Stairway to Heaven??

I’ve been fart sacking a bit so it was good DirtyHarry called me out to lead the Badger.  There’s nothing like getting back in the groove than Qing the Badger.  I wanted to make it a special one so I did some reconnaissance work the day prior and found some good accessories for the workout.  We honored fallen soldier and Officer Timothy Brenton.

Warmup with Imperial Walkers, Side straddle hops, Tappy Taps, Windmills, Honeymooner, Downward dog

The thang

Took a short mosey to the band practice field at the top of the hill.  In honor of Timothy Brenton we started with a 100’ (or so) bear crawl and back across the field with standing broad jumps.

Station 1 = 39 squats, Station 2 = 39 dips on benches, Station 3 = 39 merkins, Station 4 (Stairway to Heaven) – some may argue whether it was a true stairway to heaven.  PAX lifted heavy concrete blocks to the top of the stairway for 10 overhead presses, with a nice view of downtown Charlotte to ease the pain. Rinse and repeat X4

PAX Carried the blocks a few hundred feet around the corner of the school and laid them to rest.  Found a nice long wall to continue to blast our quads with wall sits.  Moved down to the cafeteria, found some nice benches, and continued working the chest with decline and incline merkins in unison.

Mosey down to the pull up bars to get a set of 10 in then made our way to COT.  Finished off with crunchy frogs, hello dollies, LBCs, and a stargazer pose.

Prayers for health amongst the PAX, family, and coworkers and praises for new promotions.

Announcements – Cannoli Run this weekend

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What State Is This Tomahawk?

A few weeks back, I agreed to Q at the old Tomahawk and somehow I agreed to Q at Mint Hill on the same day, but as I never got confirmation from my brothers in Mint Hill, Tomahawk won the day.

I’ve learned to keep things simple but simple doesn’t mean the workout will be easy.  We took a stab at the old ladder methodology with kettlebells and it went something like this:

COP – Typical warmup thang.

The ladder goes like this:

20 – Swings
20 – Goblet Squats
20 – Merkins
20 – Tricep Extensions
20 – LBC’s
20 – Curls
20 – Skull Crushers
20 – Calf Raises
20 – American Hammer
* Run a lap after each round.

Once round one is complete, step up to 25 reps and then 30 with each repeat.

Mutiny was in the Pax eyes, so we didn’t get to try out round four and after a bit of broga and stretching we called it a day.

Thanks for the opportunity 3D and Polaroid to lead.

Great job 3D stepping up to be sight Q at Tomahawk.

Make today a great day and make the world a better place because you’re in it.

DT out.


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CSPAN Send off Convergence

141 Men came to show the Respectable**CSPAN** some Respect!!

He leaves The Fort and heads north or as Dredd refers to Yankee land. Not gone forever but just up the road 600 miles to start a new chapter in life and in F3 as he will launch F3Philly.

I am not the most eloquent with my back-blasts and I am usually to the point with posting the workout, add some words and being done, however since I can’t get Italian Job to write this up and Double D challenged the PAX to think of one word to represent CSAPN, I think that is the best way to document this convergence.

Thank you CSPAN for being all of these things and more to you r brothers in the PAX. As posted on Twitter and many of these were repeated multiple times:


The Workout looked like this:

WWL at the Q:

  • Mosey around the lot
  • Line up; karaoke, side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers, toy solders, lungewalk, power skips
  • COP
    • SSH, squat, merkin, moroccan night club, 10 Flying squirrels
Double D at the Q:
  • Run to practice field
  • Plank sequence
  • Split into 2 groups on each sideline
  • Sprint to center and back to sideline
  • Monkey humpers x25
  • Rinse + repeat with Merkins x 25
  • CDDs x25
  • Burpees x25
Longshanks at the Q:
  • Burpees
  • Lunges
  • Inch worm Merkins
  • Maktar Ndiayes
  • Plank Jacks
  • Squats.

Dredd at the Q:

  • Prayer for CSPAN
  • Merkin/Ab Lab series
  • Truth Nuggets and Leadership development with Major Payne, Wegmans, & Drop Thrill
  • Mosey to hill behind Bob Jones Stadium
  • Prayer for CSPAN heading to F3Philly…..”CSPAN Coming”
  • More Merkin/Ab lab series


141 Count, Name O’rama, 2 FNGs (Bikini & Manzel), Skinny Jeans pray out over CSPAN and his IMPACT on men and for Sky Q’s kingdom.

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9/11 Memorial- We will never forget

I never let on this workout would be fun. I never said come for a easy moderate start to your week. I did however make clear we would be honoring those fallen. The paxs arrived to pay tribute. We were going to attempt something I had doubts we would complete, but we were darn sure going to try.

The Thang

Opened with a different kind of disclaimer. Today we weren’t going to modify. Today we would just stop if you needed and your brothers would pick up were you left off. Today, we honored every person that lost a life on this day 16 years ago. We weren’t going to half ass anything, they deserve everything we have.

Quick lap around the parking lot then stop at the flag. Pledge of Allegiance was said. Mosey to middle of parking lot. We split into 2 groups (1 with 5 and one with 4). Some of the exercises would be completed as a team total and some were as an entire group.  We began…

With your team complete 125 burpees for all those who never said goodbye to their loved ones inside the Pentagon.

Next we ran a fast lap and back at it. Then 246 sit ups with the bell for all those who never made it to their destination on flights 93, 77, 175, and ll. Then a hot lap around parking lot.

