40 Day Challenge 2019

Ok PAX……time to get challenged and ready for summer.

For the next 40 days its time to be uncomfortable.

This is simple and to the point and you will get better so its all worth it.

Starting 3/6/19 and Ending 4/14/19 ——->>>>>40 Days

  • 1st F  Challenge = 40 Merkins every day
    • Not including workout merkins
    • can mix and match (Wide, Regular, Diamonds)
    • Get them in!!!
  • 2nd F Challenge = Work on Concentrica weekly
    • M – show some love
    • shorties – spend some time
    • PAX – attend 2ndF lunch or coffee
  • 3rd F Challenge = Serve 1 time at one of the following within 40 days
    • Saturday Gfit – contact Deacon
    • Saturday Guidance (CAH) – Contact Chicken Hawk
    • Monday or Wednesday Paradise Reading Center – Contact Crab Cakes

Email me me bjmullen60@yahoo.com and tell me you are in and I will hold you accountable.

Prefer to see you and shieldlock sign up together


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Pre-Blast: 2017 F3 The Fort Christmas Party

2nd F….. AKA Fellowship to celebrate the year and blessings.

The Thang:

Meet up at Regal Manor Clubhouse for a diet beatdown at 6:30 p.

Warmup with some meetin’ and greetin’.

Mosey to the buffet line for smoked beef tenderloin, mashed potato bar (with bacon), salad, green beans and rolls.  Partner carry plate to table and fellowship.

Dora 123 on the dance floor with Flat Tire delivering the hits.  Mumble chatter welcome.


F3 is awesome and it makes us all better.  If you were just here for the fitness part you probably would just join Cross Fit and then bore your friends with stories about how awesome it is.  2nd ‘F’ is Fellowship.  That means hanging together, enjoying conversation and having a good time.  Make every effort to be part of events like this.  Because #ISI.


  • Place: Regal Manor Clubhouse 549 Starlight Drive Fort Mill, SC 29715
  • Date: Friday December 1st
  • Time: 6:30pm-10:30pm
  • Cost: $30/person
    • Includes: Facility, Tables/Chairs, Food, Music
  • Menu:
    • Smoked Beef Tenderloin
    • Mashed Potato Bar
    • Spring mix salad
    • Green Beans
    • Rolls
    • Sweet Tea
    • Fruit Infused Water
  • BYOB – No bar this year…responsible for own drinks
  • Dress: Nice Casual or crush velvet red suit


  1. RSVP: We need names of all attending
    1. Google Forms: https://goo.gl/forms/0BvuF4eeV1U6gVH02
  2. Cost: $60.00 per couple or $30 per person
    1. Pay here: PayPal Link: https://paypal.me/f3thefort
  3. Gift options for Children’s Attention Home – Duffle bags 36″ or larger, alarm clocks or travel size umbrellas
  4. Gift options for Operation Sweet include —any age toy and/or gift cards to take to Levine’s children hospital.

Questions: Contact Cake Boss or Anchorman

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Children’s Attention Home Workday

PAX of Rock Hill, York, Gastonia, The Fort Regions and beyond,

The overwhelming success of the CAH Burpee Challenge that we worked our tails off in June is coming to fruition on 9/30 at 10:30AM at CAH. We will be getting rental gear for post hole diggers, concrete mixers, supplies are being worked on for lumber and hardware (hoping to get confirmation this week from Home Depot) and our very own Iron Horse is making the bars himself!! We have collected in cash, check, and through the website $2,508.24!!! That speaks to the HIMs that you all are.

We are going to install 6 pull up bars with step assists, 2 parallel bars, and 6 dip stations.

Iron Horse’s handy work. All bars are being sent off for powder coating as well!!

Date: 9/30/17 at 10:30AM

Who: All PAX, please sound off in comments if you are able to come. If we get 12 guys, I see this as a few hour project at most.

Location: CAH in Rock Hill

Duration: Until we are done

What to bring: Gloves, water, work boots, and dress is old work clothes.

If you have: Post hole diggers, cordless drill, large drill bits, bring them, I have some, but more is better. Let me know if comments what you plan to bring.

What is provided: Plans, materials, lunch (pizza will be delivered)

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