Dora Vol. 2 – Back to Basics

14 PAX (5 BCs 11 Ruckers) all got a proper disclaimer by YHC, and parted ways.

Bootcampers moseyed around the parking lot for COP.

COP (mostly x15 count) – MNC, IW, WM, LSS, Merkins, PP

The Thang – started with 11s, Burpees and Crab cakes, with bear crawling and crab walking in between sets

Moseyed over behind the tire place for DORA 1-2-3 (Derkins, Step Ups, Dips in the wall) with partner running around the two auto shops, a classic, but brutal workout for this AO.

COT – Read your newletter

Thanks Falcon Crest for the opportunity to lead

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A little movin’ & rollin’ with Florence

I’ve been chompin’ at the bit to Q this new official Ruck AO, the Fire Ant, and this morning was the perfect time. Over the last few years, it’s developed a standard consistent with harder AO’s and I was not about to drop the ball today.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to post up at my folk’s house in Wilmington, NC where they recently had Hurricane Florence followed by 1-2 tornadoes pass through. It’s always different seeing storm aftermath in person; the images, the smells, the sounds of cleanup and water pumps getting rid of standing water. I’m not quite sure how I was going to be impacted but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. After all, neighbors are still unable to get in their houses. Perspective teaches me I need to keep my mouth shut and stay hydrated as I chip in to do a small part. After tree #4 came down and got hauled off, I had a revelation. What if I cut this next tree into the perfect lengths that would compliment my upcoming Fire Ant Q? Couple that with a previously-prepared Weinke and there you have it, we were set.

With a truck bed holding (8) 40-50lb logs, 18 of us converged on the Golden Corral/Fire Ant parking lot at HT. After Change Order laid down the disclaimer, us 12 Ruckers moved over for our warm-up jog around the lot.

After that, we kept the rucks on the ground and did our warm up:

Wind Mills

Moroccan Night Clubs

10 Forward & Reverse Arm Circles

Slow Squats


Grab a partner and meet at the rucks.

Catch me if you can with your partner and 3 Hand-Release Merkins. We went around the big loop once then a smaller loop after that for 2 loops total.

Head over to grab the logs. A brief explanation on where they came from and how they’d be used. We had to move both the rucks and the log and we’d work as a team to do it, looking to relieve the men with the logs.

Line up 2×2 with logs in the front. If you had a log, carry it overhead at the front and the rest of us would look to relive you en route. We made our way to the start of the Harris Teeter wall.

Lunge walk with a log press the length of the wall.

Bear crawl while rolling the log back to the starting position.

2×2 in formation with logs overhead to the 9-round parking lot & circle up.

If you have a log, hold it at 90 degrees and if you don’t hold your Ruck at 90 degrees. Each PAX does 3 curls going around the circle. If you’re not curling, you’re holding at 90.

On your back with legs straight and feet at 6″. Doing a log or ruck press for quite a few reps.

Get in 1 line, shoulder to shoulder. Seal team sit-ups with the rucks on front and keeping your head off the ground.

Same formation, flutter kicks with heads off the ground.

Back in 2×2 formation with logs overhead and offering relief, we made our way back to the original starting position. But before we finished, we got back in the seal-team line, on our backs and did bicycles with the rucks on front, both forward and reverse.

And so…that was it.

Announcements: Fire Ant AO moving to TCES in 3wks. Follow Spiderman for further details. Sign up for Paradise Reading Center: check with Copay and Deacon.

Prayers/Praises: Safety for all the PAX doing races (Bourbon Chase, CLT Marathon, Ragnar, Rucks), wedding anniversaries, Prayers for Half-Shell’s buddy who lost his son recently in a very sad event. We do not understand but we need to have faith in our Creator that he’ll somehow have something positive come from this. Prayers for his family and for all the scouts injured, those who witnessed and for their families.

Enjoy your day & make an impact.


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Lots of balls at the Swamp!

