You getting Chesty with Me?



Live Right is the second quadrant of the QSource. It is the HIM’s dedication to Purposefulness. Purpose is an Advantage sought.

SET 1:
Merkins , 10 IC
Derkins, 10 IC
Incline merkins, 10 IC


SET 2:
Wide grip merks, 10 IC
Diamond merks 10ic
Carolina Dry Docks 10ic

Live Right is focused on the HIM’s IMPACT on the lives of other people and how he helps them to Accelerate

Repeat set 1, 8 reps ic
Set 2×8

The HIM is also a man who finds that in his effort to Live Right by carrying the Survivors and IMPACTing the Sad Clowns he gets an unexpected benefit—he himself is kept Right.


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Track Magic at Laces Out

You put out one promotional tweet that pokes a little fun at our southern racing heritage and its crickets.  Well not actual crickets but lets just say that a tweet I put out highlighting #HIM Cornerstone went viral.  Lesson learned…I have to help other people with humor deficiencies.

5 posted- not sure it was Dungaree in full sweats and toboggan cold, but there indeed was a chill.  Disclaimed and off we went.

3 laps of mosey warm ups then a round robin of stretching exercises.

The Thang:

Ladder Speed work

  • Run 1 lap (400m) at 5k pace; run 1 recovery lap
  • Run 2 lap (800m) at 5k pace; run 1 recovery lap
  • Run 3 lap (1200m) at 5k pace; run 1 recovery lap
  • Run 4 lap (1600m) at 5k pace, run 1 recovery lap
  • Run 3 lap (1200m) at 5k pace, run 1 recovery lap
  • Run 2 lap (800m) at 5k pace, run 1 recovery lap
  • Run 1 lap (400m) at 5k pace, run 1 recovery lap

Total mileage 5.75 miles + warm ups and any extra.

Naked Man Moleskin

Great to Dungaree at his first Laces Out.  Well done to all

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Burpee Bonanza

It was a beautiful 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius for the Canadian viewers) at the Colosseum this morning as 10 PAX decided to show up and get right. I started off with a quick introduction and disclaimer, and then we were off. We did a Mosey around the front of the school followed by some toy soldiers and butt kickers to warm the legs up. We then headed over to the back of the school by the half wall for warmups.


  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 10 Cherry Pickers
  • 10 Low Slow Squats With Air Hump (Aka Fun House Special / Aka 3 Amigos). Demo compliments of Fun House.
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Moroccan Night Clubs

We headed over to the half wall for some YouTube classics.

  • 10 Muscle Ups
  • 10 Wall Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Muscle Ups
  • 10 Wall Mountain Climbers

Moseyed over to the basketball courts for some cone work. Cones were setup with the same yard markers as a football field including the end zone. There were 11 cones each 10 yards apart.

Before we got started we briefly discussed the Q source purposefulness topic this week.

To live right a man has an ultimate purpose in mind.

To live right requires self-sacrifice.

Living right helps a man to stay right.

The Thang:

  • 10 Burpees. Run 110 yards. 10 Burpees. Run 110 yards back.
  • 10 Burpees. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 90 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Burpees. Run 110 yards back.
  • 10 Burpees. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Flutters. Run 70 yards. 10 Flutters. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Burpees. Run 110 yards back.
  • 10 Burpees. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Flutters. Run 10 yards. 10 Carolina Dry Docs. Run 50 yards. 10 Carolina Dry Docs. Run 10 yards. 10 Flutters. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Burpees. Run 110 yards back.
  • 10 Burpees. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Flutters. Run 10 yards. 10 Carolina Dry Docs. Run 10 yards. 10 Plank Jacks. Run 30 yards. 10 Plank Jacks. Run 10 yards. 10 Carolina Dry Docs. Run 10 yards. 10 Flutters. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Burpees. Run 110 yards back.

Since we were in the spirit of football in May, we continued the theme and did some lineman drills. We did 20 yard intervals of partner bull rushing (110 yards down the field and 110 yards back).

