The Coop 11:2019

15 PAX (The Coop consistently draws some solid numbers) gathered in one of (possibly…) our last coldish gloom in The Fort. A quick disclaimer and we were off. We got in 40 burpees to help alleviate the penalty burpees Wegmans accumulated for sleeping through a Q at Fire Ant on Tuesday. (We got mathematically to 600, but probably only 550 counting modifications.)


SSH x30
Mtn Climbers x30
TWSS induced bomb jacks
5 Burpees
IW x20
HW x20

Move to line
25%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 75%, 85%, 90%, 95%, full sprint, bear crawl, full sprint, Burpees

Message about acceleration


Mosey to pull up bars

Groups of 3
Derkin on hill
People’s chair with calf raise
Pull up


Started in the down position and called up/down. Roughly 5 reps each. Switch stations, rinse and repeat

Round 2
Derkin in Hill
People’s chair w/calf raises
Toes to bar

Mosey to elementary lot. Burpees

Curb up for 10 Mike Tyson’s and bear crawl to the other side. Rinse and Repeat.

Lunges Around the World x5 Burpees

Message on self-denial during Lent. Discussion of what we’re giving up. YHC – alcohol, Dirty Harry – alcohol, Esso – TV


Head to COT

Pigeon Lunge
Seated Forward Bend (held for awhile)


In this Lenten season, I find myself contemplating the Christian discipline of self denial that relates to accelerating man and issues that hinder acceleration (The Jester). A fast helps focus the mind to a higher purpose. During Lent, when I’d normally reach for a beer or some bourbon, I am forced to focus on why I chose to give that up for 40 days. I am reminded of what Jesus gave up for my salvation. I try to remain grateful for to opportunity to sacrifice something and be connected closer to his sacrifice. As a bonus, I can also analyze the times I just habitually reach for a beer instead of actually waiting until I want a beer.

My challenge as a Q is to build 2nd and 3rd F elements into the 1st F workout. For this Q, I  accelerated (and occasionally decelerated) most cadence counts to help emphasize the additional physical gain from moving faster or slower. And hopefully these tempo changes focused the PAX on accelerating in all 3Fs during Lent, much like Cake Boss’s 40 day challenge.

Thanks to Punch List for the opportunity to lead.

-Band Camp dismissed

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