Arcade of Pain

Five men showed up for a cool morning beatdown at Golden Corral. After a quick disclaimer, we circled up for a few warm-up exercises:

SSH x15

Plank Stretch

Imperial Walker x15

LBCs x 15

Windmill x15

Next, we moseyed over to the church for the arcade beatdown.  We performed the following exercises based on the video games below.  After the exercise, we ran around the parking lot and back to the front of the church.



  1. Pong, released in 1972, first commercialized video game.  Exercise:  28 Moroccan Night Club
  2. Space Invaders, released in 1978, first game to save high scores and rumor (untrue) was the game was so popular that it caused a yen shortage in Japan.  Exercise:  25 Squat SSH
  3. Pacman, released in 1980, 240 dots on each screen.  Exercise:  27 Hello Dolly
  4. Donkey Kong, released in 1981, Nintendo trademarked the phrase “It’s on like Donkey Kong!”  Exercise:  29 Hammer Leg Lunges
  5. QBert, released in 1982, world record for the high score was 33 million.  Game was played for 84 hours and 48 minutes.  Exercise:  20 Sidewalk Hops
  6. Tetris, released in 1984, first game played in space.  Exercise:  20 Box Cutters
  7. Super Mario Brothers, released in 1985, The clouds and bushes are the same shape just different colors.  Exercise:  23 Squat Jumps
  8. Tyson’s Knockout, released in 1987, Mike Tyson was paid $50,000 to endorse the game.  Exercise:  25 Plank Punches
  9. Angry Bird, released in 2009, Over 200 Million hours are spent a year playing this game.  Exercise:  29 Carolina Dry Docks
  10. Minecraft, released in 2011, Initial game was created in six days and the game grossed over $100 Million in 2012.  Exercise:  21 Diamond Merkins

Returned to COT.



Job challenges and stress

Holiday season stresses



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300 and more at Alcatraz

Two of the Fort Mill famous Run and Gun Musketeers led Saturday’s Alcatraz workout.  One, Mainframe, has been a solid, regular poster and another, Bolt, has been fartsacking too much and turning into a Kotter Q (only posting when Q’ing). Bolt arrived early to lay out his goodies.

Solid plan in hand from both. Mainframe led out testing everyone’s stamina.

Started with a lap around park then back to parking lot for normal starters – Windmills, Hillbilly Walkers, SSHs, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, and MNCs.

Warm-ups done, onto the “300”. Pretty simple concept, 10 exercises, 30 reps each. The focus was on legs and abs. The plan was to run suicides after every 2 exercises. 3 line suicide with 10 seal jacks at each line.

Exercises for the 300 were: Smurf Jacks, Flutters, Bomb Jacks, Tiny Os (15 each way), Plank Jacks, Big Boy Sit-ups, Jump Squats, Box Cutters, Monkey Humpers, & Hello Dollies. We had to skip the suicides between the last set in order to stay in the :30 time window. (It’s amazing how we get used to 20 reps on most exercises… so pushing past for another 10 can really bring about the mumble-chatter).

Bolt took over with sandbag mania , duct tape wonders at 4 of 6 stations. Pairs went to each station and did work during a time frame of about 2 minutes. The actual time was determined by the pair of PAX either carrying sandbags down the parking lot with burpee stops and/or the pair of PAX working and dragging the 140# Worm sandbag across the field and back. (trust me, that sucked). After each performance, met in the middle for some ab work, then broke out back to the stations.

The 6 stations were: sandbag carry with at least 3 burpee stops, sandbag American hammers, playground hang (as long as you can), 10# sandbag each hand or cinderblock burpees, Worm drag, Balls to the Wall.

Implementing individual stations, it should be noted, has it’s positives and negatives. It can offer some creativity. It allows for PAX to workout at their own pace. If paired, builds comraderie. But the Q has to be aware that he is no longer “directly leading”.  PAX may not push at the stations as much as if the Q was leading. Q’s should make sure they are mixing up their Q’s over time.

As a write this BB, I can tell you I am really sore in the thighs and lower back. Pushing up the rep count will do that and should be done periodically. Mixing in something unusual like a 140# Worm pull will definitely work new muscles.