We line up for suicides. 50 yards and back. 110 yards and back.

Circled up for six minutes of Mary, then headed back to COT for prayers and praises.



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Loops Around Old Kingsley Pond

Five was the number that hit the road (briefly) with the weekly Laces Out run.  We ran to through the old Kingsley business complex, stopping briefly for a few standard-fare warm-up exercises:

  • 10x SSH
  • 10x Windmills
  • 10x Cherry Pickers

The route from there was to loop the pond as many reps as time would allow.  MacGyver and Corruption decided to go rogue and alternate pond loops with larger “Kingsley Loop” loops.  Mileage ranged from 5-7 miles amongst the group.

Strong work by all men!

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Bottoms Up at the Hive

About a year ago, YHC successfully evaded a request from Tesh to Q at the Hive, citing lack of experience at a kettlebell AO – and a lack of a kettlebell – as sufficient reason to decline. He never asked again. Band Camp comes along and won’t take “no” for an answer, providing sufficient responses to all my excuses. So, here we are. Jedi’s first post at a kettlebell AO ever, and he’s given Q responsibilities. This’ll be interesting…

0514:45 rolls around and just as I’m about to give the disclaimer, 38 Special rolls in without any sign of urgency, so we patiently waited for him to gracefully park the car and meander to the group. A disclaimer was given with a half-hearted apology that I truly have no idea what I’m doing, and off we went on a mosey around the parking lot. Threw in some knees-to-chest, heels-to-butt, and toy soldiers to get some mobility in before circling back up where we started.


  • 10 Windmills IC
  • 20 Moroccan Night Clubs IC
  • 12 Hillbilly Squat Walkers IC
  • 10 Merkins IC
  • Downward Dog with cross-body reach, through to honeymooner, then recover

Slowly walk a few feet over with the bells to line up with the cones that I had (apparently mysteriously) laid out across the parking lot. Basically, every row of parking spots had a cone, making for 6 cones (no cones were placed in the lines where we parked, since I didn’t know where people park at the Hive). Anyway, lunge walk with bell held inverted goblet style, twisting and lowering the bell to both sides before standing up and taking the next step. This was to be our mode of transportation forward. When we got to a cone, lose the bell, run back to the curb at the edge of the parking lot by the school, then back to the cone where we would all do the exercise together-ish. Then lunge walk to the next cone (as before), run to the curb and back (as before), exercise, etc.

Exercises on cones:

  • 20 Renegade Rows per arm (somehow this was a new exercise to the PAX; maybe they know it by a different name?)
  • 50 Toe touches (on your back, legs straight up, hold bell “bottoms up” style and touch toes)
  • 20 Bottoms Up Arnold Presses per arm (hold handle with the bell sticking up rather than resting on forearm, hand facing in at shoulder level then forward at the top of the press)
  • 20 Single Leg Deadlifts per leg (holding bell in same side arm as leg that goes up behind)
  • 50 Overhead V-Ups (um…hold the bell overhead and do a V-up)
  • 30 Crush Chest Presses (kneeling, squeeze bell between open hands rather than holding it with the handle or even using your fingers, then press straight out in front and bring back to chest)

That was fun. We still had maybe 6-7 minutes left, so we did a little AMRAP Gorilla Complex until time was up.

One arm at a time, do:

  • 8 bicep curls
  • 8 upright rows
  • 8 strict presses (preferably bottoms up)
  • 8 triceps extensions
  • Lose the bell and do 8 normal merkins
  • Switch arms and do it again

That brought us to 0559, so we grabbed the bells and returned to COT to wrap up at 0600.

Fair amount of mumblechatter, lots of quiet. Slow and steady, but we still pulled in a mile of running. For those wondering, holding the bell “bottoms up” style engages more stabilizer muscles through your forearm and makes you focus on good form. Most of us realized a significant difference between our two arms when holding the bell differently, as our non-dominant arm usually lacks the stability of the dominant one.