Short notice Q for the swamp bootcamp this morning could very well be my last before I move to Everett Washington. A lot of Ruckers, only 5 of us for the boot camp.



mosy to target balls for the main event:

one armed merkin each arm and a regular merkin at each ball, running between each

15 squats and bear crawl to each ball

5 burpees and lunge to each ball

10 monkey humpers and crabwalk to each ball

last thing we did I beleive is a variation of belching, sprint to each ball and drop to 6 inches, sprint forward and repeat when Q says go. That one actually was pretty intense.

Kept things simple but painful.

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GC 7/10

7 bootcampers and 5 ruckers showed up for the buffet.

After a disclaimer by Olaf, we went our separate ways and bootcampers mosied around HT and started COP.

COP – MNC x 15, IW x 15, LSS x 10, Merkins x 10, PP x 15

We then made our way to HT where YHC had set up some cones for the main event.  PAX did 7s (but really 8s) of big boy sit-ups and burpees, bear crawling to the first cone and crab walking back.

For the main event, PAX did suicides starting with 1 SSH x 10, 2, 1 SSHx 10 Plank Jack’s x 10… Building up to 4, 3, 2, 1 SSH x 10 plank jacks x 10 bomb Jack’s x 10 and ski abs x 10.  We then rotated through again with squats, lbcs, monkey humpers, and diamond merkins.

After the main event we sat on the wall a did some burpees, and finished up with some mary.

Met up with the ruckers for COT.  Sweti coming up, read your newsletter.

Thanks decibel for the opportunity to lead

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Taters beat down

23 Pax, 19 for Bootcamp and 4 Ruckers

Welcome FNG Mill-Billy

It’s been a while since Tater had the Q and he did not disappoint!

He gave the disclaimer and we were off to mosey, Toy Soldiers, Butt Kickers, Knee to chest, Karaoke

COP Did a few exercises here to get nice and warm before we mosied over to the fountain and partnered up

Dora 1-2-3-4 100 Derkins, 200 Step-ups, 300 Dips, 400 LBC one partner ran the loop while the other partner did the exercise

We got through one full round and started our way back down before we stopped and returned to the COT area to do a little Ab-Lab

Excellent work! It was not an easy workout and we were all challenged!!

Great work Tater and the PAX!!!!!!

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Freezing in the New Year

Due to lack of sleep and poor early morning math I was driving like I robbed a bank to get to the Colosseum when I realized I was arriving at 5:00 not 5:15 for some reason..: once there I was able to relax for an eternity and hope at least someone else showed up for the day…

Thankfully 2 somebodies did and we were able to get going, although it did complicate things like “circling up” and “partner up”

Mosey to the back lot for warm up

-25 SSH

-10 Windmill

-25 Moroccan Nightclub

-10 Peter Parker

-10 Parker Peter

-10 Mountain Climber

-High knees, Karaoke, Shuffle and Toy Soldiers


Mosey to back wall

-3 sets of People’s Chair (1 minute), 40 dips, 40 flutter (double count)

-Jacobs Ladder with 10 Americans hammer (double count) then over the wall then 1 donkey kick then back. 9 AH and 2 Donkey, etc…


Mosey to flag pole for individual laps with the other PAX doing exercise.




Mosey to start point for some Mary and COT

Announcement… It’s cold but everyone else is a sad bunch of clowns for not showing up…

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Let’s make it 3

Warm up

Needed a fast warmup given the temp was dropping so headed for a quick mosey around the school. Circled up for some poor counting by the Q that included: SSH x25, Imperial Walker x10, Windmill x10, Merkin x10, Low Slow Squat x15, Moroccan night club x25, Mountain climber x20.

Headed over to in front of the school to get this thing started.  Started in front of the main entrance with 10 lunges / leg, then a quick run down to the end of the pillars for 10 hand release merkins.  Did this set 3x!

Then we found a pillar each for a wall sit.  While everyone did a wall sit, first person did 10 Carolina Dry docks, then the next PAX and so on down the line.  Next we did some Al Gore with 1 PAX doing 10 LBC, then the next PAX, etc. while everyone else held the Al Gore.  Then we went back to the wall sit and baked in 10 Flying squirrel for PAX 1, then on down the line.  So 3 sets here in total!

