AKA to Clydesdales for a River Run

Day 9 of AKAY2 did not disappoint.  13 PAX came out to run the hills of the River District.  Beautiful morning, no sweat shirts and lots of yellow running gear!

4 mile loop: down Market straight to River District cul-de-sac and come on back.

5 mile loop: 160 to Sutton, right on Market intersection, straight to River District cul-de-sac and come on back.

Everyone got back safely and finished with COT.

Prayers for Jessica, Rebel’s co-worker,  battling 2 forms of cancer.

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The Four Horsemen

We only had four, but they were studs, willing and ready to take on the beatdown.  After a quick disclaimer, the Four Horsemen took a lap around the front of the school and stopped at the basketball court for some warm-up exercises.


SSH x20

Imperial Walker x15

Windmill x15

Plank Stretch

Arm Stretch


Next, we moseyed to the sidewalk near the school.   Our job was to make it across the ring by performing a series of exercises (Lunge walk, Squats, Broad Jump, and Burpee). Rinse and repeat to the end of the parking lot.

It wouldn’t be a Colosseum workout without involving the light pole in the workout.  First, we partnered up.  Partner 1 would run to the next light pole and back while partner 2 performed merkins.  flipflop, then proceed to the next light pole.  Repeat the exercises until the last light pole.  Lots of merkins..misjudged the distance between the light posts.  After we finished at the last light post, we jogged back to the front of the school for some ab work.

LBCs x 25

Flutter x 25

Box Cutters x 20





S2S – Jekyll on Q

Q Source – Topic “Whetstone”




Injured Pax




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Preparing For the Storm

I was excited to be the Q at The Colosseum this cool morning and my attempt to push the Pax at one of The Fort well known challenging AO’s.  Being one of the older pax, I wanted to push everyone physically and also share what has been going on in my life storm and how I have felt the love and support of the Pax.

A short disclaimer was given since all of the Pax were well versed in F3.  Off we moseyed to the basketball courts and circled up for some warm-up.

  • Wind mill
  • SSH
  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • 6 inch hold 10 sec
  • Mountain Climber
  • MNC

Moseyed to the back bus entrance drive for some light pole work.  I arrived early and with the side walk chalk (borrowed from a neighbors child, DD made mention that my kids were to old for sidewalk chalk) I put an exercise at 6 poles.  Start at 1st pole, do the exercise and run to 2nd.  Return back to 1st and go 2nd, 3rd and return.  Continue this up the hill to the 6th pole and back.


  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 Squats
  • 30 Monkey Humpers
  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 CDD
  • 25 Dips

Once all Pax completed then we went back to the 6th pole and worked our way back to the 1st pole.

Mosey back to the basketball court for Mary.

  • Freddie Mercury
  • Dynamic LBC (LBC with feet at 6 inches)
  • Hello Dolly
  • American hammer

This past week has been one of the toughest in our parenting years.  When we got a call at 1:30am from our 21 yr old daughter and she had a serious accident and her car flipped and then caught on fire, our hearts sank.  Thankfully through the Grace of God, all of the events of that night turned out to be ok for our daughter physically.  No injuries and just a loss of material items.  This has opened our eyes to a couple of things.  God’s love and protection of His children even when sometimes we have run far away from Him.  Mental Illness is real and when you see your adult age children struggle with this, it is heart breaking.  The relationships that we build in F3 are real and I have felt the love and support of the PAX.

In the QSource we talk about preparing for the expected and unexpected and the unexpected preparation was confusing to me.  I now understand that for me, this preparation was building the relationships with My Lord, My Shieldlock, Pax and having a good relationship with my M. When the unexpected storms of life come and crash on the beach, you have to have others around to help walk through the storm and lift you up.  I have felt this over the past week.

Thanks to Jekyll for the opportunity to Q and share!!!

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The Fort: Flat Tire & Band Camp

8 PAX gathered in the gloom among many more vehicles than the represented by the posting. Clearly some P200 Runners were  training in our midst.