So, that happened. I can now say I’ve done a kettlebell workout. See you again in two years.


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The Ranch -pre spring break

Pulling into the parking lot I was thinking man we are going to have a solid crowd today. Then I remembered how many guys are prepping for the custom ruck in May. There ARE SOME OPEN SPOTS IF ANYONE WANTS ONE!!!!
We started with a solid six, 1 FNG from Pittsburg. Welcome.
Disclaimer was given and off we went.
Mosey with some karaoke, high knees, butt kickers etc.
Circle up SSHs, Mtn. Climbers, Moroccan night clubs, little arm circles forward/back.

Mosey around school to playground. 5 pullups/ 20 feet to fence, 4 pullups/ 20 knee to fence go down to 1.

go to swings feet on swings knees to chest/ 10 derkins.

Mosey to car loop bear crawl 15 feet 5 merkins keep going for about 7 times.

Wall sits while Pax bunny hops by. X 3

partner up 100 bomb jacks while partner runs loop get to 100 you done. Mosey to picnic benches 3 sets of 10 dips, derkins, step ups.
Mary for 4 minutes.

COT- prayers and praises, announcements.
Welcome Chicken Catchatore- thanks for bringing FNG out Pappy

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The Thang

12 days into spring, in SC, you’d think the gloom would be a perfect time for a run. Not that it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle, but the 11 PAX that made it to Flight Plan were shocked, shocked I tell you, at the low 30’s temperature accompanied by a constant wind that seemed to come from every direction.

But we carried on with a newly modified River District route that avoids New Gray Rock since traffic has become too heavy. Down Sutton, right on Founders and over to Sterling Heights (which seems to be uphill in both directions), cross over to Harvest Pointe and loop it back the same way.


Canoli Run May 18th at St. Philip Neri – Proceeds sponsoring the Children’s Attention Home.


Rebel’s Daughter starting a new job in San Antonio

Strong F3 representation at Christina Memorial 8K and Virtual Run at Alcatraz

Hootie – Running bridge run Saturday; Dungaree Bridge Run AND A Spartan Race!


I know it was a coincidence, but the slight change in the route, brought about big challenges today. Heading back up Harvest Pointe, the wind hit us dead on. Heading out Sterling Heights was hillier than any of us remembered. But we all made it back. We all agreed we were better for the extra effort the run required of us. So when you have those challenges in your routines, with your family or with your job, are they really worth getting upset about? Maybe just think of them as a windy/rainy day at your AO. Yeah there’s a little more effort, but those are the ones we always remember. Make sure you’re not looking back shaking your head because all you could do was mumble chatter, but you’re looking back smiling because you knew all along you could get through it.


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Return to the Gloom

15 PAX Strong posted to the Fort on Saturday. It seemed fitting that my return to the Gloom would be where it all started back in October of 2012. The Fort! I started that workout  an FNG and finished it almost spilling merlot! Got a “cool” name. I also found a brotherhood of guys who aren’t that much different than me. Found something I never knew I needed too. I went all in, with a small hiatus of a hernia repair surgery, brought on by all this new activity. Fast Forward several years and several CSAUPs later. Life happens. New job. Life challenges. Deceleration. I went full #kotter there for quite some time. Sure I went to an occasional workout here and there but in my heart I knew I was decelerating.

So I recently moved to a neighborhood that is populated with quite a few F3 brothers. They really laid into me strong and got me back out to the gloom. I can’t even remember why or when the deceleration started, but this is what makes F3 great! Your proximity to other men. They’ll get in the weeds with you and stay on you and won’t leave you behind. All this to say, if you haven’t seen a guy around in a while, reach out to them. Call them out on twitter. Chances are it’s what they need!

Now onto the 1 hour CSAUP that I crammed down their throats:

Prior to the beatdown Dirty Harry and Punchlist did the 12 Mile Time Hack #weirdos #rucking #330starttime. A couple of us pre-rucked, which was nice.

