Golden Corral Foursome

A group of 22 pax converged at the HT lot for another edition of Golden Corral.  Once the runners took off, and the ruckers marched on, 3 Pax joined YHC for the bootcamp workout.  Here is what we did:

Mosey around the HT parking lot and pause for a quick warm up of knee pulls, ankle pulls, toy soldiers, lunge twists and arm circles.  Mosey a little further to the perfect spot for COT:

All in Cadence:

SSH x 40, merkin x 10, squat x 20, mountain climber x 30, alternating lunges x 15, CDD x 15, LBC x 20

Mosey to front of HT store and face the front parking lot:

Full parking lot suicides (stop at each concrete island in lot).  Repeat 2 more times.

Mosey to the side of the HT store:

  1.  Balls to the wall/hold, bear crawl to the O’Reilly parts store and balls to that wall.  Bear crawl back to HT store.
  2. Peoples chair against HT store, 10 overhead claps, lunge walk to O’Reilly parts store and peoples chair against that wall.  Lunge walk back to HT store.
  3. Repeat #1 above
  4. Repeat #2 above

Plank it up for a quick talk on the word of the month:  IMPACT

I mentioned to the Pax that one of the strongest aspects  of F3  is the network that has been built over the years.  There is strength in numbers and I the best example of the impact of a large network was the flood relief provided to Columbia two years ago.  Hundreds of men organized a relief effort in an incredibly short time.   It was an amazing thing to see and to be part of.  Another way you can have impact through your F3 relationships is reaching out to your Pax when they need encouragement or just a note to let them know you are thinking about them.  A quick text or phone call can make a huge difference when you are down.

Back to work.  Indian Run around the whole lot and circle up for quick ablab:

Hello Dolly x 20, Freddie Merc x 20, Superman hold x 30.

End with the Body Destroyer (lie flat on the ground, breath deep, relax, no talking)


Naked Man Moleskin

Was good to be Q at the Corral after an extended break including some time on IR.  It’s still one of my favorite AO’s.  Something about being under the lights makes it pretty cool.  We had a good group today.  My apologies to Manifold and Curious George for not learning your names before we started the workout.  My calls for 10 counts from ‘you guys down there’ were a little awkward.  Glad to have you men, and Bones with me today.  Hope to see you again soon.

I shared my thoughts on the word of the month, IMPACT, with the group (which is a rarity for me).  I’m not much for breaks when I Q (other than 10 counts) so we did this in the plank position.

It was an awesome, very humid,  morning at the Corral and a pleasure to lead such a fine group of men.  Thanks for the Q spot, Decibel!


Go Sleeveless for Cheech, this Friday, June 22 at all workouts

Prayers for Dark Helments friend who was killed in a motorcycle accident, F3 Elmer who has luekemia, and for a friend of Drop Thrill , whose child who has recovered from a serious illness.



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Less Planning = More Pain

Somehow, it slipped YHC’s radar that today’s Golden Corral Q fell on him. Nevertheless, when this truth was brought to light 8 hours before launch, frantic efforts were made to plan SOMETHING. Six PAX joined YHC to learn what happens when little time is spent planning a beatdown. Here’s what we did…

Mosey 1½ times around the parking lot, including side shuffles, knees-to-chests, and toy soldiers before circling up in front of O’Reilly Auto Parts next to the bank. Following a quick warmup of the standards (SSH, windmill, low slow squats, and merkins), we moseyed around to the newly paved hill into the newly built apartment complex behind the Teeter.

The Thang

Beginning at the bottom of the hill, PAX will complete a certain number of burpees, run to the top of the hill, perform exercise on sheet taped to cone, run down the hill, more burpees, back up, etc. The breakdown of exercises:

  • 10 burpees at the bottom, 100 LBCs at the top
  • 9 burpees at the bottom, 90 squats at the top
  • 8 burpees at the bottom, 80 merkins at the top (crowd pleaser, this one)
  • 7 burpees at the bottom, 70 Freddie Mercuries at the top (double count)
  • 6 burpees at the bottom, 60 monkey humpers at the top
  • 5 burpees at the bottom, 50 pseudo planche merkins at the top
  • 4 burpees at the bottom, 40 dying cockroaches at the top (double count)
  • 3 burpees at the bottom, 30 hillbilly squat walkers at the top (single count)
  • 2 burpees at the bottom, 20 breakdancer merkins at the top (single count)
  • 1 burpee at the bottom, 10 v-sits at the top

38 Special didn’t get the memo on the descending number of burpees and proceeded to do 10 burpees each round until probably round 4 or 5. There’s always one who doesn’t get it, but good for him for doing the harder thing.

