10 Accelerating Together

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Golden Corral Corrals 3 FNG’s

From a last minute Q request from ______, Lutefisk grabbed 3 FNG’s from his neighborhood. You should try it… I posted the Men’s Health link and left an open invite and got three suckers to join us.  The disclaimer was given thoroughly and we reminded the PAX and informed the FNG’s of the 5 core characteristics of F3.

With that, a mosey around the auto parts store brings us to COP. Warm-up with:
-Low Slow Squats
-Imperial Walkers
-Hillbilly Walkers
-ChaChing Mercuries (Freddie Murcuries, start slow, then fast, then slow, then fast)
-Mountain Climbers
-Right Arm / Leg High
-Crab position for Dips
-Left Arm / Leg High

Mosey to the front of Harris Teeter. 9 pillars in front of the building. Line up and bear crawl to first pillar, 1 burpee. Bear crawl to second pillar, 2 burpees. You get the idea.  AYG run back to starting line. Rinse and repeat with broad jumps and squats.  Enough of that…

Mosey to the walls, partner up with someone of similar speed, that is your opponent – split into two teams with YHC as the judge for the contests. One pax at a time while the rest held position:
-Bear crawl to other side and back while the rest hold wall sit
-Duck walk to other side and back while the rest held plank
-AYG to other side and back while the rest hold BTTW
-Crab walk to other side and back while the rest hold chillcut
-Wheelbarrow to other side, flapjack, wheelbarrow back while others hold Al Gore
After each round, losing team does 5 krakken burpees, winning team does 5 flying squirrels

Mosey to parking lot, get back with original partner and complete as much Dora 1-2-3 as possible. Got through almost half of the squats.  COT

After counting off and name-o-rama, we got to the fun part. Name those FNG’s.
First up, Jim. Found out he loves Star Wars. F3 name = Solo
Next, Jason. From Long Island. He must like bagels. F3 name = Lox
Last, Justin. His last name is Earley.  F3 name = Tardy

Announcements, prayers, praises, and a prayer concluded our awesome morning. It’s always a pleasure to have an opportunity to lead these men that I look up to and admire for their awesomeness.  Lutefisk OUT.

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Frozen Shart Run

Apparently according to reliable source if one farts when it is 20 degrees below 0, it will freeze to you pants… try at your own risk.

We met at Foodlion did some Broga, ran down the street, around the ‘hood and back for about 2.7 miles.

Good times!

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Alcatraz – Cake and the Ripper

It is GROUNDHOG Day and all I could think about was repeats. Repeating the same exercise for 60 mins would be rough. Shoot GInsu did Plank at The Ranch for 45 mins once…..but I was not going to subject myself or the PAX to that mental tourture. Instead, we had Cable Guy and his GI issues. the were in full force , especially in the squats. Anyway, cable guy and I flipped a coin on who would go first and I got the first half……so away we went

  • Mosey all the way around the park and came back to pick up Lutefisk and Mile HIgh for COP
    • Plank Series
  • Mosey to other side of bball fields
    • Merkins
    • Imperial Walkers
    • Hillbilly Walkers
    • Squats
  • Mosey to short steep hill by the firehouse
    • Time for DOP (Dice of Pain)
      • Roll the Dice, run to bottom of hill, perform exercise, run back up hill
    • Merkins
    • Squats
    • Lunges
    • Frog Hops
    • LBCs
    • ????
    • Burpees
  • Mosey to Playgroung and hand off to Cable Guy
    • Fishstix tagged out and we picked up Jekyll at COT

Cable Guy lined us up for some suicide repeats

  1. Burpees
  2. Merkins
  3. Bombjacks
  4. ??????
  5. Suicides touch every line up to 12 lines

Mosey to middle of lot for Mary

  • Protractors
  • Flutters
  • dying cockroaches
  • Pretzel Crunches


8 PAX came to Alcatraz today and 4 hit up  Qsource after. It was a great day of fellowship and something to be said for smaller groups pushing each other. Mile High inspired me as each time he was called for a 10 count, he had us do something during the 10 count……disruption!!  Made us all better and t-clapps brother for the dedication to get your King in order!

G3L – Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, Leave Right

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Accumulating Around Rite-Aid

Lightning Backblast

22 degrees didn’t scare off 6 pax from Golden Corral.  No FNGs, so the disclaimer was light and we quickly got to moseying around the parking lot.  Quick stop near the launch point for a warm-up:

  • 30 SSH
  • 10 Windmills
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • few others that have escaped YHC

Mosey to far corner of Rite-Aid

The Thang – 4-Corner Accumulator
At each corner of the Rite-Aid, we stopped to do the exercise for the round.  Run between each corner, and plank up for the six after each round.

