PRE BLAST F3 The Fort 6th Annual Invergence

Men of  The Fort,

On Friday, September 21st, we will celebrate 6 years of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith in the Fort Mill area with our annual F3 Invergence party.   Bring a beverage, some food to share, and enjoy a relaxing evening with your brothers.   We’ll have presentations from your local leadership, take a look back at the previous year, and look ahead to what’s in store for 2019  F3 The Fort and F3 Nation.     This is the premier 2nd F event of the year so mark your calendars now,  and plan on being at Rush Pavilion on Friday night, September 21st.

This is a great FNG opportunity!

This is a Pax only event.  Make it up to your M and 2.0’s next weekend.
What:  Fort Mill Invergence (6th anniversary party)
When:  Friday, September 21, 5:30pm – 10:00pm
Where:  Bruce T. Rush Pavillion at the Anne Springs Greenway
Bring:  Food, drink, chair, cash (to cover the pavillion rental/donations to the F3 Foundation)
Please use the link below to RSVP and list what food you will bring:
6th year F3 The Fort Invergence Food Sign Up:



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Q v Q @ The Coop

Hear ye! Hear ye!

This October we have something special planned at The Coop. We will be doing a version of Q v Q. We have six great Q’s selected and prepared to deliver a noteworthy dose of pain. The rules will be simple. Each Q will be judged based off three criteria; Creativity, Best use of the AO, and best overall beatdown. Each PAX attending each workout will score each Q based out of maximum score of 5 points per category (15 points max). The winner will be determined from this based off the higher total between the two Qs.

The Q with the highest average score out of all the Qs will be given an automatic advancement to the finals as this will be a tournament style.


October 3rd – Dark Helmet v Spiderman

October 10th – Ginsu v Maximus

October 17th – Sasquatch v Jiffy

October 24th – 2nd highest pt total  v 3rd highest pt total

October 31st – Winner from previous week v Highest pt total


YHC will lead all the PAX in a standard, The Fort, Warmup lasting 5 minutes. The rest of the time will be split into 10 minute blocks and one of the Qs takes the first 10, the second taking the next 10, the 1st Q has to opportunity to respond, and finally the 2nd Q has their opportunity to respond.

But Wegmans, how will you determine the Q that goes first and the Q that goes second? Easy, the first of the scheduled Qs who show up to the AO first, gets to choice whether they go first or second.

After the 40 minutes are up, the PAX will quickly vote, we will carry the 1, and determine a winner.


These Qs will be competing for a Golden Egg to forever be known as the Best Q at The Coop.

Any changes will be communicated with the Qs and are subject to change.

Let the games begin!


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The Sweati CSAUP

50 Pax posted to the inaugural summer CSAUP we call the Sweati (the evil, yet misunderstood, brother to the Yeti). Some rucked. Some ran. It was a perfect morning to get in some #zimamiles. Got to say it was quite a beatdown. If your were there, you know what happened. If you weren’t…#cobains. You’ll get your chance next summer. Until then…

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The PAINtheon Games 3.0 lands 6/13/18

Hard to believe it’s been 3 years since we started this AO. And as we do every year, we celebrate this fact by doing stupid things in the gloom. So if you have the stones (see: gumption) to post on 6/13, you’ll get to enjoy the following items:

Date: 6/13/18
Time: 0500
Where: Pantheon (TCES)
What: See Below

Pantheon Games
• Merkins AMRAP (2 minutes)
• Sit-ups AMRAP (2 minutes)
• Burpees AMRAP (2 minutes)
• 100 Yard Bear Crawl Dash
• 1 Mile Timed
• Balls to the Wall (2 minutes or until only 1 PAX is left)
• Timed 6 inch hold (2 minutes or until only 1 PAX is left)
• Burpee Chase (Personal Fav)

Cobains for not posting the last games results. I’ll try to get them up before the event so those who have posted before have a benchmark. If you’ve been to the games, you know what’s in store. If you haven’t, it’ll be the highlight of your week. High on pain. High on 2ndF.

Please not the early start of 0500


Zima & Anchorman

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BREWRUCK 002- Preblast

It was so good the first time, that we decided to bring it back, BREWRUCK 002 is back!

Saturday March 31, 2018 – 10-12 miles with 4-5 homebrew stops, route and stops being finalized.

