Tinsel’s Utensils at Poopdeck

It was a great way to start Valentine’s Day with a non moderate workout with lots of props.

Since the day before I had Q’ed at the Abyss and we focused on legs and abs this day we had to work our upper bodies and get our hearts pumping.

No FNG’s and a quick disclaimer was given followed by some mosey around the parking lot.




Moroccan night clubs

Low Slow Squats

Hillbilly walk

Mountain Climbers

Low Slow Merkin

Cherry pickers


I had setup 4 stations, we split into 4 groups and each group started with a station, transportation mode was bear crawls and crawl bears alternating after each station, goal was to complete one full circuit of the following:

-> 10 diamond merkins

-> 15 wide arm merkins

-> 20 regular merkins

-> 30 battle rope wave SC

-> 40 Shoulder taps

-> 40 plank jacks

bear crawl to…..

-> 15 big boy sit ups

-> 20 LBC’s

-> 25 slamball throws choose from 10 and 20#

-> 30 sledgehammer                                                                                                                                      swings (15 each side)

-> 40 Heel Touches SC

-> 40 American hammer with slam ball

crawl bear to…

-> 10  Tire flips

-> 15  burpees

-> 20 cindy push/drag

-> 50 shoulder shrug with cindy

-> 80 calf raises

crawl bear to…

-> 15 man makers with weight (choose from weights starting at 12# up to 40# for this one and all exercises below)

-> 20 bent over rows

-> 20 biceps curls

-> 25 overhead presses

-> 30 SSH Single count

-> 40 Carolina drydocks

everyone pushed hard to complete their routines and we finished one full circuit with about 15 minutes to spare; we found a wall for some BTTW while PAX from each end will perform 3 burpees finishing up with PAX in the middle of the pack, shoulders were on fire after the full circuit and BTTW so we needed a brake for our arms, someone mentioned Captain Thor and it was a go!! unfortunately there are no grassy areas in the Bowl N Bounce parking lot so we had to choose from rocks or pavement so we went for the second, lots of mumble chatter here about tail bones but no one backed out from the legendary Captain Thor (1 big boy sit up followed by 4 american hammers, all the way to 10 BBSU and 40 AH) we finished up with one minute to spare so we added 50 LBC’s to end the bootcamp (more mumble chatter here).

Great push by everyone, some of the newer PAX had never been to a Tinsel’s workout so they were in for a big surprise, we all left in one piece, tired but better than before and with our hearts pumping fast to start a great V-Day.

We finished up with  announcements, prayers and praises at COT.

Thank you Peg for the opportunity to lead!!

Tinsel out…


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Rain And Pain

So I pull up on a rainy, mild January morning at the PoopDeck and find all the Pax waiting for me under the storefront’s awning to avoid getting wet, but unfortunately for all involved, we got very wet.  Since we had an FNG I made a longer than usual disclaimer and then we did a quick mosey around the main parking lot and went back under the comfy confines of the storefront awning for a Wall Of Pain(instead of a Circle Of Pain).

SSHx30/Cotton Pickersx10/Abe Vigoda Windmillsx10

Since we were by a wall I decided to take advantage of it by doing Donkey Kick Off’s-5 Donkey Kicks/5 second BTTW-10 Donkey Kicks/10 second BTTW-15 Donkey Kicks/15 second BTTW

I then whipped out the famous F3 Deck Of Doom where we did 3 rounds of excercises with each Pax picking a card. There seemed to be a ton of Ab excercises.  So I started getting bored of the deck and called an Omaha to do a DORA.

50 Merkins/100 LBC’s/150 Wall sit overhead claps/200 oblique crunches while each partner ran out to the light post(starting to get wet).

Grand Finale 

I made a disclaimer that the PAX might hate me but I made the call anyway.  We went out to the middle of the parking lot and we did a Wave of Burpees(Pax holds plank while each member does 1-10 burpees in a ladder).  We only made it to 6 burpees as we ran out of time.  During the Burpee Wave it downpoured on us so the FNG got a good taste of what F3 is all about.

