UNO (a VQ dream)

3D’s VQ premiered an UNO workout with 12 guys.

(3D finally got access to post this.  Sorry for the delay.  It was so popular DropThrill has used it since.  Some of this is copied from his BackBlast.)

Shuffle the deck of Uno cards and whatever the number is, you perform that number of reps with the exception of 0 being 10. The color of the cards determines the exercise. You have to play your cards just like in Uno. Color on same color, or same number on same number.

Blue = Kettlebell curls
Green = LBC’s
Yellow = Squats with or without bell
Red = Upright rows
Skip = Run a lap
+2 = Two reps of 2 exercises from the list (player’s choice)
+4 = Four reps of all four exercises
Reverse = Do the same exercise you just performed
Wild = Change color

Sounds simple right? It is, until you get stuck on a color or number for a while.

If you dont have a card to play, you draw another card and have to do a Burpee.  The crew flipped this and in the spirit of camaraderie, everyone did a Burpee for every card drawn.

Folks tried to call out Uno, but we didn’t have a contingency for this.  Something to add for next time.

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4 rounds of getting better

2017-11-27 Kettlebell at Tomahawk

it was a semi-brisk morning at Tomahawk.  6 men came out to get better.

Disclaimer was communicated!

Mosey around the outside ring of the parking lot.
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Pull knees to chest
Pull foot up
Toy Soldiers
Downward Dog
10xLow Slow Squat
10xMountain Climbers
10xPeter Parker’s

The Thang (Workout):
Grab kettlebells and mosey to another part of the parking lot.

* Round 1 10 reps
* Round 2 15 reps
* Round 3 20 reps
* Round 4 10 reps

After each round we took a mosey around the inside ring of the parking lot.

Arnold Shoulder Press – Right Arm
Arnold Shoulder Press – Right Arm
Lunge KB Pass Through Right Leg
Lunge KB Pass Through Left Leg
Upright Row
Curl – Right Arm
Curl – Left Arm
American Hammer
Goblet Squat
Triceps Extension – Right Arm
Triceps Extension – Left Arm
KB Swings

Mosey back to COT.

Christmas Party
Yeti 2018
Fast5 Marathon

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Prayers and praises
Healing for Bonesaw’s foot
Remember Porthole
Drop Thrill’s job interview

Thanks Polaroid for the opportunity!

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