GC 7/10

7 bootcampers and 5 ruckers showed up for the buffet.

After a disclaimer by Olaf, we went our separate ways and bootcampers mosied around HT and started COP.

COP – MNC x 15, IW x 15, LSS x 10, Merkins x 10, PP x 15

We then made our way to HT where YHC had set up some cones for the main event.  PAX did 7s (but really 8s) of big boy sit-ups and burpees, bear crawling to the first cone and crab walking back.

For the main event, PAX did suicides starting with 1 SSH x 10, 2, 1 SSHx 10 Plank Jack’s x 10… Building up to 4, 3, 2, 1 SSH x 10 plank jacks x 10 bomb Jack’s x 10 and ski abs x 10.  We then rotated through again with squats, lbcs, monkey humpers, and diamond merkins.

After the main event we sat on the wall a did some burpees, and finished up with some mary.

Met up with the ruckers for COT.  Sweti coming up, read your newsletter.

Thanks decibel for the opportunity to lead

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Build-a-burp Workshop

19 pax made it out to the golden corral for some bootcamp, ruck, and run.  Big showing from lake wylie thanks to Jedi.

A disclaimer was made and the bootcampers mosied around HT for cop.
Morracan Night Clubs x 20
Imperial Walkers x 19
Windmills x 13
Low slow squats x 16
Merkins x 11
LBCs x 15
Parker Peters x 15
(Reps are guestimates… no rhyme or reason to #s)
Bodybuilder burpees x 10 OYO (multiple demos requested, still no consensus on order of plank jack/merkin)
The thang
Mosied over to the fountain for some deconstructed bodybuilder burpees in pairs.
1st pax bear crawled to cone, ran to the hill to circle, and then crab walked back to the start from cone.
2nd pax did x16 of the following followed by LBCs until relieved by 1st pax:
Leg thrusts
Plank Jacks
Leg thrusts
Bodybuilder burpees
(mumblechattter included complaints of lack of visible cones)
Finished just in time and booked it over to HT for COT with a push from Davinci.
Christmas party
Probably missing something…. read your newsletter
Prayers and praises
Sick, injured, and traveling family.
Thanks Decibel for the opportunity
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Pantheon Sweat fest

Always a pleasure to be invited to Q at Pantheon, especially since it’s basically in my backyard.  The Pax gathered and it was great to see some guys I haven’t seen in a while, and always great to have Jekyll show up because I know that there will be great mumble chatter.  No FNGs the disclaimer was given and we were off for a little warm up lap and then circled up for COP.

The Thang – SSH, Imperial Walkers, Abe Vagoda, Mountain Climbers, Plankorama, Moroccan Night Club, Freddie.  Mosey to the front of school where cones were neatly set up along the walk. Very simple, do the exercise on the cone and then a lap around the parking lot, come back do the exercise again and add the next one in line, and on and on until all 8 cones are done alternating large and small laps. Start with 10 Merkins, 15 Squats, 10 Hello Dolly, 10 CDD, 20 LBC, 10 Burpees, 10 Monkey Humpers.  I called at 6:00, everyone did awesome and a few even finished them all! Head to COT

Announcements- Invergence 9/29, read your newsletter

Prayers – Bob the Builders M going in for test, Sputnik job interview. A quick discussion on the Discipline of the Lord and how we are not supposed to hate it, we are called to rejoice in our suffering because our suffering leads to perseverance, which leads to character which leads to Hope, and Hope will never let us down.

A great morning and always a joy to lead the Pax



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Well Rounded

11 Men, one of them a 2.0, descended on Pantheon with a Boot Camp gleam in their bleary eyes. YHC wanted to take them out of their comfort zone.

The Thang
Structured Running workout for first half:
6 Min Warm Up around the “track” with various warm up routines

  • Karaoke (both sides)
  • Butt Kickers
  • High Knees
  • Side Shuffle

5 Min build at ~ 9 min pace to prep for the main event
4x Repeats:

  • 1 minute slow run/walk
  • 30 seconds AYG

5 Min cooldown at ~ 9 min pace

After the run, which completed with a mosey to the back side of the AO, we hit COP for some dynamic stretching to loosen the muscles from the run:

  • Windmills
  • Potato Pickers
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Honeymooner/Downward Dog Combo

Line up on the sideline of the basketball court

  • Burpee Broad Jump Across the Court and Crabwalk Back
  • Inchworm across the Court and Bear Crawl Back

Mosey to swings, split into 2 groups for 3 rounds of:

  • 20 Swing Crunches
  • 10 Pull Ups

Mosey around AO, including some toy soldiers to 6MOM with:

  • Flutter
  • Freddy Mercuries
  • American Hammer

Close out with BOM

As I thought about the Weinke last night, I decided that I wanted to expose the PAX to some structured run workout training, as most likely haven’t done much of that. There is a funny story that Dredd will tell about an opportunity he had to train with the French Foreign Legion while he was in Special Forces. Basically he was extremely strong and, he assumed, fit when he went over. The French told him he’d never survive their training because he was too big. They commenced to show him that constant movement will show you real fitness, not just how much you can pick up. He barely made it through and many of his team didn’t actually make it through this training, despite being “big and strong”. This, among other things, created perspective for a well rounded fitness routine, e.g. the prototypical “Pearls on a String” workout you will hear about.