Prayers to Davinci for all the struggles he and his family are going through, prayers for healing of stage four cancer and for depression and suicide of a young man who had his whole life ahead of him.

Welcome FNG O’Riley!  Hopefully the rain and pain does not scare him away from posting again.  Till next time, peace!

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Buffet at the Poopdeck

5 Pax came out to a cold day in the gloom.

I decided to bring a Golden Corral classic to the Poopdeck.


The usual assortment of SSH to warm up, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Windmills, Squats, Peter Parkers… maybe some more.

The Thang

9 rounds, Burpees, Merkins, LBCs, CCD, Squats, Elbow Plank, American Hammer, Peoples Chair with OHP, SSH with adding an exercise and reps to each added exercise (so 1.) 5 burpees, 2.) 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, etc.,) with a run around the parking lot in between each round.

Finished up with some Abs

Read your newsletter, and thanks Peg for the oppurtunity.

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Nothing but Poopdeck

I have been skipping Thursday’s of late because I almost always work from home that day and have been choosing to sleep in a bit and go for a run as a change of pace so it was nice to come back here.  I believe the Poopdeck was the 2nd “Lake Wylie” AO I ever posted.

It was chilly this morning and felt even colder because of the recent warm weather we’ve been enjoying, but that didn’t stop the other 8 PAX who joined YHC for some fun at the Poopdeck.

I gave a better-than-usual disclaimer since we welcomed back kotter Twitch and we did and Indian Run/5 merkin mosey to the upper parking lot.


  • Windmills (Abe Vigoda) x8
  • SSH x25
  • Low-Slow-Squat x12
  • Plank (1-2-3 count to x12)
  • Into 6″ Plank (1-2-3 count to x12)
  • Crab Cakes x10
  • Diamond Merkins x5
  • LBC x15

I chose a distance of about 50 yards (between 2 light posts) for the remaining routines.

Partner up, the 1st routine consisted of crawling under and jumping over.  1 PAX would be in plank position while his partner crawls under him, then he drops to 6″ hold while his partner jumps over.   Back to plank and you get the idea. Repeat x10 and then both he and his partner would Bear Crawl to the other light posts and the other PAX would perform the exercise before Bear Crawling back to the 1st light post again.

Then I told all the PAX to do 10 Burpees “OYO” and run “AYG” to the 2nd light post.  Mosey back (this was the break).  Repeat.

Next up, I had one PAX plank again while the 2nd PAX did 10 incline merkins with his hands on his partners back while he holds plank.  Once finished, crab walk to the light post, swap, repeat, and crab walk back.

Then I told all the PAX to do 10 Burpees “OYO” and run “AYG” to the 2nd light post.  Instead of the Mosey back I just had them repeat the 10 Burpees and sprint back “AYG” to the 1st light post again.

The last set consisted of decline merkins x10.  1 PAX would hold the legs of his partner while he did merkins (wheelbarrow merkins) and the PAX holding the legs would do x10 Squats.  Once complete, wheelbarrow to the lightpost, swap, repeat, and wheelbarrow back.

Then I told all the PAX to do 10 Burpees “OYO” and run “AYG” to the 2nd light post.  Repeat.

I then told half the PAX to hold Al Gore while the other half did 30 squats and then vice versa.  We then did a lunge walk about 100 yards or more before the mosey back to CoT.

We had 2 minutes to spare so I called on Ice-T for some ab work and we did 10 Big Boy sit-ups OYO, I called out x10 Hello Dolly’s IC and Twich finished us off with 10 American Hammers.

Well done everyone.


Ice breaker this weekend, Pre-Blast for the Yeti is out, Qsource on Wednesday and Saturdays.  Prayers for Iced-T’s grandmother and health for all those that are sick and still getting back in the groove after the holidays.

