No Fear = No EnCOURAGEment

22 boot campers (including 1 FNG) and 5 runners posted to THE Ballroom this week looking for some #Encouragement along the pothole-filled road of life.  YHC offered a full Disclaimer for the benefit of our FNG (T-claps to Barney Fife on the EH) tipped the cap to Sir Topham Hat, who passed the Q baton to YHC due to work travel.  The word of the month (Encouragement) served as the inspiration for today’s adventures in the gloom, so thanks also to Chicken Hawk for his continued wisdom with that program.

Encouragement:  root word = Courage

Courage (noun): strength in the face of fear

With this backdrop, the workout unfolded with the objective of getting pax in touch with their own sense of #Fear to illustrate the experience of #Courage and the need/ability/practice of exercising it and #Encouragement of their brothers.

The Thang

warm up run to the football field

COP — SSH, IWs, Hillbilly walkers, Bombjacks, merkins, burpees

Line up along sideline, 3/4 pace sprints — to near hash/back, then far hash/back, lastly far sideline/back

Circle up for the Main Event (Fear or Favorite)

Pax were asked to identify the exercise they most #Fear when they hear the Q say “The next exercise is ___________.”  They were also asked to imagine their #Favorite exercise they like to call when they are Q.  Then we launched into 30 mins of Pax-suggested/Q-chosen exercises.

Plank jacks (Fogerty), Gravedigger (Culture Club), Partner Carry (Bass-o-Matic), V-up Roll-up (Polaroid), Sprints (FNG!), Moroccan Night Clubs (Assassin), Jack Webb (Magnum), Squats (Strawberry), Burpees (Pinup), Merkin (Rebel), Knee Tar N’Dyae (Rebel), Tunnel of Love (Twister)

Mosey home

Final ab work — American Hammer, Flutter



T-claps to the pax for the enthusiastic participation, mumblechatter and #Encouragement throughout.  Apologies to those pax whose exercise I missed and those who I mismatched in the list above.  I know we started with Fogerty catching much flak for a stuttering proclamation of “Plank Jacks” to get us rolling.  Bass-o-matic challenged himself and all the pax in the early going with the Partner Carry call-out.  Yes, YHC quickly claimed FNG/Half Dome as partner (purely for teamwork purposes, I can assure you…it had nothing to do with his svelte frame).  Pinup threw down the gauntlet, claiming Burpees as both his Fear and his Favorite (1500 in September seems to prove the point — well done!).  Strawberry (on only his 2nd post!) showed he knows the proper rhythm of a workout by calling for Squats immediately after Jack Webb (get this man into Q school ASAP!).  And Twister had his mic drop moment with Tunnel of Love to cap it all off.  Fun times throughout!

Welcome to FNG/Half Dome, who posted at the behest of Barney Fife (kudos to both)!

Finally, just a recap on the theme to reinforce the message.  YHC, in my prideful youth and throughout a very long stretch of adulthood, deluded myself that I was purely self-motivated, and no outside influence, inspiration or good words could make a difference to my spirit or performance.  While my M openly claimed her need for affirmation and #Encouragement, I laughed those things off, as though those who needed them were weak, meek and timid.  I also claimed to have few worries or fears throughout these periods.  A-ha!!!   There it is — the smoking gun.  Since #Courage can only exist in the midst of #Fear, I must’ve needed nor displayed any #Courage throughout these years.   And in the absence of feeling #Fear and gathering up #Courage, I had no recognition of the need or value of #Encouragement.  And, so it follows sadly, that in the absence of my personal experience of these, I fumbled and floundered in expressing #Encouragement to those around me who longed for it.  This shortcoming became a significant blind spot and weakness in leading others, including my family.  Yes, sad.  Yes, true.

While I still have plenty of room for growth in the area of #Encouragement of others, my ship turned around when I became more sensitized to my own fears, and I felt the power of #Encouragement from others, and I demonstrated the #Courage that was somewhat dormant inside me.  So, the lesson here — soften your heart, look yourself in the mirror, get in touch with your #Fear.  From that point, you may find immense personal growth opportunity and the ability to better relate and #Impact those around you through #Encouragement.