We’ll continue with our charitable focus on this event, instead of filling your ruck with 30lb plate, fill it with 30lbs of canned goods and we’ll collect and donate to Fort Mill Care Center!

Lastly, yes, yes there will be patches, thanks to Davinci for a B.A. design.

Patches are available for $10/patch, max 50 patchs available, first come first serve. $10 covers the patch plus beer/snack costs along the route.

Can’t make the event but still want a patch, no problem, just place you order ASAP, $6 just for patch.

You can order your patch now by sending $ to WWL via PayPal (, patches can be received at the event or in the gloom.

Please signup for the event so we have an accurate headcount for beer planning.

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If you enjoy doing stupid things, Yeti 2018 is for you!

The fact that I know so many men who are willing to undertake what Zima comes up with does occasionally make me question my life choices.  You will earn your patch/shirt with this one (link for that forthcoming).  Go solo or find some friends to tag team with and grind thru the best Yeti route yet!


Start Times

5:00 AM (Rucking Group)
6:30 AM (Running Group)
7:00 AM (Run/Bike Group*)


The Thang…

  • GC to Pantheon: 1.10 miles
  • PAINtheon Games Light
  • Pantheon to Colosseum: 2.30 (3.40)
  • Colosseum BC (Use the Hill)
  • Colosseum to Run n Gun 5.00 (8.40)
  • Run n Gun BC
  • RnG to Laces In/Out 3.00 (11.40)
  • Pick LI or LO workout
  • LILO to WEP 2.00 (13.40)
  • WEP BC
  • End Run to Endex 4.60 (18.00)

See the route here


Celebrate your conquering with beer and BBQ at Fort Mill BBQ immediately following.



Sign up here




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Its Christmas time and the word of the month is giving so I am asking if you would take moments pray about giving to help a fellow pax. Last year Stang got the Fort and the Rock pax to donate gift cards, cash and presents for me and my family.  This was huge for me and my family, with that  being said I feel the need to help a fellow pax and give back. I have been in touch with our pax of the Fort looking for someone to help out. This morning in COT it was mentioned by Destiny that a fellow pax’s son has just been diagnosed with leukemia and his wife is pregnant with twins. Then again Ginsu and Rock thrill had a tweet about it and come to find out it is an Area51  pax named Bout time his sons name is Jennings. This hits close to home and just knew this is who we need to help this year. a few

If I have never had the pleasure of posting with you in the Gloom I would like to take a second and share my story, Dec 2015 on Christmas eve my 2.5 year old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia ALL Type B, on Christmas day she had surgery to have a port installed and her first 3 rounds of chemo. We spent Christmas in the hospital and I broke down never cried so hard in my life. I reached out to God prayed that everything will be okay and about 10 min later after the took my daughter back for surgery he answered my pray because a peace just came over me and heard the words its going to be okay.  The last 2 years have been a hard 2 years with ups and downs but also have enlightened me, allowed me to get closer to God.  It also allowed me to become apart of F3 with out the men of this group not sure where I would be mentally and physically today. I like to thank you for the push the words of encouragement.


I am asking pax to give what your heart tells you. Prayers gift cards, cash etc. I have seen what awesome pax you can be when challenged to give you all always go above and beyond.

See your site Q’s for collections and or Dark helmet , Stang, Witch hunt, Royale and Cornerstone, we want to wrap it up by 12/22/17


2 Corinthians 9:7

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Proverbs 18:16

A gift opens the way
and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.

Luke 6:38

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.


Thanks Again HIMS


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Lake Haigler 12 hr race Sat. 11/18/17…and plans for 2018 (ruck?)

I have made a last minute commitment to run the Lake Haigler 12 hour race at Anne Springs this Saturday, 8:00 pm to 8:00 am.

This PB is to provide info with YHC requesting possible run support along the way…and to discuss 2018…maybe make it a ruck event?

The race should be a lot of fun. It’s a small local race run by the Rock Hill Striders. Casual with no pressure. Accomplish what you can.

And that’s my thought process. No fast running. Figure out a plan that involves rest. Eat and drink properly. Have fun. Might get the family to camp out if they think they can handle the weather.  Socialize with a lot of locals.  LRB will have beer at the end…maybe during, too?