Thanks for getting me back out to the Poopdeck Peg!  Hopefully you can make it next time!



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The Cornerstone – Challenge ( One Year Long )

To all the Pax of F3 Nation

Are you prepared to challenge your self for 2019? I am challenging all Pax’s to join me for 2019 we will take on one exercise for January (merkins single count) 100 reps every day. Then in February we will add another exercise which will be done every day on top of the 100 merkins and so on and so on. We will increase by adding one exercise each month.  These exercises will be above and beyond when you post. So by the end of the year there will be 12 exercises that need to be done everyday at the reps set.

Do you accept the challenge? Do you want to get better?

I will set the next month exercise and reps the week before to keep you on your toes

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Starfish at Poopdeck

This morning was a particularly important one for me to post at, but we will get to that in a few minutes.

Peg had “planned” on having a community Q this morning so after … wait who did the disclaimer? ooops

Flux took us around for a long mosey with shuffles and Toy soldiers and then some warmup
Low Slow Squat
Mountain Climbers
Moroccan Night Club

Peg took over for BLIMPS, we laid out a path and the mode of transportation was Lunge
5 Burpees
10 Lunge each leg
15 Imperial Walkers each side
20 Merkins
25 Plank Jacks
30 squats

Two Ferns was up to bat and we started at Sherwin Williams for a 10-20-30 with a full parking lot lap between each exercise
10 Burpees
20 Merkins
30 Squats

Cornerstone’s turn and we went a found some wall. First was 30 count balls to the wall then 10 merkins
70 count peoples chair (10 per pax) with some minor crop dusting by DaVinci, luckily I was on the other side
20 more counts of balls to the wall

DaVinci must have liked Two Fern’s idea so much that he also gave us a 10-20-30
Im not confident I have this one right but I think it was 10 LBCs, 20 merkins, 30 squats

Twitch ran us back to the parking spaces for bear crawl 5 spaces, 30 LBCs, lunge 5 more, 10 merkins.
We did this twice

Flutters to finish out the last :45 seconds

Sign up for the christmas party!! Sign up soon please!!
Read your newsletter, if you don’t have it, ask!
Need to collect character band-aids for local and regional doctor’s office and hospitals
See Cornerstone or go here https://www.amazon.com/baby-reg/jeremy-holt-december-2018-charlotte/2HQFKC11T250D

Prayer Requests
Honestly I can’t remember them, please post and keep in touch with the PAX to find out what’s going on in their lives! Reach out, make someone know they matter

Well here goes……
Last night and most of yesterday I finally admitted that I have been wrestling against God and not letting go of a specific thing in my life. Ive been very open and clear that F3 has led me down a path of discipline that has overflowed into my life as a father, husband, employee and even church member. This new church has put a family in my family’s life who has literally be the best relationships we have ever had. It is clear that the relationship with these family friends are a benefit to both families and those around us, we have been growing in Christ together and I recently had a discussion with Picasso, the dad of this family, and some of the – not necessarily depressions, but certainly just bleh moments going on in my life lately and he wondered if God is stripping away the identity I thought made me who I was so that He could fill me up with Jesus instead. That has been in my head all summer and I have just refused to give up video games and the like; knowing EVERYTHING about comics, tv, movies, and games was EVERYTHING I was about in middle school through college. So the last time I fought God this hard was October 2008, when I finally gave up and begged God to change my life and put Jesus as MY King. So because of this feeling, I am really not wanting something big right now. Things are smooth, I am only 26 and have been married 7 years, out of college for almost 8, a father for close to 6 and a homeowner my entire adult life, I’ve even been unemployed in the past for months during all this and moved 3 times so I have had enough big things. So I remember some of my favorite, the most theologically charged, the most emotional and the most life changing words in the Bible – “But God” and I am done, I give it up. Ocotber 31, 2008 I gave my life to God for eternity following Jesus’ example and woke up November 1 to a new life and October 31, 2018 I decided to take a new step to lead a life different than before and today woke up and posted to F3 to confirm it and let those important to me know. I life of engaging with Him ceaselessly. I won’t just be a good moral father, husband, person anymore. I won’t just know God, I will enjoy Him and thrive in Him and abide in Him. Please push me in this. God, MY Father, I give my sin to you please take that last piece I was holding on to away from me. This will be a continual process. More to come.