Thank you to Short Sale for the Q opportunity and to all the pax for making the experience real!


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Run, run, run. Do some things. And then run some more. Grass is wet.

The Thang:


Mosey up Munn Street to the other side of the school.

A few warm up exercises in the parking lot.

Partner up for accountability and run the LARGE half circle stopping three times to do 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 40 lbcs at each stop.

The complaining..errr…mumblechatter started.

Nice soft grass was found on the lacrosse field along with 2 tires.  Two groups lined up.  One line ran carrying the smaller tire while the other line rolled the tractor tire the length of the field.  The remaining Pax did a series of exercises until their turn.


A nice lil mosey o a wall for some sits and BTTW.

Another run and then 150 calf raises (50 regular/50 toes in/50 toes out)

Lots of complaining.

Ran back to COT for a quick round of Mary.

The End.

My message was short but hopefully is remembered when life happens – there is opportunity in change.  Look for the good side and embrace what that can mean for you.

As always an honor to lead the men of The Fort, esp on the day we honored Dark Visor who passed away yesterday in Alpharetta at a workout.

Until next time….

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Carport Broga at Footloose

We had 16 pax brave the weather which ended up not being an issue.  After a brief intro and disclaimer we took a short mosey to the first carport at church #1.  Broga was the warmup for our first stop.  The pax was introduced to cat call and pigeon stretches.  Another mosey on to the second carport behind FBC.  We continued broga with some more leg stretches and arm stretches.  Mulble chatter was becoming an issue so I threw in set of burpees.  It got quiet quick.  Mosey to our next stop at the upper parking lot of  COG.  A couple of more warmup sets with merkins and peter parkers.  Finished up the broga with some upward dogs and walked the dog.  More burpees then our final mosey to the meat and potatoes.

Before diving in pax got a short switzer on #getinthegame.  Referred back to the invergence and the service opportunities with CAH, paradise GFit and reading opportunities.  Find out your spiritual gifts and put them into action.

On to the main event.  A couple of rounds of 1/2 parking lot of toy soldiers, knee grabs and lunges then run the other have of lot and back.  I asked pin up if he cracked a sweat yet.  He said no.  Wrong answer.  Ran the whole lot that time up and back.  Not much chatter after that.

We did a pax choice DORA. 100 Merkins, 200 Moroccan night clubs, 300 LBC’s and 400 squats.  The Pax partnered up and alternated run across parking lot while partner worked on exercise.  By the time we got to the squats we had to call an Omaha.  Ended up doing 200 squats and 200 monkey humpers.  More burpees in there somewhere.

Mosey back to COT for a little mary and wrapped up the burpees. Ended up with 33 in total.

Thanks Beacon for the opportunity.  Always a good group at Footloose!

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Post Hurricane Florence beat down

As with Hurricane Florence, the PAX poured into the Colosseum in anticipation of the destructive forces YHC was about to deliver.

Mossy to small teacher lot at entrance of school for COP:

Windmills (lots of great mumble chatter about starting with these from Pusher)

Imperial Walkers

Slow Squats (more mumble chatter about the irregular counts)

Elbow Plank March

Moroccan Nightclubs


Mossy to top of hill for hill repeats towards SC 160:

run to each light post (realized there was only 3, so audible to include 2 imaginary light poles), partner up each round with a different partner to push each other

round run was 20 LBCs each

round two was 20 Squats each

round three was 20 merkins each

round four was 3 burpees each

20 Big boys sit ups before running back to COT and at each light pole do 2 burpees

Before COT complete hello dolly and heels to heaven

As i mentioned during a 10 count, PAX need to lean on their life partner or a PAX to help survive through hurricanes and rough times. Life can not be controlled, you need to let go of control and trust in the LORD to help you through the storms.

As always, an honor to lead.


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The Yard – “Is this a moderate?” In name only!!

