Another beautiful, slightly cool morning as the PAX assembled at the buffet. 5:15 hit and we broke up into bootcampers and ruckers. Disclaimer was given and off we moseyed to behind Teeter. Circle up for normal warmups: SSH (20), HW (20), Low slow squats (15), Windmill (10), Peter Parker (10), Parker Peter (10), MNC (20).

Mosey over to water fountain behind apartments. Spread out around it and then bear crawl around entire fountain circle. Take a couple of steps over to bottom of hill. Time for deconstructed burpee ladder: squat thrusters (I’m sure they have some F3 name I’m missing), jump squats, & merkins. Do same number of these at bottom of hill, run to top of hill, do remainder of ladder, then run back to bottom and plank for the 6 before next round.

  • R1 -> Bottom = 20/20/20, Top = 0/0/0
  • R2 -> Bottom = 15/15/15, Top = 5/5/5
  • R3 -> Bottom = 10/10/10, Top = 10/10/10
  • R4 -> Bottom = 5/5/5, Top = 15/15/15
  • R5 -> Bottom = 0/0/0, Top = 20/20/20

Mosey back to small traffic circle in front of apartments. Circle up, all PAX doing lunges. One by one each PAX did 4 burpees. After we made it around the circle, 20 CDDs & 20 Flutters.

Mosey to side lot and break into 2 lines for sprints. Line 1 sprint to end of building, line 2 take off once line 1 gets 3/4 down. 4 sets of sprints. Time for some ab work. 10 small circles clockwise, 10 small circles counter-clockwise, 10 box-cutters. 4 more sets of sprints and some more abs: 10 toe-touch LBCs, 10 hello-dollies, & 10 rosalitas.  Times almost up, one final sprint, all you got back to COT.

Great work by all the PAX today. It’s always encouraging to see some new faces, several old faces, and some guys coming back from IR. Always an honor lead this group! Thanks Decibel for the opportunity.


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Laces Out Runner, sleeps in, still gets to Q Laces In

YHC normally posts at #LacesOut on Thursdays and enjoys the banter with the #LacesIn crew, as they get to sleep-in for the 0515 start (LO launches 0500). Thanks to Lil E for the chance to Q with our FMHS AO-mates.

YHC didn’t want to venture too far from my Thursday roots, so we headed for FMHS football stadium and track for our morning DownPainment.

Mosey around practice field x1
COP in center of football field
  • SSH
  • Windmill
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Squats
  • Peter Parker
  • Parker Peter
  • 10 Count Honeymooner
Mosey to stairs at field level of football stadium
Everest x2
  • (up stairs) – lunge L, squat, lunge R, squat
    • 5 burpees OYO, Plank until the Six
  • (Down stairs) – recovery down
    • Reverse PAX order, Rinse Repeat
Mosey to goal-line of football field
Paula Abdul with Mary —> think 2 steps forward, 1 step back! YHC had placed Blinky running lights to give the PAX visibility in the darkness of FMHS football. PAX commented on how they loved the field of ground rubber pellets between their fingers in the morning.
  • 20 yard forward Crabwalk, exercise
  • 10 yard back Bearcrawl, exercise
  • Going to we hit 50 yard line
  • wait for six to do exercise
  • Crabwalk 20yards (20)
    • 20 LBCs
  • Bearcrawl 10yards (10)
    • 20 Flutter
  • Crabwalk 20yards (30)
    • 20 American Hammers
  • Bearcrawl 10 yards (20)
    • 20 Box Cutters
  • Crabwalk 20 yards (40)
    • 20 Freddie Mercury
  • Bearcrawl 10 yards (30)
    • 10 Captain Thor’s —> thanks to Dark Helmet for the cadence count!
  • Crabwalk 20 yards (50)
Dark Helmet commented “what’s next? Sprints?” So we Omaha’d and did sprints
  • Run 50 to 10
  • Backwards run to 50 (repeat until 20-10)
    • 10 Burpees OYO
Ring of Fire – to check if the PAX abs were still working, we got in circle head-in, feet-out at 45-degree to see if PAX could manage getting lefts pushed down. Maybe this is called Duck Duck Goose
PAX collected all the Blinky lights and moseyed to the stairs again
Box jumps on wall x21
Mosey back to back stadium wall
  • Wall Sits for 1.5min with hand claps on 2-count
  • Balls to Wall for 1min
Back to COT
Boeheim lead the COT
Prays to World Wild Leader and pregnancy, Cake Boss sister, Country, Families


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Game Set Match

13 posted to Laces In/Laces Out on a morning when Sky Q provided the natural version of the NFL’s Cool Zone to keep the pax going through the sweat and pain of another gloomy Thurs morning at FMHS.

5 runners launched at 0500 for Laces Out

9 pax posted at 0515 for boot camp (well, 8 posted for Laces In and Trojan posted for Laces Out…fearing the Spartan wrath that was coming, Trojan peeled off during warm up to get his miles in).