Flat Tire on Q


Clockwise Mosey full-loop around jogging path.
Imperial walkers
Wide arm merkins
Low slow squats with calf raise
Bomb jacks
Overhead claps

Mosey down jogging path to mile marker for group work
At each marker, start with 1 exercise, 5 count.
At each subsequent marker do that again and add next exercise plus 5 more IC.

We did:
5 burpees
10 Scorpion Dry Docks
15 Freddy mercury
20 jumping lunges
25 mountain climbers

Mosey to the dreaded hill

Pick a partner around the same size
Wheelbarrow up hill
Walk back down and switch Back up

Handoff to Band Camp

Monkey Humpers x10
Howling Monkeys

Mosey down the hill towards set cones

Lateral Slalom through cones

Bearpees (OYO 1 Burpee followed up by 4 count bearcrawl forward) from cones to bottom of the hill

10 squats, 10 leg thrusts, 10 Merkins, 10 leg thrusts, then up (Deconstructed Burpee)

Bearpees back to cones (2 burpees, 8-count bear crawl). YHC had more of this planned but was smoked after two rounds…..If you can’t Q it, don’t do it….so I modified.

Plank–>Honeymooner–>Downdog–>High Lunge–>rinse repeat
Message during sequence

Lateral Slalom through cones x4

Plank–>yoga quad stretch (Crescent Lunge: Anjaneyasana)

Bear Crawl Slalom through cones x2

Slow mosey towards the hill (called out for walking by the returning-from-a-9-mile-run Gecko)
Crawl Bear up the hill

Mosey towards Calhoun St. field.

Bear crawl back to COT (this was a long way to bear crawl)

Shoulder Tap x10
J-Lo x6

Saved just enough time for some Pigeon Lunges


In my professional life as a music professor, I’ve been thinking about language and the way we talk to ourselves. After attempting something for the first time or a skill that is still developing, I often hear students say, “I can’t ______.” As if saying “I can’t” excuses them from needing the skill/competency/etc.

My response is often a little pithy at first. “Well you know what Abraham Lincoln said. If at first you don’t succeed. . . . . . just quit. You’re done.” This usually gets a little laughter. Then we redirect to more constructive language. E.g., I’m still developing that; I’m not there yet; (or if “can’t” must be in their vocabulary) I can’t do that yet. The yet makes all the difference; it allows for progress to happen in the future.

We would never talk to a friend the way we talk to ourselves. If a friend attempted something for the first time and failed, no one would seriously respond, “Oh well, guess you can’t do it.” But we tell ourselves that or something similar all the time. And what’s even worse: we believe it! By believing it, we make it true! Living out the definition of self-fulfilling prophecy.

In our inner monologue can we treat ourselves like a fellow PAX? Strive to create an internal language that leads to encouragement and acceleration. A language that allows for disruption rather than just perpetuates the status quo.

-Band Camp dismissed

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Laces In 11:2019

14 PAX gathered in the Lenten gloom. 10 Laced up bootcampers stayed IN and 4 runners went OUT. With a disclaimer and a reminder that YHC makes no claims as to the efficacy of the following workout, we were off:

Mosey to spot outside the cafeteria
SSH x50 (almost all cadence counts began slowly and got faster. See the NMM.)
Acceleration talk
Mtn Climbers x20
Windmill x10
Moroccan Night Club x20
BTTW w/ shoulder tap x10

Mosey to band practice lot
Set up on the line
Run 100+yards
25% 50% 75% 95%, Bear Crawl the entire length, 100% (accelerating)

Mosey to spot between the main building and the band/ceramics wing
Hold People’s Chair while each PAX completes 5 burpees
10 count
Hold People’s Chair while each PAX says their 2019 word of the year
PAX echo the word of the year in affirmation

Mosey to the front entrance
Dips x20
Derkins x10

Mosey back to COT running up and down the tennis bleachers and around the back (there’s two barely visible benches back there, be careful if you take that route).