All PAX picked up the six and finished with a mosey to COT, arriving at exactly 0600. For being poorly planned, this turned into a perfectly timed workout.


  • PAINtheon Games, 13.June.2018, 0500
  • Hog and Coyote V, 16.June.2018, 0500 ruck, 0600 everybody else
  • Sweati, sometime in July, details generally lacking

Prayers and praises:

  • CAH – pray for the kids, the workers, the volunteers, and praises for the opportunities we’ve had to pour into them
  • Drummond and his family are handing two foster children over to their forever family this weekend. Prayers for the transition – the good parts, and the hard parts.
  • Per Drop Thrill, Donut Hole is being deployed again, so prayers for him and his family in the weeks/months ahead. (I never thought I’d type a sentence starting with “Per Drop Thrill, Donut Hole…”)
  • Prayers for all the PAX who are injured and for those looking for jobs (or otherwise “funemployed,” as Homebrew called it).

An honor to lead, even if unexpectedly.


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Well it was my turn to Q again and was digging through my twisted mind as to what to do and I started thinking about something with Suicides.  Then the lovely thought came to mind about doing RUCKICIDES, and from there the workout took shape.

Router put out for a pre-run so of course the usuals showed up to do it, but was excited when OLAF wasn’t really feeling it.  So Jedi, Cha Ching, and Router took off for 3 miles and Olaf and I grabbed an 80 and 60lb sandbag, plus rucks and did a little under two miles in 30 minutes.  Those got heavy!!

On to the Ruck, was pumped to see 9 PAX out today!

Warm up

Indian run where last person does some cleans with the sandbag – well that turned out to be way to easy for everyone else and confusing so about 15 seconds in I yell “Screw this, RUCKS overhead”.  So then we run three laps around the parking lot alternating exercises while still running.

Rucks Overhead

Overhead Press

Away from Chest Carry


Farmer Carry


Again all while running.


Grab 7 Sandbags and the two person carry cement pipe and start moving.  We carry it to the church parking lot where RUCKICIDES commence.


Bear Crawl – 5 merkins – Crawl Bear back – Bear Crawl – 5 Merkins Crawl bear back (length of parking lot)

Lil E is a bear literally, he beat Cha Ching if that tells you anything.


Walking Lunge – 10 Squats – Duck walk back – repeat (length of parking lot)

My butt is still sore…

Grab weight and move – This time whatever weight we were carrying beyond our rucks had to be overhead for a certain amount of time.  Sorry Cha-Ching that 80lb bag sucks!

Next we did timed bag toss relay up the hill to the fire station:

We set a time hack of 1.5 minutes and did the first round with the 60lb bag in 1minute 3 seconds.

We cleaned it up and did it in 46 seconds

Next we jumped up to the 80lb bag and knocked it out in under a minute.

At this point we had 6 minutes to make it back to COT and some distance to cover, so we grabbed all the weight and double timed it back!

Pumped for the turnout and to see NASA out there again!

I’ve got a full Q schedule so you won’t see me Q’ing for a bit but come out and support.

Until later,


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No SSH at GC

Twelve at Golden Corral for a substi-Q on the hottest morning of the young spring!  74 degrees at post time but when Corn Hole ran in from his home dripping wet, all the sudden I felt a lot cooler.

This morning we focused on the theme of Accountability as it relates to our word of the year.  The question is do you have a word? How are you engaging with that word? How are you holding yourself accountable?  By this time of the year you should have your word engrained were you are thinking about it constantly and understanding how it intersects with your life.  You own it.  Tell someone what you want to change and ask them to ask you about it when they see you.

The Thang:

Start with a bit of stretching to loosen up a bit… it was no Broga but Senator appreciated it and I think others by the end of the post were hoping we would have spent more time there.

Mosey to the field at the church with some curb hops and such along the way.

Circle up with a COP (sort of) which included 20 Maq-tar-jai, 10 Knee-tar-jai and some 4 (1×4)Jack Webbs.

Mosey to parking lot for a partner exercise of 2 rounds each of merkins while the partner runs then squats while the partner runs.