Round 1- 1 burpee at each corner
Round 2 – 1 burpee, 2 Crab Jacks at each corner
Round 3 – 1 burpee, 2 Crab Jacks, 3 Run Stance Switch
Round 4 – 1 burpee, 2 Crab Jacks, 3 Run Stance Switch, 4 merkins
Round 5 – 1 burpee, 2 Crab Jacks, 3 Run Stance Switch, 4 merkins, 5 plank jacks
Round 6 – 1 Burpee, 2 Crab Jacks, 3 Run Stance Switch, 4 merkins, 5 plank jacks, 6 box cutters
Round 7 – 2 Crab Jacks, 3 Run Stance Switch, 4 merkins, 5 plank jacks, 6 box cutters
Round 8 – 3 Run Stance Switch, 4 merkins, 5 plank jacks, 6 box cutters
Round 9 – 4 merkins, 5 plank jacks, 6 box cutters
Round 10 – 5 plank jacks, 6 box cutters
Round 11 – 6 box cutters

Finished right on time. Headed back to COT.

Thanks Falcon Crest for the opportunity to lead!

-old bay


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11 at Alcatraz

Eleven men rose to meet the day at Alcatraz with temperatures slightly better than forecasted.  Most came in cars or trucks; Funhouse and Judge Judy ran in from Northern Tega Cay, and Cable Guy emerged from the woods.  The following is my recollection of the events of the morning; I apologize for any unintentional errors, which I will attribute to the lack of oxygen during these events, and the fact that neither Q prepared nor followed a written weinke.

Trucker issued a disclaimer of sorts and got straight to work with some warm-ups and a brief mosey. Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers, Windmills, Morrocan Nightclubs, perhaps more.

Mosey ended at the top of the hill where  a round of Merkins was initiated, but got cut short by an approaching car.

To the bottom of the hill for a Quadzilla – backward run up the hill, 10 Merkins at the top, Mosey down and do 15 LBC’s at the bottom.  A few rounds of this with a forward run up as a variant.

Mosey back to the playground (passing McGuyver, who was out on a solo run) and split into 3’s for 3 rounds of: Step-ups (15), Derkins (15), and Pull-ups (10), before handing of to Smuggler.

Mosey to the small field wall for some People’s Chair while taking turns in a 30 yard Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Bear Crawl, and Mosey.

Then on to an Ascending BTTW. Starting at horizontal, and working up one block at a time with a 10 count at each block until all PAX are vertical.

Mosey to the fence and back, before repeating one round of the People’s Chair.

On to the large field backstop for Elevens with 10 Squats at the bottom and 1 Bomb Jack at the top.  Repeat, reducing Squats by one and increasing Bomb Jacks by one on each trip until reaching 1 Squat and 10 Bomb Jacks.

A few rounds of 20 Dips and 10 Merkins on the backstop wall.

Back to the parking lot for 4 minutes of Mary, with some interesting yet painful ab and hip work. (PSA, Bolt is more flexible than most of the PAX).


Alcatraz will host a virtual run site for those unable to attend the 2nd Annual Christina Latini Memorial 8K in Huntersville on 3/30/19.  Register online for this race. If you can’t do it in Huntersville, register for the virtual race and run from Alcatraz.  Virtual Run will be held concurrent with the boot camp.

Sign up for the Yeti.

Post at the Paradise Workouts. We need men to help support this mission while some of the regulars are committed to youth basketball leagues.

Prayers for a family struggling with the loss of a parent, and those recovering from illness.

Thank you, as always, for the opportunity to lead.

Smuggler and Trucker

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Challenges at Golden Corral

Finishing my Golden Corral Q a week late with this backblast.

Late sub Q for NASA. Late tweet evening before. But arrived early at GC to set up cones for 2 loops, a smaller inner loop and larger outer loop. Had to change location of the inner loop as the kickboxers started arriving in that section of the parking lot.

Easy warmup jog with buttkickers, side slides and the like. Warmup included standards like SSH, WM, merkins, dancing MNC and learning to do the Goofball correctly

The smaller loop had 3 cones. One set of partners carried the 140# sandbag Worm together around the cones while the rest of the PAX did 3 burpees at each cone. Swap postiions, repeat.

Core exercises followed, then we ran the larger loop. 4 cones with exercise at each,. #1 20 squat jumps, #2 15 bombjacks, #3  10 CantRememberOneWeekLaterExercise  , #4 5 Apollo Ono’s each leg.