Down Dog to Piegon Lunges
Standing and Seated Forward Bend

Flutters x20 (variable tempo on the count)
Dying Cockroach x20 (variable tempo on the count)



In this Lenten season, I find myself contemplating the Christian discipline of self denial and examination that relate to accelerating man and issues that hinder acceleration (The Jester).

When PAX commit to accelerating towards advantage, then deceleration may (must?) take place in areas of a man’s life that hinder acceleration. Like deciding to run a race with a weight attached, we can remove the handicap by our choices, systems, and structures (my word for 2019). An accelerating man is continually refocusing on what is important and what is essential for each of the three Fs. Where in our life to we need to decelerate to maximize acceleration?

My challenge as a Q is to build 2nd and 3rd F elements into the 1st F workout. For this one, I  accelerated most cadence counts and occasionally decelerating the count (especially in Flutters) to help emphasize the additional physical gain from moving faster or slower.

Great to post with such a illustrious group of HIMs; an honor and a privilege to lead them.

-Band Camp dismissed

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No Balance & No 50-Yard Line

6 Veteran pax posted to The Colosseum on a dry (thank you!) crisp morning to share in another #DRP experience.  Within just a span of a few days, it’s great to experience the energy of the Convergence last Friday with 70-ish pax and then the intimacy of a small group where no one can hide.  Drive-by Disclaimer today given the crowd, and then we were into the warm-up in place as Jekyll pulled in at 0516.

The Thang

COP — SSH, Mtn climber, Parker Peter, Windmill, Hillbilly walker

Mosey to front of school with grassy area/trees along right

Three separate Suicide series to 3 trees and stop sign
1. Bear crawl to trees / backward lunge walk back
2. Backward run to trees / backward run back
3. Sprint to trees / sprint back

Plank series plus Merkins x40

Mosey to basketball courts behind school & pick partner

Dora 1-2-3 EXCEPT NO AGGREGATION, each partner does full count of exercise
1. Merkins x100 / run to 1st light pole & back
2. LBCs x200 / run to 2nd light pole & back
3. Squats x300 / run to 3rd light pole & back
First partner to finish can then aid the other partner in reaching his finish line through aggregate counting of additional exercises

Mosey home



Core of today’s workout was derived from QPoint on The M.  In reading past two weeks of The Jester and The M, I was struck by just how critical these two phases are to the Get Right…almost to the point of deserving more attention, more time, more sharpening than anything up to this point (and maybe even beyond in future weeks).  Just two pieces of The M yielded today’s message and workout template. The “myth” of work-life balance, as I call it, alone could stimulate many long conversations around shared experience.  Work is part of life, and only one of many parts…to pull work outside of life and then try to create balance is like taking a pie slice out of a wheel and then expecting it to roll right.  The idea of a marriage being 50/50 is equally flawed.  I’ve been through many experiences when my wife and I both gave 100 and then we came to the other end with a sum less than 200, in some cases even less than 100.  If you’re not giving 100, then why should your wife?  Or how can you expect to reach your potential.  Thus, the reason for the Dora without aggregation.  All each man could do was encourage his partner and the others around him through word and mostly through action until he’d finished it all.  Interesting to see that each pair finished without much need for aggregate counting.  Way to push!

It was great to see Rebel in The Gloom this am, and see his spirits rebounding.  He kept pace with his partner MacGyver during Dora, proving he put it all out there.

Thank you to Jekyll for the opportunity to lead.  It’s always a privilege.






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Sightseeing at The Colosseum

Today was my first post at The Colosseum. So with a quick drive by and with a little help from google maps, I planned a flexible weinke that could change as we went along. Also, this was the first weinke that I memorized, so seeing some progress!

I met Jekyll at Wegman’s Chimbote convergence (officially… cant recall if we had crossed paths prior). The first thing he said to me was an encouragement, and that spoke volumes. He is definitely a HIM and a leader. Some just make a huge first impression – he’s one of those people.