Mosey to parking lot behind HT for some plate pushes with partner while pax goes through a series of exercises until we push through the full rotation.   Including dips, CCDs, lunges, and a bunch of other fun.

Another round of overhead plate carries with another series of exercises

Headed to the wall for some fun with passing the plates and pushing it back down to the other end. Then some wall stand walks and Australian wall walks… fun, fun and more fun!  Just ask Corn Hole

Headed back to COT with a bit of Mary before counting off!

It was an honor to lead the Pax through the morning and I’m better because of it.   Aye!

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Bucket-o-Pain – New and Improved With More Awfulness!!!

9 bootcampers and 7 ruckers landed at Golden Corral for a buffet of painful options.  Drummond brought an FNG (later named “Manifold”) to partake in the meal.  Don’t know about any of the other bootcampers, but YHC was thankful not to be part of the rucking group when Rad rolled the giant tractor tire out of the back of his truck. No bueno.

5:15 arrived, and after a disclaimer was offered, the bootcampers took off for a mosey around Rite-Aid, down to the auto-repair place, and back to the front of Harris Teeter.  Stops were made along the way for various warm up exercises, including:

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Sumo Squats
  • Peter Parkers
  • Dips
  • Windmills

38 Special came in hot, and caught up with us after our second stop on the warm-up run.

The Thang

At the stopping point in front of HT was the bucket of pain.  But this time the instructions were different than previous BoP appearances.  Here’s how it went:

  1. First exercise was drawn from the bucket.  Pax did 5 reps.
  2. Second exercise was drawn.  Pax did 10 reps of it, then repeated the 5 reps of the first exercise
  3. Third exercise was drawn.  Pax did 15 reps of it, then 10 of the second exercise, then 5 of the first.

Routine continued until 5 exercises were drawn (which had 25 reps).  Once completed, pax took a run around the entire front parking lot of the shopping center.  We had time to do this twice.  Here were the exercises.

  1. Round 1:
    1. 5 merkins
    2. 10 burpees
    3. 15 squat jacks
    4. 20 POGO (10 each leg)
    5. 25 plank punches
  2. Round 2:
    1. 5 jumping lunges
    2. 10 low, slow squats
    3. 15 moroccan night clubs
    4. 20 flying squirrels
    5. 25 Crab Cakes

After our second round (and run around the parking lot) we had time for a few minutes of Mary:

  • Flutters
  • LBCs
  • Chopsticks
  • Alphabet Soup
  • American Hammer

Time was up, and we headed back to COT.

Excellent work by all men.  T-Claps to Mainfold for his first post, and to 38 Special for his second post (in as many days). Thanks to Decibel for the privilege of Q’ing.


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Where is Spring??

18 Men showed up on a very chilly April morning. The pre-ruck was very well attended, and the ruck portion was being Q’ed by Olaf and there seemed to be several implements of torcher that were assembled for the rucking PAX to carry around.  5:15 came and the disclaimer was given(in spirit if not actually) and the entire group was challenged to begin thinking of prayers that needed to be shared at COT. No prayers for your neighbors sick cat, what do YOU need your brothers to know and pray for in your life?  With that the Ruckers were dismissed and the rest of us circled up for some COP.  SSH, IW, Squats, on your side for some hip flexing and strengthening – Jane Fonda – Leg Circles forward and reverse, back kicks.  All on your side 5 count then flip sides. Strong loose hips are key to injury prevention.  Mosey to lay out the cones for a 5 corner workout tour around the Golden Corral. 1st cone at the bottom of the hill(10 Bomb Jacks) Cone #2 at the top of the hill(20 LBC) Cone 3 around Auto Parts and Oil change(10 CDD) 4th cone at COT(15 Squats) Cone 5 at Dominos(15 Merkins) You vs You workout, you choose how fast you want to push it, how hard you want to work.  The PAX did awesome, everyone finished at least 4 full laps and a few did 4 plus, Mileage count was over 3 miles, pretty strong for a 45 minute boot camp.  Final mosey to COT

Announcements – Strawberry Fields, Guidance & CAH, Bonsai has Beyond next Tuesday at GC

Prayers & Praises – Continued prayers for Badger – Prayers for patience and wisdom with young kids(especially boys), Prayers for healing for the young kids in our community growing up in dysfunctional or non-existent homes, prayers for patience and energy to continue dealing with the racial injustices that many of us don’t want to admit exist.  I appreciated the hearts of the men who shared this morning, and challenge the PAX to press into being vulnerable with our real struggles and needs so that we can properly car for each other.