12 PAX and YHC arrived at The Yard for this gorgeous Saturday morning. Nothing like a double down beating early in da gloom!! At least among friends. 9 PAX for 10k run and 5 of those stayed for the double down……definitely a nap day!!

I mention friends because when I look at F3 and especially the 2nd F, I don’t think I ever had as many Friends as I do in the PAX. Grade school, high school, college and career combined can’t touch the number of guys and families I can call “FRIEND” today from the PAX.

God said Abraham was a “Friend” of his. That is powerful when you think about all the things we do as friends together and for Abraham to be called a friend of God’s. In the PAX we workout, eat together, laugh together sometimes cry together. We do crazy CSAUPS we go to church together some of us work together and we are living life together. God calls each of us Friend that choose to be his friend.

Remember everything you do Sky Q is there and wants to share in the highs and the lows and goes before you in all you do. He is your friend and is constant! Never Changing!! Always!!

The Thang:

Little mosey to see if Football field was open, but no dice. The sign with “Private Property” on it was interesting considering each of the men is paying for the field if they own a home in Ft Mill. Anyway…..

Some shuffles, high knees, butt kckers, mosey again to COP

Wind Mills, Squats, Merkins, Freddy Mercurys, Moroccan Night Clubs, 5 burpees OYO

The meat and potatoes:

2 exercises alternating between them completing the reps and going for 3 min

Here they are:

  • SSHs-10
  • Burpees-5—-3 rounds
  • Merkins-10
  • Jump Rope-20
    • 5 burpees
  • Mtn Climbers-10
  • Dips-20
    • 5 burpees
  • Squats-15
  • Curls-10
    • 5 burpees
  • Lunges -10/leg
  • Calf raises -20
    • 5 burpees
  • LBCs-10
  • Donkey Kicks-5
    • 5 burpees
  • Freddys-10
  • Partner Wheelbarrow-curb2curb
    • 5 burpees
  • Big boys-5
  • Partner Plank Hand Taps – 10

With all the burpees mixed in we ended with 55 burpees

Great work by all the PAX. The encouragement and hard work was inspiring.

Thanks Hasselhoff for the Q……as always I am humbled and honored.

Cake Boss

TClap |

Parking lots, Stairs, 4 Corners & a Couple of Thoughts

19 Showed up to take the DRP.  After a quick disclaimer and Q check for FNGs, we were off on a slow mosey.


Slow mosey to upper portion of back parking lot of FBFM.

Windmill x 10

Moroccan Night Clubs x 15

Low Slow Squat x 10

Imp Walker x 10

SSH x 15

Cherry Pickers x 10

Merkins x 10

The Thang

Mosey down to lower part of parking lot

Overhead Claps x 10

Lunge x 10

Moroccan Night Clubs x 15

Squat x 10

Flutters x 10

Moroccan Night Clubs x 10

Overhead Claps x 25

Wall Sit , Arms High, Several 10 counts

Mosey across street, down stairs to lower lot.

4 corners with a stair climb and descent after each round

Round 1 x 10

Round 2 x 15

Round 3 x 20




American Hammers

Mosey to COT for Mary

Mary was Dealer’s Choice (5 minutes)

Windshield Wipers

Weezy Jeffersons

Freddy Mercurys


Hello Dollys


YHC asked everyone to consider whether they have a relationship with their Lord and Savior….or just their Savior. A lot of us (YHC included!!) forget the Lord part of the relationship. For Him to truly be your Lord, you must surrender all to Him and be willing to have your life disrupted for His purpose. Easier said than done. Based on the response from the PAX, this is a topic that should be discussed often.   Also, touching on the monthly theme of Presence, are we really present with our M and 2.0s?   Are we just “there” or do they really feel our “presence”?

Honored and humbled, as always, to lead such a great group of leaders.





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Colosseum 9418

What a delicious swampy suckfest at The Coliseum today.  10 (real) men were brave enough to post today including two former nantans(DD, Pusher), a former #kotter (LULU), and a former #D1(Crab Cakes). Who among us doesn’t love a dirty McDeuce?