I’ve been running a ton lately and have really seen improvement since I’ve started to introduce this into my routine. Many PAX will sign up for an event and log a bunch of miles (unless you are Cornhole) in prep for a race, but it is just repeating the mileage. I believe that to get better, you need to have a well rounded routine, not just repeating the same old workout over an over. That’s the motivation behind today’s workout. In all things, getting out of your comfort zone is a way to grow… to get better.

Honor to Serve.

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Stinky Morning at the Golden Corral

Cool morning at the Golden Corral with 20 men in attendance for ruck, running and boot camp activities.  The group split up evenly with two getting in some extra miles running.  After a brief disclaimer, we moseyed to the back parking lot for the following warm-up exercises:

SSH x20

Imperial Walker x20

Moroccan Night Club x20


Windmill x10

Next, we took a short jog to the top of the parking lot for some partner exercises.  First partner, ran up to the cell tower and performed 10 bomb jacks while the second partner performed the following exercises:


Flutter Kicks


Our workout was disrupted by the passing garbage truck carrying a potent mixture of foul smelling trash.   A few almost lost their breakfast.

Next, we ran to the church parking lot for a round of Doral 1-2-3.

100 – Squats

200 – LBCs

300 – Merkins

we finished with 50 Moroccan Night Clubs and two rounds of step-ups.


Convergence this Friday at Harris Teeter


Ginsu & M safe travels and new addition to family

Those unspoken


Always an honor to serve!


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Good times at Golden Corral

The men were gathered, and two of my buddies crossed the Lake to come join me in Tega Cay for the great local of Golden Corral, Kenyan and Whopper.  My boy Whopper got to have his 1st post back in Charlotte since his last 6 months were spent in Texas for work.  Quick and easy disclaimer,  the group split for the standard 5 ruckers and 7 bootcampers. And we took off.

Mosey behind Harris Teeter for our warmup.  We did

20 SSHs – 2 burpees – 20 MNCs – 2 burpees – 20 IWs – 2 burpees – 10 Merkins – 2 burpees – 10 Peter Parkers – 2 burpees – 10 Parker Peters – 2 final burpess

Mosey to the side of that new tire store…I forget the name to the right of the HT.

Lazy Dora

Partner Up

Combined 100 merkins : Partner 1 = 10 merkins while 2nd partner planks. Then switch until 100

Combined 200 LBCs: 1st = 20 LBCS while other holds 6 inches. Switch until 200

Combined 300 Squats: 1st = 25 Squats while other partner holds low squat.  This one hurts by 300..

I asked Whopper to share a little about his experience without F3 for the last six months and he was kind enough to share about what it’s like to have been a man of F3 and then not have those guys to hold you accountable.

Since Lazy Dora skips all the running round two would include plenty.  We started with People’s Chair while the other partner runs around the building.  Keep the runs going when we switch partners and these exercises.

People’s Chair – BTTW – Wall Plank 90 degree hold – People’s Chair – BTTW

Final round, mosey to the front of the Harris Teeter. Lt Dan’s to the 3rd light.  Then bear crawl to the F3 flag.  The final 3 minutes were Ab Lab.

Announcements – read the newsletter!

Prayers shared and raised in the BOM.

An honor to lead!



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Tour of the Front 9 @ Tempo

I let Gekko’s DM on twitter sit there all day. A call out to Tega Cay Pax that he needed a sub Q at Tempo for an injured Senator Tressel. Messages came in that several Pax were down range. You see, I had a scheduled fartsack for Thursday morning.  So I let it sit there. Silent. Crickets.

I’m not sure if it was the weight of the silence, or the guilt I would feel the next morning (something I call fartsacker’s guilt), or the fact that I just listened to Dredd and OBT talk about what a High Impact Men was on the Art of Manliness Podcast (Check it out HERE), but I started to put together a route that would be challenging.  Fishsticks chimed in and said he would put something together and I jumped in and said it’s already done.  Transition to Thursday morning.


0515 came and I outlined that we would run up Tega Cay Drive and then enter Tega Cay Golf Course at Number 9 Tee Box and then run the front 9 (Carolina Pines). We proceeded to hole #1 and ran the entire way through to #8 green and got back on the trail that led us back to COT.  Doesn’t sound exciting but there are so many quick elevation changes that your heart rate gets up quick and doesn’t come down until you’re back at Trailhead Park. It was a great morning and I am thankful for the guys who came out. As I mentioned to Falcon’s Crest, I wouldn’t be out here doing this without you guys.


