Chasing Victory, Monopoly Lessons

As I was thinking about my Q. I was struggling to bring something personal to this workout. I then realized it was the last day for the month and with the months theme of victory. I knew exactly what I was going to do. There are several life lessons learned from one of my favorite board games.

Short Warmup around the Bounce and Bowl parking lot.
High Knees, Butt Kickers, Side Shuffle, 5 good form Merkins
Disclaimer given. Missed it at the beginning as was talking about Victory.

COP – 51 SSH (you know why), IW, LBCs, MT Climbers

Mosey to Marina Parking Lot
Partner up
Partner 1 runs to middle rolls dice
Partner 2 planks until Partner 1’s return. Move forward number of stations as rolled on dice. Perform exercise.  Flapjack.

1-(GO)-20 SSH
2-20 CDD
3-20 Hello Dollies
4-10 Inch Worm Merkins
5-20 Mountain Climbers
6-60 Calf raises – 20 each position
7-(Jail) 10 Burpees – (Just Visiting)-10 Windmills
8-10 Wide Arm Merkins
9-20 LBC’s
10-20 Monkey Humpers
11-20 Peter Parkers
12-20 Mac Tar Jai
13-(Free Parking)-10 Bomb Jacks
14-10 Diamond Merkins
15-20 Russian Twists
16-20 Seal Jacks
17-20 Ski Abs
18-20 Sumo Squats
19-(Go To Jail)
20-20 Merkins
21-20 Freddy Mercury’s
22-20 Lunges 10 per leg
23-20 Parker Peters
24-20-Plank Punches
Back to Go, Take a Lap of Parking Lot
Interruptions: Short discussions about life lessons learned from the Game (not in order and not all covered)
1. The game must be played with others. It is no fun to play alone.
2. You choose a game piece that represents you to other’s playing the game. It is like a public persona. You get to choose this image.
3. Baltic Ave or Boardwalk; You could end up on either one. It’s all the roll of the dice.
4. You only get paid as you keep on going around the board.
5. You can make a lot or lose a lot, just by where you happen to land in life.
6. Chance can be a good thing or bad but sometimes you hope for it cause it seems the only way to change your circumstance.
7. Nobody likes to go to jail, unless they are in worse trouble playing the game.
8. If you build on what you get, it can help you get more and win the game.
9. You can profit a lot, when others visit your places; especially if you have them developed.
10. There are costs with everywhere you go and everything you do.
11. You can not stay still for very long. Sometimes you can skip a turn but this may be good or it may be bad.
12. Sometimes you can move extra spaces and this may be good or it may be bad.
13. A cheater can ruin the game for everybody.
14. Sometimes you have to give some away, so people you like can stay in the game.
15. You never know what to expect in the game.
16. A good game takes a long time.
17. It’s only a game and the point of it is to have fun.
18. The only thing you get to keep when you quit the game is the relationship with the person you played with.

What does Victory look like for you? Are you chasing the right things?

Christmas Party – Things to bringC
Children’s Attention Home – 36″ or larger Duffel Bag, Alarm Clock, Umbrella
Operation Sweet Tooth – Toy any age – Unwrapped
Regal Manor clubhouse
Deep AO – Change of Time to 7AM – Pusher and Double D on Q
Berwick area – Looking to develop AO on that area (Udder, Wild Thing, Flipper, One Shot, Cerrano, Axl, Vinny)
Children’s Attention Home – Friday Dec 8th. Needs Head count locked down by this weekend.

Missionary Family lost 20 bags of belongings (entire life in those bags). People stepped up and donated bags and stuff.
Suicide of a friend. Tough time of year.
Brother in laws father stage four cancer.
Opening up your home for Thanksgiving. Need to keep that up for Christmas.

Always humbled by the eagerness and willingness of the PAX. Lots of mumble chatter within the group and between the teams. Appreciate the opportunity to Q.


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OIB Sandy Dora

The Twitter machine is a powerful tool for those that have an F3 addiction and are away from home. We WILL find each and make each other better even when on vacation.

7 men assembled in the parking lot of the Ocean Isle Beach ice cream shop at 7:30, a much later hour than we are all used to for a weekday first F event. It was previously agreed on the Twitter machine that Udder would take the warm up and the 5 MOM, and YHC would cover the Thang.

Udder provided a text book disclosure and we were off on a mosey. He took us over to the police department parking lot which offered some very welcomed shade.

  • SSH x20
  • Good mornings x15
  • Monkey Humpers x15
  • Windmills x10
  • Imperial walkers x15

The Thang:

YHC took over and we were off a mosey toward the grassy/sandy parking lot at the pier. On the way someone shouted out that they saw an F3 shirt running towards us. It was Screen Door who said he was late but it turned out that was because he had also posted at the North Myrtle Timeshare boot camp…..LIKE MEN DO.

Started off with a merkin shuttle run to get the heart rate up. 5 merkins at the starting line, run about 30 yards out, drop for 5 merkins, run back to the start, run about 60 yards out, drop for 5 merkins, return to the starting line, run 100 yards out, 5 merkins, back to the starting line for the final 5 merkins.

Partner up for Dora 1,2,3.

Parters together completed

  • 100 Bombjacks
  • 200 Squats
  • 300 Alternating shoulder taps counting only the right shoulder

While one partner was completing the exercise the other partner was running out and back about 60 yards.

Counted off a couple of 10 counts and then a slow mosey back to the shade of the police station.

One partner held an elbow plank while the other partner completed 8 burpees while jumping over the planking partner after each burpee. Completed a short People’s Chair and handed back over to Udder.


  • Body Destroyer (10 count) – this was a new one for Birdcage and I but we agreed this was coming back to The Fort. Birdcage announced that he had already mastered perfect form on this “exercise” that entailed laying flat on your back in an “X.”
  • LBC x20
  • Freddie Mercury x15
  • Song “My Sharona” by the Knack. Start in Superman and switch to Banana/Dying Cockroach when you hear “My Sharona.”  The song is over 4 minutes long!!
  • American hammer x15

It was great to meet a group of guys from multiple regions.  Definitely proof how strong the PAX are everywhere.


  • Screen door has the Q at Timeshare in North Myrtle
  • Same group will meet at OIB Ice cream shop at 0630 Thursday
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