Five PAX rolled up on time, and a sixth snuck in as we began to mosey. We took a quick loop around the middle school pick up lane and then headed toward the flags for our warm up.

Windmills x 11
SSH x 11
Overhead Claps x 11
Tappy Taps x 7
Yoga Flow (so deep there may have been some indecent exposure, we were told)

Mosey under cover to basketball courts.

Basketball Courts

Bear Crawl across court
Al Gore in wait for six + 30 seconds at each light pole
Bear Crawl back across court
Low Plank in wait for the six + 30 seconds at each light pole

Covered Lunges

Lunge walk under cover from courts toward Dave Gibson
5 burpees at each double door (4 doors)
BTTW for 30 seconds
Lunge walk back, 5 flying squirrels at each double door.

We came upon a wall that looked perfect for a little BTTW side shuffle.

Go as far as you can and go, then back in the same direction. 

Mosey to the hill. Wait for the six.

Hill Work

Run down first hill – 10 CDD’s
Run up hill toward 160 – 10 Bomb Jacks
Run back down hill – 10 CDD’s
Run up hill toward GH – 10 Bomb Jacks
LBC’s for the six

Light Pole Suicides

From the main entrance – Furthest Four Lights
Out and back run, merkins at each light starting with the furthest.

From between GHMS and GHES – Closer Four Lights
Flying Squirrels

In all, 2.4 miles were run.


Joe Davis run is this weekend!
Omaha – Laces Out and Tempo meeting Thursday morning at 0500 at WEP for a course preview of Joe Davis.

JWoww’s Father In Law passed last Wednesday – pray he can be the rock for his family, and that he can help process it in a healthy way with his children
Sleep training for my youngest – 3 months and she is starting to show signs of progress.
F3 – Boone is starting up. Pray it launches well and that it continues to grow the mission of this community. Pray for Double D leading that.
F3 has been a blessing and a support system unlike many we could find on our own.
Tesh was able to speak for 40 minutes without issue to a group of 100+ engineers. He says he wouldn’t have been able to do so without the training and encouragement here at F3.

We prayed and dispersed. Solid morning.

While driving home, my quads felt like they were burning. I’d say that’s indicative of a good workout. In all, it was a successful first trip to The Colosseum. A solid AO with many options to get your beat down on!


Thank you, Jekyll, for being  a HIM and challenging me to lead.


Punch List Out.

TClap |

Keeping it moving at FMHS

No FNG’s but made sure to deliver a Disclaimer on this brisk 23-degree morning. The crowd was a little light this morning, but strong.


SSH x50- for Trucker

Quick stretch

Mosey- HS Lot- Toy Soldiers in between heading to big parking lot

Mosey to Hive area-

Circle up

  • Imperial Walker x20
  • Hillbilly Walker x20
  • Moroccan knight club x20

Mosey to Cut through

  • Shuffle/Karaoke
  • 20 squats

Mosey to light post

  • 5 burpees

The Thang

Mosey to front of school- Partner up for some DORA

  • 100- Flying squirrels
  • 200 merkins
  • 300 flutters- double count


Partner 1- works through the exercises until Partner 2 returns

Partner 2- Runs the outside of the parking lot area around the 4 posts

Flapjack until Exercise goal is reached

Head to the benches- 20 dips OYO

Find a spot on the curb for calf raises- 25 reg, 25 out, 25 in

During the calf raises, I reminded the PAX of the upcoming theme for February- Living. It was great timing after Ginsu’s message last week at the Fort on finding JOY in every day. With everything going on, that is unbelievably a challenge. We need to start asking ourselves why? Because we are trying to keep up with everyone else instead enjoying what is right in front of us? Or maybe we are holding on to old scars that keep our mind from enjoying the moment?  I need to work on this and try and fail every day. So much to be thankful for, but yet we (and I) struggle to live that way each day.  PAX reach out to your Whetstone, or me, and let’s work together to get there. AYE!