Next was 2 buprees each for the paramedics lost while they tried to save others. Then 60 shoulder presses with your team for the police officers who lost their life. Hot lap around parking lot.

We then did 343 goblet squats with our team, one for every firefighter that never returned home that day. Hot lap around parking lot

Next was 614 KB Swings with your team. These were for the people in Tower 2. They never went home to their wife, their husband, their daughter, their son. Hot lap around lot

For those that didn’t escape the collapse of Tower 1, we did 1402 bent over rows as a group. Another hot lap

Time was running short. We had remembered all those individually, now we would remember and honor them as a whole. For those inside the towers we did 2606 LCB’s as a group. COT


What I didn’t put above is that most shared their story. After every hot lap someone shared how they remember the news this 16 years ago. As you can image, everyone remembered it perfectly. Everyone knows were they were, we know how we felt, we can still feel those feelings today. To be honest, its hard for me to even write this without tearing up. I remember the images of people jumping from buildings in a desperate act of hopelessness. I remember the images of first responders covered in ash dragging bloodied people away from the scene. I remember the almost instant feelings of hate I had for the cowards that carried out this act. I also remember the resolve it brought America. In the days that followed the were one Nation…under God. Every car had an American flag on it, every house, every everything. This act of terror brought us together and made our resolve even stronger.

Thank you for everyone that came out today. I know it was hard and I couldn’t be any prouder at how hard everyone worked. No one half assed anything and left it all there this morning. By my best guess each person did 27 burpees, 50 sit ups with the bell, 15 shoulder presses, 100 goblet squats, 150 KB swings, 160 rows, 300 LBC’s, and 1.75 miles at about a 7 minute mile pace.

Prayers for Geronimo starts his new job soon, Sauerkrauts sister starts cemo soon, and prayers for all those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

There is few things I love more than this country. God Bless the USA


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Tubthumping at Slowburn

I was very happy to see 28 PAX report to Slowburn for my VQ! As promised via Twitter the day before, I did my 28 Merkins during a count-o-rama. No FNG’s. Gave the disclosure and we formed 2 lines for an Indian Run to the warmup at Empire.


Cherry Pickers x10
Slow Windmills x10
Low Slow Squat x10
SSH x10
Goofballs x10 – Dang, y’all looked goofy!

We counted off by 5’s and the 5 teams did an Indian Run to the far side of Lowes for…

The Thang – 5 Stations

  1. Core
    1. Forearm Plank 10 count IC
    2. Captain Morgans 5 each side IC
  2. Legs
    1. Monkey Humpers x10 IC
    2. Tree Huggers 10 count IC
  3. Pecks
    1. Werkins x10 IC
    2. Derkins x10 IC
  4. Arms – Dumbbells Provided
    1. Left Arm Curls x15 IC
    2. Right Arm Curls x15 IC
  5. Abs
    1. Flutter Kicks x10 IC
    2. Sweat Angels x5 IC

Rinse & Repeat

Teams then moseyed, again Indian Style, to Baxter’s Playhouse for some “Tubthumping”. I had the loudspeaker set up to play Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping.
Lady singing = MNC
Guy singing = SSH
“I get knocked down…” = BURPEES! Did you do all 28 burpees?

OYO mosey back to Empire for some stretching and then a mosey back to Chick-fil-A for COT.

Announcements: 9/11 @ Tomahawk Birdcage is requesting PAX to show up for a special Remembrance Workout, Invergence/Convergence last Friday/Saturday in September, Donate underwear for victims of Hurricane Harvey, SpeedforNeed!

Prayers for our Brothers going to Columbia, M’s and 2.0’s, Weather, and all the unspoken requests.

I had a blast.  It’s an honor working out with you guys!  Big Thanks to Barry Manilow for allowing me this VQ opportunity. 

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Pigskin in Paradise

I had the privilege to spend Friday evening with 22 other men and young men of the Paradise community. Conditions were, well, August in South Carolina – upper 90s with humidity. Here’s what we did…

The Thang

  • Mosey to the splash park
  • Circle up fo 10 SSH in cadence
  • 10 Merkins in cadence
  • 10 LBcs in cadence
  • Grab some wall for 10 Dips in cadence
  • 20 Calf Raises OYO
  • Mosey to the court for 10 Air Chair Claps in cadence
  • Full Court Suicides
  • Water and Powerade break


The excitement Friday night was palpable. Bounty Hunter and I arrived 15 minutes early to set up the field. This prompted Scooter and Prescott to come running. When we started throwing the ball around the field, the park filled up fast. By the time 7:00 rolled around, there were kids EVERYWHERE. Thank you Deacon and Bolt for inviting me to lead. Thank you Fish Sticks, Barry Manilow, and Bounty Hunter for helping control the chaos. Final Score: 50 something to 40 something. For those who haven’t attended G-Fit, get out there and see what you’re missing.

I talked to the young men about community and brotherhood. We all need our friends and families when times get tough. Your brothers, regardless of skin color, religion or any other label that divides us, need you and you need them. There is nothing impossible when you are surrounded by people who will encourage and lift you up. What makes G-Fit special is it’s symbiotic relationship. We need each other. Those young men remind us to have fun. We can show them what love and brotherhood look like. Now, more than ever, we need to show love. God created us in His image and we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. Where better to live that principle than Friday nights in Paradise?

With a heart filled,

Italian Job

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