Thanks to PAX for their effort. Had some good mumblechatter. It was highly unusual, but this Alcatraz stayed in the parking lot for the full hour. I’m pretty sure that won’t happen again. It was great meeting again some new PAX. Keep posting and Q!!! Thanks to PAX for helping Bolt cleanup.


Decibel requesting support with the breakdown of Badger’s business. This is what F3 is all about. Support your brothers, do what you can.

Cornerstone still collecting bandaids for the Children’s Home. Xmas party was same today, now happened, and looked like a very good time. Join Bolt in Paradise every Saturday 3:00 pm to workout and interact with the kids of the community. Volunteer at the afterschool tutoring and homework at Bethlehem Baptist every Monday and Wednesday 3:00 pm.

Bolt spoke of his fartsacking  and thanks Jekyl for the kind words about his involvement in the Paradise community. PAX, always speak up about your brothers and the good things they do.

Mainframe took us out. PAX met at DD for some F2.


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Great morning in TC- 12 men farted outside of the sack.- wait.  Unsacked the fart…wait.  Got out of bed in 26 degrees to take the DRP and get better.  It was old school good old times.

Had the stairs in mind today but not enough light- another time Pantheonians.

After a couple of PLLs(parking lot laps), we headed to field.


  • SSH, IW, Squat, Moroccan night club, with 2 burpees in between.
  • Kareoke, Toy soldiers,  70%, 80%, 90% runs across field

The Thang: Dora 123

  • 100 Mac Tar N Jai
  • 200 Sumo Squat
  • 300 Freddy mercury

Merkin Clock: # of merkins = position on the clock.  total 78.

Close with some MAry: Box cutters and Dying Cockroaches

Naked Man Moleskin

Everybody rocked the #king today as we did all cadence and partner PT today.  Great work by Pax in picking up the #6 during Dora.  that’s what its all about men.  Leave no man behind.  Good grass work today- no one complained.  Funhouse spouted some nuggets on durability.  More accurately- dura-freakin-bility.  Posting in adverse conditions better prepare you to succeed especially when handling hardships or challenges.  Do the hard thing men.  take the DRP.  A few words on changing your mindset by swapping the words “have to” for “get to”.  This simple little trick will help you really appreciate all your have and move towards gratitude.


  • Bear Grylls taking over as Pantheon site Q- AYE!  Great work Fishsticks and looking forward to Bear Grylls leadership.
  • Bear Grylls Rucking again in honor of cousin who committed suicide from PTSD serving to tours overseas.  He will cover 125 miles and has a goal of raising $2200.  He will tweet out details so you can read more and donate/support.  #WYH
  • Christmas party Saturday
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Big 50 Birthday bash

Today was my 50th Birthday and Maximus allowed me to lead a Beyond so that I could take some extra time to discuss somethings that I have been pondering as I approached this milestone birthday.  To go along with our monthly theme of Vulnerable I took the opportunity to share some struggles as well.  With that we moseyed.

Warm up of SSH, Imperial walkers, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, and Plank Jacks

Moseyed to Rite Aid parking lot(some chatter about too much running, but I ignored it).

Sharing time #1 – Shared with the Pax that I feel like 30 year old me would have thought that 50 year old me would be “further along”.  Further along Professionally and Financially, Further along Spiritually and in Family.  In 2001 I was recruited to Charlotte for a position with a new company, for a salary that I thought would be my ticket ahead.  I had great plans that I could do this for a bunch of years, make a bunch of money and then I could check out and go do something that I wanted to do , maybe full time ministry or teaching.  Within 1 year it all blew up, I was demoted for not doing a good job, salary was slashed plans were gone.  17 years later we’re still feeling the affects.

First circuit – Partner up – Partner 1 does People’s Chair Partner 2 does a lap, then flip it.  Next Partner 1 does Plank, Partner 2 does a lap, flip it.  Next Partners do 100 Merkins as a team, 1 runs I does Merkins, flip it.

Sharing time 2 – Felt like I would be further along spiritually.  30 year old me would have thought I would have gotten past my need for man’s approval.  I would have thought that the sins that tripped me up back then would be conquered and pride & lust would no longer be an issue foe me, but they are still there.  Felt like I would be further along in family & parenting. My plan was to be an empty nester at this point, but here I am with a 7th and 9th grader still at home, and t top it off I’m not particularly better at parenting then I was when I 30.