YHC came in on 2 wheels this morning but was ready to go disclaiming that which needs to be disclaimed and off we went for a yog/mosey where we learned that McGuyver still hates me from a Sunday run where I may have underestimated the mileage.  In the back of GHMS our freshly minted black top served as our warming grounds.  Various heartpumpers: SSH, Squats, LBC, Flutters got it going.  Oddly I thought we would have a Chippendale this morning but everyone kept their shirt on. looking at you Jedi.  Making an appearance in our warmup was the always welcome 10- down burpee count sprinkled in.  got down to 7 before we changed direction to a new section of our Roman fortress.


Dirty McDeuce- 3 exercises, 12 reps, 4 rounds.  Usually Upper, Middle, Lower but Q’s call.

  • Merkin, LBC, Squat
  • Carolina Dry Dock, Dying Cockroach, Lunge
  • Wide arm Merkins, Big Boy Situps, Jumpsquat
  • Diamond Merkin, Freddie Mercury, Apolo Oh-no

Spliced in some more burpees with 6 through 4 down.

Mosey to back parking for suicides, 5 points, 3 burpees each.

curb action with 60 seconds each of alt shoulder plank walk and steps ups.

Finish with Mary and the rest of our Burpees: 3 through 1 down

Naked Man Moleskin

Good to see Rebel this morning.  Strong, fit and at front of pack today in Dirty McD.  No question he could beat the 55th ranked tennis player unlike Federer.  Coliseum regulars JWoww, and Objection crushed as usual.  McGuyver lead from the front in his silent assassin way while LuLu  still had enough breath to explain the origin of his name.

We got in 70 burpees on the day to help our totals for the September of 1000 burpee challenge and support Double D in his efforts running in the NYC Marathon for Let Me Run.  If you finish with more than or less than 1000, pay up friends.  Lets financially support DD for this great program,

Twas a great morning.  Aye!

F3 the Fort Invergence 9/21 5:30 Rush Pavlilion!

TClap |

Good times at the Colosseum

Sorry for the delay….went DR right after for the week


Was called on to Q the Colosseum and worked to make sure everyone got better. 10 PAX joined me on this balmy morning, except one guy was missing? No FNG’s, but made sure to do a good disclaimer (per CSPAN’s orders) and off we went. It had been a while since I had visited the Colosseum so I was hoping I remembered the favorites.



Mosey down the road heading against the pick-up line towards the end where it dog legs right to 160. At each light post along the way we started with side shuffles, facing away from the school, then towards the school, then carioca, butt-kickers, then toy soldiers. Finish with a Mosey to the small teachers parking lot on the left. Circle up.

Windmill x15 Cad

Moroccon Night Clubs x 35

Low slow squat x15

Overhead claps x25

Happy Jacks – 5 rounds

Mountain Climbers x 15

Honeymooner into DD



The Thang

Mosey out the parking lot towards 160 and stop at the second light post (including this one, there are three that were used). I called this a progressive workout, but there might be a better name:


Start with 10 merkins at the current light post. Run to the next light post, then back to the home light post (like a suicide). 10 merkins again, then run to the next light post, 10 knee slap jumps, return to home. 10 merkins, proceed to the next post for 10 more KSJ, then to the 3rd light post for donkey kicks. Once completed return to home. Once the Six was in everyone on their six for some LBC’s x 15 in CAD. Recover.

Round Two- only two changes were a switch to CDD on the first post, and each rep was bumped to 15. Once completed PAX moved to their six for flutter kicks x15 in CAD. Recover.

Round Three- Everything the same except now the reps bumped up to 20. After completed, on the six for hello dolly’s x20 in CAD. Recover. 2 quick ten counts by the PAX and then off to the next spot.

Mosey around the front of the elementary school stopping quickly near the flag. Circled up for a quick round of SSH x 25. Continued on to the black top area and around towards the back of the elementary school near the wall. Circle up for a quick round of Imperial Walkers x 15.