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Basically Beyond at Poopdeck

Once again, I got to take a last minute opening in the Q schedule. I love this because of my wife’s work schedule being so erratic I haven’t been able to commit to some Q opportunities lately. I had a remarkably terrible idea to go to the Backblasts here at f3thefort.com and I filtered by ‘BEYOND’ which, for the uninitiated, is a weekly traveling Black Diamond ultra hard AO we have in The Fort.

I found a favorite of mind that I have wonderful memories of from Jedi’s 2 part series back in March.

Post-disclaimer mosey to begin so we could establish the lap we would be using for the rest of the workout. run forward, bear crawl, side shuffle, NUR, crawl bear, side shuffle so you are always facing the same direction.

Quick exercises IC and some stretching but we had to get going on the Thang in order to have time

The basic idea was to do 4 sets of an exercise with a ‘rest’ exercise in between sets. Then we would take a lap and change up the exercises for 4 rounds.
The sets were reps of 20-16-12-8
Round 1: Breakdancer merkins (each side…. so yea… 40, went back to single count after set 1) / Rockette’s chair
Round 2: Mike Tyson merkins / Balls to the Wall
Round 3: Inchworm Merkins / Crab Cakes
Round 4: Elbow to knee crunches (or horizontal imperial walker, or 6 inches Freddie Mercury) / LBCs

I love using the idea of a rest exercise to just mean resting the muscles we just destroyed, no need to stop working for only a 45 minute workout.

We had a few spare minutes left so we started out 10 SSH, 1 burpee -> 10 SSH, 2 Burpee, then I let the PAX go at their own pace as far as they could go increasing burpees by one each time.

1 minute left? 8- count bodybuilders to Endex 0600

– Christmas Party sign up, available in newsletter and twitter
– F3 custom GoRuck event for 5/4/2019 ready for registration. there are Heavy, Tough and Light options. I can’t wait for the end on this one with so many F3 brothers getting their 2nd F on!
– read your email newsletter for more!
– Collecting character bandaids at AOs!

– Continuing encouragement for taking risks in marriages, be more vulnerable, say whats in your heart, speak up about your struggles, work it out
– Jedi is working on more missionary training this week!!!!

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Charter Band-aids for Little Warriors – PreBlast

As most of the PAX in the Fort and Rock regions knows my 5 year old daughter (Emma) is a leukemia survivor. We still make a trip every 4 weeks to get blood drawn to check her counts at Levine Children’s Hospital. We also stepped up and raised money last year (Christmas time) for a fellow brother bout-time out of Area 51 son Jennings who has leukemia also.

It has come to my attention that the budgets have been cut in some of the pediatric departments and the first thing to go is usually the character band aids. You say how important is to have these band-aids? Well as far as the cancer kids go every time the have their PORT’s (Port is a small medical appliance that is installed beneath the skin. A catheter connects the port to a vein) which for some kids is traumatic they get a band-aid over it. For others that are done with treatment such as my daughter Emma has to go back for the next 21 years to get checked (mainly blood counts). This not always easy for instance this past Wednesday she was poked 3 times. Well at the end the band aid can put a smile on a child’s face. This also goes for those kiddos that have to constantly get blood work done not just cancer kids.

So what I am challenging you to do is every week you go grocery shopping buy at least one box or more of character band-aids girls or boys. Also Spread the word in every COT. I will tweet out what AO’s I will be at and if anyone wants to step up and help me collect that would be awesome.

I also challenge others in different regions to pull together and do the same thing. My goal is to gather as much as possible and split it between Levine Children’s Hospital and Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital (St. Jude Affiliate Clinic) before Christmas.