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Too much work at Golden Corral

Here’s what the bootcampers did after the ruckers took off with Wild Thing.

Dynamic Warmup around parking lot

Then COP

20 SSHs – 20 MNCs – 10 Slow Cotton Pickers –

10 WA Merkins – 20 Moun Climbers – Yoga – 15 Plank Jacks

 Partner Up

 Dora 1-2-3

100 Burpees

200 Sumo Squats

300 SSHs

While other partner ran around the parking lot triangle

 To Fort Mill BBQ Lot

11s with Bear crawls

11 WA Merkins

1 Bomb jack

Run backwards to start

I had 2 other evolutions on the Weinke, but I miscalculated on how much 11s would suck with the distance and number of bear crawls.  Most of the PAX got to 11, but it hurt!

During our 10 counts I shared some quotes and insight that I’ve been gathering from my most recent reading, Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules for Life.”  The rule I reviewed was Rule #8 : Tell the Truth – or at least Don’t Lie!

Attached are the quotes:

Tell the Truth or at least Don’t Lie

An honor to lead…



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Ruck W/O: Playing with Large Sacks at Golden Corral

After focusing on running and boot camps for so long for the P200, my ruck was getting dusty. I knew I had a ruck Q coming up. When Rad reached out to me to see if I still wanted it, I was not sure. We have some heavy duty seasoned ruckers in The Fort and I did not want to Q below their level. Plus, I wanted to keep the weinke simple enough for those who put alot into their running training for the sake of the ruck. Hopefully I found a middle ground.

8 Ruckers were ready. The boot campers tore off with Sir Topham Hat at the Q….wasn’t going to be any easier for them. We rucked up a little heavy with 4 qty 60lb sandbags, one per every 2 PAX. Rucked over to the Grace Presbyterian church parking lot for a quick COP:

Rucks off, 20 ea, in cadence
* WM
* IW
* PJ

Then we started

The “play area” was between two parking lot lights, approx 25-30 yards or so apart. Starting at one end we would each complete a series of ruck exercises, then with a partner take turns getting a 60lb sandbag from the start to the other end of the area. Once we get to the other end, complete the series of ruck exercises again. Then partner work again getting the sandbags back to the start. Out and back with the sandbags is one round. We did 3 rounds. No stopping, just keep getting after it until time is up.

Ruck Exercises, 10 ea:
* Squat
* Curl
* Swing
* Upright row
* OH Press

Sandbag Rounds:
1. Forward/upward press toss
2. Reverse scoop overhead toss / deadlift overhead toss: back is facing direction of bag travel. Bend down, grab sandbag, swing/deadlift up and toss overhead.
3. Sideways toss or shovel toss – right to left at first, then left to right on the return trip

Gleek joined us halfway through round 2. He wanted to try rucking, so Rad let him use his ruck while he went off with the bootcampers who were exercising in the same lot. Great job Gleek! Welcome to rucking!

The PAX did GREAT! ALOT of mumblechatter…..epic stuff with this ruck group! What is said during the ruck WO stays with the ruck WO. Made the workout fly by. Great stuff. We almost went for a for a fourth round, but opted to do 20ea of the ruck exercises then rucked back to the COT.

COT: In short, read your newsletter. Get out there, get involved. Alot of prayers said, and I am sure there were many more not said.

Pray for Zoe Deen, her family, and the driver of the car that hit her right around the time of COT.

I did not talk much during my Q. That is happening more and more. Less talking, more working. I briefly spoke while we were in listening position (rucks overhead) about how we all have some aspect in our lives that we need to get better. That we are out here trying to get better, to help others get better. We should be trying to get better in some way every day. I know I have alot of room for improvement in alot of ways. Today was one step towards that.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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Risking it All and Going Beyond

Better conditions led to 14 PAX posting at Golden Corral for this week’s edition of BEYOND. Turnout was improved in part because Rad cancelled the ruck workout, encouraging the usual ruckers to join the fun, while he bailed and went yogging at Sea Legs instead.