Circuit #2 Partner again – Lap #1 Partner 1 does Al Gore Partner #2 does a lap.  Lap #2  Partner 1 does Flutters Partner 2 does a lap.  Lap #2 Team does 100 Big Boy Sit ups total while 1 partner runs.

Sharing time 3 – The truth is that when I look at my life with clear eyes I can see that my life has been Blessed beyond measure!  I have a job that I mostly enjoy, and work with great people(shout out to Royale) and I am well compensated.  I have a beautiful wife of 26 years and we have a great marriage that keeps getting better.  I have 5 awesome kids who are healthy and bring me great joy, and sometimes frustration.  To add to it I have found this thing called F3 and a group of friends and Brothers that I never even knew I needed!  To see my 50 year old life s anything but blessed is ridiculous.

Off to COT for 2 minutes of Mary

Final share – What I have found is that the only times that I get down about where I am at 50 is when I look around me at others and I compare myself to what  my perception of them is.  This can lead to pride but for me it mostly leads to despair.  What I am trying to learn is contentment as Paul describes it in Phil. 4, whether he had much or little Paul was content.  The source of this contentment is found in Phil. 3 where Paul shares that all of his achievements, any possession he may have or any legacy he may be able to boast about , all of is it is worthless, or as he calls is a big pile of manure, compared to knowing Christ.  Paul says he has 1 aim, and that is to Know Christ!!  The secret Paul learned is that all he need was Jesus and if he had Jesus he had all he needed, and if he had Jesus, he could never lose him so therefore he could always be content.  In whatever amount of years I have left let this be my aim; that I may know Christ!!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

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Smashing Taboo on this Election Tuesday

Today 11 men  joined together in the unseasonably warm but wet aftermath of a heavy rain that preceded us.  Plenty of puddles to step in but lots of good fellowship to counteract the wet.  My apologies to Long Shanks for getting his shoes wet by moseying through the fields

Message:  The challenge during partner activities was to engage in the taboo… to engage in dialogue around politics and religion.  The great deceiver has created societal roles that it is taboo to talk about politics or religion because he knows when we talk about difference, when we talk about our own pain and suffering that what we usually find is commonality, hope and support that he doesn’t want you to find.  This month take a leap of faith and make yourself vulnerable by speaking about something on your heart that you wouldn’t normally speak about. Find healing, support and hope in the men around you.


Started with some stretching… because we are old (except Falcon Crest but he played along)

Moseyed past the smelly trash can to the back parking lot for some Rugby sprints that included SSH, CCDs, Merkins, Sumo Squats, Hill Billy Walkers and maybe a couple others.

Mosey to the side HT wall for some wall sits and bear crawls from one end to the other (that is one long wall……….)

Mosey to Grace parking lot for the Starfish which included 8 pain stations within 1 Min. on and 15 seconds of transition which we did two rounds of that included 50#, 30#, 25# weights and a 10# ball.

This morning was a good work out but great fellowship among the pax.  It was a lot of fun connecting but also sweating!  Special call out to my partner, Old Bay,  for the good conversation on politics and religion.  I’m better because of the conversation.  Aye!


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Deck of Burpees

I always appreciate the opportunity to lead a workout.  I’ve also enjoyed #Pantheon each time I’ve been there.  Its a solid AO, with a lot of opportunity/locations to dish out the pain!

I decided with this workout, that I wanted to go simple.  Every time someone brings a deck of cards, I always think it will be easy and inevitably end up completely gassed.

5:15 Disclaimer and off we went…


Mosey around the parking lot with some dynamic stretching.  Circle up and run through several warm-up exercises.  The usual suspects were there: SSH, Imperial Walkers, SSH, Hill Billy Walkers, SSGH, Merkins, Planks, etc.  You get the drill.

The Thang:

So cards it was – although with a slight twist.  Rather than each suit representing an exercise, the suit and the number/face card provided a matrix that was used to dish out more varied pain…

Each PAX took turns selecting a card from the deck and looking up the exercise on my phone (a bit hard to read).