It would be great if you wanted to come out and run a few laps. It’s a 5k loop around Lake Haigler.  My minimum plan is to run 8-10:00 pm and 5-8:00 am. Possibly go home in between?  More likely there all 12 houyrs and incorporating rest following a planned schedule.

Ruckers consider coming out! I would have no problem walking with you (especially the last few hours Sunday a.m.). If I feel up to it, I’ll put on my ruck! But probably no coupons….

We should consider making this a rucking event next year!!! Let’s keep it in mind.

This will be a fun event. Would be great to have you out. Catch me on Twitter. Drop me a text if you want:  (eight zero three) 415-194six


No need to sign up and outside runners/support are invited. Rush Pavillion. Entrance across from Coltharp Road.



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Pre-Blast “Fast 5 – The World’s Fastest 5K” Relay (Fall 2017)

You’ve been asking for it. You’ve been asking for it a lot. When’s the next Fast 5? Some new guys are like “What’s this Fast 5 you’re talking about? Never heard of it.” Sometimes we need to take something away just so you know how special it is. So when we give it back, you’re more excited than you’ve ever been about a CSAUP. Well PAX, we’re giving it back. Fast 5 – The World’s Fastest 5K Relay is back. You better jump on your guys and fill your team up fast because it’s only six weeks out. But let’s pull back a bit and give some history.

Bacon was never intended to be a part of this event. But when you’re sub-contracting your marketing to some guy in an eastern block country, it’s fairly reasonable to see where “We need a runner holding a baton” is translated to “We need a runner holding bacon”. Thus bacon became the central theme of this CSAUP. Rest assured Anchorman will be sizzling up several pounds for the event. It just wouldn’t be the same without that scent in the air.

So…The Fort presents – The Fast 5 (Fall 2017). “Fast 5, The World’s Fastest 5K” is a far cry from your standard 5K. That’s Right, 5 Men (or Women, that’s right! We are inviting our friends from FiA again) run a break-neck pace for 1 Kilometer each. Why you ask a 5K relay? Because it’s CSAUP…mostly S but definitely P as well. Think of this as a mini-P200, but instead of hauling butt to Charleston, we’re just running circles around Fort Mill High School’s track. Like last time, it’ll be over before it gets started. I have a hunch that SOB will return to protect their title? We’ve got a lot of new Pax since the last one, so it’ll be interesting to see the teams that show up. Will there be a Respectables team? A Clydesdales? Regardless, this event is about as 2nd F as you can get! We hope you’ll join us.

When, Who, Why, How? Some of these questions are answered below:

Fort Mill High School Track
292 Munn Road E
Fort Mill, SC 29715

Date & Time
November 4, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

2ndF After
Tailgate in the School Parking Lot (Bring all your tailgating supplies, cornhole, etc.)*
*Quick Note: This is a DRY EVENT as alcohol is not permitted on the school grounds

  • Rules: Each 5 man team must have at least 1 Clydesdale (200+ lbs) or 1 50+ F3 Man (RESPECT!) / FiA and UltraTeams are Open

Awards: Bragging Rights for the 1st Place Team

T-shirt: Link Coming Soon

Start forming your teams now! Bring an FNG! This event will be bigger and better! More teams! More Regions!

Sign Up –> HERE

Here are some particulars about the event. This is a loose/non-regulated relay race. Here are the details:

Each Team will be provided with a baton or bacon
Each Team Member will run 2.5 laps around the track (slightly longer than 1K each)
Exchange Zones will be marked on opposite sides of the track where batons are to be exchanged
Exchange Zones are 1st Come 1st Serve as it pertains to lanes (1st to Exchange Zone may exchange in lane 1, 2nd in lane 2, etc.).
We will be self regulating and timing. We will communicate the process to the Team Captains.
Winners may or may not win a pound of Bacon but have exclusive bragging rights until next installment!

2.0 Race following the Fast 5. One Lap with all they got!

You are encouraged to invite your family and friends! The more people who partake in this nonsense the better. The tailgate afterwards will be a great time of fellowship and regaling of the event that took only a few minutes to complete.

But Wait!!! If it’s not CSAUP enough for you, we will have a 2-Man Ultra Division. Since this is an “endurance” race, we thought we should open up a 2-Man Ultra Team option (no requirements). So if you think you’re good enough, put your team together and show us what you got! Use the link above.

Anchorman & Zima

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