Rinse, repeat smaller loop, core, larger loop 3 x. Finished with a little jog and PAX helping to carry cones and Worm back.

Spoke some of serving during the workout. There are different ways to serve. We serve ourselves, we serve our family, we even serve many of our friends. I believe the call to serve extends to the community. There are certainly many ways to serve and hope everyone will seek their ways in 2019.

I was speaking to veteran PAX at this workout and they were open to “accepting” my challenge of drawing a date from a bag that represented a Q spot at our G-Fit Paradise workout . We are looking to get our G-Fit Q’s setup, but especially with PAX who have not led the AO there.

Q Source in progress!  Read your material and attend the discussions whenever you can!

Yeti in Feb.

Sign up for Joe Davis Run.

Prayers for family and friends.

Aye. Bolt



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Rockin’ Slow Burn


Slow Burn

Nine Pax showed up as   cool weather prevailed.  Suspicion was on the mind of a few as they noticed  a mini head lamp was noticeable on the Q’s noggin. Disclaimer. MOSEY on down to Lowes.

Slow mosey followed by some high knees, butt kickers & side shuffles.

Chatter, Chatter, Chatter

Warm ups:


Old Man Windmills

Imperial Walkers

Cherry Pickers

Moroccan Night Clubs

Peter Parkers

Plank Stretch

Downward Dog


Mosey behind Lowes

Some more chatter

The Pax were curious as why the Q was searching the bushes with his mini headlamp. A mini speaker appeared in his hand along with a modified “Board of Pain”


Partner Up

2 Excercises/Alternate/Complete Reps/3 minutes longSlow Burn

1-Mtn Climbers/Squats X 20

2-Bomb Jacks/Partner Plank Hand Taps x 20

Mosey around the parking lot

3-LBCs/Pank Jacks 20x

4-Merkins/Jump Rope 20x

Mosey around parking lot

5-Lunges/American Hammer 20x

6-CDD/Low Slow Squats 20x

Apache 10 Counts provided opportunities for the Pax to talk about how they came to F3 & how they got their nick names.


Van Halen Right Now

Billy Joel Pressure

Led Zeppelin Rock & Roll

Journey Any Way You Want It

Tom Petty Runnin’ Down A Dream

Led Zeppelin The Immigrant Song

Indian Run back to COT

Prayers & Praises

Thanks goes out to Wide Right who asked me to sub for him!! Thanks to the Pax for allowing me the honor to lead you in the Gloom!


Boogie Down out!



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The Spirit of the Pax

The skies were gloomy, but the spirit of 10 men was high as they kicked off their Saturday morning with another beat down at Runde Field.  Here is what they did:

The Thang:

Change Order on Q

Mosey on the path around Runde and circle up in the parking lot for COP

All in cadence:  SSH x 25, Hillbilly walker x 20, Windmill x 10, Merkin x 10, standing hamstring stretch (L/R), sitting IT band/buttock stretch (L/R)

Count off by 4 and break into groups for the Starfish.  At four corners of the parking lot, there were exercise listed.  Complete that exercise, go to the center and do 4 burpees, then move to the next corner.  The exercises were:

  1.  25 merkins
  2. 40 chest presses with a landscaping paver
  3. 30 squats
  4. 40 LBC’s

Rinse and repeat with intention.  The Pax were instructed to do the merkins with a closer arm stance and chest touching the ground, double the weight (2 pavers) on the chest presses, do deeper squats (hands touch the ground), and perform ‘loungers’ instead of LBC’s (legs pivot up and down with the torso)

Hand off to Senator Tressel

Line up for an indian run on Windward road and then mosey to the concession stand wall in the ball field.  Start at the far end of the wall, get in a BTTW position and then walk on your hands to the opposite end of the wall.  lunge walk to the 2nd base line, bear crawl across the field, and then lunge walk back to the starting point.  Rinse and repeat 2 more times.

Mosey to the playground and split into three groups.  Group one does 10 pull ups, group two does reverse step ups, and group three does Al Gores.  Rotate through all 3 exercises , then rinse and repeat 2 more times.

Mosey to the ball field and find a dry spot for 6 MOM

All in cadence:  Box cutter x 20, pretzel crunch x 20, boat/canoe x 3, American hammer x 20ish (lots of mumble chatter trying to throw off the Q).  End with the body destroyer.


Naked Man Moleskin:

I  was happy to get the call from Change Order on Thursday night to co-Q  this workout.  The last time we Q’d together  was when we launched F3 Cincinnati in 2017.  It was great to have Photobomb back in action with us after a serious leg injury forced him out for several months.  Jekyll came in hot at around 6:45 and then provided the Pax with his usual one liners and mumble chatter.