After Copperfield gave the disclaimer, the 14 BEYONDers took off for a short mosey around the perimeter of the main parking lot, incorporating butt kickers, high knees, toy soldiers, toe walks, and heel walks. We then lined up at the shovel flags (we had three…I don’t know where the third came from…) and did 10 merkins at the island, jog to the next island, 10 more merkins, etc. for a total of 40 merkins. This was followed by a short mosey to the HT loading docks for some final warming up. (Note for GC Q’s – people drive like MANIACS behind HT, so keep the PAX out of the main roadway if possible.)

Brief COP included 10 windmills, 10 low slow squats on our toes (in relevé, if you will), then a couple yoga lunge stretches on each leg. Then partner up and jog around to the HT wall facing the six of O – O – O – O’Reilly for the Thang.

The workout sets were generally done in Stand By Your Man style, with one PAX performing the prescribed reps of some form of merkin while the other does some other exercise, then switch places until all merkin reps completed. Once done, run around oil change place and O’Reilly and back to the HT wall with your partner. Pretty simple…ish…

Let’s get going.

The original plan was to build this week’s message off of what was covered at BEYOND last week, but that had to be modified when we had only three last week and fourteen this week. So, we started with some quick catch-up. If you want a recap of last week, check out that backblast. Main point to remember for today: dig deep and determine your purpose, as this will give a filter through which to handle today’s questions.

Living with purpose inherently involves risk.

During this first set, discuss with your partner how you would define “risk.”

Set 1: Breakdancer merkins (20-16-12-8 reps each) while partner does Rockette Chair (People’s Chair with alternating leg kicks)

Plank it up for the six, then hold it while we chat (with rotation to side, reverse plank, and other side).

Risk can have a variety of definitions, but generally it is an action that exposes you or somebody else to the possibility of harm or loss. We all face risks every day, from driving to relationships. Some risks are bigger than others, but we live lives of risk. Taking risks is necessary for growth and gain, in work and in life. Without some level of risk, we won’t get better.

Risk and sacrifice are different, but related.

During this set, discuss with your partner how you would define “sacrifice.”

Set 2: Mike Tysons (15-15-15-15 reps each) while partner does BTTW (with shoulder taps for the brave).

People’s Chair for the six, then stay for the talk.

Sacrifice is the act of giving up something you want to keep in order to get or do something else (and potentially better). You could say that sacrifice is the realization of the potential loss involved in the risk. Sacrifice has an intentional, willful component to it – you choose to give something up, whether under compulsion or not. Today, most of us sacrificed more sleep to post (thanks for that!), and in doing so also took the risk of maybe getting a good workout, maybe making our day a bit rougher because our arms won’t work after, etc. Silly example for an obvious point.

Personal examples of risk and sacrifice.

During this set, discuss a current or recent example of risk or sacrifice in your life.

Set 3: Pseudo Planche merkins (15-15-15 reps each) while partner does breakdancer. It’s like the breakdancer merkin, but without the merkin, a little more jumpy, and ideally a bit faster.

Return and breathe while waiting for the six, then for the talk.

An easy example of sacrifice in my life was giving up our life in Africa to return to the US. Again, for more on this, refer to last week’s backblast. But for the risk component, there were two risks that weighed heavily on our last year in Africa and played into our decision to return. The first was our son’s health. He was premature and had some health issues that went with it. He also began having seizures while we still lived overseas. As a father, was I willing to risk his health to continue living and working in Zambia? Then, we wanted more kids, but my wife is a high-risk pregnancy, and we lived in a place where premature babies die more than they survive, and maternal mortality is high as well. These risks paired with other circumstances played into our decision to return, giving up our identities, our home, our relationships, etc.

Much of the reason for me wanting to talk about all this today stems from a conversation with Cha Ching and Olaf from several months ago. They may not remember it, but it has stuck with me ever since. We were talking about the new security training I’m helping develop for our new workers, and there are three main questions that come out of this training. These questions are what I want to leave with everybody today (with one more set thrown in for good measure).

The first two questions to consider:

How much am I willing to risk in order to achieve my purpose? (This makes more sense if you spend the time determining your purpose.)

What, if anything, would be an unnecessary level of risk or a risk that would actually hinder accomplishment of your purpose?

No need to answer the questions this time, as they take time to really work through.

Set 4: Battering rams (drop to six inches, then, using your arms and not your feet, thrust your torso forward so your hands end up between ribs and hips; 20-20-20 reps each) while partner does Monkey Humpers. For some, this proved to be a somewhat inappropriate combination of moves. #badplanning #somethingsyoucantunhear

Pressed for time, we gathered following the run around the buildings for the final point. I actually left out two full sets, but I don’t think anybody’s arms are particularly missing them (see below for what we missed).