Mosey back to cut through

  • 15 LS squats/ 25 LBC’s/ 5 burpees

Mosey to end of parking lot to the curb and turn and face lot

  • Suicides- 4 lines x 3 three rounds. After each round, 5 merkins and 5 CDD

Mosey to COT

  • Heels to heaven
  • American hammers
  • Hello Dolly



Joe Davis- March 9th

YETI- Feb 23rd

OP Sweet Tooth- Virtual run in FT. Mill area. Check Pre-Blast



JWWOW- family member cancer free (I might have messed that up but I think it is close)

PAX appreciation for the group that was present




A lot of prayers went around which was positive. Good to hear PAX putting it out there for support


Rock Thrill’s daughter (recovery after a bad spill at school)

Family/ Children

And anyone else that was mentioned and missed.

Appreciate the PAX who made it happen today, and thanks LIL’ E for the opportunity.


Frat Boy

TClap |

Round and Round

Lightning Backblast

  • Scant disclaimer
  • 1-mile Warmup jog at SirTopham’s conversation pace (8:05 🤮 )
  • COP Stretch exercises (SSH, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers)
  • The Thang
    • 400m run, 400m recovery pace
    • 800m run, 400m recovery pace
    • 1200m run, 400m recovery pace
    • rinse and repeat
    • suggested stepping up the pace for the last 200m of each regular run part
  • Cool down lap or 2 and a quick stretch

YHC got a total of 5.7 miles in.  I believe MacGyver and STH got north of 6 miles.  Beasts.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, Atlas!

-old bay

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Leadership is a privilege

9 gathered at the Colosseum on a chilly and surprisingly damp morning to exercise our minds, bodies and be just a little better than the day before.  After the standard disclaimers were announced and all PAX were told to keep their questions to themselves and just do the work, we moseyed off for a tour of the grounds:

COP – Low Slow Squat X 20, Moroccan Night Clubs X 20, SSH X 30, Merkins X 15, Plank to sunrise salutations – left and right, hold regular plank down to 6 inches, repeat, down dog and recover, windmill X 20.  Now that the warm up was complete, we moseyed to the arrows.

The Thang – YHC promised that no man would be left behind and, true to form, PAX delivered.  Lunge walk 3 arrows followed by 3 burpees, Lunge walk to the 6th arrow, do 6 burpees, lung to the 9th arrow, do burpees, lunge walk to the 12th, do 12 burpess and finally lunge walk to the 15th arrow and do 15 burpees to complete the set.  After all were complete, JWOW gave us a ten count and we moseyed to the 4-corner station.

4 corners – 2 rounds – bear crawling or lunge walking (because we did not do enough of that earlier) to each station

Corner # 1 – 15 – hand release merkins – a crowd pleaser given the wet pavement

Corner #2 – 15 monkey humpers – PAX mistakenly thought they would dry out and stay vertical – foolish

Corner #3 – 15 Makhtar N’Dayies – just for Jekyll

Corner #4 – 15 Flutters double count

Mosey to the wall for the people’s chair where each PAX shared their word for 2019.  Each PAX bear crawled to the front of the line.  Upon completion, we moseyed to the benches

20 step ups IC

More moseying to the flag for the pledge of allegiance in gratitude for all who selflessly serve our country and local communities.

Mosey to COT for 4 minutes of mary (because 5 would have been excessive on wet pavement) – all exercises were double count and IC.

20 LBC’s, 20 American Hammers, 15 Box cutters and 1 body destroyer at 5:59:30.


Announcements – Joe Davis Run 3-9 – prices go up 2-1.  Register.  5k is a great opportunity to get 2.0’s and family involved.  YETI is 2-23 – back blast is up.

Prayers for Wilson County, NC trooper officer shot in duty; prayers for patience in our lives as we are called to be leaders on many fronts.

Leadership is truly a privilege whether we seek it out and step up or others see the potential in us and ask us to step forward.  May we use leadership for its intended purpose – to influence movement to advantage and help others to the same.  Thank you, Jekyll, for the opportunity to lead and get better with a  great group of HIM’s


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