[H] Hearts [D] Diamonds [C] Clubs [S] Spades AND # on card = number of reps; J, Q, K = 15 reps

2-5: [any suit]: burpees (56 in total)

6: [H] Merkins; [D] Diamond Merkins; [C] Wide Arm Merkins; [S] Hand Release Merkins

7: [H] Low Slow Squats; [D] Ground Touch Squats; [C] Sumo Squats; [S] Squats

8: [H] Alternating Lunges; [D] Alternating Reverse Lunges; [C] Alternating Jump Lunges; [S] Speed Skater (Apollo Ono)

9: [H] Calf Raise (both legs); [D] Tuck Jumps; [C] Single Leg Calf Raise (L); [S] Single Leg Calf Raise (R)

10: [H] Table Dips; [D] Shoulder Taps; [C] Crab Cakes; [S] PAX choice

J: [H] BCs; [D] Flutter Kicks; [C] Dying Cockroach; [S] V-ups

Q: [H] Heels to Heaven; [D] X’s and O’s; [C] Big Boy Sit-ups; [S] Protractor

K: [H] Scissor Kicks; [D] Weezie Jefferson; [C] Rosalita; [S] Plank Waterfall (each PAX 15 count)

A: [any suit] 2 line Suicides

This took us right up to time for COT.  Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, Announcement, Prayers/Praises, BOM.

As always thanks for the opportunity and the push!

TClap |

14 posted at The Armory today to honor the service of Assassin who turned the Site Q over to JWOW.   Best of luck to JWOW for the upcoming year although I am sure he won’t need any luck as long as the Brotherhood supports him, I will, how about you?

I am not the glowing writer that othe PAX are so best that I just get to the Thang.

We started with a very, very slow mosey past the tents to the far parking lot and circled up for a warmup.

Moroccan night clubs x20

Baby arm circles x 15

big arm circles x 12

LSS x 10

windmill with KB x10 each leg

We then partnered up because the gloom is always better with a friend. The PAX then head off to a parking spot where the find 8 spots with 3 exercises chalked out the object do the first exercise and the move to the next spot until all 24 exercises are completed. The exercises:

Front raise x 10 each arm
Side raise x 10 each arm
Merkin to row x 10 each arm
American hammer x 20
Sit-ups x 20
LBCs x 20
Skull crushers x 20
Triceps extensions x 10 each arm
Halos x 20
KB swing x 20
1 arm KB swing x 10 each arm
Snatch x 10 each arm
Goblet squat x 20
Calf raises 10 each in/out/regular
Lunge x 10 each leg
Turkish getup x 20
Chest loader swing x 20
Clean and press x 20
Shoulder press x 10 each arm
Upright rows x 20
Chest press x 10 each arm
Curls x 10 each arm
Lawn mowers x 10 each arm
Squat to press x 20

Always amazes at how some PAX can blow through these 24 exercises and start a 4th round kudos to them. I am not there yet…

After completing the rounds moseyed back to COT for flag ceremony, praises and prayers.

Dungaree out

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Tick Talk

It was a beautiful cool morning at Alcatraz. 8 men showed up for the workout, the Sale family represented half of the Pax.

After a quick disclaimer, we took a stroll around the block.  This would be the extent of the running we would do for the morning.  Next, we did the following warm up exercises:

SSH x 15

Imperial Walkers x 15

Plank Stretches

Honeymooner, downward dog

Arm/shoulder stretches

Next, we each grabbed a paver and moseyed to the basketball court.  We formed a circle like a clock.  At each number of the clock, an exercise would be performed until the person at the top of the hour (#12) finished a set of exercises (Round 1 and 2:   Squat Thrusters – set of 20, Round 3 and 4:  Burpees – set of 5).  After the completion of the exercise, the Pax would lunge walk to the next hour on the clock with or without the paver in hand.

Below are the exercises (with paver) for each hour:

  1.  Paver swing
  2. Tricep Extension
  3. Merkin
  4. Flutter
  5. Upright Row
  6. Curl
  7. Chest Press
  8. LBC
  9. Lawn Mower
  10. American Hammer
  11. Calf Raise
  12. Squat Thruster/Burpee

Great job by everyone.  Lots of good chatter and fellowship.