The Thang

Warm up run w/karaoke around parking lot between gym and tennis courts


Mtn climbers x10

Merkins x10

Mtn climbers x10

10x Burpees OYO

Mosey to tennis courts

Line up at corner of base line: Bear crawl to net, sideways crawl across to other sideline, backward bear crawl to baseline, sideways crawl along baseline to starting point

Mosey to baseline on other side of the court: Lunge walk to the net, sideways lunge to other baseline, backward lunge walk to baseline, sideways lunge along baseline to starting point

Mosey to other court and repeat same two cycles from court 1

Mosey to third set of courts closest to football stadium

Line up along near sideline for suicides across two courts

Recovery walk to far sideline

Repeat suicides across both courts

Recovery walk back to original sideline

Mosey to other side of court

Repeat two sets of suicides with recovery walks in between

Mosey to Center Court (middle set of two courts)

Each pax positioned at a baseline corner of one of the courts for Four Corners series
Baseline Corner 1: Merkins x10, run to next corner
Baseline Corner 2: Merkins x10, run to next corner
Net Corner 3: Sumo squats x10, run to next corner
Net Corner 4: Sumo squats x10

Shift clockwise to the next corner
Baseline Corner 1: CDDs x10, run to next corner
Baseline Corner 2: CDDs x10, run to next corner
Net Corner 3: Monkey humpers x10, run to next corner
Net Corner 4: Monkey humpers x10

Shift clockwise to the next corner
Baseline Corner 1: Burpees x10, run to next corner
Baseline Corner 2: Burpees x10, run to next corner
Net Corner 3: Bombjacks x10, run to next corner
Net Corner 4: Bombjacks x10

Shift clockwise to the next corner and repeat prior series
Baseline Corner 1: CDDs x10, run to next corner
Baseline Corner 2: CDDs x10, run to next corner
Net Corner 3: Monkey humpers x10, run to next corner
Net Corner 4: Monkey humpers x10

Victory lap around center court

Run home

Few Mins O Mary — Rosalita x10, Dollies x10, Flutter x10, Freddie Mercury x10



US Open tennis is underway, so it seemed like an appropriate time to capitalize on the tennis courts.  Proved to be a good appetizer for Shady, who left today to head to NYC to take in a couple days of the Open.

Great to meet Ham and Rebar, recently EH’d by Nomad.  Solid young pax…expecting them to be stepping up for VQ soon.

Good to have Kooter back out.  Pretty certain we worked off some of those calories from the recent road trips.

Chicken Hawk broke out the mumble chatter early in the warm up — Santini would have been impressed!

Hope Li’l E was pleased not to miss out on 10 Merkins during the warm up.  Mind reading the Q can be dangerous…those Merkins ended up being squeezed into the middle of 10 Burpees.

Life has been coming fast and furious to me throughout this spring and summer.  Sometimes it has felt like life has been getting the better of me.  It was great to post in the drizzle and dish out pain to some willing and energetic pax.  Thanks to Li’l E for the invite.


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Eclipse at the Colosseum…Rock Hill Rip-off

Leading up to this fine Tuesday at THE COLOSSEUM, there were a few challenges and statements made about who would be willing to come out. Of all the conversations, I’ll give credit to those who showed after being personally invited: Jekyll, Bonsai, Snap Hook, Shady, Sir Topham Hat. The others that didn’t show…well, you’re probably better off not trying to erase a few bad songs from your memory. But for those that did, you’re welcome and I’m sorry (actually, not really).

I wanted to do something a little different from my usual, like pullups at the playground or the deck of cards. So, in search of something creative, I didn’t have to go far. So much can be found if we travel across the river; whether virtually or physically. In this case, Italian Job gave me beat down rights with a slight modification to his Eclipse-Day post and I brought it to the Colosseum.

Once I get to the parking lot, I am immediately met by two better-than-punctual FNG’s that Nomad EH’d. Welcome Rebar and Ham. And oh by the way, we quickly realized these are two of the most fit FNG’s to post at 0515. Side note on Ham, it’s comical when an FNG receives a call sign to which he is clueless on its reference. That’s why we all help to contribute to Wikipedia.

So after a disclaimer that turned into mumbling, we were off to the back parking lot where we circled up for a warm up of:

SSH x 20

Butt Kickers x 35

Merkins x 10

American Hammers x 25

Merkins x 10

Freddy Mercury’s x 20

Merkins x 10

LBC’s x 25

Calf Raises x 50 OYO

This is where the plagiarism came in. We used the same 5 songs Italian Job used which for those who didn’t read that yesterday, went a little something like this:

Song 1: Ain’t No Sunshine: Hold squat position then do a tuck jump when you hear, “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

Then line up on the line and sprint to the light pole and back and get in the circle.

Song 2: Blinded By The Light (Remix): Moroccan Night Clubs then 3 Overhead Claps when you hear, “Blinded By The Light” This got really annoying.

Then line up on the line and sprint to the light pole and back and get in the circle.

Song 3: Black Hole Sun: Hold in the UP dip position then do 1 dip when you hear, “Black Hole Sun”. This got really, really difficult.

Then line up on the line and sprint to the light pole and back and get in the circle.

Song 4: Ring Of Fire: On your back, hold your feet at 6″ and do a Big Boy Situp when you hear, “Ring of Fire.”

Then line up on the line and sprint to the light pole and back and get in the circle.

Song 5: Total Eclipse  Of The Heart: Plank during the song and do 1 Burpee when you hear, “Turn Around” and 1 Merkin when you hear, “Total Eclipse Of the Heart.” This song is way too long.

Then line up on the line and sprint to the light pole and back and get in the circle.

We then ended with 25 American Hammers and 25 Flutter Kicks.

Great job today by everyone putting up with my nonsense.

As You Were.


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