As I mentioned above, before F3 there would have been no chance of me getting up and going for a run like that. I’m still a work in progress (I mean who schedules a fartsack?) but I’m trying to get better. The guys to my left and right are trying to get better and they encourage me. As I held back a little for some of the PAX (truth is I was having a hard time keeping up with Spud), they said they were fine and to go on ahead. I let them know that it ain’t about the workout for me anymore, so we’re cool. It was a great morning and I had the privilege in COT to hear praise after praise. Glad I showed up. Here are my notes:

  • Good work Decibel. You’re sick and you’re still coming out! Get well soon brother.
  • Falcon Crest, you just keep coming out. Keep it up and sorry/notsorry about the route. You’ll keep getting better
  • Spud is not human. I repeat! Not human! 🙂
  • Great to see you in the gloom Repeat!
  • Always a good time and chat with Fish Sticks
  • The Front 9 is hilly but I still think the Back 9 is worse (save for another Q)
  • Repeat mentioned that this route should be an official BRR training route. I think it is now.

Announcements (Check the newsletter as we went straight into praise reports)

Praise & Prayers

  • Repeat praise with the new baby
  • Decibel praise for his little girl’s light, energy and humor
  • Zima praise for family weekend in the mountains
  • Spud praise for a reprieve from work pressures

Always an Honor to Q, even if I avoid it at times.



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Theatre of Pain with Motley Crue

Met him in Vegas in 2008.


Warmup – jog around soccer field alternating high knees, butt kickers, side shuffle to l/r then gorrilla walks to left then right.  Circled up for chicken wing side straddle hops and seal cross straddle hops in cadence.

The Thang – 4 songs with a tour of 6 stations on  soccer field in between each song.

Song 1 – Dr. Feelgood – 4 mins of body quats during music/lyrics to squat jumps during chorus.  Knee tuck slaps during guitar solo.

Round 1 – in corners and middle of soccer field, 10 reps each at 6 stations for plank jacks, wide grip merkins, squat jumps, ab box cutters, L/R reverse lunges, and ab superman pumps.  Bear Crawl and Lunges alternating to each station.  Mosey to parking lot for song.

Song 2 – Wild Side – 4 mins of side straddle hops during music/lyrics to bombjacks during chorus and slow burpees during guitar solo.

Round 2 –  in corners and middle of soccer field, 10 reps each at 6 stations for plank thrusts, diamond merkins, double squat jump, ab flutters, plyo lunges, superman jacks.  Bear crawl and lunges alternating to each station.  Mosey to parking lot for song.

Song 3 – Girls, Girls, Girls – in tribute to all M’s.  American hammer during music/lyrics to hello Dolly’s ( Free Bird was thinking about my wife during this ) during chorus, to windshield washers during guitar solo.

Round 3 – in corners and middle of soccer field, 10 reps each of 123 plank hops and regular hold merkins.  Mosey to parking lot for song.

Song 4 – Home Sweet  Home – the closer, plank to sphynx pose during music/lyrics to honeymooners during chorus and downward dog during guitar solo.  Springled in a few childs pose and arm huggers at end.

Announcements – 8/4 convergence.

Prayers for all parents/children travelling during this time, freedom from daily restraints/expectations, freedom from addition for my brother Michael,  peace for the souls of my friends Ken, John and Micheal in their passing.




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Board of Pain Tabata style

As the Pax started to gather around this morning I gave a heads up that they needed to get loosened up because there wouldn’t be a warm-up this morning.  Some heeded my warning and some didn’t.  When it hit 5:14 I began to give the normal speech and tell the group we were about to take on the Board of Pain.  However there was one catch to it.  We would work our way through the Board of Pain, but we weren’t going to be counting.  We would do 7 rounds of Tabata each exercise.

For those who don’t know what Tabata is it is where you do a set of exercises for a predetermined amount of time by exercising for 20 sec and then take 10 sec off and keep rotating through.  For us we rotated exercises after 7 rounds of 20/10.  Needless to say I didn’t get to 100 burpees, but I was fine with that.

During the workout I failed as a Q because I had promised music and when I attempted to play the music the speaker wasn’t working.  I believe it had to do with the 150% humidity that morning, but its still a failure on my part.  Luckily fellow pax Change Order and Lutefisk saved me by performing for us several songs including Ice Ice Baby timed perfectly during one of our 10 second counts.

The Thang:

Calf Raises
Ski Abs
Am Hammer
Mac Tar Jai

100 Maracain Night Club because I didn’t want to have to Jump Squats for the last 2 minutes

This workout was one of those workouts where you get all 3 Fs during the 45 minutes which was awesome to be apart of.

It was an honor to lead!  Thanks for the opportunity

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Golden Corral , buffet of choices

It was a humid July morning at 18 HIM met for a assortment of pain.  12 choose YHC for BC and 4 WhatDid ruck beat down.  Zima and MacGivor went for a sweat fest run.  The 12 boot campers went off with me.

20 SSH

  1. 20IW

20 Moroccan Nightclubs

run 100% across parking lot, 10 bombjacks

Set up for a Rock Hill Wakkers Starfish (Change Order new what was coming):

100 merkins

100 LBC

100  Squats

50 Pike Presses, between each stations 10 burpies

Next up a Merkin Wave for 7 rounds . Crowd pleaser.

Jack Webb

Sprint back across parking lot for 10 more bombjacks.

series of Wall Sits including each PAx doing Bear Crawls.

finish up with another set of merkin wave.

.Annoucements, praises and prayers.

read your newsletter.

Always an honor to lead.






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