T-claps to my co-Q for doing ‘Geronimo 10 counts’ today (and T-claps to Geronimo too).  Instead of our normal count to 10 as a rest break,  Change Order asked a member of the Pax how they came to F3 and what their F3 name meant.  YHC and Uber were asked today.    My start to F3 was through an email from DD (Dan Janick) who was just a casual acquaintance at the time.  He was trying to round up men for the very first F3 workout in Fort Mill.  My F3 name, Senator Tressel is a reference to Jim Tressel who was the football coach at my alma mater, Youngstown State University, before going on to fame, (and infamy), at Ohio State University.    The Senator part comes from ESPN’s Chris Fowler who used to call Tressel ‘The Senator’ because of his demeanor during games and during press conferences.  As a side note, F3 at the time was a much, much smaller entity, and Dredd and OBT came to help launch F3 Fort Mill.  Dredd named all of the FNG’s at that first workout at WEP.  Uber told us his F3 name came from the fact that his wife is German and also as a reference to first F3 workout when he told the Pax he was going to call for an Uber, rather than finish the workout.  I am pretty sure I was at that workout and remember him saying that at the bottom of the big hill behind the park.  Uber, if you read this, reach out and let me know if that’s correct.  I really like this idea of Geronimo 10 counts and decided to start using it when I Q.  I encourage other guys to do it to as a means to strengthen our 2nd F.

It was a gloomy morning for sure, but the Pax were in good sprits as evidenced by the mumble chatter and jokes before, during, and after the workout.     The 2nd F is alive and well at F3 The Fort!   It’s always a pleasure and privilege to lead such a fine group of men.

Announcements, prayers, and praises:

Q source, week 3.  If you haven’t attended yet, it’s never too late to join.

Support the Operation Sweet Tooth 8K and Joe Davis Run if you can.  Read your newsletter for details!

Prayers for:

Fish stick’s father with cancer

Delta’s  brother-in-law in very poor health from diabetes.

Funhouse’s brothers


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Oh that smell!

It was great to see so many PAX pulling into the Ranch on a cold morning. Even Dark Helmet arrived earlier than normal, he beat Bonsai, Fire Marshall Bill and Fratboy! T-Claps to my good ol’ pal Champagne for coming down from Area-51 and posting in The Fort region.  We eventually ended up with 19 PAX (16 BC and 3 ruckers who met at COT).

We moseyed to the service road to the Elementary School/Middle School cafeteria side of the schools. From the soccer fields we  did toy soldiers to the first street light. We then did soccer leg swings to the next street light, which during that time encountered a sweet smell of SH!T running through the storm drain (or from the horse ranch next door – but most likely a busted sewer pipe). I should have made the PAX bear crawl in order to enjoy that fresh morning smell, even though we can’t figure out why Dark Helmet didn’t smell anything….

We then duck walked to the parking lot next to the playground. We lunged walked along one side of the parking lot, reversed lunged to other side. Circled up for COP with a various count of Squats, hilly billy walkers, windmills, side straddle hops, and Moroccan nightclubs.

Split the PAX into 2 groups.

Group 1 went to the playground for a round of 11’s of pull-ups (YES!!) and merkins

Group 2 did round of 22’s of squats and CCD – somehow this group didn’t listen and did 22 reps of each and said they were done…no, its 20 squats, 2 CCD, 18 squats, 4 CCD, you get the idea.

Groups then flapjacked.

Final round was 22’s of leg lifts (holding onto the fence) and big boy sit ups. Mumble chatter definitely increased!

Time flew by too fast!!

Moseyed back to COT, on way back merged with the 4 ruckers.

Read newsletter for announcements. Key announcements are Q Source every Saturday and you don’t have to past at the AO to post at Q Source. Joe Davis Run and Yeti coming up soon.

Prayers: Wegmans and his mission trip to Peru (he’s looking for donations of lightly used workout gear), Bonsai’s friend who has got himself into trouble, and Trucker with some potential career and life decisions. Ever since F3 started the Word of the Year I was ignorant and selfish for not participating. I felt that it was corny and said to myself i didn’t; have time for this. and that it wouldn’t do me any good. Well, after seeing how 2018 impacted me I realized that finding your word for the year and living it out isn’t corny. Thanks to Bonsai for mentioning something he saw relating to a sign defining JOY as: Jesus, Others, Yourself; I realized that i have been stuck in the YOJ mode way too long. This year I need to be held accountable to reverse it and make JOY out of life, focus on JOY and change my habits. I would ask that everyone find a word for the year and begin to focus on being a better #HIM.

10-4 Trucker

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