack Webb” style…but with a “Webb Jiffy” black diamond twist (named Webb Jiffy b/c of Jiffy’s creation of the Dick Webb)!  I think this was my first (maybe second) black diamond Q, so I was excited to see how this played out.  I think it delivered once the reading ensued and was followed by groans and “you’ve got to be kidding me”.  There was no kidding, but there was music so that’s worth something!  Music got cranked on, we partnered up, and off we went!

The Thang – “Webb Jiffy” black diamond

This workout was “Jack Webb” inspired, and more notably Jiffy inspired for the comments noted above.  For anyone saying, “what is a Jack Webb”?  A Jack Webb is 1 merkin, 4 overhead claps; then 2 merkins, 8 overhead claps; 3 merk, 12 OC…all the way up to 10 merk, 40 OC.  So you get the idea…

Exercise 1 (again, Jack Webb based) – Name “Dick Webb” (black diamond version)

  • 1 chin up
  • 1 diamond merkin
  • 4 overhead claps
  • Repeat all the way to 10 chin up, 10 diamond, 40 overhead claps

Exercise 2 – named “Crack Webb”

  • 1 cracken burpee (1 burpee + 3 hand release merkins for the pushup part of the burpee)
  • 4 squats
  • Repeat all the way up to 10 cracken and 40 squats

Exercise 3 – name “Plank You Webb”

  • 1 merkin
  • 1 mak tar jai
  • 4 plank partner hand slaps
  • 4 plank jacks
  • Repeat all the way to 10 merkins, 10 MTJ, 40 hand slaps, 40 planks

PAX made it to “Plank You Webb” but we ran out of time.  Looking back to the workout, there was no stopping, no 10 counts, no stop for a message from the Q (which YHC should have done something).  From a positive light, this workout was very 1st F focused so there was mumblechatter during times of taking personal breaks and YHC considers that a win.

Mosey’d back to COT, took a quick pic for evidence, counted off with the Pennywise crew and name-o-rama followed by announcements, prayers and praises.  In the end, we pushed ourselves past what YHC would be close to categorizing as “looked good on paper”, but where you’re planning for black diamond and trying to #accelerate, no one quit and the partners ensured accountability.

Thanks to Jiffy for the opportunity and the push for YHC to challenge myself for this idea. Had a great time and actually still feeling the aftereffects…which may also be coming from Deacon’s Q at The Hive or the beating YHC just took from Band Camp and Flat Tire at The Fort.  Either way, I’m beat as I’m writing this!


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