The final question to ponder: Do I believe strongly enough in my purpose that I’m willing to sacrifice everything for it?

Simply put, are you willing to die to achieve your purpose? Fourteen years ago, my answer would have been a lot different. But now, with a wife and children, I hesitate. If I know that they will be taken care of, then I’d probably be willing to die. But what if the tables were turned? Would I be so committed to my purpose, to my faith, that I’d be willing to sacrifice my family? I’ve never been in that situation, so I don’t know. But this is a reality faced by many in other parts of the world. For some, it’s a daily reality, being faced with the possibility of losing everything for what they believe.

What would you do? Do you have a commitment to something that is so strong that you’re willing to sacrifice everything for it, even your family?

Time never seems sufficient to cover the topic, but discussion doesn’t need to end when the workout does.

We ended there and ran back to COT to meet up with the bootcampers.


  • Deacon reminded us of the opportunities in the Paradise community, with the reading program on Mondays and Wednesdays and G-Fit on Saturdays. Take a risk and make an impact in the community.

Prayers and Praises

  • Pray for those involved with the Palmetto 200 this weekend.
  • Keep praying for our wives and kids.
  • Pray for those with mental health issues and the practitioners who care for them. Specifically, pray for Copperfield’s M as she deals with some very difficult situations.
  • Bolt’s neighbor passed away last week. Pray for this man’s family and friends and others who are dealing with this loss.
  • Prayers for one of Decibel’s employee’s dad, who is in the hospital.
  • Bonsai and his wife are praying about a few things right now; prayers for wisdom and discernment as they consider some options.
  • Deacon has a friend with serious health concerns. Prayers for him as he seeks care at Mayo.
  • Praises for F3 and the impact it has had on our lives.

It was an honor to get to lead this group, and I really appreciate Maximus pushing me to do two BEYOND Qs in a row. If you haven’t had opportunity to do this yet, talk to him. Whether or not the other PAX benefit from the message you bring, your life will be changed by working through the material in preparation to lead. Definitely worth it. And I’m happy to not do it again for a while.


Missed sets

For those wondering what we missed for lack of time, the remaining sets were:

Set 5: one-arm merkins (16-12-8 reps each) while partner does bomb jacks.

Set 6: Scorpion merkins (16-12-8 reps each) while partner does jump squats.

You’re welcome.

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Gettin’ SWOLE! – Too many Ruck Merkins to Count

Was reminded the day before of my Golden Corral ruck Q, so did the only thing I could think of – tabata.  Sort of.

Deacon, Mainframe, Rad and I rucked over behind the Teeter and did the world’s fastest warm-up that consisted of some windmills, moraccans, imperial walkers and curls.  Threw the rucks back on and hit the first tabata:

  1.  For 5 minutes, each minute do 30 side straddle hops and 10 merkins (w/ the ruck on) (150 ruck side straddle hops, 50 merkins).  Thankful for the Rocky theme music and Dropkick Murphy’s to get us through it!
  2. For 5 minutes, each minute do 15 squats and 10 merkins (w/ ruck) (75 ruck squats and 50 merkins)

Next up – Partner pushes down the HT parking lot w/ exercises.  Partner 1 pushes partner 2 (both have rucks on) about 50 yards, then drops and does 35 flutters and 20 ruck merkins.  Partner 2 pushes partner 1 back to the starting line and does the same thing together.  Do that two more times.  (140 flutters, 80 ruck merkins).

Last, but not least, 3 sand bags were waiting.  4 stations – 1) no sand bag, just ruck, 2) 40 lb sandbag and ruck, 3) 60 lb sandbag and ruck, 4) 90 lb sandbag and ruck

  1.  each of the 4 pax gets one station and we do 10 squats per station in order moving to the next after each w/ no break.
  2. do it again, this time w/ chest press.  Press each of the sand bags (or your ruck if you’re at that station) x10, 4 stations in a row, no break.

Did a full lap (running of course) around the Harris Teeter complex w/ rucks on.  The pax did great.  Think we can all say we got our chest work in for the week.  I haven’t been that sore in some time.  Final count – 180 ruck merkins, 150 ruck side straddle hops, 140 flutters, 115 weighted squats, 40 weighted presses.  Gettin’ SWOLE!

Until next time –

Cha Ching

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