Partner- up for a modified round of Dora- 50-merkins/100-squats/150-LBC’s

Start at light post facing the chest high wall- Partner 1 works on 50 merkins while Partner 2 runs to the wall, up and over, to the school wall. Hit the wall and then complete 2 burpees. Return back to the starting spot. Continue this pattern until the 50/100/150 goals as a team are hit. Recover.

Mosey over to the cones on the black top and face the side of the middle school. Run 50% down to the first basketball hoop and then sprint to the end. Grab a spot on a bench for 20 dips in CAD. Then into wall sits for a full round of a entire PAX ten count. Head back to the Light post and turn and face back towards the school again. Run 75% to hoop and sprint end. Grab a bench for 20 dips in CAD. Recover and jog back to the starting spot. One more round of the same. Recover.

By now we were getting close to running out of time so off to COT we went. We had just enough time for a round of American hammers.

Announcements- 6th Annual Invergence is Sept 21st at Rush Pavillion. Read your newsletter.




Thanks for the call out Jekyll. I appreciate the opportunity. And thank you PAX for the honor of leading you.


Frat Boy

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Varsity: Some HIIT for cool Friday Morning

Varsity 8/24
9 PAX including YHC arrived on this cool Friday morning for a taste of High Intensity interval training. Basically get the heart rate up and down for 45mins.
I choose to do a “9round” type approach and fill in with some pull ups for Haggis. Special requests are encouraged.
Disclaimer given and welcome to FNG – Joe—–aka Dirty Myrtle.
Mosey down to Sugar Creek for mini warm up
  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Windmills
  • Moracan Night Clubs
Jump into the Thang:
3 mins of each set of 2 exercises. After 3 mins, run up hill and grab 10 Pull-ups run back down hill.
Here are the sets:
Jump Rope-20
Mtn Climbers-10
Lunges -10/leg
Calf raises -20
Donkey Kicks-5
Big boys-5
Plank Cinder Block pull -10
Ran out of time but last two sets will be used for future beat down.
Partner Wheelbarrow-curb2curb
Hanging knee raise-5
Side crunches -10
We had FNG naming for Joe to Dirty Myrtle since he was from Myrtle Beach of course. Nice EH Punchlist!!
Prayers for Rebels wife procedure, Dilberts friend on kidney surgery  and Dirty Myrtle’s friend on liver cancer and my friend facing auto-immune disease.
PAX praying over schools Sunday at 6pm… up at a school and pray over them and the administration and students. Nice work Beacon!
Cake Boss out!
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Footloose, Dog Petters and Gilmore

A nice cool morning at Footloose … and we launch … then a wave of cars … thanks for joining us

Mosey around the lot to let the late arrivals join the group, out the entrance and up to the lot across from the FD. Circle up. Windmill x 10, LSS x 10, Carolina DD x 10, 2 burpees OYO, Mor NC x 15, Shoulder tap x 10, Imperial walker x 10, 2 burpees OYO, OH Claps x 26, Plank jack x 10, Hillbilly walker x 10, 2 burpees OYO.

Line up for Karaoke L, Karaoke R, Power skip and burpee broad jump x 10, back and forth across the lot.

Mosey to the furniture lot on the corner downtown, plank for the 6, Makhtar N’Diayes x 10, Dog petters x 10, LBCs x 10. Line up on the wall, wall sit, 2 x burpee wave from both ends.

Mosey to the PD lot around the corner, plank for the 6, OH Clap x 21, LBCs x 10, LSS x 10.

Mosey past the start, down the hill and to the corner lot, line up, 2 lines bear crawl, 2 lines lunge walk, walk it off 2 lines, R & R all the way to the end.

Mosey across the street, divide into 4 groups, group 1, run the spiral stairs, group 2, partner plank claps, group 3 run tall stairs and back, group 4, Scorpion DD. All groups rotate through until all 4 are done.

Mosey back to the grass by First Baptist sign, Calf raises 3×10 OYO, Mahktar N’Diayes x 10, Kneetar N’Diayes x 10, Jack Webb up to 5×20, ants, ants, ants


Looks like we made it,

Barry Manilow

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