0630 Time to Roll, this was referenced as a ruck “friendly” workout. So some had rucks, others did not, it was difficult either way.

-Mosey around the park, stop for some SSH, Merkins and Windmills
-Mosey some more and stop for some Mtn Climbers and a few others I forgot
-Mosey to the…wait for it…

Large Circle comprised of 8 cones. Each cone has an exercise and count. There’s also a cone in the middle.
-Start in the middle and do 5 burpees
-Walk to first cone, do the exercise
-Bear Crawl to the center cone, do 5 burpees
-Walk to the next cone, Repeat
-After completing the ring, run around the playground, return and start over…see how many times you can complete the ring

Here were the exercises and counts (memory is fuzzy):
1. 15 Merkins
2. 20 Lunges (10 each leg)
3. 30 Flutter Kicks (2-count)
4. 15 GTOs (Ground to Overhead) w/ 40# sandbags
5. 20 Squats (either w/ Ruck or Block)
6. 30 Big Boy Situps
7. 20 CDD
8. 30 Mtn Climbers

Half the PAX did it with Rucks on. It was equally difficult for all though. If you had a ruck on you probably got 2 rounds in. No ruck probably got 3 or close to it.

Some notable take-aways:
-Pax get punch-drunk when the workout gets rough
-Apparently noon is not the time to go to a certain type of club
-Tesh kept his shirt on
-Geronimo took his shirt off 😐
-Each round represented 40 burpees and 2-3 rounds were completed…do the math #ouch

I think we were all glad when this one was over.

Prayers and Praise

Thanks to Bonsai for the opportunity. And thanks to my brothers for encouraging me to get back after it. Glad to be back in the Gloom!


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Breaking Patterns

What a great morning for a run. Low 50’s, no wind and 20 PAX for a post P200 Monday. Up in the rotation today was the newest member of the Flight Plan plans, “Loops of Choice.” They include a 2.5 mile loop that goes over the walking trail at the end of YMCA parking lot, out 6th Baxter, up Sutton and back to Starbucks. And a 1.5 mile loop that goes down market, comes up Sutton and back to Starbucks. Modify as necessary, find a running buddy, have some fellowship, attend COT, check the box.

Flight Plan is an AO that’s predictable. Because of safety, we stay on the north side of 77. We have 4 routes and run each one, once per month. Today’s route emphasizes, (maybe represents is a better word) those circles we find ourselves in. Don’t get me wrong, the workout is beneficial. And I love the sense of accomplishment of conquering the long climb up Sutton (twice) in the gloom. However, the round and round is indicative of what can become of us as men.

But F3 is there to break those patterns. In COT we were reminded of that by two very strong PAX. Pusher (along w/ Twister & Change Order) who has taken the monumental task of leading Q-source. The weekly study of how this group can shape lives, of not just ourselves, but our families and community. If you’re not involved, you’re missing out. If you’ve been going, you know what I’m talking about. The added support outside of fellowship of the gloom, is great.

The other PAX is Stang. What happens when something throws us off these loops we find so comfortable. Something devastating or tragic.  Or what if we struggle just to stay upright on the loops but don’t feel like we can tell anyone so we use other outlets to hide the burden?  Stang is going to lead the discussion on these topics Wednesday at The Tomahawk (Doby’s Bridge Elementary – Kettle Bell). The last 15 minutes of the workout will be a stretching session with discussion on these heavy topics. Things we need to be able to share and discuss if we are going to be the leaders we need to be.

It’s great to see these HIMs pushing us past the 1st F.


  • See Above
  • Cristina Latini Memorial 8K – Saturday March 30th – Clown Cars leaving Baxter Starbucks at 7:00 for Huntersville or Virtual run 6:30 at Alcatraz
  • Cake Boss 40 Day Challenge – On going

Prayers and Praises

  • Rebel’s daughter getting her first real job
  • The safe return of all the PAX who ran the P200

Welcome FNG – Seuss! (EH’d by Cake Boss)

See you in the gloom!



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