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Prayers / Praises:

Bob the Builder’s recovery







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At Slow Burn-We Run in the Rain & We Feel No Pain!

IMG_0192Borrowing a quote from our USPS & tweeking it a bit F3 style, , “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays the Pax from the swift completion of their appointed workout. ”

Nine Pax posted on a rainy Slow Burn morning.


Mosey along in the drizzling rain accompanied by high knees, butt kickers, side shuffles to the Lowe’s awning to stay somewhat dry


12 SSH

15 Moroccan Night Clubs

12 Windmills

Plank Stretch

Downward Dog

10 Merkins

3 Burpees OYO


Partner Up / 2 Excercises / Alternate / Complete Reps / 3 Minutes

-Mtn Climbers / Squats 20x

-Bomb Jacks / Partner Plank Hand Taps 20x

-LBCs / Plank Jacks 20x


Continue to Run In The Rain & I Feel No Pain……………………..

Return back for some cover

-Merkins / Jump Rope 20x

-Lunges / American Hammer  20x

-Carolina Dry Docks / Low Slow Squat 20x

With the help of glitter ball bluetooth speaker and and the Seconds app, some legends joined us in ‘Da Gloom for the Theme of the Month, Encouragement:

Billy Joel -Pressure

Fleetwood Mac – Go Your own Way

Journey – Anyway You Want It

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

Led Zeppelin – Rock & Roll

Tom Petty – Runnin Down A Dream

Van Halen – Right Now

A “drizzling” Indian Run back to COT



Prayers & Praises

Welcome Back Bob the Builder

Shovel Flag handoff from Smithers to Hootie.

Props to Harry Carry for recommending the Seconds app & Cake Boss for the workout idea! Thanks Brothers!

Thank you Smithers for the honor of being the QIC!

TClap |

2°C and nobody noticed

8 HIMs reported to the Armory this morning in what YHC is calling the best morning in SC he’s experienced to date. Everyone had sleeves with a couple polar bears showing some leg.

We started with the warmup.  Very literally…

Low slow squat x15
Morraccan night club x15
Annie (plank arm rotations) x10 each arm x2
Merkins x10

Then everyone paired up and took turns with the following exercise sets. The first two sets were executed with one partner doing the counted exercise while the other did the non-tallied until the partner was done, then switch.  We made it through two and 3/4 rounds.  Between each set there were two “keep warm” exercises.  And at the end the two rounds, some Shoalin mental positions were administrated.  It sounds complex…

The standard rounds are below. Anything done with one hand counted once for every left and right together.  The non-counter was encouraged to encourage the counter.  This may not have been verbal.

  1. Wood choppers x10
    KB swings
  2. Curls x10
  3. Shoulder press x10
    Snatch x10
  4. Tricep Extensions x15
    Upright rows x15

To “keep warm” we did the following between each set

  1. Round one:
    Goofballs x10
    Morraccan night clubs x10
  2. Round two
    Flutter x10
    LBC x10
  3. Only done between set 1&2 of the 3rd round so we could hit the 3rd set.
    Cherry Pickers

Shaolin secrets revealed…

  1. Forward stance x30 seconds on each leg bent 90°
    1. Bent leg arm – elbow high, fingertips at the temple, palm facing out with the thumb down
    2. Straight leg arm – Parallel with straight leg, fingertips pointed to the sky
    3. Looking over the shoulder of the straight leg at the fingertips
  2. Tea stance
    1. Standing straight up, step one leg in front of the other an sink down
    2. The front leg holds 80-90% of the weight
    3. Rear knee is by the front foot, trying to keep it 1″ from the ground
    4. Arms are out with hands in tiger claw
    5. Bounce x25 while clenching hands together

With a couple minutes left it was time for some stretching.

  1. Cherry pickers x10
  2. Windmills x10
  3. With legs as far apart as possible, do some “circular” pushups on fingertips.  Rocking back on the legs (this forces the hips to open up) on the way down, and over the fingertips on the way back up.  x10
  4. Right and left forward split (or as low as one can go) and hold.

We closed with COT.  Announcements were announced and prayers were offered.  8 HIMs became a bit better.

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