Last we headed over by the softball field where we did some Jacob’s Ladder up the tiered hills.  Set one (adding up to 7) included burpees and bombjacks to the top tiered hill.  Set two was seal jacks and knee to chest  jumps.  Set 3 was plank jacks and diamonds.  So another set of 3!

Last we headed over to COT for a 5 min cool down and some abs and core.  All in, 8 PAX stayed warm, not much time for mumble chatter, and we managed to stay dry for the most part!  Great time as usual.

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You don’t have Control

Friday mornings are my favorite.  Back at the place this whole F3 thang all began for me.  The men started gathering, and by 5:14 it was a large group…but no one that wanted to ruck…so NASA got to join the bootcampers.  I’m sure he was ready for his Q, but lots of guys were probably holding back for the Capital Ruck Tour on Saturday night.  20 PAX with me, so a quick disclaimer and we’re off.

A little dynamic warmup on our run with high knees, butt kickers, side shuffle.  Made our way to the back parking of  the old River Bleu.

COP: 15 IWs – 25 MNCs – 25 SSHs – 10 LS Squats – 10 Merkins – some yoga stuff – 15 planks jacks – 10 Parker Peters

Mosey over to the Fountain to put in some work

3 rounds of following:

10 Step Ups each leg

20 Durkins

30 Dips

quick 10 count time to mosey.

Move to the red balls for Burpicides

Shared a quick word around Control. See Moleskin.

run to each ball – 3 burpees – run back all the way down to the other side

Read to write, hard to do. After a FEW 10 counts time to mosey again.

Made our way closer to the COT, stopped at a nice patch of grass.

I saw someone had pulled out the Jack Webbs this week, it had been too long…

Jack Webbs to 10

Back to COT:

Ab Lab with American Hammers – Freddie Mercuries – LBCs

Announcements – Praises – Prayers


I had something to share planed for the PAX.  But on the way to the workout I was listening to the radio.  Not something I normally do. A song came on by Logic.  It’s posted here.  Popular song about depression and suicide.  My nephew had previously shown me the video. That morning it almost brought me to tears.  I modified my message about control.  The trials of life and heartache of loss or depression show us many ways that we are not in control.  That even when things are good we can feel like there are bad.  Give that control to God and ask him for guidance.

Too many kids I’ve been hearing about locally that have lost that control and found no other way out than suicide.  We should be those men making a difference in kids lives so they know there is another way.  Start with your own kids.  Talk to them about life, and pain and failure.  Let them know that everything’s not perfect like social media makes it out to be.  Tell them about your failures and how you overcame them.  Just talk…

An honor to lead,



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Q school 101 & 201

16 Pax for Q School

YHC arrived early and Dark Helmet Q101) rolled in let’s just say a little later than that

The first rule of Q school is arrive early!!!

Dark Helmet took the 101 beginner class and YHC took the advanced class (or at least we think we are advanced) split off and began to teach some good stuff

201 started out with 10 perfect Burpees and we mosied to the back of the school to the COP

Everyone lead 10 SSH each making sure we could all count

We then did merkins 2 ea all the way around the circle

We continued our warm up and talked through some things we all felt were important

Another rule to follow is don’t do stupid things….In other words don’t do partner carries on a wet hill in the dark, don’t cross a major highway with 30 PAX in the dark….Be smart about what you’re doing and try not to get anyone hurt, we are out here to get in better shape after all!

Although they say not to make the workout too hard I don’t believe that. Everyone will work at their own pace and make sure they know that’s ok! Modify as needed is not just something we say it’s also true

The 201 school did some bear crawls, then partner hand slap merkins.

Ran around the circle and did hand clap sit ups

Ran around the circle and did hand slap burpees

Ran around the circle and did hand slap squats

Finished with 15 Burpees then mosied to COP where Dark Helmet had us do an additional 10 Burpees

Not too hard of a workout but we did stay warm and learned at least a couple of things!

Not sure what Dark Helmet talked about during his schooling but I am certain the PAX learned at least one thing from him today……

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