Baseball in the Bermuda Triangle

Some mysteries are never resolved.  We may never understand why things seem to go missing here, but we do know… they have Baseball!

All kidding aside, it was another muggy morning and 8 PAX were present for YHC’s Q at the Bermuda Triangle.  When the site Q (Homebrew) informed me he was still on I.R. and asked me to Q, I was eager to help out and already had a good idea of what I wanted to do since I’ve posted here a couple times prior.

After a quick disclaimer, we took a mosey around the track, it’s not an official “track” like you would have around a football field, but I’ll bet it is about 1/4 mile around this gravel filled trail that leads around a couple of baseball fields, a playground, and a lot of green space.  Everything a Q needs to give the PAX what they paid for, which included some butt-kickers, high-knees, karaoke’s (both sides), NUR, and some toy soldiers before circling up in the grassy field for Warm-a-rama where we did the following exercises in cadence:

  • SSH x15
  • Windmills x10
  • Imperial Squat Walker x10
  • Elbow Plank (had a couple of PAX call a 10 count while holding)
  • Peter Parker x10 (while still in elbow plank)
  • Merkins x5
  • Finished up with the honeymooner and downward dog to stretch it out and recover

As mentioned before, this site has some easily accessible baseball diamonds, so I felt like utilizing one of them.  Basically, we did “The Cycle”, which consisted of a bear crawl to 1st base, 5 burpees, crawl bear back (reverse bear crawl) to home plate, bear crawl around 1st and stop at 2nd base, perform 10 burpees, we repeated this until we stopped at all the bases including home plate, where we did 20 burpees and a crawl bear all the way back around the diamond.  I had Peg do Lt. Dan’s around the bases while his shoulder heals, some of the other PAX followed suit as  well before the end, all the PAX finished and did great!

With a little less than 20 minutes to spare, I took a quick count of the PAX and since we had an even number, decided to partner up for Catch-Me-If-You-Can.  I really like doing this, especially if you have a nice yard to play in, which we did, so it was the perfect fit.  The basic structure was that PAX-A would do a small number of an exercise while PAX-B NUR’d down the field at speed.  When PAX-A finished, he would sprint to catch PAX-B, tag him, and they would do more of the exercise together, and then we would travel back a way of my choosing. Here is what we did:

  • 5 squats, tag partner, 15 more squats, bunny hop back and then repeat once switching partners.
  • 6 shoulder taps, tag partner, 20 more shoulder taps, crab walk back, swap partner and repeat.
  • 10 flutters, tag partner, 40 more flutters, sprint back, swap & repeat.
  • 4 Makhtar N’Diayes, tag partner, 15 more Makhtar N’Diayes, mosey back, rinse & repeato.

With about 5 minutes to spare, the PAX were looking pretty smoked, so I decided to let them choose either 1 more set or circle up for Ablab, not surprisingly they quickly chose Ablab.  We circled up and I called on several PAX to pick an Ab exercise  and call it out in cadence.  We ended up doing some boxcutters, big boy sit-ups, freddies, hold plank, and 1 more that I’m forgetting.

We circled up for CoT, which consisted of the usual name-a-rama, announcements, praises, prayers.

  • Sweati tomorrow!
  • Prayers for Homebrew’s return/healing

Even though mumble chatter was low, we had a great time this morning. Thank you Homebrew for the opportunity to Q.

Until next time,


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