Let a simple act of kindness put a smile on a little fighters face.

AYE. Lets do this.

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Dora Vol. 3 – Doracides

3 PAX joined by hurricane michael for a rainy BC in the gloom.

After disclaimer,  and COP (x15) of MNC, IW, WM, Squats, Merkins, PP, we headed down to the parking lot by the lake for the main event.

The Thang

Keeping with my theme, we formed a three man DORA team (100 OHP, 200 Squats, 300 Curls, 400 Flutters with press) with cinder blocks.  One man did exercises, while two other PAX did burpee suicides on 3 cones (1 burpee first cone, 2 second cone, 3 third cone).  After every round of suicides, we alternated, so always two pax running suicides.   The random downpours made flutters interesting…

Finally, farmer walked the cinder blocks back up to the main parking lot, and finished up with some abs.

Thanks Peg and Homebrew for coming out.

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Homecoming Season

Thanks to Peg for the opportunity to lead!  It was something different today and it was fun while it lasted.

Let’s get to it… shall we?

Mosey to empty-ish parking lot behind Bagel Boat. (Hi, NASA’s twin brother on moving truck!)


SSH x 30, Windmill x 10, Hillbilly Walkers x 10, Weed Pickers x 10, Peter Parker x 10, Parker Peter x 10, Mountain Climbers x 10, Honeymooner/Downward Dog x 2

The Thang:

Split into two teams… 4 vs. 4 FOOTBALL in the parking lot (at 5:15 A.M.?… you betcha!).  1 or 2 hand touch.  Witch Hunt as all-time QB due to an odd number (did I say Witch Hunt?… I meant Ryan Leaf).  Parking lot light to handicap signs were end-zones with parking spaces in the middle serving as a first down marker.  If a team scored a TD, 5 Kraken burpees to the defense!

***Crazy Cat Lady Sighting*** ***5 Burpees***

We played with each team getting 3 possessions.  Highlights included: Respectable Olaf with the catch of the day, Shakespeare getting burnt like toast on defense, Shakespeare dropping passes on offense, and no injuries.  I can blame a lot of things on my performance today… the rain, the gloves, lack of sleep, the QB… but it was simply, just me.  Can’t wait for some redemption…


After our Homecoming football game, we moseyed back over near COT area because it was time for the Homecoming Dance!  3 songs with exercises in cadence to the beat (not really, but that was the idea).  Songs were a throwback to when I was in high school… why not?  After each “dance” we did a little something in between.

Song 1: Pretty Fly for a White Guy – The Offspring (note: apparently played at Witch Hunt’s wedding)

  • Crabcakes during instrumental/”give it to me…” parts
  • Dying Cockroach during verse
  • LBC’s during the chorus (missed the first one)

Break in between:  People’s Chair near Bowl N’ Bounce, 1 person at a time come off wall and complete 5 sandbags curls, stand up when all have completed.  After which, we did an Indian Run with sandbag starting up front, passed to the back of the line, once it reaches the person at the end they run it to the front and start passing back again.  Came up with this idea a few days ago and wanted to see how it was.  It wasn’t fun.

Song 2: Where The Party At- Jagged Edge

  • Imperial Squat Walkers during instrumental/verse parts
  • Side to side ski jump/strides (something like that) during the chorus
  • Overhead press/raise the roof during the “oh ooooohhh…” parts

Break in between: BTTW, starting at the end one person at a time complete 1 burpee, all come down when everyone has gone.

Song 3: Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant Farm (idea courtesy of Jedi… RIP… errr, thanks I mean)

  • Shoulder taps during instrumental
  • Plank Jacks during verse
  • 1 merkin for every “Okay” in the chorus… it’s a lot

Cut short of the end to start COT on time.


read the newsletter, Ragnar, Fast Five, Convergence, etc.


missing boy and family in Gastonia, continued recovery and support for people affected by Florence.


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