GC 7/10

7 bootcampers and 5 ruckers showed up for the buffet.

After a disclaimer by Olaf, we went our separate ways and bootcampers mosied around HT and started COP.

COP – MNC x 15, IW x 15, LSS x 10, Merkins x 10, PP x 15

We then made our way to HT where YHC had set up some cones for the main event.  PAX did 7s (but really 8s) of big boy sit-ups and burpees, bear crawling to the first cone and crab walking back.

For the main event, PAX did suicides starting with 1 SSH x 10, 2, 1 SSHx 10 Plank Jack’s x 10… Building up to 4, 3, 2, 1 SSH x 10 plank jacks x 10 bomb Jack’s x 10 and ski abs x 10.  We then rotated through again with squats, lbcs, monkey humpers, and diamond merkins.

After the main event we sat on the wall a did some burpees, and finished up with some mary.

Met up with the ruckers for COT.  Sweti coming up, read your newsletter.

Thanks decibel for the opportunity to lead

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One thought on “GC 7/10

  1. Olaf says:

    Great work this morning guys. Summary of ruck wo is simple: we picked up heavy things and carried them uphill further than anyone wanted, did a few terrible exercises, then went back for more heavy things. In total we “Logged” over 2 miles and managed to relocate all the stupid, unorthodox, random heavy things from the base camp at the fountain to the summit @ COT. It was a terrible idea that looked bad on paper and even worse in the moment but you guys didn’t back down and finished strong. Great work by all.

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