What an amazing day to be a part of The Fort Region! The weather was glorious. We kept the workout at a high level of intensity for 45 minutes. All of us pushed each other beyond our limits. Each HIM shared what was on their hearts in COT. I got emotional when Band Camp and 38 Special shared their fatherhood blessings and struggles. In fact, I’m still impacted by their testimonies. #RealTalk

The Thang:

SSHs (20x), IWs (20x), Parker Peters (15x), Slow Sumo Squats (15x), WMs (15x), Box Cutters (15x)

The Kettlebell Board of Pain:

  1. 100 Yard Dash
  2. Lunges (Double Count)
  3. Big Boy Sit Ups
  4. Goblet Squats
  5. Man Makers
  6. Merkins (Split Count)
  7. American Hammers (Double Count)
  8. Kettlebell  Swings
  9. Flutter Kicks (Double Count)
  10. Curls (Double Count)
  11. Tricep Extensions
  12. Upright Rows

COP: Leg lifts (15x), Skull Crushers (15x), Captain Thors (7x)  


God has invested power in each of us. An example of God’s investment of power in man is when Peter healed the lame beggar in Acts 3. To make this miracle happen, Peter had to build a relationship with God, hear God’s calling and practice an act of obedience.

Do you know what power or spiritual gift God gave you? If so, what are you doing with your power?

We may not all be miracle makers. However, sometimes your obedience can help God’s victory.

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